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  2. Careful what you wish for, if NQ did something like this you find the original idea return of only sanctuary and 20km around ark ship as safe zone. Also you will se very hard speed limits and acceleration nerfs in order to maintain that “big world” feeling.
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  4. DU has always had that identity crisis. Is it a sandbox builder? or a 4x space game? There is zero reason to build anything thats not a ship in DU outside of a player deciding to be creative. Why did I wrap my factory in a building? Because we thought it would be cool to have a city like thing going on for our org. We made runways, parking spots etc. There was zero point to do this other than our desire to make something look cool. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of work required turned it from a cool idea into a grinding misery to finish. We set up on Thades, in large part to avoid the performance misery that is Alioth. Sadly there are no real tools in the game to make it easy / convienet for us to set that up as a hub of activity for other players to come to and do business. So I naturally ended up hauling most of our factory goods to alioth to sell because no one ever bothers to go shopping elsewhere unless forced like with schematics. Which really goes back to my point, the gameworld is to big. There just is not any incentive for player to do anything but go to alioth markets to transact. Static markets will forever remain one of the things that prevents communities from evolving. If everyone who produced things could setup their wares on the searchable marketplace listings at least people could setup shops, which in turn would lead them to desire to 'pretty' up their shop space. Anyway I am rambling at this point like we all do about what DU "could" be. The core point remains, the gameworld is vastly to big for the few hundred? players left actively playing? Heck I only resubbed because I needed to tear down my factory and store everything on a personal HQ tile so it doesn't get scavanged since out of the 300+ org members we have maybe 1 or 2 are ever bother to play anymore.
  5. I think the hardest part about having a community focused build pre-dementor is, that when I protested instead of people being supportive of my work, I was told I as a solo player didn't deserve what I had built. People honestly don't value most of our community based/focused builds, they are generally dead and empty cause their isn't a community/social culture in DU at the moment. I believe there isn't infrastructure or in-game features that really promote/drive social gameplay in a meaningful way either. There are hundreds of great builds 95% of us have never seen, nor will we every bother to visit as we grind for quanta and adjust to these hard pivoting (Alpha state) changes during the "Beta" before launch.
  6. Actually you raise a good point here I hadn't really been thinking about with the race tracks etc. Many of the big co-op builds are likely to be gutted soon and scavenged by all the people who think they are getting some sort of massive windfall they will keep forever. It is very likely in a few weeks all we will see is the nashing of teeth of players on hiatus that come back to check on things only to find all the stuff they / their org worked to build gone.
  7. In general I agree with your points which is why I say it would work best with a wipe. Of course as soon as you say that , the diehards who think there will never be a wipe attack like your kidnapping their children. That being said I also agree with your performance point, which is why I think static markets are a fail. Let players create markets which will more naturally spread players and movements around the planets. This is what I meant when I was referring to more tools for setting up markets etc.
  8. @Xennial Torn on this.... 1. Performance wise, cramming us together will definitely hurt game performance for a lot of players. (I see Underhook just stated that). 2. I agree with you that the space is too big, too many planets. We could have 5 planets. 3 safe (T1-T3), 2 pvp (T4+T5), without getting too crammed. 3. Sanctuary along with other planets need everything magic Bp'ed back to people and then all planets fully wiped of constructs. I mean at this point massive damage has already been set in motion for all community projects, with very little in the way of preventing loss. Things have been so destabilized I feel the players who will be in the best position in the future are those with an M-Core ship or smaller, with optimized MU's on 7 tiles with industry if they enjoy that. Anything bigger is just exposed to too much risk due to the destabilizing changes.
  9. Interesting proposal. You idea makes sense from a player interaction point of view ...... however Can the game currently handle a city. I dont think so. Since the start of beta the game performance dies as soon as a number of players and their constructs get together. Making the "space" smaller might actually make performance worse. At the moment, I really dont think NQ care to much about the player base they seem to be focused on the final game and are not concerning themselves with the short term playability of the game. For example .23 (industry wipe) and now Demeter (mining and scan wipe) are probably beneficial in the long term future of the game but are basically punishing players who did hard work for the future. On this forum there is a player trying to save a race track from destruction since many of the builders (hex owners) dont play anymore. Why would a player contribute to a massive society structure right now when at any time another patch might wipe it out. Imagine if we all got together and built a city and they wiped it. Its pretty clear we are in Alpha and NQ is treating us as alpha players ..... the title "beta" is only there so they can justify the price. Well thats my opinion anyway.
