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  1. Also good for you counting.. but almost all this things can make in nanopack from stone on the surface for 1-2 evening gameplay .. so yes.. i agree no any problem here.
  2. There is no problem assembling a ship that can carry 60 tons. In your rock nanopack, you can make such ships in 1 or 2 pm. And you do not need to pay tax immediately after the claim, in order to claim you need to pay 500,000 quanta, and the claim already has payment for 3 days in advance, so you don't need to pay anything extra. 500,000 quanta are earned even without doing anything, for the entrance. 3-4 days. And also do not forget that beginners, before going anywhere, if they play solo, will receive starting resources, etc. on Sanctuary. So no one is forcing him to run at breakneck speed to clasp something. A person may well collect 20 million quanta and then hit the road. In general, I do not see any such serious problems with this. And I would also like to ask, do you even play the game? And that was not much confused by not knowing about paying taxes. And the forum is trying to suck out any available problems that NQ did not take into account. Although why are you doing this? Some times i start thinking you guys here make more and more harder everything then is real
  3. Exactly. They suggested that you clean only within the core voxels, and only CLEAR .. but not fill or flatten the hexes that you leveled, etc. In my case, this is 95 +% of the work. So I didn’t even write requests to clean up kernels, so what do they clean up? landing sites. alas .. In my case, this does not help much. So you have to do all the work all over again. And i know more ppl in my org.. who need still doit terraforming at 1 month.. for make the same like was before.
  4. For example, I've been building a base for almost a year and a half. Since the launch of the beta, this is a huge HQ measuring over 80L of cores. After the terraforming changes, I still have 2 months to work on the land to fix this "soft wipe of the land" .. But if it happens that I lose all my progress, then in fact I will not build it a second time. Too much time spent and money (paid subscriptions) to build it. And why should I, as an honest player, suffer because someone accumulated something or did not use exploits? Let them roll back, let them withdraw, let them write off the balances. Why should I suffer, someone who pays money and plays fair ... and spent thousands of hours building their base. This is complete nonsense with this "next" wipe. That is, the main problem, not in the wipe as such, but in the fact that NQ is not able to track some "X" of the player's values per day, relatively speaking, a system that evaluates all the player's property once a day and sends messages with suspicious players for manual moderation , in which, for example, in 1 day "X" has grown, say, 2 times. Next, NQ looks at the player's logs and finds out why and where he got the "doubling" of the state right away .. This is a simple system that helps to track RMT and people who use Exploits ... and Make adjustments to the accounts of those who use bugs, give them warnings repetition - ban. But why should we suffer? And also one more moment, suppose NQ will wipe the server. Ask yourself why? - Because they made mistakes and made bugs on which someone earned? - They wipe the server - They start it up again, so what? Where is the guarantee that they will not make a mistake again a month after launch, which will allow players to enrich themselves in a matter of hours? So what ? cleaning again? Stupidity and nothing more. It is necessary to treat the disease and not the symptoms. And I do not believe that NQ cannot fail to make mistakes. And this is normal, but there should be tools for the correct and quick elimination of these errors, including tracking those who used the errors and punitive measures for these players according to the EULA, period. Otherwise, all this cleaning will be in vain, and does not make any sense. Except it will anger many honest people, and rather lose them. And these are not just signatures, these are people who have gone through all the hardships with NQ and loyal fans. Such people cannot be lost. P \ s .. It was my personal opinion.
  5. Are there any reasons for this? Or why do you think so and not be surprised?
  6. I do not really agree, EVE existed for 15 years with POS that dug the moons themselves and the player did not do anything for this AT ALL .. And now the citadels, they do not require anything .. they drag the resource themselves, a week after which you just collect the resource for 1 -2 hours. Planetary production, in Eve, also requires almost no action from you. And yes all of them - never finished. So .. DU doit now exactly the same.. so EVE not really good example if you wanna other system. But the miners will not be mining continuously, they will also need to be restarted and "run" the mini-game - which is roughly equal to planetary production in EVE.
  7. For sure.. but dont forget when you sleep and etc is continue mine.. And before you mine you need find it.. you not calculate this also. And dont forget.. before t4 t5 also can easy mine.. now no.. and after 6-7 month same coming with t2 t3.. and after 1 y.. t1.. any way we need some system like this.. Also it can allowed for NQ control economy
  8. you can mine over 2-3 mill liter ore on 1 h? wow mate.. you looks like a hero?
