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  1. I dont get the 100k since day one beta. NQ knows about this, even responded in discord they know about this issue. It was a strange issue and they needed to take a closer look. Now about 1 Month into Beta. No fix, not a single response, not a single quanta. Well, for all my tickets i didn't get a single response. Not only this one so i think they just stopped looking at those somewhere halfway beta. Probably this forum and the bug report site are not looked after since they are looking at discord all day as anything pinged directly to staff there is immediately looked into but bug reports lay dormant for months.
  2. So many text walls about PvP against Non PvP again. With regard to other games i have played that had about the same promotion about PvP or PvE fights, DU is very player friendly and not so much PvP as some are telling us. I have not seen a single second of PvP yet as for other games, i log in and after 2 minutes I am already attacked at least once. Be happy this game has a Pay wall that at least stops the No-money-kill-them-all people who only drop in games to wreck havoc. DU is giving everyone the same chances and one of them is to avoid PvP completely. Or to indulge yourself in it full headed
  3. Well, apparently we will see the answer to this question on earth in not too long. Lets start with anarchy?
  4. Hey samen, ik zit vet over de org limit heen maar als jullie hulp nodig hebben roep maar, zelf geef ik lead aan CATS Tranquility en C.A.T.S in het algemeen. Succes!
  5. Thats the whole point of this topic....It isnt a good one and it brings in drama that is unneeded. the previous PvP discussions always ended in popcorn and big drama, people fighting and changing nothing. This is no different about the points i named, yeah they were. But That discussion is run before, not feeling like doing it again. NQ owns the game and they can do whatever they want with it, they are not obliged to listen to anyone and any discussion that is not structural and friendly will lead to nothing but drama. Even when they redraw any aspects of the game, it is their call. we can follow , or leave.
  6. Have to agree with you here, and building civilization isnt done overnight. If we all manage that in 6 months i think we should be proud people. And indeed Security Is everything, nobody leaves their doors open at night, so why would you in an open world. And it is relative easy to actually get organized but unless the need is seen it wont happen in large numbers.
  7. Sorry, but they already went back on their promise, there would be no restrictions on builds and then they added that industry was on static alone to do something something with PvP, remember? They also said bases and structures would be as big as we could imagine, apparently we are all limited imaginative to a Large core, or maybe abit larger but not like what they sold in the beginning. You could be part of infinite organizations, that is reduced to what is it, 5? there would Not be auto mining, now look at the starting screen. So what garantees exactly free and open world player driven PvP? Hope not anything already described in my other lines
  8. No problem with PvP, and no problem with extending the zones, but to implement PvP as a sink hole is just not the way to go. If we need something its a nice reason to actually have an economy or loads of materials and frankly, any PvP will only get better If there is an abundance of materials. Having everyone cheap ass on their materials as there aint much or the risk to loose them is to high will not help to get nice worthy PvP. Good mats, good industry, good production, perfect ships and nice holes. No sinkholes, a game needing sinkholes to draw something out is badly organized and designed.
  9. There only is a sink if you want it. There are alot of people who are totally not interested in PvP or agression. People who build community or anything at all. The idea they should be pushed in PvP is a fast way to just get them to leave. If you really want a sink, add energy and make something a source to actually burn for that energy, not this fuel but something meaningfull. Calling the need for destruction something A game needs is strange, It is very true that destruction does more on a world scale in economics then general peacefull trade, indeed it totally destroys regular trade. The same we will have here, the more PvP we will have the less ecoomy by markets we will see. Who in their bright mind will be so stupid to move goods to a market through PvP open terain when they can just use discord to trade stuff and fly directly to the spot? Who will build a large base or city or market when it can be bombed because someone needs a resource sink? Why would here be a need anyway? At the moment i am building 2 bases with massive material needs, i already used about 30k m3 voxel material, somewhere around 300 large windows and about 20 Large containers, dont forget the lights, elevators, doors, All mined and taken from the ground, placed on sanctuary so nobody can destroy t and still by pulling this out of the system its a virtual resource sink. Does this help the economy? Hell no, i had to mine it all myself as the daily quanta is broken for me since day 1. Was I at any risk? Nope, not a single second. Did i need PvP to get my stuff? Not really and due to network issues, inventory errors and other bugs i probably lost the same amount of materials as that i used. So why is more PvP needed for economy? Maybe, just maybe, less bugs, less lag, a safe entry to markets, an abundance to materials, and actual stuff on the markets that people need might help will help get a decent economy.
  10. Because it aint, and nobody is apparently building ships for pure PvP to get them destroyed. As i read this i think the aim is not to have more PvP but to have more targets for free stuff. DU is not a PvP game, it is a game and has PvP. DU also does not bring content, It Is Content and the people need to make the story. Well, i was not planning to put C.A.T.S. AcE into action already but now i think I will have to. For defense of our partners we build fighters for pure PvP with the sole aim to kill these people who are just waiting for an easy kill. So if your looking to help and defend and are not too lazy to only go for free ships provided but actually work to build your ship, join ushttps://discord.gg/uJXeJ7q . I do however share the motion that in beta we already need to have all zones as we will have them after reall launch, And not have them changet at day 1 after launch.
  11. Well, since you can use the shuttle to travel to alioth from sanctuary there is always a way to get past the PvP. and with the current system the ingame economy is pointless already for most players, increasing the chance to get destroyed in space does not help the economy, it will help creativity to bypass the threat. Almost every individual, not even org but individual has a personal factory, ores are relative easy to get especially the T1. Only time is an issue.
  12. When a game makes windows go into full restart i know something is wrong. when it kills discord, all internet browsers something is wrong. when it kills the TP-link and the wifi-connection, something is wrong. I have No idea what they are doing at the moment to correct something But the whole pre-launch, no issue. almost the whole alpha, no issue. Last week, issue every 15 seconds and slowly DU is killing all my other programs including windows.
  13. I start seeing crashing when you get to close to Any market as a feature and the world is so much brighter
  14. You mean if it works. Sadly the rights fail to activate a lot and tickeds do not help. Specially when you deploy organizational cores it can get messy
  15. Maybe rename topic to every district-market-placewith more then 5 constructs and people Crash. This morning i already crashed I dont know how many times by trying to teleport from one district to another. Game does a full closure, not even the error or crash screen pops up.
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