  10. I think it's time for NQ and us all to accept that the DU sandbox is just to big. All these planets and moons, most of which serving zero purpose outside of containing an ore type. With that tiny player population thats left we are just never going to see anything but vast stretches of nothingness with a spattering of constructs in 95% of the game world. Proposal : Keep the core 3 planets and moons and drop the rest of the planets for now. Ring the 3 planet area with a persistently spawning asteroid belt outside safe space. T3+ ores found out there. Someday in the distant future if DU is ever a success and you need more room add the outter planets. Obviously this would make the most sense with a wipe, but if it could be done without then all the better to not lose more of the few players that remain. Then NQ can focus on giving players more tools for setting up their own cities / markets etc. Maybe just maybe, people would have a reason to build things and feel like they are not totally alone in the universe by moving 2 tiles outside of their org/home tiles. Territory wars and all that jazz was a nice dream, but even if it was implemented tomorrow, no one would bother living outside the safe zone. You would have a few mining platforms spattered around with whatever defenses as no one would risk any big investments. Lets be fair the combat technology in DU is abysmal and will never be anything buy abysmal because of the way they handle the simulation with this engine. Leave the ship-ship pew-pew in the asteroid belt and call it a day. I strongly suspect in a matter a few weeks we will see most planets barren of territory claims now that they actually have to be upkept.
  11. I think the primary fear with P2W models or anything akin to that is that, a lot of us come to a game to escape economic inequality, poverty, hardship, rough/taxing jobs etc. What we really fear is the same people that have it all RL, coming in and rubbing our faces in the same fecal by having all the best everything in-game, our choice for escape, just as we are reminded every day of our lack of status based in person and on social media on our vehicle, house, clothing, phone, title, income, bank account, etc... So where does one escape if you are at the bottom everywhere cause you can't afford to buy your way to the top?
  12. I really want to dive back into discord and reconnect with everyone but I am just too busy right now. Things should ease up again in February and I will hopefully be able to help out once more. For now, here are my questions. Pick and choose whichever you like. Exploration Demeter removed the main incentive for exploration. The only remaining mechanics that support this would be wreck salvaging and asteroids. I know you increased asteroid spawn rates but was anything done with the salvaging mechanic? Are their still downed ships out there to discover or were they cleared in the geo-reset? I am probably not going to get an answer to this one but its worth a shot. "Fixed hide owner and DRM information when raycasting mysterious objects." What do you mean by mysterious objects and who owns these? Is this what I think it is? Did you add more of them? Territory Mechanics After the first two weeks, is it fair to assume that territories marked inactive on the map must therefore be player HQ tiles? Are their any other reasons for tiles to be marked as inactive or any other method to distinguish regular tiles from HQ tiles? Both changing the HQ state of a tile or tokenizing it can lead to instant abandonment. Are their warning messages in place for both of these scenarios? How are players notified about construct requisitions? What about players with expired subscriptions can they expect an email warning? Geography Reset Everything appears to have gone smoothly and there was indeed a massive increase in client performance. Do you happen to know how it turned out on the backend? Did the server-ops team get the results they were looking for? Patch notes mentioned that 8 territories on each planet are currently bugged and will not work with mining units. Could you give us a rough idea where we should exercise caution (ie: poles, equator, etc)? Off-topic NQ-Kyrios, during the earlier stages of development we saw many beautiful design sketches and concept arts. Nowadays your department is shrouded in mystery and we only get to see final renders. Does your team still make use of rough drafts? Any unpublished artwork that you can share with the community? Please tease us with some unlabeled device scribbled on a napkin. My Thoughts on Demeter (Not a Question) Before this update, new players could progress very quickly by mining and selling ore. Several even made it to other planets on their first day (something that was supposed to take a month to achieve). It was too easy to reach endgame content and that is not a good recipe for a subscription based game. Demeter slows player progression and also adds a degree of adjustability to it via the new tax based quanta sink. These changes are unpopular with existing players but it was the correct decision for the future of the game and I applaud you for it. You will of course need to add more activities to keep new players occupied, but that is likely what the Juno update is for. Keep up the good work and use the extra time you have gained post launch to stay ahead of the curve with new endgame features. Oh and one more thing. A special thank you to all the NovaQuark staff that assisted with implementing the demeter excavation process.
