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  2. Maybe they are not so smart and could have made more money if they just sold the ore.
  3. Maybe they brought the ore when it was cheaper? Maybe they are ditching old stock? Maybe they are playing the long game by ensuring nobody else specialised in that product, so they can slowly move to a small profit per unit? Most probably they are buying ore in bulk from a supplier and therefore are still able to make a slight profit and keep everybody else from being able to compete with them. Recyclers probably won’t be anywhere near that efficient, but if they are talent based and have different greases, such as basic, uncommon, etc.; maybe th
  4. I’m in the same boat but for different reasons. Bought a Zotac RTX3080 in October. The fan went haywire in February. Sent it for repair. Two months has passed and still no response. I reckon they resold my card for $2500 to a Bitcoin miner. I paid for a the one year warranty as part of the price but they say it’s going to be the end of may before I get my card back. That’s well over three months they will have had my card. A quarter of my warranty period wasted, basically. consumers are getting ripped off all the time. IMO They should pause your subscription
  5. Now is really not the time to buy a graphics card. They are really, really overpriced in most cases. to get one at SRP you need to search hard.
  6. Sabretooth’s comment about FAIL!! Doesn’t really make sense. there is no reason to visit 99% of the marketplaces because they have nothing valuable on sale. if the game scales up, there will be more markets like 6 and 7. But for the time being they function as a valuable hub to bring players and their wares together. Utopia station will fulfill a very similar role if player markets ever become a thing.
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  8. Hydrogen and Oxygen should only be produced on Alioth with the Recycler. Why: Physics, mostly get this from water and atmosphere generated from plants. This only exists on Alioth. Gameplay, centralized Alioth and encourages a different form of resource requirements. I suspect we will be doing fusion as one of the main power reactors, which will likely require hydrogen as fuel. I will assume you see where I'm going with this.
  9. This is a suggestion which doesn't need to be implemented soon. It's probably more of a late beta addition, probably best when the rest of combat is looked at for revision. Concept is simple. When high energy things are destroyed while actively being used they cause secondary explosions. This will require people to seriously think about where they place things and how they might need to add further protections. Now I say in use. For example, and XL engine on full burn is fully active would sensibly cause a lot more damage than an inactive one, which might not even cause a secondary
  10. I support, but also support longer periods of time. Though not time per say, but rather travel wear and tear. Micro-meteorites, radiation and such. I'm just not sure if its computationally reasonable? If it is, yes please.
  11. I am a fan of forum integrated options. I prefer the more long-term style textual communication.
  12. I would prefer something new for "R&D" and something Lore related. For example, lore wise we are in the process of remembering things. I think a lot of really basic stuff, like maybe a quarter or a third of all T1 stuff (what we might consider T0 like pipes) is inherent and comes stock free. Other T1 and maybe some T2's are sold by NPC's. The rest has to be uncovered by Talent points. Someone sacrifices remembering how to jump for the details of how to make something. Then, using some new technical element they can begin printing out a schematic, but these would take a good deal of time to
  13. It feels like SpiceRub is the only other person here to really experience combat.... That said, combat balancing at the moment is somewhat redundant when the whole system needs an overhaul And more combat related stuff like shield and power systems will be coming out in the next some number releases. Then there's voxel damage shaping which we need. Then with the generic balances which come with that, then it we really start to refine it. Coming full circle, an Xs ship built well can be more dangerous to an L core ship than a generic S and M core combat ship. I'm not goi
  14. Concerning content, REACTORS!!!! POWER!!! NEED!!!
  15. You can make drones, and some people have. The only limitation is the 2km range and needing someone to be online to keep it running.
  16. If NQ can fit it into the overall design and scope of DU, yes I think this would be great. I'm just not certain if it would fit. I would like it to.
  17. What about all those people who make crap and put it up for sale lower than the cost of the ore it took to make it with lvl 5 skills. Do they not know the ore has value and they could have made more by selling raw ore ? Maybe a warning on the market would help with this. " Warning : you are about to list this for less than it cost to make it" Or give us recyclers so we can buy the junk break it down and make something else.
  18. Yesterday
  19. True. Ignoring all RL economy issues and regulation created to compensate. Ignoring other games similar to this, having all having NPC stores for basic supplies. Takes allot of "dont want to see" to not see.
  20. Apologies, What I meant to say is ... "There are none so blind as those who just won't see." Good Day Sir.
  21. It would be nice to be able to enhance elements, rather than just stacking dozens of them. As for database, what would take up more, a ship with one hundred stacked wings, or a ship with four or six wings which have had a lot of work done on them to make them preform the same as the 100.
  22. Does adding shields also mean adding power management? What are the plans for power management? I agree shields are necessary but power management is more necessary. Just like you can't add crafting to a game before adding resources, or engines before fuel. Adding shields before power management imo just means adding yet another impossible balancing nightmare that could and should have been avoided, and making power management even more of a pointless afterthought.
  23. If this game ever becomes popular and gains a solid player base, district 6 and worse is going to be every market in the game.
  24. I first heard about this game when it was in kickstarter. It was kind of advertised as a universe of PvP with a few small areas of safety. That’s why I’m not a alpha supporter, wasn’t interest. Next time it came onto my radar it was beta, and the message seemed to have changed, to build, exploration, etc. PvP had been minimised. So I subscribed. If I knew during kickstart how it would have been now I would have been one. i have no interest in PvP, but I have no problem with it being around as long as I’m not forced into it. I play ESO on and off. I am pretty
  25. Any hints? I spawn in the building. I can somehow walk throug a blue shield into another room where is a door. The door in there I can not unlock. How can you get out there and even play the game?
  26. Can you buy what you need at the moon markets? Or are you just selling ore into bot orders? Last time I looked the moon markets were mostly dead with very little on sale. AFAIK the reason people go to district 6 and 7 is that they will be able to buy everything they want for a reasonable price. 6 in particular has more or less every item in the game listed for sale and most are at very low prices (below cost in a lot of cases).
  27. I was hopeing for the game focus is not PvP. Seems it is, so I do not log in to check very often anymore. Playing MMO`s/RPGs for more as 20 years now, all PvP Games I knew are dead in the meantime. Why: In the long run no one wants griefing, and ganking all the time when PvP is open world. PvP in arenas and when no one is forced to be there (due to quests or grinding) is fine however. All PvP Players can be there, messure their own d*** length and do not bother others. PvE games I knew are still around and have tons of players. Personaly I would not pay
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