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  1. Since exploiders are not banned even after putting stuff online for cash, see the schematics sceme, i would be very surpriced if nq acts on this. If they do it just shows there is indeed class justice, and some are more then others.
  2. Get rid of schematics and fix all broken things first. Then deliver as promised and thus pvp as described in the original roasmap. That ahould fix most.
  3. @Comrademoco you will be missed! District 3 salutes you!
  4. Well graxxor is right, its also a brilliant post, nothing to add. If 0.23 is the stuff we are getting from now there must be some reason the conpany wants to go bankrupt
  5. Interesting way of looking to it, and refreshing i still wished they added some form of research as alternative to quanta to get Schematics. sort of research station where you add, for example components and schematics to produce this or that roll out, combinations of schematics that produce a new schematic. there is real Fun in being able to do research. Thsi could also enable exotic schematics like even larger cores or faster ship engines, just make the research implementation fluid and there are so many possibilities, if anyone @NQ-Admin likes to discuss the research for talents option i am very open for it.
  6. patch 0.23, and schematics exploid is the sowing. Every corporation or government throws with thansparency in the start but after the first comment transparency usually stops. So now to dig into the love/hate thing some here think exists. It does not. What is alpha, what is beta and what is expected of the people who participate: Both are testphases for the game and parts of it that are under development, player/tester is expected to write tickits for bugs, exploids, things that dont work. Also we are invited to give an opinion on the game and what we think can make it better. No developer will get better with comments that only tell them oooh your so good, your perfect, game is perfect. nope it is the intention of alpha and beta to comment about not working stuff and how things are disfunctional. Apparently this is accepted when it comes to PVP but not when it comes to not listening to ideas, not acting on rules, comments on exploids and not fixing, comments on found errors in databases, comments on additions. But then there is no reason for alpha or beta At all, its just a release but we dont feel ready to name it like that because its only finished for about 30%. When people place comments in general, feedback what it actually is, there can be 3 reactions, thank you i will look into it, No your wrong its like .......but thanks for the feedback, uhmmignoreignoreignore First two are perfectly acceptable by anyone who writes comments/feebdack a lot. And lets ignore what happens when something is ignored, you can read that all over the forum in other posts. So what have we seen in the past about ideas? we had a nice system where ideas were looked into and rated, yes/no/notyet/maybe someday. But that system is gone i think, Something happend during development where someone decided that That system had to go and reactions to ideas should just stop. Next thing we had was pushed upgrades for incentives to push players in corners they did not want to be pushed into, but frankly the only thing that has been introduced that actually made an impact in the game was markets, longlong ago and industry, also longlong ago. After that nothing new was implemented, and no PVP is not implemented as what we have now can by far not be called PvP so lets say weapons and defense is implemented. Then we had momentarely a list on the internet where you could vote for implementations but that list was missused within a week and scrapped probably. So then what are the introductions and what are the incentives and what adds more to the overal game appreciation. Implementation: Cores Ore Flight Markets Industry Weapons & Defense Incentive: differentiation of cores (if you dont do this someone can just fly their base to a new planet if they want too) not all ores on all planets (why would you fly to another planet if you dont have to) Bots (Else nobody would sell their ores on the market ) different engines (freight/regular) (uhmmmm) Daily quanta (help the market economy and get people to trade) Talent points (people should specialize, we dont want 99% miners) Industry Only on static cores (else people just fly away with their industry to another planet, planetary warfare is then void......well just packup your uindustry and ship it as BP) schematics (Industry was so popular everyone was doing it. That was not intended only some should do it so lets make it uninteresting for the majority) Best would be to just get rid of most of the incentives and make some more realistic, like ores should be on all planets But the composition of these ores should be different, traces of some abundance of others. Talent points, nice idea but does everything need to be a talent, i need a talent to puch a button to make glass. But another talent to make it efficiently. and another to make the machine using less ores. Feel free to add to the list
  7. The sceme is much bigger then warp schematics, a short round through the market schematics show that someone near district 6/7 is selling thousands of schematics of all kinds. Most are the to be expected heavy needed ones but also for the componets and other stuff. Loads and Loads of them. Rule 1: Just an error, dont worry, this will not break the market/economict/pvp/civilization/fill in whatever you like as we pronounce it has no influense. Rule 2: You found an area where it does influence? Do not worry, in those areas Rule one applies. For our answer to any and all questions and comments see rule 3 Rule 3:
  8. I still fail to see where adding this and not action on exploids actually helps the game? Please enforce not only this kind of things but also the rules you made yourself and people actually breach.
  9. Its a game killer. I expect it to be implemented very soon.
  10. i never got the DU check, make a tickit and expect the fixed date to be: never. Im waiting since day one beta with more then a few tickets on it. Maybe i should see every day as an individual bug and report it every day. Found a new purpose
  11. Probably the database is disfunctional what would also make sense in the case that i do not get quanta dailies and why expoliters cannot be touched or their assets.
  12. good to see some news back. We need it!! Is there room to place DUkea adds? People might need a Borgy Bookshelf
  13. Is the recruit a friend ever going to be fixed, and why is it not possible to add time in retrospect to when it is fixed. at this point we cannot even create a recruiter code so all info is lost and friends and referred people cannot get the stuff they are intitled too. Soon Tm?
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