  13. Will there be a balance of T1 ores on planets? As in providing all t1 ores on every planet like before so that people can make fuel at the very least
  14. Hello @NQ-Pann I was hoping since we are talking about reporting/bannable offenses. 1. Can we have forum rules that are uniform with DU's in game Code of Conduct? 2. What are we doing to keep people from weaponizing moderators/mods with intentional baiting to get people banned? I mention this as there is no secret in the DU community I am hot tempered. I don't want to be, I suffer from PTSD, anxiety, all which contribute to anger management issues. While I don't believe this excuses me from following the rules, it certainly makes me vulnerable to being triggered into responses to peoples toxic behavior. I am a lot like a mirror if you show me aggression, I will give aggression back. If you show me kindness I will return that kindness, I am pretty simple that way. One thing people don't know about me vs. my colorful language is I am in the process of trying to seek mental health help real life for my aggression, anxiety and PTSD. I see way to many people on forum, general (in-game), and discord intentionally baiting people into a level of frustration they can report. I use DU as a coping/de-stressing activity, and the Dementor changes have been super destabilizing due to everything I have lost, how the changes impact me as a builder. So I think a lot of people have seen me much more angry and upset verbally in the past month than the past couple of years I have been on. So when people say "if you don't have a thicker skin don't login." They don't understand I live in the city in a one bedroom apartment. Traffic is hard to drive in cause people are dangerous, on their phones and aggressive when they drive. Work is hard cause you deal with the public which isn't always friendly or kind, sometimes you are treated like trash. You walk your dogs people don't leash their dogs so then you have dogs that run up and attack your dog, but you can't afford to move to a place out in the country. If I log off, I can't go out in public, and I am trapped in my one bedroom apartment, DU is sadly probably a little pathetic my best escape from a very high stress & dangerous career. I am cornered, and handling the best I can until I can find therapy or better options for managing both my stress, PTSD, anger, etc. Yet we have approaches to moderation that can unilaterally punish whoever gets emotionally stressed first, stacking the punishment/harm on that individual. Unprovoked I am not a rude, crude, or violent individual, nor am I excusing my behavior, just a lifetime of hardship and conditioned environment has created a lot of undesirable non-pro-social reactions on my part. I love this community and this game even if I sound very unhappy currently due to dementor changes + massive real life stress. I 100% agree I need to do better, and I am trying, it is definitely a process though, and I need moderation standards that don't just treat me like I am a nail and they are the hammer.
  15. The nebula is pretty much a cheap way to not have to fix a more mprominent issue, local lighting. Lights in DU have always been sketchy and really have not changed much, if at all. Doing lighting right is not easy and personally I coudl live with a reasoning that the nebula is here now but will be replaced once devs get around to implementing proper lighting. Right now NQ has bigger fish to fry.. such as keeping their own lights on..
  16. This is just so very funny and sad at the same time. NQ basically hacked in a right to use a mining unit and called it "Mining Unit" It's pretty much an unneeded right as the esixting rights should cover the use of a mining unit since: Access to a mining unit allows it's use/activation as is the case for any other element in the game. The "Mine territory" right allows access to the territories resources and so determines whether activating a mining unit actually results in mining resources. Not to complicate things for themselves and since actually designing in a consistent way seems too hard, yesterday's "hotfix" shows Updated Mining Unit right description and name. And with it the right "Mining Unit" is renamed to "Use Mining Unit". It's still a superfluous right for which there actually is no need. It also break the core design purpose of how the RDMS system is set up and should work (yes NQ, I understand how RDMS works, seemingly better than whoever thought this up). There is no need for this right as handmining and use of mining units is mutually exclusive, so one right "Mine Territory" is sufficient for either. The fix should have been: Removal of the "Mining Unit" right The "mine Territory" right will determine if a mining unit is activated This is textbook NQ "fixing bugs", the issue is still there and nothing really changes, we just change the rule in order to not have to actually address and fix anything. It also shows that different devs do not actually care to (re)use existing code or options and seemingly can't be bothered to learn the mechanics of a feature someone else made but feel they must cook their own at every corner.. The game is filled with examples of this. Some will say this is a minor issue and why the fusss, I'd say, this is a structural flaw in the way NQ designs their game and uses their own in game functionality in inconsistent ways. It is a waste of developer resources/time and thus money.
