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  2. It's not as easy as it sounds like. There are static constructs placed undergound, surface flattened for runways and so on. Imagine the rage if all that gets lost in the dirt. Terraforming is one of the basic features that make DU what it is. Removing it would be a very bad idea. A possible compromise could be a limitation of terraforming to the building grid of static constructs, together with sufficient communuication in advance in order to give players a chance to stabalize existing terraforming by placing cores (as long as they didn't reached their core limit).
  3. I am well aware that you can do high numbers of packages but using 200 "as just as example" when you yourself have only done a fraction of that is not an example at all. It is a massive exaggeration. Personally I think a simple solution would be limiting the number of missions available at each location, so once xx missions are taking, it changes to another mission. This would limit the maximum single run missions any single player could take.
  4. I fully support that it would be possible to copy an area along with elements. A vivid example, I am building a hotel and there are 28 rooms for my guys from the organization. It could have been more, but I would have shot myself. Instead of digging a finished room in 5 minutes, I could only make voxels, and then within a whole month ... A MONTH !!! I carefully arranged all the elements, lamps, RGB lamp settings, links and other details in the same seven-dimensional manner .. It's just awful that I spend a whole month where I could spend 5 minutes with normal tools.
  5. NQ did these kind of mini surveys already inside the game, visible immediatly after logging into the world. The questions were about interests like PvP, mining, industry and the like. Also "Would you recommend DU to your friends?"
  6. Ich spiele solo und in mehreren Gemeinschaften. Also einer großen Org und einiger dieser Unterorgs sowie ab und an mit "random-Spielern" Mich auf nur einen Teilinhalt zu versteifen war noch nie meins. Die cores an sich (265) war ein Soloprojekt um gewissen Dinge auszutesten. Es war nur ein Projekt von vielen. Andere Bauprojekte dieser art sind gleichwertig, werden entweder solo oder mit einer Gruppe von Spielern gemeinsam aufgebaut. Das ist ja das schöne an DU, (und vielen anderen Spielen) man kann sich jeden Tag neu entscheiden wie man spielen möchte. Heute habe ich Lust zum minern, morgen mache ich lieber PvP, übermorgen baue ich an meinem Flugzeug weiter oder am Wochenende versuche ich mich mal mit der Gruppe an den Asteroiden. Ab und an mal einige missionen fliegen oder selbst welche erstellen. Gibt auch tage da probiere ich einfach nur neue Strukturen aus, egal ob voxelmancy oder beim terraforming. Das Spiel sollte dahingehend auch keine Vorgaben oder Verpflichtungen einführen, wie ein Spieler oder eine Spielergruppe zu spielen hat. Vorgaben dahingehend hat das reale Leben schon zu genüge - hier in DU möchte ich mich entspannen, Spaß haben, Nervenkitzel im PvP, mal solo und mal mit einer kleinen und mal mit einer großen Gruppe zusammen oder gegeneinander spielen. Wichtig, ich kann - muss aber nicht. Zum Thema NQ, wenn es nur am Geld scheitert, gibt es sicherlich immer Wege da finanzielle Polster aufzubauen, um länger vorausplanen zu können oder die Personalstärke aufzustocken. Mich mich sind momentan eh noch alle Spiele die man miteinander versucht zu verbinden (DU-SC-SB) nicht gleich, denn jedes dieser Spieler geht in eine andere Richtung, da ist ein Vergleich gar nicht möglich. Am Ende finde ich aus den 3 Spielen für mich DU noch am passendsten, von dem was ich mir als Spieler vorstelle, was und wie ich spielen möchte. (Aber ernsthaft alle werden noch mindestens 3-5 Jahre Entwicklungszeit benötigen)
  7. One should not forget that only a small part of the players use the forum or other sites. Many simply log into the game and play. Therefore, surveys of this kind would not be meaningful, but would only happen among players who generally have an urge to engage with such sites. However, this also involves many players who are frustrated or need help. If you want to do surveys about the game, they should be implemented directly into the game to reach all players. then they would have to be easy to understand. Maybe create a menu for this, where new surveys could be created and edited every week, as you can already see when you play or log in if an NQ message pops up. But please stop trying to build up countless pages, because this spreads out the mass of players and does not create a large community, but rather many small splinter parties.
  8. What i correct know.. they are close upvote system long time ago.. so no reason use it any more. And yes.. they already done with that and many many other things. what you can find there But i hope they return back upvote system - cose it easy show to devs what really ppl need more than some other
  9. Yesterday
  10. Most I've done was about 60 mission packages at once and made like 300m when it was done. Ship was over 40kt. 200 was just an example. Also if you have Geforce Now and use multiple computers which I know some people do, you can do more.
