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  2. Imagine being such a simp, such a cuck, that you have the inate intuition to denigrate other customers payments. God there is people in this community that are dumber than eucaryots. https://dualuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Dual_Universe Just so firmly convinced of the blame they attributed, they become anti consumr. It doesn't even have to make sense on a surface levels. YEAH RIGHT RIP BACKERS IN PIECES DONT GIVE THEM DAC We HATE THEM There is nothing to gain NQ won't reward you for being a good simp.
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  4. The safe zone killed the intended initial value of the STU and Haven finished it off. I can see a few ways for them to add value back to the STU as a distinct item. 1) Make Sanctuary tiles creative mode with actual commercial value (i.e. game rules allow real world sub-leasing/advertising) but the Sanctuary BPs can only be used on Sanctuary tiles. This would be legally complex and hard to accomplish without breaking other aspects of the game. I mention this not because it would be good but because it is possible. For those complaining about NQ using the Pioneer packs as a money grab, remember that it could be MUCH worse. 2) New solar systems have a slight chance of containing a Sanctuary planet/moon (preferably <= 20% of new systems) whereas everything else outside of the tri-planet safe zone is nothing but swim at your own risk. 3) Anchor point for player owned warp gates being on a Sanctuary tile ensures the other end is a safe zone or other similar effects to add value to Sanctuary tiles that does not have a current example in-game.
  5. The tools available to fine tune an interactive economy are finite. NQ had to add friction to production so that the market wouldn't be swamped early. The numbers around schematics are likely to be fine tuned after they've analyzed actual usage data. I would expect to see minor changes (hopefully time and cost reduction, possibly some increases to # runs per batch) to schematics 30-90 days post launch.
  6. I get it and I'm not trying to tell anyone that they shouldn't feel upset over how it played out. The distrust and pain of the community is squarely on NQ's shoulders for how they've handled things. I have also been vocal on these forums with my perspective trying to help some understand that everything I was seeing screamed "Beta is Beta," and a ratcheting probability of a wipe for Release. NQ could have been more up-front to prevent some of the trouble. We don't know if there were any background obligations (i.e. investor NDA, contracts, etc.) that prevented them from being fully transparent or if it was just poor choices.
  7. OK, I'm not going to rehash the old arguments (or post quotes out of the alpha-NDA forum and get them deleted by NQ like others have) but there were things in writing which are stronger than you are making out (although not a promise not to wipe). Also people were given the definite impression that the start of beta was the start of the shared history and persistence of the world. There's lots of evidence of that which is hard to argue with if you go watch some of the JC videos. Also the fact that a monthly sub was charged was a strong indicator of the start of the game. Space-lawyering aside, though, the point I'm trying to make is that a significant number of people (myself included) did not want to start playing a beta, but wanted to play DU from the start of the world rather than 1+ year in and felt they had no choice but to start playing 'for real' when the beta started. I'm pretty sure I posted things to that effect several times here during the early beta whenever people made "it's just a beta" types of posts. Those people are now frustrated at having to start all over again, and many don't want to. I think this is understandable.
  8. Tell that to Monsanto/Bayer. LOL
  9. If memory serves, they said that they did not 'plan' to reset the server but left the option should it be needed. When they released the Demeter update they changed one of the primary techs that produces planets meaning they had no choice but to reset the planets to implement it. They reiterated that they didn't want to wipe then or later but they still had the disclaimer 'unless needed.' While JC may have used that type of language verbally the company never put it in writing and guess who is no longer in the CEO role? Starting over isn't for everyone, and some rage quit when they die with a full inventory in Minecraft before they set a bed. I get that this isn't exactly the same but it still illustrates a point.
  10. My argument is merely this. Call the packs what they are. Don’t portray them as a thank you to those who supported the game through beta. It’s marketing play that is merely a ploy to draw more subs. The biggest problem that has happened through my tenure in this game is not being upfront and honest with the community. Eventually, people will give up if they can’t get honest from the company.
  11. It was never planned as an exclusive, but as a shopitem. Included in the package, you should be able to buy more later. The current question is: why would anyone want to buy something like that?
  12. Correct me if I am wrong, but prior packages are still getting most of what they were promised from Alpha and pre-Alpha. Pets and appearance cosmetic items do not appear to be involved, but Sanctuary is technically no longer needed (Haven) and the STU has become an exclusive (for now?) perk that was named in early rewards packs. Just how exclusive? Don't know yet. I agree with the assessment of the Pioneer packages being both a money grab and an accelerator that many accounts already qualify for, at least partially. Calling it a reward is a tone deaf technicality that caused some hurt feelings, but it isn't entirely accurate to say NQ is the bad guy on this. The beautiful thing about DU is that the community can take steps after the launch to make in-game items; with a little help from NQ to distribute to applicable accounts.
