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  1. PVP does not make for good streaming because your not always guaranteed an engagement. Then you spend the time getting into position and half your viewers have fallen asleep. With PVE they will be able to go and say here and this time we are going to do some pew pew pew. So it should be leaps and bounds better.
  2. Your telling me you never ground faction standings in a game? Its game mechanics like this that help player retention. You start playing the game. buy your first territory. run missions to pay for that territory, Run more missions to lower that cost. buy another territory run more missions to lower the cost on that territory too. Dont have a territory to spend those TTRT's on? Sell them on the market for an even bigger profit per mission. We need people running missions. As missions are going to be the resource sink the game needs. Ammo is expensive. and will become the single biggest resource sink there is in game. This will drive the economy in all other aspects. And regarding your concern of reduced quanta sinks that is territory taxes. The reductions I propose is not going to affect it that greatly. 100 missions to get a 25% reduction. Thats 50 hours of game play (average mission is 20 minutes, and lets say 10 minutes to fly to location) to save 125,000 quanta a week. And I dont see many going over the 25% mark as the % drastically decreases at 25% and 50% and 75%. But now that we have these numbers out. Lets say everyone ran misisons to get there territories up to 25%. 20,000 territories times 50 hours is Thats a million game hours worth of content. Assuming an average play time of 10 hours a week. Thats 2,000 game years worth of content. Or about $288,000 to NQ. If those 20,000 territories ran 1,000 missions each to get a 50% discount. Thats $2,880,000 worth of game content. Pretty sure with that sort of cash infusion they could implement a new quanta sink (But I dont think its needed, unless PVE missions infuse to much quanta). And how much would it cost to implement what i suggest? What are the other downsides besides lower quanta sink? And finally the reason I think this is low hanging fruit. All the components are already ingame. The UI is already there to support it. You cannot tell me adding a new item in the data base is overly complicated. I mean maybe if you had to design a whole new 3d placeable item with animation. But this should be nothing more then adding a new line item with a new ID coupled with a new icon. Adding a new option to click when right clicking a TCU (they just did this with setting schematics bins, even moved it in a patch to a new menu area so should be easy). adding a couple rows to the wallet territory UI to show status of TTRT's to the player(again the UI is already there just adding new columns. And finally having weekly deductions taken from this new variable instead of the flat 500,000. (Which is an action already done on a weekly bases). So its not like I am suggesting a whole new game mechanic like gas mining, thus low hanging fruit, pretty hard to think of a single idea that would have such an impact for so little cost to implement.
  3. This is why people dont post on here. Every post turns into a discussion of dead game. And allot of the people who have fallen off the fence want the game to die at this point. So they are justified in their decision to stop playing. But this thread was not the discussion for that. This thread was about implementing a game feature (a low hanging fruit) that would have a drastic impact in the incoming update. An update that is practically a make or break point for DU. So if we can lets actually discuss that aspect of what I propose. Because again I believe adding only quanta rewards for these missions will set them up to fail.
  4. I dont think the numbers are great either, But I also dont think they are as dire as people think they are. 150 new accounts have been created, paid and joined the game in may. There is over 20,000 claimed and taxed tiles. Unless your 50 people all own and pay for 400 tiles each. Also I dont think it breaks the cost control. I doubt many territories would go over the 25% decrease I proposed. And the more that reach that level the better. Since if your investing that much time in a non tradable territory your less likely to let your account lapse and loose that territory. And at the end of the it adds more game to the game that is lacking game. And what I propose is not some overly complicated system that is going to take a ton of dev time to implement. You add a new data item. Same as adding a new schematic. It does not need a 3d asset, Just a spirit and an alias ID. (IE the code is already there for items, adding a new one should be simple). When the mission is complete add 1 of said items to the players inventory. The player can move it around just like they can a schematic paper, from container to nanosuit and back. they can sell it just like a schematic. When a player goes to a TCU they right click it just like you can now, and under the advanced options would be a new option to apply TTRT. (again the UI is already there for this, should be simple to add in a new line with a command that now applies 1 TTRT point to that territory when selected). Under your wallet, and territories where it shows "Name" "Status" "Fee due in" "Balance" Add in a new column to show the amount of TTRT's applied to that territory. Add in a 2nd column that is called current weekly tax rate. Now when the fee is due it removes this number from the balance instead of the flat 500,000. To me the above sounds super simple to add into the game. So simple that a skilled dev should be able to pump that out in a night if not a week. Granted I am biased in my thoughts on that, So maybe its harder then I think. As far as content goes, Its these types of game mechanics that are missing from the game. I would even go as far as to say delay 1.4 a week to implement this feature.
