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  1. Was a restart to solve an issue. All clear now.
  2. Even if the XL core cost 100 core slots (and probably should) and cost equivalent of a warp beacon to produce… gimme gimme! I don’t even care if the construct looks like melting play dough in build mode when looking across.😂
  3. Very good changes so far! My only worry is the calibration charge change. Players are already swimming in ore so to me this was the wrong move and will be capitalised on even further. I would of just extended the time MU's lose charge even further than 72 hours to say 168 hours and kept charge max at 10 and even extended the time it takes to recharge those charges to match the MU grace period increase.
  4. I’m not looking forward to the org construct slot changes. Common sense does slap you in the face that it will be a huge nerf to solo and small orgs to bring balance to the gap of available personal core slots in comparison to personal org cores. If I got told to do this and was harsh without thinking about backlash, I would remember that org construct slots start with 0. From there I would take a piece out of the residency idea I’ve been asking for and instead of just having the legate issue the constructs through talents I would give every character 1 available org construct slots they can choose to issue to an org of their choice. Every character would be able to boost their construct slot donation to 25 through talents tho. But let’s see what NQ does.. returns to sharpening pitchfork on grinding stone.
  5. I didn’t suggest removing cross section just change the formula to lower the effectiveness. Many things have changed since the XS cube days. Core trade off is too in favour to L cores. if we had shields as well as weapons locked to cores a marriage of new cross section formula and core miss bonus would be a viable solution.
  6. Only solution I honestly see is to heavily reduce the cross section benefit but add a set miss % depending on core size. For example L guns against XS 60% miss before cross section calc, 40% S, 20% M, 0% L. M guns vs XS 40%, S 20%, M 0%, L 0%. Now I see a post against Voxel destruction. Yeh sorry but it’s kinda important we start seeing voxel and element destruction again.
  7. I see your point of view and agree on the idea there is some Rock Paper Scissors but NQ still needs to go back and revisit the system. What would be beneficial is some solid numbers on TTK, Build costs and speed advantages. To get a more clear picture on where balancing needs to land. There should be a place for both larger and smaller ships in the pvp arena.
  8. I'll only mention the MMO's I invested time in otherwise the list is too long 😂 Star Wars galaxies. No game can get you so involved with every aspect it can offer like that game did. From working towards building your own shop that sells all the top quality items in your profession to the mind stomping grind and sense of achievement in unlocking your Jedi character only to grind again in secret to keep the bounty hunters off your back. 😛Many fond memories from start to game end. Planetside. Fights like no other and was a true MMO war. This game had its own problem in the end with the introduction of BFR's but will always be a game that made history. WoW. Was always fun and had untold amount of hours sunk in. From raids and preparing for raids to the painful grind to Grand Marshal in the pvp battlegrounds (Played Alliance) and duping gankers in to getting a gadgetzan bruiser beating. SWTOR. Like WoW but had that Star Wars fix to it. Planetside 2. Similar to PS1 and had its better parts but just had somthing missing what PS1 had, could never fully put my finger on it. From there i remembered SWG and needed that Sci Fi sandbox fix but did not want the uncertainty of private EMU servers. Google searched Sci Fi / space MMO and ended up here 😂
  9. Won’t work because players can optimise the process to extreme levels. Whole point of calibration is to limit MU’s per character.
