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  1. So in short, everyone who promoted DU to their friends is fucked if they want to join the program
  2. Again my question, i asked my friends to join the first time you said this program was coming so How can i still get rewards for them joining?
  3. Thank you for the clear answer to my Question, it is much appreciated. Greetings Aaron
  4. Yeah its a good thing those tanks Still cannot be linked so we only need to fuel one "tank entity"
  5. You nailed it. While NQ is hammering Pvp into shape they totally forgot one of the first groups to embrace DU, roleplayers and casual PvE players, combine that with absolutely no reason to actually center players since the markets are all NQ dominated and small shops is not a thing. Add 0.23 to it what limits the local placements of small businesses and the long overdue addition of actual elements that make living in DU itself a feast including possible farming, extra plants, stuff to actually do In a housing besides be bored. Cities are doomed to never happen in large scale. Add lag to that and its end of line. But this actually is also a threath to the sustainability of DU, all large popular mmo have social centers where loads of players gather for festivals or social contacts places to visit while your logged in and just want to wander around. without any reason to be somewhere or any reason to build it DU will more and more become an individualistic game where you meet the same 2/3 people every day. Making it possible and giving incent to building a fun thriving city with shops, industry, restaurants, bars, adventure centers, repair bays, and everything else should be a priority but as we see the current road all paths lead to PvP and individualisation. Pri-0.23 we saw the birth of some cities and some locations where loads of people worked together to build large factory and storage units so individuals could startup their own stuff as reward for helping the orgs but most of those locations lay dead since 0.23. Adding schematics might have been what NQ saw was needed to do....something... but as it killed the smaller industizations and some of the larger the aftermath (scemes etc) did more on the bases of trust and stopped some nice developments in city building halfway. At the moment DU is being developed Top down, "yeah give us endgame!!!!!!!" but nothing efficient is added to support that and the apparent "endgame" is PvP only it seems and thus all other professions are treated in development of DU like shit. Thus end the need of cities as city development needs loads of diferent occupation and large masses of elements, materials, and lore elements to actually build a pleasing to the eye city that actually has a role in DU. There was a point in development where cities were on the brink of reaching out, apparently that was unwanted and remediation took care of it.
  6. yep, this issue was more active during alpha and occured when you glitched Under surface
  7. Well, some of us are proposing alot of possibilities for years already but well, nothing changes on new years day, or in DU for all that matters. So at this moment the L core is largest. There is no merging or anything else to make the ship larger. Its not like space engineers where i have a 2 km ship performing perfectly, in Du you have to do with the largest core available and although there are larger cores developend they took them out of DU long time ago and we remain with this little L core that is barely large enough to build an imperial shuttle. On the other hand, the initial idea that loads of people would be needed or would find it fun to fly a single ship was proven unsuccesfull and thus all larger ships apparently are flying solo or only with a small crew.
  8. Well since i invited my friends 2 years ago i guess i will never see any reward?
  9. @joaocordeiro Agree on this. The way NQ acts on exploids is totally random, one almost suspects that it is actually based on who was cought with the exploit. Nice example remains the schematics exploit. Also it is funny to read the forum and discord and actuall people calling out using exploids and making billions with them or killing other players and as expected the following seconds What happens is>>>>>>>>> Nothing at all, except people who comment on it and do not exploit are named haters/losers/etcetc. it doesnt matter how good a game is, action irregular or prefering some players over others, GM that use position for "friends" all these things in the end can kill Any game
  10. DU used to be a 6 pillar based game, why did you make PvP a priority and kill most of the other pillars, or will you add content of an equivalent force to the other 5 pillars soon? At the moment some pillars are very poorly accessed.
  11. It is plain BS that an exploit is only acted on after reported And been active in pvp.... well this typically says, please use the exploit for everything you can think of exept pvp. So how usefull is element stacking in those missions where people told they put 20 alts on a ship?
  12. Same here, no clue how to do it. Not interested either but i do not want NQ to randomly delete my ship becasue the cargo hub overlaps a little bit Also why is the exploid tolerated untill the ship was in pvp? that is the stranges way of talking it right i have seen since the schematics exploit/scam NQ did nothing about.
  13. aaaahhhhhh, so people use secondary accounts at the same time as their primary to do this............. well so now any element that is smucked is getting a shit while there is a clear rule from NQ that one player May not use two accounts at the same time. or is that scrapped aswell to make pvp more fun?
  14. What the hell is meant with element stacking? placing windows side by side and they actually overlap at the edges as you are building a triangle? placing 10 containers against eachother? placing 4 ailerons on top of each other? placing 2 landing gear beside each other? placing a break on a hover? placing an adjuster on an engine? placing an adjuster on a brake/window/cargo/etc? We need clarification
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