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  2. Oooh very nice one indeed. Well we are designing flying cities since day one of the organization, (maybe i can even paste some designs later) and this discussion is one i really like to see becoming reality. We will build a ship, and depending on DU we will be able to design it and hand rights over to people and organizations to add to the ship. To build a city ship Size will be most important and we have a few "option B" ideas if DU goes a different route. The initial idea was to build a ship matrix with merged/linked cores to the ship all owned by the org but rented/given to orgs and residents to fill. That way the outer core would be our problem and the filling of it would be the org/individuals. This was not for design issues but for simple safety and security. the ship will be white due to lore, but lore also includes a sistership in black. So the outer hull, whatever it will be in the end will be indeed mandatory white and with specific structure and materials, however if an organization has a core in the middle of the city ship, they may build a pink uhm thing, maybe the rent will be based on the level of lets call it lack of beauty and coherence. With this the ship city will look as we want to from the outside. But the inside might be a mess, but then again we see it as a restoration project, bit like the large robotech ships or galactica where everyone is dumped in to escape an exploding planet. Lets hope we will get small stargates so we can even add that to the ship
  3. I will love to see lets say more hard and critical interviews with org leaders. Beause there is some, but generaly journalist are simply playing along super nicely and leader like bla bla bla im super great and bla bla bla we will be greatest in just everything bla bla bla. Its boring, like constant real world politicians blatant lies and empty talk. Corner them with hard questions, trap them with contradictions and their own stupid quotes, make them suffer and look like fools (ones who deserve it!). This is quality journalism.
  4. While reading the fora there are a few discussions that keep popping up: -Finance, how will the economy of DU flourish, or is it doomed -PvP, will the proposed PvP from the roadmap work and what are the implications of this approach -Restrictions and limitations, are the current restrictions and limitations faithfull to the kickstarter idea -RP, will roleplay actually be a thing -Cities, will they actually work or are they doomed before starting Personally i would also like to get some community news as all the old news networks are inactivated it seems and the community news always was a nice part of discussions within organizations, Are we mentioned? No thats all wrong, Why org x and not org y, Noo Boo is most peaceful, fun discussions like that. Good luck with the next season, may it be as great or even better as last! Greetz Aaron
  5. * not sure where the best place to post this is (it's not really recruitment for our "org" so . . .), so feel free to relocate it as necessary mods At the SpartanCast, we try and diversify the type of content we release to cover a broad range of interests and information we believe our audience and the community as a whole are interested in. We've released close to 30 episodes with focuses on: 1. Getting to know individual organizations better 2. Discussions about varying gameplay mechanics 3. Theories about unreleased / vaguely described aspects of the game The goal of this thread is to accumulate a list of (NDA-safe) topics, organizations, and mechanics that people actually want to see discussed to fulfill two functions: 1. We're able to produce content with a focus on things people are interested in learning more about 2. We're able to work with new organizations and individuals to draw attention to potentially-obscure orgs and topics We will continue to create content based on our personal analyses of "hot" topics and organizations, but we would love to get some ideas from the community to mix things up. If you do have any suggestions, feel free to leave links to existing threads, community portal pages, and/or Discords that give us an idea of how we could frame an episode. Feel free to also just type out a summary (if necessary) of your suggestion if that works better. There isn't a time frame here, we'll continue to pull suggestions (assuming there are any lol) over time. Keep it wholesome below yeah? 😉
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  7. I sent you a message, but I'm not sure it went through.
  8. Here is another one. And prepare yourself -- its hard one! I have background in city-building too, so I know for sure 1 painful thing. People eventualy start like "let me build this and that", or even worst, when some dimpomatic guests will present you with terrible prospect "we want our embassy looking like pink *censored*". Its always rather thin line between architectural diversity and people building complete vomit-inducing JUNK of blood_from_eyes_level. So, how you planning to control quality and cohesion of builds in Tranquility and balance it with other players creativity and "creativity"? This is hot sand with imossibility to be good for everyone. Some guys or gals will be just mad what you deny them something they think cool.