  17. Can we have an option to not publicly display territory names to other players? I have a lot of territories claimed for auto-mining, and I want them to be organized in my tax-screen, but I don't want to let other people know what I have on my territories by clicking on it on the map and seeing a territory name.
  18. I'd like a higher number of charges you can store, just so you could not play for more than a day and a half and not waste charges. At least pumping it a little, so it takes 48 hours to fill up, would be a big improvement. you 'technically' have 35 hours before they fill up at max skills, but it really feels like 24 hours, because most people would be playing at around the same time on any given day, and wouldn't be able to stagger their play sessions for 35 hours like that. just keep the charge recharging rate the same, and this shouldn't really have an effect on the amount of ore entering the economy.
  19. @NQ you really need to review some mechanics here to let single players be competitive. You need to have a progressive taxation that is very small for few territories and grows for each territory someone gets on a planet/moon. Only in this way you can achieve what you said was the purpose to avoid players or orgs to have too many Territories because only in this way a territory can't (as you declared) repay itself just mining it. You need to review the asteroid mining. The asteroids cannot spawn all together on weekend, you penalize who can't play on weekend, they need to spawn randomly at any time in any day. You can't reveal an asteroid as soon as a player approaches it, you don't give chance to this player to get anything since someone else will arrive in short time to the asteroid. Single players again are screwed. You cannot deny a player to warp away if has been attacked by someone it is unrealistic and a clear intention from your side to give "food" to those play just for pvp... sorry I'm not interested in it, the pvp in this game is just horrible plus with all connection problems I'm not going to risk all I've for nothing because yes it is just nothing for a single player go to an asteroid out of e safe zone and not having the time to get anything. Said so I think the performances increase a bit but not because of the terrain but because now I can set max 30 construct, in fact at the market there was no digging stuff but many constructs and while before i almost couldn't move on them now I get less freezing time. Hope you listen what I wrote because I think can really make the difference in having players keep playing or having them gone. In the past year I worked a lot to have an industry and now with this mechanic I may not be able to run it for the type of material I need and can't get anymore. Buying all of them it doesn't make sense.
  20. The limiting factor on the number of MUs you can productively have at any given time is the recharge time. The drop off time can be extended to 7 days, but then the time to recover the calibration charge has to be increased correspondingly to keep production levels constant. More active players who want to switch between ores that are being mined every other day (for example) might not like that.
  21. After seeing the pictures I definitely prefer the black space. Looks way better.
  22. @NQ-Nyzaltar Thank you for enforcing community standards. I appreciate it, with all sincerity. Did Cergorach, Also recieve a warning or is the moderation here unilateral for correcting someone forcefully for instigating/insulting? If not shouldn't purposeful baiting and insulting be a violation or is word choice the bigger issue vs. Instigating toxicity? As the rules state excessive profanity which is not defined in clear terms for the games code of conduct. Also the game and forum rules are not uniform/consistent which I was not aware of. I have brought this up a couple of times as I feel community rules for moderation should consider the context and if the warned party was instigated by another. It has been common pattern in general, forum and discord that, people instigate then report as a way to weaponize moderators against those they are instigating. Thank you, hope you had a good holiday yesterday if you participated. - Cody Ps. Not trying to challenge, just trying to clarify to avoid future moderation against me.
  23. In the last Q&A I asked about the spread of T4/T5 ores being deliberately pushed to the asteroids, to which the response was 'No' - Now with the deployment of Demeter, the spread of all ores seem to have been significantly reduced across all planets, but particularly T3 and above, with even T2 being a lot more rare than before the geo reset. This seems to go directly against the response given in the previous Q&A, as well as significantly impacting the ability of players (especially solo) to find and establish a stable ore income of reasonable volume & diversity. Has NQ considered the impact of potential ore rarity due to low extraction volumes, brought about by miners not transitioning to the new MU's, extraction rate caps from pool rates and charge caps, as well as larger orgs stockpiling to maintain gigafactorys (and potentially control market manipulation) and reduced quanta flow through the economy due to tile taxes? And no, saying players can always take Aphelia Missions to make quanta is NOT a reasonable response, as Missions are not a game-play loop that many players want to, or are able to spend the time undertaking.
  24. When will you return VR for missions? Previously, we could transport other people's missions, but now it's inconvenient. A lot of my friends want to leave the game. It was thanks to the missions that my friends returned to the game this summer. Please do not delete this great VR mechanic
  25. What will the first iteration of territory warfare look like? How soon will it arrive?
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