  9. You are from Eve, I see by your avatar ... Well, in Eve, too, the resources are endless And I will reveal even more mystery - in all MMOs the resources are endless, yeah .. If you did not know. And the mining of miners will not allow you to have more than 48 miners per character, which will give you + -150,000 liters of ore per day, which even a week it will be several times less than you would dig with your hands. And finding tiles and tiles with a sufficient number of t3 + is no longer so and easy as you described to yourself here. So you obviously did not attend the PTS and did not try to figure out how it all works .. not to mention the decrease in the mining efficiency after 2 days. Do not worry that there is a lot of ore, here people worry that there will be little of it.
  10. Agree with this realisation.. need some things more than just 150 000 quanta. Can make you time in game more surprized little bit .
  11. "You would be surprised how much change you can affect if you actually tried. " And you are right, but the second factor, I did not come here to play my game or the game of the community, I nevertheless came here to play THEIR game. And I don’t want to change it, they set the rules, I either adapt and grow, or I’m not happy - I’m not ready to pay and I leave. It's like falling in love with a girl you like, but not accepting her lack of wealth and trying to change her, forcibly, or under pretexts. But you will not achieve anything good, and what is even worse, many beginners after reading your posts will think that ooo horror in the game. But in fact, the game is only getting better, it can be worse for you personally. But the problem is that a beginner takes data from everywhere without having his own experience. Thus, such things are even more often done by the anti-PR of the company, even if they try, and often the community itself kills the project, and not the developer. So, even if you can change this girl, only she will no longer be the one you fell in love with, too, here too .. I came to play this game from NQ .. and if I make efforts to change the game as I want, I it will get bored and I will quit the game, because it will not be the game that I came from. I'm not trying to insist .. on something .. you have the right to have your opinion and decision, but the very fact that you would understand how many people have so many opinions and if you think so does not mean that everyone thinks the way you do. All the best to you .. I will not continue the conversation here any longer .. with my respect.
  12. Yes, I understand you perfectly, only it's not a matter of complaisance .. but in the understanding that the mechanics that are introduced are necessary for the game, otherwise we will drown in tons of garbage. Yes, and already drowned. And also the overproduction of spare parts is crazy. And one and the second breaks the game and its base and economy. Therefore, such changes are simply necessary. That is why I agree with them. That is why I am not on your side either. Yes, and it wouldn’t be .. if something just didn’t suit me, so it would lead me to protests - I would just leave, why should I waste time and nerves, this is a game and not my family .. I can just cancel subscription and leave anytime - and this is the best lesson and indicator for a developer, since you have so much experience, but for some reason you are just trying to arrange coups .. That mean you dont really go from game.. you just wanna game and devs fallow your way and your understanding.. if not.. you any way not go.. what i can see.. Canceling subscriptions and leaving people from the game is an excellent indicator for a developer - in my mind.. And if i realy dont like i just doit.. But if 20 people leave and 500 for example return, then I'm sorry, you were probably wrong. And if it is the other way around, you have nothing to do there, because there will be no people left and you were right. I do not know why you complicate it .. As if you are engaged in mazahism, "I do not like it, but I will continue to pay to suffer and make coups". you not a tree mate, you can always go where you like..
  13. Nothing will change from your trench wars, so just let them do as they see it, and then either they will succeed - and ok .. or they won't, well, okay, let's go elsewhere. But from the current exclamations, loss of time and nerves, nothing will change, and you have already understood this from your own experience. Just try to be a little simpler about it.
  14. Buddy, it looks like you're just chasing nonsense, and you don't even know what flag is there. But if you still live there and do not know, then it would be better to keep silent. And then on the forum here anyhow to carry nonsense I am not from that country but not be lazy for try to check what about you talk.. and.. . Surprise ... and enjoy
  15. I understand you perfectly, and your frustrations, experiences, and the fact that the game was different earlier and what NQ said A did B .. But still, you shouldn't raise "rebellions" .. this is just my advice. How to be up to you. For the rest, I perfectly understand your situation and the cry from the heart, but in this case you should not "torture yourself" like that. But yes, the game is changing, and the contingent in the game will also change today, those who liked the game before and those who like the "new" game. Here you are most likely 100% right. I just don't want people to do stupid things, even if NQ does them. Be smarter than them.😘
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