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  2. It all depends if your account is eligible to have a territory on Sanctuary. However, even so, if you've just recently landed on Haven and really don't like the location you picked, definitely put in a support ticket to see if they can lend a hand in helping you change spots.
  3. No I only have a plot on Haven (Iirc I had one on Sanctuary during alpha/beta)
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  5. Hi Chrius, Does your account already have access to claiming a territory on Sanctuary? You can put in a request through a support ticket to move your territory, it is sometimes possible to do so, depending on different factors. But your best bet is to put in that request to see if we're able to assist you with that.
  6. Sorry for the delay in getting that code out to you. Welcome to DU! We hope you enjoy playing.
  7. Ohh that's pretty, thanks for the screenshot! And thank you everyone for attending today's tour. See you on some of the future ones I hope. ❤️
  8. Nevermind. They finally send me activation code
  9. Yes, it's still impossible, that's by design, though you aren't really supposed to stay in Haven any longer than the first hours into the game, so that shouldn't matter. I'm not sure about Sanctuary though, maybe if you pull a ticket with NQ, since those tiles are only for backers...
  10. So I've got a email that I won 1 month. Installed the game. Trying to login. It says that I need game time to login! I wasted 25 mins of my cloud gaming time installing the game and still can't play. So where is my free game time?
  11. The first tour has launched with many Noveans in the amazing new tour 'bus'!
  12. On launch I ended up with a shit plot, that was near one of the markets that didn't have teleporters because we only had basic information about what was around the plot when choosing it (unlike in beta where we had to physically go to it before deciding...) and I remember it was impossible to move to a new plot. That's actually why I stopped playing it on release... Is it still like that or is there any way to move to a new location? Edit: I just checked this and weirdly enough, my last post was exactly 1 year ago, where I complained about this same issue...
  13. Dear Noveans, Exactly one year ago, we launched Dual Universe. To celebrate this milestone, from September 27th to October 27th, your talent point acquisition speed is doubled (+100%), and you can receive an exclusive in-game statue. Collect your statue from a dispenser located at the center of the Exchange, at these coordinates: ::pos{0,2,24.3879,99.3719,124.6659}. We're also organizing a Birthday Bash Tour! So many wonders have been created in the past year, and the anniversary is a great opportunity to share some sightseeing with friends and to witness what everyone has been able to accomplish. More information here: Have a fantastic anniversary!
  14. However, the subscription is so expensive that I'm not coming back just to get a statue and go on a few rides. If the subs was $5 for a month I might have considered coming back to see what it's like now. If I could pay for Game time with in-game currency that would be good. Have fun all of you who have reasons to keep paying, enjoy a Happy Birthday for Dual Universe!
  15. I found the solution my self. I guess this forum is completely dead ...........
  16. Last week
  17. Is there going to be anything else other then another egg tour? would be a massive let down for a one year annivereary if so, even the streamers put more effort in with prizes and content... but hey, lets all jump on a ship and do what we can all do by ourselves any day of the week. sounds like fun, with sincere fustration God_King_Hawk
  18. Mark your calendars and find time in the coming days to embark on a journey of the crazy kind, as we celebrate our anniversary in Dual Universe with our Birthday Bash Tour! Where will we visit? Who will be our pilot? What will you see? Have a look at the schedule below to see which time(s) you can join us! Will you be the type to hangout inside our ship with a drink and dance floor or are you the daring sort and don't mind your feet dangling? Join us and find out. We hope to see you there! Here's your chance to visit places you may not or new area of your favorite places in style. Grab your party hats, let's get this celebration going! And don't forget to pick up gifts available on the ship! (Not while in VR though, we want you to be able to keep the presents!) Where does it start? All tours start and end at the Institutes on Alioth. You can find the Institutes destination on the Points of Interest or at this location: ::pos{0,2,28.9637,95.1703,282.4727} Want to VR? Simply join VR with: NQ's Birthday Party Tour Bus Remember: Any items you get while in VR will be lost when you disconnect from it, so plan accordingly! Tour Dates & Departure Times: (Tours are estimated at minimum one hour in duration, but can last longer. Bring some snacks.) Wednesday September 27th, 18:00 UTC (2:00PM New York/Toronto time) Thursday September 28th, 15:00 UTC (11:00AM New York/Toronto time) Friday September 29th, 18:00 UTC (2:00PM New York/Toronto time) Saturday September 30th, 21:00 UTC (5:00PM New York/Toronto time) Wednesday October 4th, 23:30 UTC (7:30PM New York/Toronto time) Thursday October 5th, 18:00 UTC (2:00PM New York/Toronto time) Friday October 6th, 21:00 UTC (5:00PM New York/Toronto time) Saturday October 