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  1. Also have those and a lot more since the new and improved visuals.
  2. yep, so the reason we dont get them probably still is performance, best to just fix that. and indeed @DrDerpthere are things needed sooner, but if we only get updates to systems or opening quests then they can add the cores too.
  3. Yep true, but thats why some of us play games like DU, just to DU it. My initial plan was even bigger then the 1 km vessel and at that point it was realistic with the DU predictions at that time. After a few sets of limitations a citysize ship is less usefull and the idea of having a dynamic city is less likely to occur but still im planning to build it. Why? just because, Its the same as why people raid FF14 or Aion every day till 3 there is no real gain, But why not. Setting realistic targets is for game development, for the players its just Go wild, go wilder and Yes please fail miserably,
  4. Nah, there is no struggle, at the moment i have the ship already build in SE at about 2 km and indeed, there might be no need for it but if we plan a mmo of DU then building all these (for majority of ships) soloplayer ships, and yes a large core ship can still be solo played, will never get us to the mater of collaboration needed. And i do agree with a lot of your points, but i believe that thinking small (in core sizes) will never get us there. nothing wrong with small ships but startrek and starwars would never be this big if they only flew shuttles. SE is a good example, smallgrit ships ar
  5. well, all the reasons thought about why xl cores are a pain will delay them even longer. There is a simple reason people want them, that is because they were already mentioned in the kickstarter program, Build a space station the size of a moon, build large cities, etc etc. We just need those cores to start building those mega structures we will need to finally get to space permanently and to prepare for travel among the stars. most ships here are over 600 meters, so 600 is the bare minimum for "larger cores" and untill we can really merge larger cores together into a single shi
  6. @Pleione well I am still looking for people to build the first dynamic space city so your always free to help. Just need the promised dynamic cores that were going to be over a km.
  7. yes delete them or make it possible to get them through research. And do know that this whole question is meaningless if you dont have over 5000 answers
  8. Also, who requested energy, dont recall any of the people i know who requested that, they requested larger cores, limetless lua, better flight mechanism, more usefull PvP, translucent and transparent voxels, livstock, personal markets, stopping lag, recurring ore, deletion of schematics, and i can go on but never energy management.
  9. If they show about 50% pending at mining and lag whenever they fly over a ship or crash at every market, Then they will get my credit if they actually are mining for over 50% they get my respect as that is the main stuff almost everyone does.. Only if they show the reality of DU, if it is just a fairy tale i choose to not even bother to look beyond the first 30 seconds. Just like @le_souriceau writes, the only chance for DU is in it's creators hands. Do brilliant and it will flourish, another 0.23 and it will surely die.
  10. agree on this. Schematics were introduced to destroy a blooming industry to keep the economy alive. Result, indystry is semi destroyed, economy is still fucked up and DU is crippled and on the verge of death. Mission failed, but still schematics stay in. probably because if they are removed now the failure is complete and egos destroyed
  11. players and humans are in nature lazy. any form of economy that has a time factor in it to get to markets or selling points with travel times over 15 minutes will fail, humans are the I want it and i want it now species and Only stuff that a human cannot make or get easy themselves will follow the "i can wait for it" route. Ingame this is the same. I dont feel like presenting a solution as whatever we say in the fora is never taken into account. transport, instant
  12. reading this forum and all the announcements costs to much energy, sorry to say but if a corona vaccine can be developed, clinically tested, checked and approved by the FDA, mass produced and shipped all over the world within 1 year then taking from 2016 till now to reach the point where updates are filling most part of the roadmap is kinda, well, lets stop reading again
  13. What all these roadmaps have in common is that they never reach the end, most is never executed and half the stuff that is on them nobody who plays cares about. Its troubling to see that every year further away from the 2016 kickstarter results in less content resembling the kickstarter and more stuff to make clear we are not going to see a release coming years. Honestly, talking about upgrades and revamps and replacing the intro story while more then half of the stuff that is said to be in DU at kickstarter is not even close to implementation. btw, was 0.23 (the killer patch) l
  14. xxl dynamic cores for over 6km or proper core-merging possibilities. Second would be to un-limit industry so it can be placed in a ship
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