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  1. Aaron Cain

    Repercussions for players that want to respawn

    I would go for a simples solution, you respawn with nothing you had on you, so tools and inventory are lost. Only had a gun, then you lost that. full inventory with loots? lost that, etcetc. i do think the difference with some other games should be that any dropped loot is there forever so no magical deletion after 30 minutes.
  2. Aaron Cain

    Hey there fellow freezerinos!

    Hiiii, Welcome!! And hope to see you around tranquility, we do have an aussy timezone team sooo we should be very active all day
  3. Aaron Cain

    7o - please approve

    Hmmmmmmm Welcome Minion of Mass Destruction!
  4. Aaron Cain

    My name is Ben

  5. Aaron Cain


    If you ever need a cave, contact me Welcome!!!!!!
  6. due to NDA i cant say to much but ill copy paste a location when i am home in a correct channel
  7. Aaron Cain


    Welcome real person, and i saw you are planning a real organization, any info on it? Else PM me
  8. Aaron Cain

    Shockeray's Dual Universe Community Map 1.1.x

    Indeed, this is very interesting, any way we can zoom it or view it?
  9. Good song!!! Good Organizational Hymn maybe Hmmmmm Respect!!! TaxetTia, if you ever are short on an organization to join, look at Tranquility too, we could use people with loads of life experience as we want to be a beakon in DU for hope, friendship and wisdom.
  10. I remember when my pet Dinosaur got lost in the Mall while we sheltered there from a meteor impact
  11. Aaron Cain

    hi hows everyone

    hiiiiiiii, doing great, good to see you here Welcome to the DU-niverse!
  12. Aaron Cain

    Hello, I'm real!

    Hiii cakey, If you also love building beach resorts in DU you might like to come visit Tranquility besides a space city we also build beach resorts for the people who get space sick and as ports to moons and planets Nice to see you here, have fun!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Aaron Cain

    Hey everyone

    Well, it will be a massive ship, really massive but we will also have a lot of outposts on planets and moons. Think of us as a combination of Babilon-5, Battlestar-Galactica and Stargate Destiny, combine those 3 add a sniff of deepspace 9 and voyager and you have Tranquility We are only a little ambitious, a little
  14. Aaron Cain

    Hey everyone

    And everyone is welcome to join and stay fully independant, our residents have full freedom to be who they want to be, so traders like you are very welcome!!!!!