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  1. Good points @willolake not much to add, i would like to add that i think that logging from a cockpit or chair or bank or anyform of seated position should also keep you alive for the time the lifesupportsystems (if we get any) are working. This to give more room to people for logging. If i want to visit a friends place but i dont have the possibility to use a cryo there i should be able to stay alive.
  2. when is it stealing and when is it relocation of materials
  3. well it was an example for finite currency. if there is only a finite amount it has to come from somewhere
  4. If tutoring is needed on life, the universe and everything i can provide it under the strict notion that anything will be related to 42. Feel free to ask
  5. Good point Fenrave. I do understand the points in the discussions here and most are valit. creating a monitary system with no cash drains and npc to add cash through quests, or mobs who drop it through death is a complex system that could probably be solved by a few creative implementations. Problem in that is that quanta is a term from the arc, so even if you would find an ancient lootbox containing treasure, it would not contain quantas if the game is true to its lore. Technically only old human settlements and old arc ships could hold lootable quantas, with regard to lore
  6. Lets make this a technical thing. DU start has 100% quantas with 50k players and there will never be more so every player has about 0,002% with time there are some people or organizations that do this math with me and the sell everything they can and within no time to get about to have 10% of the quanta in an organization of about 10 people, leaving 90% for the rest. But what happens, DU grows in no time to 1000k players, so now 90% is devided over a million, 0.00009% per player. Now the "quanta"org does not use their cash as they envision power as the amount of quanta you have and depriving others of it grows their power and within time they even get 40% of the quanta by just grinding mining and industry, providing only the most expensive stuff. Now we have a single small organization with almost half the quanta and no intention to ever use it and a population of about a million with all only 0.00006% of all quanta. Now lets presume we all get 5k to start with. -> 250.000.000 in the end the organization holds 100.000.000 and all the other people in DU are left with 150 Quanta per person. Mind you, the organizations planning this are already build and working on this principle, best response would now be "No, that will not happen"
  7. Good luck! First try convincing NQ to delete the force respawn if they add it to the game and then explain to them why a lot of people will cancel their Sub but that it doesn't matter and if they still do it I will be back for the discussion Actually building a prison or a trap to hold people against their will in a game, is that not also a form of grieving?
  8. If you make it a Hunt where the prey gets dropped on a stage with only a knife or something, I am interested to be the prey. Although i feel prey should have the right to defend and kill So count me in!
  9. Hiiii, looking forward to letting you explode ;) Welcome to DU and the forums, lets make fun
  10. Yes, Take my money
  11. Welcome!!!!! good to have you with us
  12. Really good points, I had a nice cruiser design that is practically done but i was missing something. you made me think about it again and it helped to find the solution. What is normally done on large ships is either a bridge in front or at the back on elevated placement but most people forget that with these bridges one cannot see what happens below the ship and thus half the ship is fully approachable without detection
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