7th, 18:00 UTC (2:00PM New York/Toronto time) Tour Bus Safety Guidelines Stay safe! We’ll do our best to make sure these journeys are safe and secure, but we cannot be responsible for any lost items in case of emergency. So, we advise you to please arrive with empty inventories on your characters and make sure to leave your valuables in your containers before hopping on our tours. There will be a rez node available should things go topsy turvy and we lose some sprinkles. Please listen when you're told to return to the ship. We know it's easy to get lost in the marvels of the bases before you, but please don't hold us up. Pay attention to when you are called back or you might get left behind. Want to Livestream The Tour(s)? Please let us know which tour(s) you will be streaming along with a link! We'll save a VIP spot for you so you can get all the best views. Please contact NQ-Nyota or reply to this thread as to when you plan on streaming. Many thanks! Are you ready to celebrate one year of Dual Universe Noveans? Let's DU this! ❤️ We hope to see you on the tour! Your Tour Guide, NQ-Nyota
  19. Schedule for the tours?? Inquiring minds would like to know........ 😁
  20. I know the game has a built-in replace voxel tool, it works somewhat okay, but still has a few limitations: Sometimes the voxels get completely messed up when you replace them; You can only ever select voxels in a rectangular shape; It doesn't work very nicely with offset voxels; The amount of honeycomb isn't very accurate, sometimes it will fail saying you don't have enough of it, since it's calculating the entire rectangle volume instead of actual voxels; With those above in mind, what I wanted to suggest is something similar to the paint tool in games like SE. It would work similar to the Repair tool, you would equip it and select the voxel you want to use (in place of scrap) and point to the voxel you want to replace. It would then use a raycast to detect the right voxel and also optionally select connected voxels of the same type, and show a preview before replacing. So for example, let's say you have a ship with decorative panels, made out of offset white plastic, and you wanted to paint them with gold. You would simply select that tool, select the gold honeycomb, point to the panel and it would detect all the voxels composing that panel and show you a preview on what it would look like. After clicking, it would apply the voxel replacement. This would be a MASSIVE quality of life improvement, not only for builders but anyone who buys a ship token and wants to customize it in some way.
  21. This is just categorically untrue. I have over 9000 hours of enjoyment into this game and I have never done ANY PvP, except for a few test battles on the PTS
  22. who on earth is going on in the above vid?
  23. Assumption of facts not in evidence.
  24. I don't know why anyone believes that they "want to" -- the CEO has made it clear that DU isn't a priority. NQ still has nearly 80 employees (per a recent post) and have been hiring for a different game project (clearly advertised in their job posts) while DU's dev is permanently on ice. The game is already dead; no judgement for those that still play, but think about the reality. It's still a somewhat new MMO with less than 2 years on the market, but there's no news about a major patch since 1.4 released months ago. This for a game with weekend peaks of maybe 50-60 concurrent players. There's no evidence to suggest that major development is ongoing...and like a dead language, an MMO that doesn't get updates is a dead game no matter if some few people still play.
  25. Just like the PVP mechanics are broken. Yes, and the mining mechanics are bad 1.The number of free fields should depend on your skill level. 2. respawn of resources should be added in the field occupied by the player. Once every 7 days, the player should be able to re-scan the resources on the field. Such a scan reassigns the resources present on the field. for example T1 x% T2 x% T3 x% T4 x% T5 X% X% - means the chance of drawing a raw material according to its occurrence on a given planet. 3 Schemes are also a bad idea To do something, 1 diagram should be enough But they should add the ability to improve this diagram so that it can be produced more efficiently and cheaper. If NQ wants to, they can. The worst thing is that they want to, but they can't.
  26. Problem with free to play is that DU is hosted on cloud servers where player activity cost real money. In fact just flying over a planet is probably one of the most expensive (for NQ) operation you can do in the game, since it translates into a lot of voxel streaming from the cloud servers. So each player joining for free will cost NQ real money, unless they repeatedly do enough micro transactions to offset the monthly server hosting cost. And even if they did decide to make DU into F2P, it would take at least a year to implement micro transactions using the famously slow NQ 'dev time'. And in the process they would of course find some strange and fundamentally wrong way of implementing micro transactions that players would not like at all. And those weird design choices would then go live regardless, because NQ would not have given us any details or asked for feedback on any of the changes until they where done making them. And by then it would be to late to make any substantial changes based on player feedback.
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