  11. You don't need to make a new post with a link to your own post from 12 hours ago. That's not really how this works.
  12. Really, Wipe shit again? I tell you what, I have the perfect solution. NQ should add an option that allows people to wipe their own character. That way all the wipers can do it as many times as they want and the rest of us can move on an enjoy the game
  13. There is no point talking about wipes, until NQ has fixed the underlying issues and lack of complete game loops and financial systems. Then and only then, would it make sense to start a discussion about soft vs. hard wipe etc.
  14. This is what makes me wonder whether the people who write this stuff are actually playing the game. We have been mining discovered roids for the last few weeks, it is great fun, been doing it solo and in a group. You just need a DSAT to get the locations (then you leave behind) flying out in something like a small core, 8 container space only warp ship. Mine what you can find (often you can find plenty of T3/4). Yes we have occasionally met pirates and lost the odd ship but that is part of the game, I dont want continuous progresses, you need a set back now and again. Either way, you cover any losses with one small run. The small group mining we have done at roids has been some of the most entertaining gameplay we have ever had in DU. The mining is easy, good performance, element of risk, finally something with a bit of urgency. You can even solo jetpack to roids, and get 5/6kl of T5 in your pack and jet back (easy 10M) zero risk. Stop trying to change something you havent actually tried.
  15. OK, so IMO a wipe back to 0.23 would be a huge mistake. It's true that 0.23 put a lot of players off playing, but that was some time ago now and those players have probably gone off to do other things. The game was not perfect before 0.23 in any case, it just hadn't run for long enough for things like infinite production and skills that reduce material requirements for crafting to really bite (IMO anyway). It's not guaranteed (or even particularly likely) that many of the players who quit at 0.23 would even come back again if the game were to be reset. What is pretty much guaranteed though is a large chunk of players who have been persevering and playing since 0.23 would be really annoyed to see their efforts rolled back. Some people *started* playing since then and would be reduced back to day 1 while others would suddenly be put in a position of power/richness again despite not being around for the last 6 months. So, IMO, what would most likely happen is yet another drop in the player base. As to some of your detail, I agree that stuff like the schematic giveaway was really annoying (and it made me quit for a while), but it happened and it's going to be really hard to unpick now. I think we just have to accept that some people got lucky there and got handed a chunk of cash. But with missions and asteroids, it's not giving them the unassailable advantage that it did before -- grinding for cash is a lot easier than it once was and it is possible to catch up to the ones who got cheap schematics now. NQ have been pretty good recently, new features are coming out regularly and things like the 'core death' discussion show that people are being listened to. Perhaps we should just let whatever mistakes happened months ago slide and look forwards. Also I think you're very wrong about asteroids being for groups only. It is true that there are a bunch of starved PvP players looking to shoot everyone who tries to mine one, but there are ways to deal with that (in particular, go to an old asteroid rather than discovering a new one). There are also ways to do it solo, mitigate the loss levels when you get shot at, etc. You definitely can mine the higher tier ores solo and get the ore back to the safezone enough times to make it very worthwhile. And it's fun. Why not give it a try ...
  16. Bit too much use of the word 'our' too, not sure who you are collectively speaker on behalf of. I genuinely dont agree with a lot of this. Noone can speak on behalf of the community, because it is so diverse. Let NQ get on with it, they are improving. Too many people still beating them over the head for historic failures.
  17. Placeholder for better ship/prize descriptions
  18. The closest thing your going to see to a wipe is a terrain wipe. Think about it. NQ has been trying to reduce server costs with allot of the updates over the last year. And once we get automated mining there will be no reason to dig up vast sections of planets anymore. You get rid of all the tunnels that are on every planet. you get rid of all the ore nodes that are on every planet. and NQ is saving some serious data. Thats data they dont have to store, thats data they dont have to transmit. Which is a serious $$ savings to NQ. I would not be surprised if we are no longer allowed to dig on planets in the future. Or maybe you gota buy a shard off the NQ shop to terraform. Wiping assets/xp is pointless. All thats going to do is alienate those who do play the game/have played the game. The majority are not going to come back and do the grind again. A rollback to .23? Lulz. You think they are going to do that in any scenario? Because that would mean they would be wiping all the updates they have made in the last year. Its not like they can pick and choose what they want to keep and remove. It would be like throwing yellow balls into a yellow ball pen and then asking to take those specific ones out. The amount of effort it would take..... Might as well make a new ball pen. You can also look at the remove schematic threads where most people posting say no they are required now. Doomsayers going to Doomsay.
