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  1. Whaaaat? You can very simple change owner construct .. with just 2 click mouse buttom.. learn game pls. About this things. And claim you can take out and out back with new org.. without deconstruct your core.. What is problem mate? only one things i agree.. is about no more any information where is it and etc. But i think it coming in future with territory wars.
  2. I think is only start.. the same lime first they fixed core .. now org.. So i believe some in the future coming some mechanics for make some alliances or other things. Some thing like a standing system in EVE or else.. So no need rush to much.. something what we dont know them idea. We can see game from start beta untill now to much change.. so dont worry this things i also thinking coming later.
  3. The concept was announced on Twitter on the official page .. These skins are not literally skins, this concept shows what will be by default - for free. I spoke above about the further system of skins, which will undoubtedly be, whether it will be paid or not, here only NQ will show, but this is a good thing for the game and its development, there are a lot of people who want to buy something unique for their ships. Where content will be provided both from promotions time and paid. Just like there will be something like PLEX in EVE online. They before say this (about some PLEX for can
  4. This is noticeable .. Above correctly noted .. designers and modelers are not programmers and different groups of people work on different content. As soon as it is ready, it is included in the update. And so I'm all for it, especially since for sure it will be some kind of basic help for the system of skins that have long been in the drop-down menu. And the skins themselves allow you to additionally monetize the project for NQ, as EVE online does too .. Skins are not a bad monetization option as such today. That will actually increase the income of NQ and it will proba
  5. + Based on an XS Core Unit + without any container + with one fuel tank tops + without any weapon + with a maximum of three atmospheric engines + with no space engine + having a mass up to 20 tons
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