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  1. I think its that you say you do one thing but in the end do something completely different for profit and even though its a bad ripoff of the intended idea you sell it as improved and ask twice the money for it. That seems to be the metaverse
  2. Yeah we catch it and as this post is from august, dont worryabout the vacation, maybe this is adressed in January. 2040
  3. You Won!!!! NQ does not listen to anyone on the forum since........ uhm, yeah!!! you won!!!!!!
  4. To the OP, Good Points!!!!! Nice post. keep it up! Nothing to add
  5. That would be a joke if your banned for being negative, Ingame people literally exloided for billions, then schemed the schematics with [censored] knowledge so they made even more billions. Then added that on goldsellerpages. And none of those were banned, you can however be banned if you expose goldsellers or even mention them
  6. If DU is put in seperate servers, just kill it. The only thing DU has over games like SE is the single server and no wipes, introduce one of the two as generic feature and DU is dead. Ingame building and tech is nice but with the lag and time it takes to grow it would lose to other games as SE that has No monthly cost and where you can be in full PVP on day one
  7. sorry to say but logging all alts per day and unlogging in 1 minute makes me more quanta then the mining units.
  8. The ore feature is canned, we dont know what feature is next to reduce lag, industry? Flight? Trees? water?
  9. Or better yet, remove them complete and bring mining back, maybe add mining elements that can be added to ships and just accept the holes in the planets as people will start drilling them anyway. for the list, nice list with good ideas.!!!
  10. They should have never called this phase a beta with so many game changing alterations, features getting canned, features we would nevernevernever get getting installed, stuff like that. Its still alpha in everything but the name. Release it now and you will get what you can expect, total cancellation within a year, bankruptcy of a company. On a good point, it was always said that on release backers could get their money back when delivery of game was not what they hoped it would be.
  11. So in short, Make DU into single shard Space engineers without mods and with much more limitations? Limitations has always been the top part of any patchnote since alpha, this will not change apparently.
  12. The cap is 299 792 458 m / s and based on light speed so that cap is here to stay.
  13. I might have missed something lately in development but DU was on track to indeed push out alot of other games but well, some very logical moves, to the developers, later we have crash landed with the remains of post apocalypic 0.23
  14. you forgot all the exploiders who were left unharmed even after goldseller evidence was reported
  15. Mining outcome is much too low, picking up rocks is much more efficient but kills the urge to play. An expected NQ induced incentive on using the MU with callibration will probably be to stop people from being able to grab surface rocks, I would urge to reconcider as this will really kill off any starter or casual player. To be honest ores per tile are about a factor 10 to 100 to low per hr to make DU pass a year into existence, let alone grow in player numbers, nobody can PvP Or PvE on current materials per day. The only reason people still play is for their ore reserves, give it a month or two and those are gone and we are at breaking point.
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