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  3. Horrible launches can be corrected with dedication and perseverance from the game studio. No Mans Sky is the perfect example of a failed launch turning into a brilliant and well-supported game. The real question is does NQ have that kind of resolve? Currently, all signs point to no. Some have said that NQ's problem is that it is a small studio. Well, Hello Games is also a small studio and they managed what everyone thought was impossible after their launch.
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  5. The Youtube tutorial that Msoul linked above worked well for me. But i also had to scale the entire model down to a much smaller size in Blender, before it became visible in game. If you use the in-game settings to scale the model down, it will shrink the diameter of the wireframe itself too. So if the model needs resizing it's better to do that in Blender first, and then follow the steps from the tutorial.
  6. This was Archaegeo's last post and Arch HUD was archived over 20 days ago. If the HUD is broken then it's time to say goodbye to it as it is probably dead for good.
  7. There is currently no way to alter how a 3D model is rendered inside the game client apart from the basic transformations listed in the right click menu of the projector element. If you are having a hard time seeing your model then it could be related to how the mesh is defined. If you are using blender then perhaps try to perform some preprocessing like what is described in this tutorial or try prepping it with this plugin. Alternatively, could you provide screenshots from both your 3d modeling software and in-game. Seeing that comparison could help us better understand the problem you are facing.
  8. - Automata Tier 5: Automata Elite This one is missing.
  9. The pets provided in this update are specifically for backers who supported the game early on and which ones you get is dependent on the backer pack purchased. Once again there will likely be more opportunities to obtain/purchase pets in the future so be sure to keep an eye out for DU announcements. If you did receive pets in this update they will be added to your Novean Overview Screen (hotkey = P) where you can also selectively activate/deactivate them.
  10. hi, any way to change intensity of virtual scaffolding? i have .obj file that loads in 3d modelling software just fine, but in-game it's just gray and hardly visible, it's very hard building anything based on that as it's too dark. during daytime i can barely see it. i went thru options and right-click menu, but only found scaling and rotation, but nothing about intensity. i've seen some videos of it too and they all have it bright white, so what's the issue here? thanks.
  11. Step 1: Create A Standalone Client (Single Player): This needs to be local client, that requires no login server from Dual Universe in the case Novaquark fails as a company. This way players can continue to playing the game without having to stress on if their creative work and invested play time will evaporate. Remove your broken economy from Single Player. Enable Creative mode like NQ-Ripley had on stream. The fact that Ripley can access a stand isolated instance from test/live server, means a version of a stand alone client already exists. Step 2: Export/Import our Construct Files into Standalone from Live or Test Server: The files exist probably server side on your end, however, the ability to request the file if we have Core Blueprint would enable players to protect their past creations in single player client. Step 3: Make VR Compatible: Make the game work with VR headsets, or at least have the configuration points for players to make their headset work with Dual Universe. By this point you could market Dual Universe (Single Player) as a stand alone meditative 3D building experience. This could be packaged as a standalone product, given to anyone who has subbed to DU for more than 3 months by Jan 1st 2023. You could then sell it to new players, for another cash injection. I think it would do way better, and players would love it, without the FORCED, BROKEN, RAGEWORTHY GRIND! Step 4: Make Players Able to Host Small Servers: This way players can play with friends or find people DU discord to play with, a lot like RUST, Valheim, Space Engineers, etc. Step 5: Implement Cash Shop So you have a survivable injection of cash so you can pay contract artist to develop more cosmetics players can purchase monthly. Step 6: Create Modding Tools for Single Player Client: You have told a THOUSAND TIMES to give us tools! Get out of our way, you obviously no longer have the energy/gas in the tank to do better than weak right/click point systems. We can do better than that, give us the ability to prove it, show you what we as a community can do, and what could be done in this game in a fun way. Most of the people didn't lose their love of the actual game or it's concept, the lost faith in Novaquark to deliver what Dual Universe could be. This is probably my last post on these forums, and I doubt it will make a bit of difference or good, but YOU CAN'T SAY we didn't try to help you save yourself! P.S. in the meantime you can even keep your "MMO" server online until you manage to run it into the ground. Just give us a chance to save our time/work.
