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  1. See this is what some people here do not understand. A pve player calculates risk and reward before venturing in a non-safe zone, DU makes ships and property to valuable so the risk will always be to high. Add easier mining and industry and pve players will in the end go to pvp space. But there must be a reward, artifacts, unique gear, just remember to any PvE player Glamour is the real endgame Add unique skins and unique building blocks in PvP and they will go. Lets say there is this ultimate flightsuit that can be found on crates on moons in pvp space, they will go. But only if the ship they can use to get there is expandable
  2. again, kill npc missions. Why name missions as an important part to make DU better, they are solo, npc, and exploidable. Nothing good comes from them in a space mmo well i hear some screem Cash!!!! just kill missions and let people be creative about creation of profit.
  3. Good point, the non-pvp players are just seen as sheep to be harvested and exploided but to be honest the only way to have them be good loot is to make them fat sheep. dont pull everything good in pvp space, place everything in all space, pvp and pve. just make sure the respawn rate of ores is equally everywhere and then demand will make people go into pvp space when ores in pve are done for. There sure is reason for pve players to go to pvp space, just make all the space between all the planets pvp, just have a safe circle of space around moons and planets and all the rest is pvp, make reality real. and make only stuff the people of the arc can manage pve, so maybe indeed the sanctuary moons but then, also place security grids on them or satelites in space. just telling something is safe never withholded anyone in real life. Both PvP and non-PvP should be lore based and guarded by the arc people if "they" insist some zone is safe.
  4. Indeed, just make the call and Wipe this Sh*t, normally all big tittles have a wipe before release and maybe a pre-acces of weeks or days. Just go for it, wipe, clean up schematics and everything and go with a clean slate, Tabula Rasa now and always!
  5. Organizational alliances system Indeed better chat system and ingame voice chat an actual reason for building offices, beds, etc so it has a use for larger structures for communities like cities, academies, etc. For example, building an academy and naming it thus increases tokens from 90 to 100 when on premisses, stuff like that. Possibilities to learn stuff to people ingame just the regular stuff, like we dont have the need for bars so make it possible to have music on a location and for example activate general voice chat per location as in everyone on a grid can hear each other when they want too Possibilities to actual "team/zoom"like meatings think about boxes where the individuals are show and can if they want open cameras kill the helmets and make characters unique Give chars something reall to do like farming, growing livestock, fishing, swiming, deepsea diving with indeed added fish, make vacation resorts actual resorts and not sterile planet bored blocks. so again, actual swimming!!!!!!!! as DU is named a eve/minecraft clone it is already not to good but what you want to make it social is to incorporate parts of SIMS So make it possible for chars to marriage, all chars and not man-woman only Make it possible to party add alcohol and beverages add production of these add food and a reason to actually use it add bikes or something like that for fun add reasons to explore and not missions.................. Need more? every point i added is an open door but when a developer has no community as goal in its mind then this stuff will never happen. simply, why build a city when there is not a single F to do
  6. good points, first and foremost most important thing to do to also stop exploits and people cheating the system: Kill All NPC missions
  7. blazemonger, give me a call and i will help you! You are so right as i also mentioned, we need the tools to make it happen, not a developer who does it him/herself and then tells us this could have been done by you with good tools and still dont provide those tools.
  8. Yeah you are so right, it also has different ranged weaponry and different ammo. shielding apparently is also available but small ammo (aka sand) can get through and accumulates in the landing gears (aka shoes) or outer hull (aka trousers). transwarp inhibition also is real in the form of mud and different forms of hull armor have an impact on speed. All in all, its brutal and main cause of red eyes and blue spots as the damage is real
  9. Good point, to be honest i know space games that have better mods then DU at Hole at this moment. Frankly with all developments over the years with all the exploits and people who were given sweets a wipe is frankly the only thing possible. And at best some bp are still use able but most can just be deleted as the current DU is not even compatible with them. But since people payed actual cash for the beta phase there must be a honest compensation in something. Some really good points for a wipe are mentioned and the idea schematics will be deleted are a point that actually shows that the complaints have been heard
  10. My kid plays in a sandbox that has more potential as DU at the moment
  11. First, just rename some terms, pve is not Non-PvP we should better call it then PvE and PvPvE Or PvP and Non-PvP and frankly, DU is not PvE, there is nothing in the environment you fight against so best keep it non-PvP and PvP It is very simple to be honest, PvP and non-PvE has to have a reason to be there, placing a planet under non-pvp with no lore, protection or reasoning whatsoever is just bad designing. If DU has no reason for Non-PvP it should be a pvp zone. Technically only the sanctuary moons and spaces around NQ markets should be safezones as was intended, that said it was also intended that a placed TU gave you rights to a hex and all on it, and security to attack as attackers first had to bring down the TU or shield, i cannot recall exact what was told back then. That idea was great and together with the working community pages there was life, also because we all knew we had to organize and build protection and alliances. Then we got what we have now and that brought also no need for alliances, no need for defence, no need for co-operation, and just continue. seeing that didnt work for the game we first got industial restrictions and that was not the end. Frankly those restrictions and more just made the whole PvP even harder. If we should still have no restrictions and good ore deposits nobody would care for loosing one ship or base as we can quickly build new ships and bases. but instead we got a disfunctional market with vast restrictions on industry, new sucking ore mining all to make PvP more interesting. Well shit, that did not work out. Strange not? No offcourse this is not strange, who in his/her right mind goes PvP with a ship that took actual time to build and has everything you have. With no ore or industry restrictions building a ship is rather easy and will give rise to better and more fun PvP as people have lower risks. this concept is already known and proven over a multiple of other games. DU acts asif playing it is your daily job. Well it is not, and frankly when i have time to spend a weeks time in a game, its not DU as rewards just suck. I am not gone name other games that do understand these points but i just wanted to have it said. Again. Although by now i have no hope to see any of these points even to be considered by NQ. If PvP is about loot and destruction and needed on daily bases to keep players satisfied and there are no non-player ships to fullfill the same function Then there also must be a way for targets to actually build ships on a daily base to give rise to the destruction demand. When this circle of material flow is balanced and a valit part of the game there will be player contend as the players will need to build an infrastructure around this material flow. But guess what, there is no material flow. this game is build on a quanta sink with the idea that a working market in the end solves all issues. The market is not the salvation, at the start of Beta DU florished as both individually as group based you could really make progress, me and my friends build enourmous bases, ships intrastructures, teritorial outposts anything. And it all stopped with the restrictions that came. before individuals had small industry to make small stuff but helped thier faction/alliance/conglomerance to get bigger but with killing the individuality and push players into groups most just stopped as most players are no sheep who want to follow a leader as mindless mining slaves, but somehow NQ development saw that differently, so .23 was implemented
  12. To be brutally honest. This whole building shows the failing of the project. everything players asked for, everything players commented can be said about this venture. We did not want NQ to build it, we were waiting, and waiting to be able to build it ourselves. I am sorry to say i have not touched DU for months as every new feature that is brought with joy is just nothing else as a failed promise. As long as main patch features are stability,graphical, ui and other stuff while the actual Gameplay only sees restrictions and restrictions brought as new features there is no added market value of this game to anything already out there. Even though i love to build i even have to agree with the core PvP players in this.
  13. Ooh nice idea indeed, colored glass is something it think alot of people love to see, even better translucent luminoius voxels so we can actually make glass in lead or neon lights. Would be really futuristic cool
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