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  1. same as democracy and freedom, also not the same As this is a way to get a point made i think you are doing a good job, point is made And reading most parts of NQ about DU it even seems your organizational purpose is legit, which probably is the reason of concern for a bunch of people.
  2. True, but you will need a sub and not pay for the game
  3. And if i recall correct, the intention for NQ is to have the game free after release so technically you do not have to be a suporter to be a player in the end. Still you do have a point, false accounts should be investigated if it becomes overly clear. And players who choose the largest organizations just because they are large are in general faction/guild/org hoppers and small specified orgs are better of without hoppers so they can build and invest in their brilliant ideas.
  4. I would not mind seeing aesthetic accessories and bots in a shop outside the game world. I would also like to add the possibility to see your char outside the gamesetting, like you can in aion and FF14. A possibility to see your character and progress in your profile, maybe even add open or completed duties and achievements.
  5. So yes, there is progress, what this progress is i cannot disclose here but lets say we will have a fully functional flying city when DU releases. This city will have a full defense force and working industry. It will have residential areal on moons and planets and a staff that is active 24/7. It will also have a vast network with other organizations and locations in DU and everything that is needed to have a good start in DU. Just remember that the city is there for the people, by the people. So i may function as spokesperson and target but i am not the city, just a part in it. The city is at the moment 65 active members and about 55 active organizations that support it including 3 vast alliances, 5 defense organizations, 2 mercenary groups and many trade and NAP treaties. All for the people by the people.
  6. nope a fancy way of saying nothing that is NDA But in other similar games the city already exists and in DU there is progress, but i can only tell about the outside progress
  7. Hiii all, well the progression on the city is mainly diplomatic and in design of the city and ground resorts. we will only start to build it after release. I think we will have room for the temple as we are planning to have facilities for our sport partners this is one of the activities we can see as such
  8. Indeed for a game that is subbed a freeze is unwanted. not being able to play would not hinder you to pay for a sub, and if you cannot pay that cannot be a reason for a freeze
  9. Since bumping recruitment posts is apparently the thing these days and white is the new black, orange the new white and red the new yellow i will hereby comply to the new bump trend, well not really. We are actively looking for people and organizations who want to live in the space mobile city every day, at the moment we have alot of different organizations that are already joining our city, apparently even large organizations outside CATS are already intersted in our organizational structure, so why should you be left out? If interested, well i will throw in a low tech link for all to see what we are upto in the city. Come join us or be a part of us, visit us, merge with us, allegiance with us, bake cookies with us, fight Tyrany and opression with us. And last but not least, respect each others and have fun where ever you are in the DUniverse https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vQDx3txUQr1Cdes6MHBKWUByZTciGaQQHVSoCyl8khXA3Ppoy_S8yMKk947NkWuMCrnmynhCTalza94/pub?start=true&loop=false&delayms=3000
  10. To refer to the 300 vs 10 people. Give me some time to build up and auto defenses and i will hold against 300, heck you can even trow in 1000 and i will hold. The strategic options we probably have in DU will be good enough to hold against large groups Unless the come far better armored and weaponized. But then again, are they willing to take the loss on materials.
  11. Good points @willolake not much to add, i would like to add that i think that logging from a cockpit or chair or bank or anyform of seated position should also keep you alive for the time the lifesupportsystems (if we get any) are working. This to give more room to people for logging. If i want to visit a friends place but i dont have the possibility to use a cryo there i should be able to stay alive.
  12. when is it stealing and when is it relocation of materials
  13. well it was an example for finite currency. if there is only a finite amount it has to come from somewhere
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