  5. TTRT Territory Tax Reduction Tokens. You complete a normal difficulty mission and above and you get a TTRT. You apply that TTRT to a single territory. and it reduces the taxes owed on that one territory. (not all, just that one). First 100 tokens reduces taxes by 25%. 1,000 tokens reduce taxes by 50%. 100,000 tokens by 75%, 1,000,000 tokens 100% reduction in taxes on that territory. (To put that into perspective, even on the fastest mission 1,000,000 tokens would take 10,000,000 minutes, or 19 years to achieve, so not realistic, but possible. ) You can sell, buy and trade TTRT on the market. But once you loose, sell, trade the TCU, the TTRT are no longer applied to it. (maybe inside the cash shop you can buy an item that will allow you to transfer ownership). I think the mission system your adding in is great. but if your only doing quanta rewards, people are going to hop in do a couple missions, go, Cool story bro, and move along. You implement this sort of faction system and now you got people grinding.
  6. In PVE you have a chance of gaining value. In PVP unless your going after goo, or pirating a miner, your not really gaining value. other then the lulz and salt.
  7. Dont do this. With all your other changes you will nerf small ships so far that it will turn into L core only combat again. Instead I propose you have statis weapons also increase the cross section of the targets they shoot. This would allow for more strategy, more of a rock paper scissors scenario.
  8. NQ has plenty of money. Because if they needed money they would have a cash shop selling skins, or selling dac. Heck they dont even allow you to buy additional time on Steam. Nore can you buy additional time on NQ's site to gift to your friend. Only place you can buy additional time is a 3rd party that takes 10% commision. I mean NQ would be pretty stupid if they needed money and had everything setup the way that they do.
  9. Considering they are using epics anti cheat. I would guess they would release on Epic instead of steam. Allot easier to hide your follies over there too. One of the reasons I will never buy a game on Epic. As far as steam goes. Ratings are huge. It can make or break your game. How many rando games have you bought because it had overwhelming positive reviews? How many games have you bypassed because of negative reviews? For reference: 95 - 99% : Overhwelmingly Positive. 94 - 80% : Very Positive. 80 - 99% + few reviews: Positive. 70 - 79% : Mostly Positive. 40 - 69% : Mixed. 20? - 39% : Mostly Negative. 0 - 39% + rew reviews: Negative. 0 - 19% : Very Negative. And when you consider half the games on steam are rated very positive or above. Games that dont reach this mark are typically bad and you should skip them. Its a great platform for good games to be released on, reaching out to 69 million daily gamers. But if you want to reach that hundred of thousand to million of copies sold mark. You gotta have something that is rated good, Is a cheap initial purchase, and has good performance on medium and low systems.
  10. Only saving grace for a new product is not many have heard about the last product.
  11. Allioth and Madis are the only two planets that have lost claimed tiles over time. And I would interpret this as the core players are the ones still sticking around. personally I am not so concerned about the number of players. Other then low player count means less money, less money means less money going into development and keeping the lights on. We know NQ can turn up and lower server performance. And the way the game has been running seems like they got it running at a bare minimum. I am more concerned about the lack of development. We are over half a year now on release, And the amount of features that have been added to the game are pretty lackluster. I am not a programmer But I do have over 50,000 hours of game time. And I said it during early beta. Where are the patches that add features? And when you compare it to the below picture patches released by NQ and patches released by a game that only has one developer. The one guy is doing more then the entire NQ team. So either the team is incompetent, Or the team is one guy, or the team is working on not DU. Right now we are being dragged along on the PVE promise. But NQ's track record does not look great. Edit forgot to add picture:
  12. You get a 14-28 day notice that cores will be abandoned. (IE every 14 days the game checks if you are over your limit). Then once it does that check you have 14 days to rectify that if you are over. One thing to note here. If someone donates core slots to your org. As soon as that persons account lapses those core slots are no longer donated. I do think NQ should add another level of security. Instead of being abandoned immediately they should go into an 85 day timer where they cannot be used until the core count is fixed. Because you should never penalize players that still intend to play the game. But I will add check your notifications tab, And check your constructs regularly, and your territory taxes too. These are jobs that legates have to perform.
  13. Anti cheat is not just about wall hacks and aim bots. It's also stuff like puting 100kl of coal into a can and making the game think you put 100kl of plasma into the can. Or duping quanta which is then RMTed so no anti cheat would be very bad. Granted it's pretty baffling to me to do such a change at this stage. What cool features are we now missing because of the dev time spent on this change?