  10. Because I had plans to claim 100 territories for 2 weeks free mining, damn NQ decided to ruin it!
  11. Thank you Nyz! Don't take your foot off the forum replying pedal, NQ increasing their interactions and giving straight transparent answers like this will be a win for the company and community every time! While on the subject I’ll give some quick personal thoughts in response to the design explanation. I hope the design team keeps in mind that the more ore injected the harder it will be to get the ore and element prices to start rising again. The majority of sinks should be coming from the loss of the game loop end products (elements) not from the very start (raw T1 ore) even tho this is a good strategy for new players to get a foot hold. NQ is still overlooking a valuable ore faucet because of its bad implementation so far. Surface rocks could be made to give players a reason to go out and explore the planets again in the hunt of ores. All NQ has to do is clean up the mess made by having these rocks scattered everywhere. it’s not really giving any worthwhile purpose to players and is just an eye sore. Aside from Sanc moon make the surface ores spawn randomly over the planet in clusters kinda like the MU calibration rewards. Clusters should be from 5kl to 50kl in size. (50kl being more harder to find of course). Also add the more rare spawning T3-5 surface ores to the spawn list on their respective planets. If this happens I will look forward to finally having a reason to use a hover construct in the hunt for these ores and maybe I’ll accidentally run in to a NQ ship wreck with some sweet schematics in the cargo hold? In regards to calibrations, there will be no harm in increasing the time it take for MU to lose their calibration charges 2-4x if you just increase the time it takes players to gain calibration charges the same amount. Maybe keeping on top of calibrations will stop feeling like a daily chore and players can have more time to focus on other aspects. Finally I believe HQ tiles should not go to the inactive state while the owner has an active subscription. As soon as a tile becomes HQ it should just go to active with its tax cost set to zero. If a player is no longer subbed then a timer for the HQ status to expire should begin.
  12. Awsome to hear NQ is keen to expand on working with the community and want to increase their two-way communication! Here is tip 1: Dont start failing this on literally the next sentences of an announcment 😛 Ok so the purpose and functions of the system go beyond "land-grabbing". Maybe if NQ explained why the system is more complex than it appears on the surface the community could fire back ideas and feedback to make it better with the info in-hand? Just saying "it's more complex than you think" puts off these feedback think tanks and kills the subject and any possible two-way communication. Design team does not have to come up with inspiration and ideas on their own, they just need to make the decisions with all the possibilities that come from their own minds and ours. Edit: just read up replies. Damn it Blaze beat me to the punch! 😂
  13. When I look at that and remember the ships before the changes 😔
  14. Each to their own. I really enjoyed being the repair man as much as being the pilot. Also I get the reasons why shields are so strong currently and I doubt it’s just to do with the deformation calculations. Let’s hope NQ can rectify the underlining issues.
  15. I would like to see repairman a critical role again also. Maybe an idea would be a shield HP nerf (50%?). Then add a very sharp voxel resist increase rather than raw HP. Finally if an element pops the explosion causes a large CCS penalty that causes a heavy knock on the remaining CCS. Additionally you could make the explosion cause local voxel damage. Some elements could cause bigger explosions than others meaning strategic placements. Problem with idea: Element burying would need to be tackled.
  16. Keep in mind that if NQ took this same stance across the board in their decision making a very hefty % of ships out there from the mission runners to the hag-boards would be no longer allowed. Could it of gone the other way? Yes it could of because NQ decision making seems to not just be based on definitions but impacts.
  17. No bugs or exploits was used to match the warp’s, fact. That would of only been pure math and R&D by the players. As for being able to shoot in warp that simply would of been an oversight. This is probably not a bug in the code it’s simply the fact that NQ probably never coded against it or tested because they probably did not think it would be possible. Given the level of effort and cost put in by the attackers to achieve these feats in comparison to minimal effort required to defend against it, this NQ referee decision could of just as easily gone the other way.
  18. For the light elements? Try normal decimal code. https://www.rapidtables.com/web/color/RGB_Color.html
  19. I disagree with the warp point since it only protects you from collision to remove any risk of people netting up pipes etc. However in regards to your pvp comments we are definitely on the same page. With lock and fire being hard locked in to the game we need choices, choices and more choices to make it fun!
  20. You can’t knock a ship already in warp out….yet
  21. Bit of a grey area since we are technically still in the transition peroid of Demeter IMO. Without effecting the ground NQ could perhaps make a compromise and just move the static to the surface?
  22. Empty construct option when? I'm sure NQ does not wan't random grey core's with ghost voxels laying around anymore than we do 😛
  23. Crafting specialisation with progression through earned XP when?
  24. Measurements can influence the opinion of right or wrong. However unless you measure every scenario and choice possible that is all a measurement result is, an influence on an opinion. You say DU is bleeding players but again is this solely based on this topic or other factors in play? Are the other factors also drawing in new players? I truly don’t know these answers and I can take a guess neither do you. While on the subject of measurements NQ has far better data on what the current state is. Let that data influence their choices.
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