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  1. Aaron Cain

    Solar Panel

    Agree on this. it would be best to have unlimited options, but that will take some development time to be able to make this happen. I would also like to see an engine that runs on this energy or energy at all. seeing our present world is already experimenting with electric planes and cars are already common as are bikes and other transportation vehicles i would think that in about 10k year that would be more common practice then impossible.
  2. Yeayyy Congratulations to All members, Sponsors, Followers and anyone else that now does a dance in the office like me! Party time!!
  3. Aaron Cain

    Hello :)

    Have fun!!!!!! Anything special you have as end goal in DU?
  4. There is a possibility they have a clear voting system that takes the voices of all members into account, i know we have that in CATS and i would think others would too. But that sort of information is not known to the whole community and takes a readup on statutes for all these organizations comprised of more than one Doing a nice Job Wilks on first sight, i hope we will meet often in peace to make DU a good place to be! Greetz Aaron
  5. Aaron Cain

    QuantumKitty is not a bot

    Hello Kitty!!!! Damn i fell for it ><
  6. Aaron Cain

    Merging Constructs.

    If i recall correctly there was a q&A session with NQ where merging and aligning was discussed as a posibility after release but i cannot find it back. It should be possible in my opinion to merge and release dynamic structures and to align them, not to build the Enterprise but even simple things like freighters with "containers" or escape pods build into a ship that are actually small crafts merged to a large one, things like that.
  7. Aaron Cain

    Hello :)

    I'm wearing green, am i safe to meet you? Welcome!!!!!!
  8. Aaron Cain

    Hello from the land of maple and bacon

    Bacon!!!!! Sorry after that i lost the rest of your message Bacon!!!!!!! Welcome, add more Bacon!!
  9. Aaron Cain

    The Outfit is Now Recruiting

    lets get the Awesome sauce!!! Welcome!!
  10. Aaron Cain

    Need for more Voxel Brush shapes, and options.

    Agree on all points, having shapes like these would make a huge difference in designing. Great design art @supermega!
  11. Aaron Cain

    Kala's real I swear it.

    Oooh nice goals, there will probably be enough to do
  12. Aaron Cain

    Bringing philosophy into DU

    think you got a point in your first lines AL, it took me about 35 years to finally find who i really am, not who others want me to be, who society wants me to be, even who my family, wife and kids want me to be but who i am without thinking about who i want to be. And that is a deep reflective vision and a painful process in general. We are almost never who we want to be nor even close to that. But we can strive to be the best ourselves and in that remain true to ourselves and in harmony with ones mind. The point in the end is to embrace life in the fullest and live to be alive in stead of being alive to live, energy conversions, soul re-balancing, clean mirrors. All starts with two simple things and one harder thing for some, 1 allowing others to freely be who they are, even though some are regular assholes, 2 keep communications open, 3 say Sorry even if you are right. Even if you are right, if the other person was hurt you can say your sorry for hurting them without pulling your words back as words and feelings are not the same and sometimes words hurt as not everyone can stand hearing the truth about themselves or the world. Peace my friends and Harmony and balance
  13. C.A.T.S, a community of organizations joining together to explore, build and learn among the stars. Good day Dual Universe community, it is my honour to officially announce the results of the First Election in the Founders Chamber by consensus of the Confederation of Allied Territorial Sovereignties Coordinator. CATS is an association, community or society of sovereign and neutral organizations of all kind in Dual Universe. We friendly work and share together to ensure that organizations within CATS can accomplish their goals within Dual Universe, working together in projects pushing the scope of what is possible within Dual Universe. According to the Confederation Charter of CATS (CCC), the Founders Chamber elected new Coordinator by consensus. The Founders Chamber is meant to assure that the CCC is applied and the organization is accomplishing its original purposes. The Coordinator function is to preside, coordinate, oversee and take care of the meetings, processes and dynamics of the organization, according to the CCC. It was an exciting election, and in the end there was a 100% turn up resulting in a new Coordinator. Hereby it is my honour to inform you that the 2019 Coordinator Election was won by Aaron Cain, who will fulfill this position till the next term. Additional communication and a speech will follow closely. C.A.T.S CONFEDERATION OF ALLIED TERRITORIAL SOVEREIGNTIES Working Together for the Benefit of All
  14. Aaron Cain

    Bringing philosophy into DU

    "Stoicism teaches that to live a good life, you must accept what is not in your control and strive to live virtuously regardless of external circumstances or events." Live Life, die another day Good luck and if you indeed make a discord please let me know and i will be there. Also if you are interested in building a Philisophical District i want to build a space City and i would love to have that in the City, a place of reflection.
  15. Aaron Cain

    Realistic incentives for City building

    Indeed, What i do believe and i might be very wrong is that we need to rethink the whole city idea as being ground based. With the possibility of an ever growing universe with organizations spreading far and wide the game might need moving cities in stead of solid cities on a planet that might be fully out of the loop after a few months/years. adding all these facilities to such a moving city might be a good incentive to join. Just my vision.