  12. Do you create pets? How do you get your hands on them?
  13. only real hope at the moment is that DU is locked in a deal with their investors to keep going on for another year or something, otherwise the game is toast. it could be plausible that NQ is still being funded until all their promised features are released, half-assed at that for some sort of lawsuit damage control. I definitely believe MMO's like DU can turn around with enough time and money, or even sheer luck, no matter the circumstances, but I am starting to feel more and more that the game devs are just testing their investors patience until they eventually stop funding the project, which is a real shame. I still have hope but I would be lying if I said the situation wasn't looking bleak.
  14. Next update: servers will close. You can tell by their terrible attempts to implement systems that either they themselves haven given up, or no longer have the resources to continue. Either way GAME OVER
  15. Some players seem to be completing it without issue. Can you please submit a ticket with a detailed description of exactly how to reproduce the error you have encountered. That could go a long way to helping fixed said bug once and for all.
  16. Pretty apparent by now that whomever made most of the mechanics in this game is long gone, and those that are left haven't a foggy idea how to work with the code they were left. These missions have been broken in some form or another for well over a year, and no matter what "fix" is used this mess just can't get remedied. Makes you wonder if it would have been easier to just start from the beginning and do it all over. At the pace things move around here it'll be 2030 before they can get this one buttoned down.
  17. Here is the simplified breakdown. Note that some overlaps are possible whereby an account can belong to more than one category. Kickstarters are those who supported directly during the kickstarter campaign (ie: Iron/Silver/Bronze/Gold/Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald/Diamond/Kyrium) Founders are those who purchased one of the equivalent kickstarter packs directly from NQ when they made the decision to extend said campaign. The rewards being offered were not modified in any way so suffice to say Founders = Kickstarters when it comes to rewards. Supporters are those who purchased the pledge/supporter packs that were made available in late Alpha (ie: Contributor/Sponsor/Patron) Pioneers are those who purchased some form of gametime prior to official release and subsequently logged in at least once during the first 6 months of said release. @DarkmatterShips Since you paid during beta you have a Pioneer account. There are no exclusive rewards being offered to Pioneers in this update but it would not surprise me if NQ provides more opportunities to obtain special rewards via future events/contests. Also don't forget there are quite a few gameplay features and improvements packed into this update with many more planned for update 1.2.
  18. founders are contributor/sponsor/patron? I did not see any alpha suit in my game
  19. I just repaired a crashed ship using replace with recycle. Two clicks for each element was a bit annoying but not nearly as bad as holding down the the LMB for 10 minutes per element to repair them. And I was able to sell some parts to help with the cost. It's certainly an adequate first implementation.
  20. I got this great idea.... Lets do things to this game that will improve P2P interactions...... Pets and emotes.... Like we sit around and chit chat. ..... I see people blazing by at lightning speed. By the time I do an emote they will probably already be in a ship and gone. But new players can't even get paid or buy useful land to them now. This game already end game and dying. And I paid for a year! T3 ore price has now killed what's left of the market for those that don't own t3 land. A decent ship going ot run you 100mil and you can't even get a 100 mil in 4-5 months because there is no one buying stuff.
  21. Grid Snapping is fine. Could you explain the difference with pets?
  22. I seem to recall seeing something about having some difficulties with getting all the core blueprints. I suggest you open a ticket if you have not already.
  23. Man the skill it must have taken to add this recycling feature in. I see why its taken 2 months to add content to the game. Cannot wait for AVA combat to be added in soon. I mean if all you have to do is right click another player an select PVP. Should not be hard to rng a 0 or 1 from that and proclaim a winner. I mean what 3 or 4 months to add in those couple lines of code? Great work NQ, theres your positive feedback.
  24. Biggest problem I have with it is if I recycle an element then I have to manually place another one in the same location. I can replace the element with a new one instead, but then it doesn't get recycled. Really I want a 'replace and recycle' type of operation which will allow me to recycle dead elements on my ship without having to become a ship builder and place lots of elements by hand. NQ's law in action again.
  25. Here is my guess. Many months from now once even NQ is forced to realize that nobody want's to play DU the way it is now, they will do some tweaks to the economy (surface ore, MU, schematics, tax, bots) in an effort to essentially turn back the clock and make players want to play again. And then with much fanfare they will release this as some major new version of DU. And anyone who think we are going to get game changes that will make new interesting game loops any time soon (if ever), is in for some disappointment.
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