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  1. Hi all

    Hiiiiiii, anything special you want to do? for robotics, join Robotic Industries, For mercenary, Join Bladesin mercenary corp, For federation building join federation Alpha and for all others , join Tranquility Whatever you do, have fun and cyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  2. Neutrality Signs?

    Hmmmm intersting vision, love to join Tranquility? we could use people with visions like you and we gone have cookies
  3. Neutrality Signs?

    indeed unless your swiss
  4. Robotic workforce and fatorys

    Even with these arguments i agree with Gonk, and if a small org can build then and a large org can too but doesn't then the fault is in the large org. Immersion should include these possibility but then it will be relative, smaller orgs can only master a few robots due to their size and large orgs probably can fight out the complete clone wars sort of speaking. So there is no breaking the game in this, just more fun. And frankly, if a large organization does not automatize because they have enough cannon fodder to get somewhere they have an inefficient mindset.
  5. Liquid or water holding tanks

    Good point, i have no clue, but i know that it works in Creativerse. So technically you should be able to place Atmos voxels. But think about the next, there are going to be space stations, there will be a system probably to have air there or atleast no complete vacuum. This system should also be usable under water. but that includes water being adjustable. Again i think creativerse has a nice solution for that. But to have water both fluid and adjustable is not going to work easily. What i would propose is something like adding an airtight spec to special blocks that will keep air in and keep water out, this would also mean buoyancy is possible and ships. @NQ-Wanderer is this something maybe for the trello? Airtight blocks that keep air in and water out. Only problem you then have when you build underwater is how to get the water out of your structure in the first place But that would be very very interesting and a feature i don't think any other game like this has, except then creativerse where you can perfectly build underwater bases.
  6. Neutrality Signs?

    In the end it will not be the paining or marks or signs but the goodwill of the people. That's also one of the reasons i'm trying to make arrangements for Tranquility and all interested parties to be able to fulfill the sanctuary position i would like it to be. And the Inter neutral Assembly is doing the same by organizing neutral factions for their safety. For DU and the sandbox feeling it should be good to have a large neutral faction, time will tell if that's gone be neutrality by goodwill of others or by overwhelming force. Lets say i'll make sure my neutral cities and ships will be filled to the teeth with defenses, experience shows goodwill lasts till the next paycheck
  7. Cookie

    Yesss, lets make it happen!!!
  8. Cookie

    Hiii, can i recruit you to come live in Tranquility? We need more cookies there, specially since i told everyone i will bake cookies for all members after DU is released Uhm we are not gone really bake you ofc. But we could use a robotic cooky baking facility Welcome to DU!!
  9. Planning to keep them updated? Or will it be a once the work is done, its done version?
  10. Hello !

    Welcome!! And What do you hope to find here?
  11. Best way to recruit

    Nice arguments warden and a nice and accurate description. So probably ill indeed stay with cookies in which the cookies also stand for a form of morale and freedom or cosiness towards members. Also what you see alot is promisses of rooms and mobile units but thats also one of the things that can bite you really fast, lets say you have an organization with over 800 members, how will you get all those members a home and a "car" in a relative short time, meaning before they are going to complain "where is my room"
  12. Best way to recruit

    Well i offer cookies Join Tranquility and if we can ever bake cookies ill do a bake off for all the members
  13. The name is Amastary

  14. We have a website, not big but everything that is needed to give you all more info is there: https://sites.google.com/view/city-state-tranquility/homepage
  15. Best way to recruit

    agree on that. It is not that i want to promote big but this seems to be a general approach. Not only in DU but in general. But when there is a size limit this will directly influence the smaller orgs that will grow bigger, although untill there is a room in the bigger/morehyped org and then there will be a vast number of orghoppers