  13. I was doing a bit of math, not everything calculated into the details but enough to start worrying ..... Maybe I am misssing something but please challenge me or correct me if I am wrong. Case: produce at least 100 warp cells a day (or preferabele more ...) Warpcell production requires 20 parts which don't need a schema, but it requires 16 different kind of schema's as well in order to produce a single warpcell. The 16 products that require a schema: Calcium Sodium Copper Sulfur Silver Lithium Polycarbonate Plastic Glass Al-Fe Alloy Polycalcite plastic Advanced Glass Calcium reinfoirced copper Polysulfide Plastic Cu-Ag Alloy Ag-Li reinforced glass Warp Cell Each schema type requires multiple hours to create (e.g. the fastest schema's to create are the required Tier 2 Pure Material schema, this will take 100min). You can produce 5 different types of schema's at the same time. You need at least 4 runs in order to produce 16 different types of schema's You can produce more in a day then you actually need, so you can queue more then needed for e.g. 100 warpcells a day. Let's assume you queue enough for four days. That would mean I need to log in everyday and start a production of 5 schema's (the last day only 1 ....). OR ..... I need to log in multiple times a day in order to create all those schema's in a single day. Not going into all details, but this is already starting to feel like a boring day-to-day job to keep on queueing and producing the schema's needed to keep a Warpcell factory running (and nothing else)! My everyday DU day-job would very much starting to look like .... 1) Logging in 2) Check calibration of mining units (calibrate if needed) 3) Collect Ore's 4) Collect Schema's 5) Put schema's in machines 6) Start new batches of schema's 7) Go to Market and back home now the first 2 hours are most likely gone ......... 😎 then finally start doing all the nice stuff (e.g. building ships, building static constructs, work on my space station, setup industry, explore, fight, discover some astroids, etc, etc) in DU. I am spending more and more "forced things to do time" in order to play the game for the reason I buy game time from Novaquark. Is this me being negative and is it not that bad, or is it correct that we spend more and more time on things that are maybe worse then a RL job? ps: appologizes if somebody already made this calculation in another toppic. It is kinda hard to go through all that has being written previously on this topic.
  14. When producing Pure Calcium you need a Tier 2 Pure Material Production schematic, How much does it produce? The Refiner tells me that it produces 45ltr in a single batch The Tier 2 schema tells me it produces 40 in a batch (40 what?) I assume it produces 40 schema's in a batch and with that you can make 40 x 45ltr = 21.800 ltr Pure Calcium
  15. Because they don't want to make a game that could do well. They want a game as easy and maintenance free. Gone are the civ building alliance game they talked about early beta and pre alpha !
  16. Becasue it's imho the equivalent of planning our festivities for when we colonize Mars. It's way to far into the future and the technology will change significantly before it actually happens, meanwhile we have way bigger issues...
  17. There will be a new investor, I am wavering between Amazon and Meta. But it could also well be Tesla, simply because he needs something new to play with. As an extreme exception, it could also be someone from Qatar, where there is currently a lot of investment in metaverse...
  18. Well, with the last Ask Aphelia, NQ seems to take the wrong way again. So they decided that all tier of ore will be available in Safezone (outer planets are just an extension of the safezone without territory warfare or any cancel warp mechanic) What are the pros and cons for this decision? PROS - Players will don’t have to go in Space and they will not cry on forum against those terrorist nolife who killed them - Can fit with the territory warfare (but how? when? And if we got something similar to alien core outch…) CONS - Recreate the same problem of imbalance between players who are here at start and others - Players will got no interest in PVP content, asteroids or in alien core - If any balance is needed NQ will be stuck for change value of ore, when they will don’t have this problem if high tier will only be foundable on roids (put less/more roids with less/more ore and you solve any balance problem). Imagine trying to balance ore on planets where ppl decided to put they entire MU or else… It’s clearly the right way for redo the same beta mistakes - Creating a DualUniverse with no risk (don’t talk about alien core, it’s just for keep PvP players busy far from other players) will result in less interest in org/alliance, less interest in mercenary, in piracy… just in every interaction possible, friendly or not. - The economy will be again ruined by the 0 lost elements/ship rule setup by NQ in PVE and with nobody in PVP Why NQ can’t listen any suggestions PVP oriented?
  19. The video was underwhelming. Besides the poor production quality, especially the audio, the questions chosen were mediocre and the answers mostly rushed and open doors. The questions posted and answered in the post on the forum were actually better and mostly answered adequately. It is a real shame that NQ ignores the impact previous setups had on the economy and will have again as they remain in place because "you seem to use it a lot" in T1 ore buying bots and t1 element selling bots, while they use the exact opposite excuse to justify not giving out magic BPS with "they jeopardize the starting economy". Now, I am in full agreement that magic BPs would be a bad idea but for a different reason; instantly giving players warp, scanners and more high tech stuff, let alone return the spoils of exploits to players would contradict the idea of "starting fresh". This AA was a missed opportunity to answer the most asked questions, clarify the conditions of the packs, clarify whether the booster TP will be for anyone or just for those with packs, the DAC situation, the possible changes that will be made between now and launch in the pack conditions, whether construct buffs would remain in the BPs and much, much more. Now, NQ will say "yes, but we will answer those later" which is fine and all, but this is your main channel to provide clarity and answers and you used it for trivial stuff which really means very little. Again, a missed opportunity to show you care, you listen, and you respond appropriately. This was mostly just NQ being NQ doing NQ things and not really being aware of what is happening in their player community.
  20. LOL! "Will we get what you have promised?" "No" lmao. Solid 5/7
  21. Yes, there is the calibration cost. So the calculation is whether the 500k quanta you save on tile tax is greater that what you would gain from the income of a similar tile (same number of MUs and calibrations) as part of a flower on a planet/moon, but for which you pay the tile tax. It should be a straightforward calculation (that I didn't do ;-p).
  22. MUs are not free on Sanctuary, they cost time and effort in the horrible calibration you have to keep doing.
  23. Except that NQ explicitly said that the start of the 'Beta' was going to be the last full wipe. So people who wanted to discover that new game in a fresh state from day 1 felt like they had to begin at the start of beta because it would never be that way again. And that's why some people are annoyed now -- a lot of people were already playing what they considered to be the 'full' game (and paying a monthly sub for that) and were playing 'for keeps'. Two years is a long time to play and have everything erased.
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