  14. I better find me a sugar momma going to cost me a couple thousand a month.
  15. Does it need fixing? Do we know NQ's strategy? because at the end of the day we all know that DU just needs more development time. More features and content added and bug fixes. Because NQ's strat might be to slow dev the next 4 years. And there is precedence for a strat like this. Look at NMS. But it all depends on how long they can maintain the financial bleed until they become profitable. And thats one thing we dont know. We dont know if the investors have already planned for this, or they are ok with that, or they are just ready to shut it down. We can speculate, infact people have speculated with the web3d stuff. Now on to game play: I said PVE is imperative for DU. Eve would have never succeeded if it was only PVP or only PVE. They are adding it (should have been added before release). There is a whole demographic of players to tap here. I said Farming. Not farming so players need to eat constantly. But farming so players sell the product to NPC markets. There is a whole demographic of players to tap here. Add more group activities. This one is harder to explain because you can spin it 1,000 ways. But when it comes down to it. there are very few group activities. You dont need friends to pilot or play engineers when your flying through atmosphere to fly or manage the equipment while your scooping up oxygen or hydrogen. Even with combat your more efficient going solo then you are with a group.
  16. In the 6 weeks since this thread was created 478 new accounts have been created.
  17. For a game like DU a subscription service makes sense. For the current game market a subscription service does not make sense. Personally I love a subscription model. You pay you play. FTP games have a way of costing you more money. (I have paid more into world of tanks then any other game I have ever played by far, pretty sure I could go buy all the DLC's for TTRS and it would still be cheaper then what I have put into WOT). When the game goes FTP it will be us that will have to pay more. As not only will we have to pay for our own server cost, but we will also have to pay for the server cost for those players who are playing for free. Oh sure we will get to buy things like cooler skins that will allow us to have better looking ships then those FTP characters. Probably even be able to buy some SP boosters so we can out perform them. Being able to buy DAC from NQ to trade for Quanta ingame so we can buy better stuff to kill those FTP players. Maybe even going as far as premium ammo to better shoot at them. Basically in a FTP game the few have to carry the many financially. Which means they have to entice the few to buy enough to support themselves and everyone else. Which usually means imbalancing the game. Also another thing to consider for DU. You need a fairly decent computer. And if you have a fairly decent computer it usually means an xtra $20 a month on a sub in negligible.
  18. And you know what that usually result in. Broken rights. I have a container that I removed core rights to. Then created new rights for tat container. This causes a situation were the player with the rights has to link to the container to put stuff in and take stuff out.
  19. Exotic should be better then another tier. Why would spend so much effort getting exotic stuff when its not better then another tier? Same goes for rare, advanced, uncommon.
  20. So many times yesterday. I selected set schematic container instead of set as linked container. defiantly should be listed under construct.
  21. And thats what I call the servers being down for maintenance. I found it so laughable, that with so many things wrong with NQ. And the numbers being so bad as they are. That you have to spout bad numbers to try and prove your point. I mean heck why not take it a bit further and post the numbers from when steam does its weekly tuesday restarts. OMG 0 people where playing the game today.
  22. I said that in my first post, thanks for following along. Occupied territory count. Good news then DU is evolving and changing. 1.1 and 1.2 came out in a decent amount of time. Looks like 1.3 is coming out tomorrow? And they are working on implementing PVE content which is a pretty big evolution. Doomsayers. You look at games like PUBG. People screaming that game died years ago. Yet it is currently the 6th most played game on steam with 500,000 players at one time in the last 24 hours. Even an old sub game like Everquest. People have cried out so many time that the game died. Yet a quarter century later and the game still has a strong playerbase. Has major expansions every year.
  23. In the two weeks since my last post another 200 paying account have joined the game. We are not talking hot numbers here. And these numbers are not going to be the savior of NQ. But people keep making accounts. Despite top comments of "is the game ready dead?" "So the game is scame?" "Now that te game has flopped, will they drop subs?" Heck scroll on down the first page on steam, and negative, negative, negative. If I was looking for a new game and knew nothing about the game and looked at those forums, I would walk away. Yet in the last 2 weeks 200 people still said I will give it a try. Or even if they are alt accounts people said I enjoy this game so much I am going to throw more money at it.
  24. I am not sure if this was a needed change. Heavy ammo gives a 20 percent damage increase and Precision gives a 50 percent (optimal) range increase. As it is already debateable on which ammo to shoot (infact I usually carry both). I did not get to see how much you guys nerfed it. But if its anything more then 10%. its getting thrown out and only heavy ammo is going to be used. Personally I would like to see Precision ammo left alone and renamed to Range ammo. Heavy Ammo left alone. Defense ammo changed to Agile ammo. leave its tracking at 2, but boost its weapon cone to 1.5 and reduce its weight. Rename Agile ammo to accurate ammo. and give it a 20 percent increase in accuracy. By doing this it gives each ammo type its own specialty that will actually be sought after. Heavy Ammo: Damage combat Range Ammo: Range combat Agile Ammo : Fast mobile combat Accurate Ammo: Small target combat Right now there is very little reason to use the current Agile or Defense ammo.
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