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  1. have not flown a single mission and will not fly any soon unless the missions are players actually hiring me for something.
  2. frankly these prices are more logical then the npc prices. The problem here might not be the prices but the idiotic quanta sink, but im already arguing that for months and most shout, nothing wrong, its needed. DU does not need time or quanta sinks, everything already takes long enough
  3. Its a really sad day If NPC missions are the Only thing that keeps DU running. Just think about what you are all saying. NPC Missions are all there is that keeps DU running......Madness in an MMO Its not A MassiveMissionrunningafkwithaltsOnline. Can we rename it into DUh and have Homer Simpson as pet. Seriously, someone needs to wake up if it is true that NPC missions keep DU running.
  4. @Msoul please look ingame at light production, the Long L or square L and please give your opinion on how balanced that is with respect to an t2 L admos engine craft. Also with respect to player need vs building need. Neutral opinion would be appreciated so your the perfect person
  5. at the moment i spend a million a day for light schematics, and now you may think thats alot of lights but it is not. Once you are really trying to build stuff you will notice how broken the system is, so i should go on npc missions to get millions on afk time to get my schematics that take over 4 hrs per schematic to get and then the craft itself is relative easy. so about a day timesink to produce between 2 and 5 lights.......slightly exaggerated?
  6. uhm begin november i think we get them
  7. Lol and we are right back where we were except for the casual players, they are F-cked
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