  9. I have question. 6-7 or even more people looks like relativly large crew, and as I understand, all of then can expect some kind of compensation for their time and effort in form of salary or cut of profit. It will make you services pretty expensive. This means it will be targeted more for larger orgs, not individuals? Because even if I (lets assume it) wanted as solo player hire such team and ship for some mission, I'm not seeing it any way affordable. Or I missing something?
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  11. Oh fantastic. Allowing devs to hide behind such a narrative allows for absolutely scummy behavior. Look into the Oath MMO. So glad I dodged that bullet, I was actually pretty interested
  12. Good day my fellow space faring compatriots. My name is Xavier or WarDaddy. I'm 22 and work two jobs to stay alive. Obviously i like long walks on the beach, video games, and a weird obsession with the endless expanding void that surrounds our world. ANYYYYway... Just wanted to post something in regard to the game, and to see if anyone else sort of shares the same vision. I want this game to be more than me flying around alone, dying from literally anything including myself. I only say this, in frustration, because my experience with space MMO's has not been good. Honestly its been nothing but waiting (Star Citizen), trying to master astrophysics and thousands of crafting items only to build a ship and be turned into mist (Space Engineers), or just being plain lied to (No Mans Sky). I want a sense of community, to build something with a huge group of people and make it work. To have this big group provide a safe haven for recruited new players, and to give these players a chance to move through the ranks and make a name for themselves. it's not much, but something where players have to be dedicated to making this game world feel so real, to make memories in, to have fun, and make new friends. That's what i want out of this game. If anyone feels the same way or is actually building something similar. LET ME KNOW!
  13. Добро пожаловать, подавай заявку в игре
  14. honestly im sick of the short tests that happen in odd times I don't even join often because of this at least their is a 96 hour test coming up I hope beta will bring 24/7 all I like is the building system any way could care less about the pvp
  15. A donation are funds you give with no expectation of a return in any form and a Kickstarter pledge is certainly not that. NQ never committed to a December 2018 release though and clearly communicated what they were doing to accommodate backers when they knew they would not meet that date (which was very optimistic to begin with). While I could see a point at that time, now nearly two years ago, at this time I'd be of the opinion that asking for refund on these grounds is not reasonable. The current update roadmap is still very optimistic but frankly, for the project being the scale it is, even delivering 3 years "late" would be an achievement IMO..
  16. You are not buying a game. You are donating money to help in developing a game that does not exist yet. As a perk for that donation, you occasionally get to test during certain stages of that development process. There is no refund for "here have some money to develop." If you want a stable game, with refunds if you don't like it, wait for release.
  17. Yes, though I don't see any mentions about multiple solar systems Exploration may be limited to some space scanning and finding points of interest on planets or asteroids.
  18. I doubt there will be more than one solar system at launch So most likely there is much time till we actually need various space textures.
  19. RED - Real Extreme Daring ! Its a Pirate clan ( not need a say a lot :) . russian speaking players group.
  20. Accepting from strangers Too So lets get to know each other and then help offer stands
  21. Indeed, and NQ stated the base game is free to install with a trial period. Anyone investing now is investing and getting some perks but its not to own the game
  22. Bring them on, we are all about transparancy, the only information we cannot give is the personal stuff and anything our partners asked us not to. We have good standings with a lot of organizations and some of them do not mingle well, that is also one of the focus points of our organizations, we like to be mediators if we can help anyone. And well i believe you read a lot on these fora so you probably already found out i can indeed be passionately clear on my standing in matters. I do not believe in black and white, but there is always a middle road except for some fundamental issues in gaming, people should be able to play safely from their home environment. that does not mean i am against PvP, but the game environment should be safe, private data, cyber bullying, ip tracking, all things that are linked to the actual person should be safe. In game we are characters, at home we are humans and people should remember that when gaming. Keep on the great questions, i think you will find some orgs less open or even grumpy when you ask these questions, love to see more from others too This will be fun
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