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  1. Nice, then give me a chainsaw and let them catch me i wont promise Not to cut them before i fall
  2. If i can stay officially neutral i can be your sacrifice
  3. Welcome Quibbly!!!!! Have a lot of fun here! Are there special things you like to DU in DU? Or like to see?
  4. Good points. Both winning and losing will have a big personal mark but there is alot to lose in DU. For me it would be a win if i can finish my goals in DU and actually help other people to play happy and have fun. Simply because if my friends are having fun, my fun doubles.
  5. Main problem on building it now is some NDA things i cannot speak about but in the end it would mean the city cannot be build in its glory the way it is intended during this alpha state. It is however already build in some other building/space games and we are still adjusting design to match it to all the ideas we get from everyone
  6. Testing has started , loads of NDA stuff i cannot tell here, but yes the whole project has started. And as in any proper and good project managent there are alot of different phases that end up in a flying city. But building a flying city does not start by just doing that. The organizational base is done, defense setup and designs are done, carrier and frigate designs are done, outpost base setup and desigens are done, logistic hub designs are done but will be upgraded to better specs as we anticipate changes in market and cargo soon. Key players are already working on actual game aspects, others are working on the contracts and diplomatic background. People are being trained, training program is almost completed. But there is still a lot of time till release and we will not build the city before DU is released. On our road map, testing and designing all kind of elements for the grand plan was planned in alpha and beta stage. Actual building will be after release, simply to keep it secret till then and to make it into an event for all the members organizations and everyone who wants to stream it after release. The only way we will build it earlier would be with a material gift from NQ, 3 specific NDA DU updates and the NDA lifted and the guarantee the ship is not wiped. Why? Because we will use the building of the ship as an event on popular request. So, yes testing has started, bases are build, taken down, build again. Fighters were build and reshaped few times. larger ships (carriear/cruisers/transport) have been build, reshaped. So there is a good deal of information to actual make this work.
  7. Nice design!!! we have some ideas but indeed building a dynamic space city will be different then any normal city, and i do love the grand entrance and open space. Our designs in another building game are more cylindrical with one great landing platform right in the middle of the cylinder. Defence will not only be static. normal static defenses will be present and a fleet of fighterships, bit like in galactica or babylon 5. Ill come back on the design is i manage to copy it here ><
  8. The first person building a popcorn stand that actually sells popcorn wins..... For me there are no winners in DU, just like in Real life, how do you win real life? You dont. the best thing you can do is achieve your goals, have fun and be happy. but still if you achieved all of that you did not win, your just a happy little critter The only 2 living entities i know who win at life are my cats............. So in that perspective, if you can play DU and live ingame like a Cat that would mean you won. My goals are simple: have fun, have more fun, and in the end have some fun.
  9. Doing great!!! Hope you love DU and welcome! See you soon ingame!
  10. With all the great questions asked and reaching the Third page on the Community board we reached a moment of celebration! With it we would like to encourage you all to ask more fun and critical questions. Progress through development, development through thoughts, thoughts through ideas, ideas through visions. Let's DU it, Let's make it happen
  11. Oooh very nice one indeed. Well we are designing flying cities since day one of the organization, (maybe i can even paste some designs later) and this discussion is one i really like to see becoming reality. We will build a ship, and depending on DU we will be able to design it and hand rights over to people and organizations to add to the ship. To build a city ship Size will be most important and we have a few "option B" ideas if DU goes a different route. The initial idea was to build a ship matrix with merged/linked cores to the ship all owned by the org but rented/given to orgs and residents to fill. That way the outer core would be our problem and the filling of it would be the org/individuals. This was not for design issues but for simple safety and security. the ship will be white due to lore, but lore also includes a sistership in black. So the outer hull, whatever it will be in the end will be indeed mandatory white and with specific structure and materials, however if an organization has a core in the middle of the city ship, they may build a pink uhm thing, maybe the rent will be based on the level of lets call it lack of beauty and coherence. With this the ship city will look as we want to from the outside. But the inside might be a mess, but then again we see it as a restoration project, bit like the large robotech ships or galactica where everyone is dumped in to escape an exploding planet. Lets hope we will get small stargates so we can even add that to the ship
  12. While reading the fora there are a few discussions that keep popping up: -Finance, how will the economy of DU flourish, or is it doomed -PvP, will the proposed PvP from the roadmap work and what are the implications of this approach -Restrictions and limitations, are the current restrictions and limitations faithfull to the kickstarter idea -RP, will roleplay actually be a thing -Cities, will they actually work or are they doomed before starting Personally i would also like to get some community news as all the old news networks are inactivated it seems and the community news always was a nice part of discussions within organizations, Are we mentioned? No thats all wrong, Why org x and not org y, Noo Boo is most peaceful, fun discussions like that. Good luck with the next season, may it be as great or even better as last! Greetz Aaron
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