  19. 2: SCHEMATICS Schematics ain't inherently bad..they just should not be a bot sold item. Make them arise from PVE discovery and/or through science/engineering. The 1% schems not being fixed is one of many issues that makes a wipe unavoidable. If NQ was serious about the no-wipe promise, they should have acted in time on exploits/bugs, e.g. with rollbacks. The aftermath of all that crap has manifested and multiplied over time and is not fixable IMO. 4: EXPLORATION We could have had at leas asteroids here by now. Yet NQ decided to make DSAT into an omnipotent magic device that knows about all asteroids, put them in a list and communicate FTL to everybody as soon anybody touches one of them. In the process of putting the least possible dev time into DSAT and delivering the most boring player experience with that, NQ managed to deraile economy further into fubar territory. Just one more reason why mechanics need to be fixed and a wipe is needed for release. 5: MINING See point 4. Fix DSAT. 6: INDUSTRY I don't think there's something inherently wrong with industry. 7: EVENTS Events should be largely player driven i guess. 1: WIPE Simple. Unavoidable at this point. Keep (regular) blueprints, XP, maybe thoramine to keep the crying to a minimum..purge all the rest. This of course after things are fixed and there must be a procedure and clear guideline for rollbacks in place to be able to handle future exploits. (Regular DB snapshots, pre-patch DB snapshots.
  20. Sorry you cannot 'easily place' 200 missions on a single ship, do you have any idea of the size of ship needed to carry / move that. Can you honestly tell me what is the highest number of packs you have PERSONALLY moved, or have be part of moving. Got a feeling you have no idea of the logistics involved. As for a wipe, I really dont see the point, you are just moving the line in the sand. Open world MMO's like this will always have a 1% of mega rich, will always have big orgs that control parts of the universe, they will always have content which only suits group play. Since NQ have added missions (afk gameplay) and roids (active risk based gameplay) I have really started to enjoy the game again. Mining roids is so much more enjoyable than surface mining, you can do it solo and it is excellent for small group play. There is still a lot to do, but i am quite happy with both the game and NQ at the moment.
  21. "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."
  22. "Its a struggle to find enjoyment anymore at least playing. " A wipe doesnt fix anything and industry is ok just the way it is. What i dont like is that BPs are items and not a clickable button in the industry itself. Select indy, select craft menu, pick something to be crafted, pay the price to activate that BP in the indy and thats it. I also understand the value of bp but its just another task needed to be done. Just because you lost your will/reason and will to play DU doesnt mean everyone is on the same boat. Asking Wipes with main reason being i am bored and i need a new challenge has nothing to do with how NQ wants things to be. Its their dream, their vision, their jobs, their careers and so far they are doing things very well. What you can do: 1: Join PTS 2: Test PTS patches 3: Report constructive feedback. This are the only things that can be done atm. This is not your average mmo and we cant wipe every 6 months because some players do not FEEL well, motivated or competitive. It is a kill or be killed game. Its a game about stories, dramas and we've got past the learning curve and evolution curve successfully with HELP from NQ because the playerbase would not have reached T5 tech lvl after 0.23 easily. How a wipe will help? I have no idea because it doesnt make sense anymore. Nobody, not a single player wants to go back to mining on Alioth for 1 month 10h a day. We are 2 months away or less from auto mining tier. Only a new player, a bored player or a troll can ask for wipes, knowing almost nobody wants release grind again. Competitive orgs will be richer beyonds words on release and they will literally take over DU and make it unplayable. I dont think you understand one thing, just one thing. There are active, paid subscriptions in the game and those are active KNOWING there wont be wipes.
  23. Approximately How long does it take to learn SketchUp ?
  24. Hi, I would liek to see, when the new planets come, one day, some very different types among them: - high-G planets (up to 3G to make it not too hard) - planets with a gas atmosphere that has so much pressure that it is halfway a liquid, slowing down ships but also providing great lift - planets with a gas atmosphere that absobs much light so theyare always like a sunset in terms of colors and reduced brightness - planets with an atmosphere that contains a high amount of dust, so it is not possible to see far - strong winds and stomrs that influence flying ships and walkign persons I can also imagine that native yet basic ground-covering life could exist on such a dust or dark planet, that resembles lichen or algae or fungi at most, but also having bio luminescence. Maybe also some luminescent seeds drifting slowly through the thick atmosphere. hat life would be very basic, no interaction possibnne. Just natural beauty. Distant, exotic worlds. Early life on its way. Also, the eisting planets could benefit from such great atmosphere as seen in Ark Survival Evolved. Clouds, light conditions, sunrises and sunsets, that all is most impressive there. With an atmosphere like that, our DU planets would look perfect!Take the challenge!
  25. step 1: - finish the game step 2: - make it fun and make everyone love it step 3: - once everyone finds the godlike game, ask the wipe question step 4: - the game has gotten so good that you don't want a wipe
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