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  1. Agree on this, Best thing NQ can do is build exactly what they promote, a space civilization building game that has all the facets of civilization and noone can do it all but needs a team to get ahead. That said, any alt that is a griever will have a less hard time to get the materials probably, but then it will be possible to link it to the main character more easily. We have been thinking how to counter this and for now just shooting everyone not registered as friendly seems to be the safest option, also free materials just need to design a biiig scoop for all those shot griever ships
  2. Aaron Cain


    Welcome and Bonjour Cava? Have fun here and if you have questions feel free to ask!
  3. Aaron Cain

    I'm not a number, but a free man!

    Welcom from the City of freedom tranquility, we hope your path will bring you glory and keep you free!
  4. Aaron Cain

    Im also here now

    btw, watch out when you are around a thing called "server" dont want you to burn it too often
  5. Aaron Cain

    I have returned...

    True, and a warned person counts for two, so now there are a lot more people to hmmmmmm enlighten
  6. I agree with you, i have seen it in Empyrion and other games too often, with no system the players with the worst morale, as in none, wins. and with that the mayority of paying players leave. Because in general about 10 to 15% of players is hardcore, 50 to 70% casual, and the rest trolls, uber slackers, gold sellers. So with no proper mechanism to keep the 50 to 70% ingame, they will leave in the end and go back to "safe" games.
  7. Hmmmm a system, Find out who ganked you, look up his/her organization, add anonymous assassins on the organization leaders with the message "thank [ganking player] for this assassin attempt". Something like that? could work indeed, ty for the idea!
  8. Good discussion!! I do like the Karma part and if it would be there i would really like to be able to just build a semi auto defense grid that shouts down anyone with a negative karma. Because i will build a city in a PvP zone, namely space, so that will mean i definitely am gone need defenses against these people. The other option would be to build a database with friends and friendly orgs, but it would be a lot more friendly to all players If you could build a system on karma points. I read something about shields and about 48Hrs but that will not be there for any space base or other less mobile object in space, or will it?
  9. oooh interesting
  10. Aaron Cain

    Universal standards, and how to encourage them.

    Why not? i would guess all it would need is some form of a "merging block" A two part block each side has to have to be able to merge 2 sections together. it would by far be the most easy way to get around some problems that development of large constructs would give. just add a simple "merge" block
  11. There are several ways to go into that, there is lore, non-lore and fan fiction that is spread among the fora and the community page, then there is outpost Zebra and ofc. some older sites still semi active. Just dive in head first and start anywhere, But now you asked this, are you into roleplaying, or just a little?
  12. Aaron Cain

    Nuclear Weapons and Player Experience

    I still hope they will add nukes and I would like to see singularity bombs too Cant wait to trick-wire an empty cargo container to one on a seemingly abandoned cargo ship
  13. Oooh great. Well if we can use world voxels like this then technically you can already build that road out of rock or anything else. But then again you can also build a complete house out of world voxels with this.
  14. Aaron Cain

    I'm a real boy!

    Hiiiiiiii, good to see more real people here!!