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  1. Aaron Cain

    The new horizon

    Indeed we are thinking of this, that is also a reason the City of Tranquility stays in space to limit fuel use. And this also makes docking with the New horizon possible so it has atleast one mayor spaceport/repair bay in space where it can rest and have regular maintenance.
  2. Aaron Cain

    Neutrality Signs?

    No problemo, thank you for the link!!!!
  3. Aaron Cain

    Void League

    For some reason i get a cryptic hint your name was not half but full.......
  4. Aaron Cain

    A greeting from Psi-Corps

    Your coming was foretold, I have seen the end too. And all between that, except a finit moment that was cloudes, probably by dark forces
  5. Aaron Cain

    Alpha Roadmap AMA Questions

    Crafting is introduced in the first alpha, what can we expect of it? Is it going to be the full range of objects and constructs?
  6. Welcome All !!!!! And always feel welcome to come visit the city! We are growing, maybe not in direct numbers but every day we get new treaties with new and already established organizations, federations, unions and empires. And although we mainly open sectors, floors and rooms to Organized people we want to show you a small part of what it would mean to live in tranquility. The next information comes from the Manifest chapter "Ranks" And although it is still in the editorial phase we wanted to share it. Ranks There are only a few ranks in Tranquility, Why? it is a city, not a full blown war syndicate. The ranks we have are the following: Adventure Squad One Squad leader Squad Member Tranquility Resident Tranquility Resident This title is the first title you will get and you will have it till you leave Tranquility. In fact this is no title but your acceptance into the organization named tranquility, Thank you for joining! As resident we might ask you to donate materials for the greater good of Tranquility to be able to maintain it and build extra facilities for your use, there will be no taxes. Most of the facilities on Tranquility are sponsored but some we will build ourselves on popular vote, and when these are build we will ask a small but reasonable donation in the building effort. And as a thank you, you will get this Title and all rights to Tranquility and its facilities. Some spaces are restricted to you, that has to do with security and rooms belonging to partnered organizations. A Resident will be offered a small room and a place to park a small cored ship. In the restoration period of Tranquility the materials for building this room and parkspot are the residents responsibility. In time Tranquility hopes to be able to offer fully build rooms and parking spots for free.
  7. Aaron Cain

    Let's Talk: Neutrality Orgs

    In your vision neutrality does not exist. Good opinion, i have a different one. And you can still be a military alliance and be neutral, having defenses does not breach neutrality. Using them to overthrow other organizations for any gain does. But then when is a news channel neutral? Is it when the news is unbiased? or when all the people working on the broadcast are unbiased? And then when some members are from either side of the outspoken non-neutral organizations what then? See it can be a very hard point to be unbiased, neutral or anything because in the end its not your intentions that people judge you by, but their own interpretation of the vision they have of you.
  8. Aaron Cain


  9. Aaron Cain

    How powerful is an STU?

    Sanctuary Territory Units are restricted to the Sanctuary territories. These territories are located on special moons called Sanctuary Moons. In a sanctuary territory, players may not initiate any offensive action. Sanctuary territories owned by players are subject to rights management such as restrictions on mining, crafting, and building. By default, players cannot build, mine, or craft on unclaimed sanctuary territory. Sanctuary Territory Units can be purchased through the future in-game shop using real currency up to a certain limit. Upon starting Dual Universe, each player will receive a free Sanctuary Territory Unit in their inventory.
  10. Aaron Cain

    How powerful is an STU?

    Also i remember that STU will be only buyable as for TU will be available ingame.
  11. Aaron Cain

    Is this site legit?

    You can always already join them on the community page. The DU community page is an easy way to find and join organizations, objective shipyards is there too
  12. Aaron Cain

    Eating, drinking and breathing

    simply put if i want a survival game i will play something else. Also DU is never portrayed as survival game so that would probably be badly received. There could be a use for food and drinks, but it should add, and not be a mandatory thing. And if so i want to have mandatory toilet visits or you just piss your suit. So we get all or nothing but that would mean Sims in space......
  13. Aaron Cain

    The Dyson Sphere Initiative

    A wise man once wrote: "The endeavor itself is the means to an end that will grow spirits of men to greatness not the ending or the completion, in the end its the endeavor itself"
  14. Aaron Cain

    Neutrality Signs?

    Yesss it is an arrow to shoot at but well with a mark even if it is used as an arrow, still better compared to nothing