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  1. Leave an org as founding member

    No legate must leave themselves
  2. Leave an org as founding member

    all members must be gone first
  3. The Inter-neutral Assembly https://discord.gg/qRnDGmJ https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/inter-neutral-assembly Unite to the third force in DU: Join the INA The Inter-neutral Assembly (INA) is a common place and assembly for leaders of neutral organizations (each member, one vote), providing the proper, equalty and friendly enviroment to meet and colaborate together for common goals. Any type of neutral organization can become member through its leader, once he/she signs the Convention of Neutrality and Mutual Improvement (CONAMI), which is also the foundation charter of the INA. The INA has a clear vocation to promote, ease and coordinate actions, ideas and initiatives for the common goal of improvement, growing and development, in all areas (diplomatic, trading, industrial, building, tech, military, media, etc) between affine people. Belonging to the INA not implies administrative tasks or burden of any kind on the part of the members (leaders), being that INA has its own staff (its founders) to attend the server and keep the community page functional and updated. Thus, all members can come directly to the INA when they have any relevant affair to deal or any topic to propose or vote. So, if you run a neutral organization, you're very welcome to join us and, together, be that fresh, strong and healthy third force that we actually are, in Dual Universe. CONAMI Convention of Neutrality and Mutual Improvement We, the leaders of our respective organizations, freely declare and sign that: 1. An organization is neutral, in terms of this Convention, if it doesn't support (4) or belong to any belligerent, aggressive, invasive or abusive organization, which arbitrarily use force as a mean to accomplish its objectives, satisfy its own interests or impose its will upon others organizations or individuals, and if 2. Such a neutral organization only attacks in self-defense, for security reasons and as an ultimate means, to protect its members, properties and goods, or also to protect its partners (and his properties and goods) when those are attacked. 3. A neutral organization uses fair and clean negotiation to deal any dispute or conflict of interest with another organization, solving them peacefully through diplomacy, according to goodwill, equality and integral respect towards all concerned parties. 4. When an organization, through its members or policies, assists, facilitates, collaborates or let violent, abusive or aggressive actions or measures from non neutral organizations against neutral organizations, automatically ceases to be neutral in terms of this Convention. 5. All organizations signing this Convention declare themselves as neutral in these terms and enter in the Inter-neutral Assembly (INA) as members through its leaders, manifesting aswell the common goal of peaceful, harmonious, respectful and mutual development, growing and improvement. Thus they will remain this way as long as they fairly meet the content of this Convention of Neutrality and Mutual Improvement, published by and kept under the custody of INA. 6. The INA is a common place and assembly for leaders of neutral organizations (each member, one vote), providing the proper, equally and friendly environment to meet and collaborate together for common goals. The content of this Convention can be updated trough the INA, with the majority of votes from the members gathered in assembly. Signatures (this list will be updated in regular intervals): - Aion - The Foundation of the Ancestral Flame - The City Tranquility - Tabula Rasa - Sovereignty Integral of Tilo - Non Dual Universe - Ace Tech
  4. They will come Feel free to join!
  5. I'm real!

    Hiii, at tranquility we need real people if your interested, https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/tranquility#tab-description
  6. [FR][EN][日本] Suneiku

    Hi, if your interested i can also offer you a place in Tranquility, there you are free to farm everywhere, even in outer space. Feel free to look around at https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/tranquility#tab-description and contact me, being in Tranquility, a neutral org, does not limit you in joining other orgs. Cya around and good luck!! AC
  7. With new partnerships, non agression treaties and commercial deals we are on track with Tranquility. The future looks bright, Tranquility will fly. If you are interested in any of our businesses or want to know what we can offer, please let us know
  8. Why should they be expensive and ineffective? They should be a good choice, maybe less effective compared to manual but not too much, and they should be normally in cost, not overly costly. There is no reason too. I rather see a limit to range then an extra high cost, or make it in multiple lvls, like a mark 2, 3 etc that come in higher costs and with more power. Give the player a choice in what he/she needs and wants.
  9. Curves like these

    With curves like these you learn to live againWith curves like these you give and give againWith curves like these you learn to love againWith curves like these time and time again
  10. AAAAnd when in lets say 30 orgs, you get a full screen of little org post-its, Maybe it wont work perfectly, but good idea. I think it should be own choise to show, and to see. Because this will add to lag
  11. We are happy to report the making of the first partnerships. Tranquility can always use more staff as the ship is slowly renting out rooms and hangar decks. Feel free to contact me for any information regarding Tranquility. Greetz AC
  12. Closed Due to Technical Issues

    A clean Slate. The Earth is lost, we lost her for ever. In the end it who was to blame? large corporations? individuals? All are to blame...And now we woke up on a fresh planet. Tabula Rasa, a clean slate, a fresh start. A way to do it right, All for one, one for All. We live as one, vote as one, die as one. Want to be The One? https://discord.gg/pVVjJGk
  13. Indeed, and should be possible!
  14. Robotic workforce and fatorys

    Yeah, in the end thats the breaker, cheapness of materials. When materials are to costly in time or cash it will interfere with building and production and so on. And in the end the game must flow to keep players in.