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Please answer with a yes or no so we know what we want .

Do you want to permanent remove schematics SCHEMATIC1.jpg.aafded627700a93755907b5d47452eda.jpg from the game ?



This is only for schematic SCHEMATIC2.jpg.c1fdf0942c11ecb3a61d0d737a6aeaf3.jpg and you can share your thoughts about it . 

Is it worth it ? Do you gain from it ? Does it looks great to have ? Is it strategic importance to the game ?



Do you like spending likePRICE1.jpg.96bb01ea268d819379d99bd638332385.jpg for a warp beacon schematic ? Can everyone have this or just some ?

I wanna hear your thoughts and also feed the devs what to do with this  .

Remember only schematic part ... Not industry units not ore stuff not market stuff ... just the schematic part ...

And DONT FORGET to state your opinion with YES or NO .

EXPLAIN pls ...

Thank you .






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Short answer, No. Dont take them out. Leave them in. 


Before schematics, If you did any type of production and you wanted something. You would just build it.  With schematics it makes you decide, hmm should I build this myself. or should I buy it off the market.  And if your someone who sells things, you should actually like this. Because in most cases people are going to run the math and decide that its cheaper to buy it off the market rather then buy the schematic and produce it themself. 

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Just my 2 cents:
I stopped playing about the time 0.23 came out. However it had nothing to do with schematics and I really don't understand why people are so obsessed with them.

The reason for me why I stopped playing was that my inital sub expired and after the initial start to build some ships and a bit of a factory the game got really boring.

Actually I pretty much stopped playing about 1-2 weeks before 0.23. I even logged in after 0.23 hit (because you could still login if your sub had already expired). I bought some schematics but then again the game got really boring and I stopped.

Longterm this game is mostly interesting for people who like to build pretty things which have no actual use. There are no real gameloops and in my opinion it is just a bad game except the first few months in its current state. Building is simply not enough to keep me interested longterm.

I also play this other "oldschool spaceship game" and if I compare both of them I really don't know why I should come back to DU.

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No, but also yes sort of.  Sorry ?


Investing something (time/Quanta) to unlock the ability to craft things is really key to the game's economy functioning.  We need that.


But i think unlocking a schematic should be a one time purchase, and you should be able to unlock them with Talents or Quanta.  But once you unlock a schematic you should be able to create the item on as many machines as you want.  I don't think the schematics should be physical items at all.  Just let us purchase/unlock them from a menu.


The process of managing which schematics you have, and which ones you need, is just too complicated.


You shouldn't have to pay in blood and tears to start up a factory.  Just Quanta or Talents.


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Schematics was never a bad idea, just the time and way they was implemented was TERRIBLE. However now that the backlash has come and gone and dust is settling with the missions and other economy injectors finally coming in to play schematics are finally making sense. My only change would be to have schematic injection happen through a more variety of ways and different exclusivity rather than just checking them on market bots.


Exotic sheild schems only found on wrecks in pvp space? or RNG chance from doing a certain alphelia mission? etc etc

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No removal needed. They are needed.

But I am also in favor of making changes. When we could press TAB to open the shop for buying production licenses .. (schematics) and just like in the nanopack we select a product and instead of the production button, it would be to activate the license (buy) .. production license.

Let them be purchased in the same way (material) every time, but remotely and without running to the market to the bots, because formally Aphelia can simply withdraw money from the account and issue a production license for each purchased license (schematic).

After purchasing from the nanopack, put not in the machine specifically, but in some kind of general bank of schematics, which is connected to the core of the plant and all machines can have access there. That is, if we have 10 schemes of the same in the bank of schematics, then within this core we can launch 10 machines with the production of one and the same. Need to increase? We also buy a license for production remotely again, immediately into the nanopack .. then we put it in the necessary bank of schematics and that's it .. now we have the opportunity to reproduce the product in 11 lines.

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Schematics should stay now with how easy quanta is to get compared to before, whether you mine, haul, build etc, quanta is much easier then ever before which means so are schematics. Maybe a slight adjustments to prices though could be helpful, warp beacons are like 2.5 Billion to start a line on atm.


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I'm a fan of tech trees... I think that DU should somehow introduce research as an alternative to purchasing.
NMS has a decent enough (but still too simplistic IMO) tech tree. IIRC, you can research blueprints on your base computer or "unlock" them with tech tokens. You can also buy some from vendors on stations, it's not perfect, but it's better and more engaging than DU's approach.

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Tech trees..  Another example how NQ fails at UI/UX.

Considering how relatively linear and simple the talent 'tech three' in DU is, it is amazing that they still managed to make an UI that makes it impossible to get an overview and look at the relations between different talents.

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