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  1. Well you would expect a bug that is there for almost two years to be atleast fixed as it is kinda gamebreaking for the individual who's AGG fails due to the bug.
  2. of all the people i know that placed a STU about 5% is still active, i guess thats about the average. The rest left after the schematics mess ups
  3. since they closed the community page all diplomacy or "wars"have ended. the way this turns out its diplomatic glory days were in the past and are not expected to return soon.
  4. I can remember that once there was told "no automated Mining" Seems that changed and opened up a hole new area of abuse for those who gathered millions and millions and were never banned. if i was them i would already buy and build all TU I can find and plant them Anywhere. And then its just waiting for the units and done. All the more reason for the behavioural patern to just do nothing about exploids and some people who deliberately loop holes to be handeled correctly.
  5. Still no idea where to find these. I didnt get an email alert, its not in the forum, its maybe on the official page? discord? Facebook? No idea but i thought the idea of having email alerts was to get stuff like this so i would not have to go search everywhere. Recap, apparently i was blind and it was on the forum, but since i only open general stuff lately i never saw it.........sleepyhead Reading it all, there is nothing new and i dont have any hope from what i read. Simply said its a description of where NQ could have done better and why some mistakes were made.
  6. What Blog? frankly i cannot even find it Or can find any reference to it. But if the question is what should be done to make sure Any game has a future, stop gold sellers and the redicules thing that people reporting them here get warnings for going to get banned. All the schematics that were bought at 1% are on goldselling pages and still these persons are free to mess up DU even further. Showing No care in the equality of players and an active policy on these goldsellers makes DU into bot whalhalla. So please an update on your policy on gold sellers as it will kill the game
  7. Are the beta forum questions and remarks implemented? will you ban players who take schematics at 1%? Will you ban anyone that breaks the rules? Will all players be handled equal? Are you going to turn back the stuff implemented that drove over 70% of the active players away? Will large grids be implemented? Will mining stop being a draging grind? What are the plans on the lag issues? Will you reinstate the community page and make it possible to post there again? Need more questions?
  8. He is right, since the idea was that a space station is build not on a single large core, the idea is to add more and more cores and call it one building. Its what you get when you dont want to look for an actual solution but just go with what is the easy way out. we should have already have larger cores to deal with this issue. Alsoit is a strain on the servers, but apparently they rather have 100.000 more cores then the option to build larger on a single one. the SE method in this is much better where there are no cores at all, the empyrion "core"method already showed its limitations in Empy
  9. Thanks for the response, ill mind my language better next time sorry if i offended anyone
  10. not managers, there should be a Quality assurance team doing the tests, and a team to do the releases. test should be independent from managers developers or anyone who is connected to the actual work on the stuff. Thatis a simple thing in normal production, development and research environments. if the one doing it, getting credits for it, and releasing it is one and the same person, yeah you get what you ask for.... The development whent wrong when they stopped listening to the testers and started telling "we will fix that later" "we think that will be no issue" "later when we have..."
  11. I will be banned if i give my honest opinion and an actual solution for the current state of DU.
  12. Just hope we get our money back if this goes down, would be pretty shitty if the investor gets the money and the backers get shit. But thats how this little corrupted earth works
  13. So why did people pay for beta, do they get their money back?
  14. What a messy post. No idea what happened or if it was an exploid or not But that doesnt even matter. There is not a single person who exploided DU who has been banned. And if this time is the first time then Please, read back and ban all others and also all Known goldsellers. But as said before, NQ probably wont do anything, whatever happened.
  15. @Vasten You have earned a standing Ovation And when you grow a bit more you will find out even more about the pitfall of 0.23 and the reason a lot of people raged over the schematics debacle where some players bought them for 10% of actual price
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