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  3. Think you may have enough people wanting similar to run a webinar 😀
  4. I know the answer to my question will be very simple to those that know it, but I would be grateful for a pointer. I stuck a container on the back of my hovercraft and now do not seem to be able to take it off. Can I remove it and store else where or put in my inventory or break down to component parts? The path I was trying looked like it would delete it or indeed delete my hovercraft. Any help from you smart people gratefully received, thanks.
  5. Oooh! So nice. Can I have a Blue Print for any of the above? PLEEEEASE! 🙏😀
  6. Love your work. I think an adjustment on numbers would benefit the story you have imaginatively constructed. Lore such as this really helps people to immerse themselves into any sophisticated game so well done. It is calculated that by 2200 world population figures will stabilize at around 11 Billion inhabitants and remain at that figure. A 2/3 reduction would be significant with the loss of around 8 billion lives, but still leaving a significant population. 1 Billion inhabitants on earth would be a return to bliss for the planet and it's ecosystems. It could be argued that with only 1 billion inhabitants the planet would not have the industrial resources spread on a world-wide basis to instigate and complete a project such as the Ark. I note your initial figure of a 3 B population is taken from the "lore Bible" so maybe it is that which needs revising or part of the story to explain why in 2200 Earth would only have 50% of the population it has today. Just some thoughts from me as you will no doubt (i hope) progress your timeline work. Thanks again for all your work, I enjoyed it.
  7. What happens in the event a ship is destroyed with many crew members on board? Is the ship permanently lost?
  8. Still earning money but have put on around 14 pounds !!!! Getting rid of it is nowhere as easy as accumulating it ☹️
  9. clearly a big business looms for competent ship builders and their blueprints.
  10. Same. I guess it's not live yet. Delays are always likely.
  11. There should be a new round of alpha test today, but I still have the error before。
  12. Yeah. It should be possible to download and install the game using a beta key, befrore B-day, with the last lock falling away when the beta actually opens.
  13. Plus, if this is a soft launch, ppl with a beta key miss out on days to weeks of training time for skills which will cause an uproar because NQ wasn't able to provide the keys in time
  14. They haven't sent out beta keys yet anyway, so your friend would most likely miss this test, and have to wait until Beta starts. I just hope NQ sends out the keys at least a day or two before Beta starts. We don't need people scrambling on the morning of to get things set up, and downloaded/installed.
  15. Blaze sent me this one below, so looks like I should have one, but there is nothing in my account page about it. 🤷‍♀️
  16. Xugo

    Beta keys?

    While Gold Packs are equivalent to Sponsor Packs, I don’t believe they’ll include Beta Keys. ”Basically, we decided to upgrade founder pledges with supporter rewards except: DACs from Supporter Packs Beta Keys from Supporter Packs In-game and forum titles from Supporter Packs Name in credits as a Supporter backer T-Shirt from Patron Pack.” Reference: https://support.dualthegame.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001639873-FAQ-Supporter-Packs
  17. Do the kickstarter gold packs come with a beta key? I have a friend in Argentina who is having issues paying for a supporter pack. It won't accept his card or a paypal payment. I'm wondering if I can give my beta key to him? I think I have one, but not sure where to find it.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Yes, of course I plan on being respectful. The point of the NDA is to keep problems that are still being worked on from being judged unfairly. I'm afraid if I publicly point out a problem, that I might be banned from the game.
  20. As her account has Alpha status I think it's safe to assume payment went through eventually..
  21. That is not really a question though. A question would be "Regarding [some feature], what are your plans to improve [functionality Y] during beta?"
  22. What if my questions is Why is [some feature] so screwed up? 😀
  23. Our new interview with @Daphne Jones -- we talked about roleplay, trader playstyle, economy, profits, civilization, pirates and good old times in 2nd Life! https://dupress.wixsite.com/newmeroviachronicle/post/daphne-jones Kurock 🐭 💛 Thanks for proofreading! --- Also check out our older (but still very relevant and interesting!) interviews with many cool community members: https://dupress.wixsite.com/newmeroviachronicle
  24. Shouldn't be an issue for asking a question. And NQ themselves don't just ban people without warning unless it is major, community mods are different.
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