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  2. I checked the thread and didn't notice whether we had posted our new logo, so here it is. I would like to take this opportunity to mention that for the 3rd quarter of 2019, SLI retail sales have exceeded 5 million quanta for finished elements and 3 million quanta for ore, and our contract sales are in excess of 6 million quanta for finished elements and honeycomb, including volume discounts. We look forward to an even bigger fourth quarter and are interested in direct hires for miners, pilots and production engineers, as well as developing our business relationships with independent and organizational suppliers and customers. Good luck, and happy DUings!
  3. To answer your specific question, you will only be able to play when the server is "up". See https://www.dualthegame.com/en/server-status/ for the current schedule.
  4. I sign this statement for every game in development. On topic: On their Youtube channel they have uploaded many videos, especially the Dev diaries have always been worth seeing because they convinced me that the technology works. Also the interviews they gave at Gamescom 2018 give the impression that it seems to work. They haven't shown anything of pvp yet, so there's one core feature missing for me. The roadmap says it will come with Alpha 3 next year. One can assume, as they said in a podcast, that we will see a "pvp lite" before Alpha 3. Here's their Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRPE8HHvv1EYu8YwqNgOD8w Here's a Gamescom Walkthrough:
  5. The above is a very subjective expectation of the game with a lot of assumed traits. So here is mine: The game world is huge. While yes, there will be combat outside safe zones we currently know next to nothing in what that will look like. I personally do not expect PVP as far as combat will have the impact some claim/expect/assume it will simply because of the scale of the world we play in. I think it will be fairly easy to find a location where you can build your story in the game virtually undisturbed unless someone stumbles onto you or you are ready to let yourself be found. That's not to say you should not be prepared for pirates of rogue groups just out to pick fights. And as far as whether you should "purchase" the game; If you need to ask or be convinced then the answer is probably no.
  6. Buying a package now allows you to play during the alpha, beta, and release. You can go to https://www.dualthegame.com/en/pledge/ There you can see the different "perks" you can get with each package Make sure you scroll down and click on the down arrows to show more Also make sure you click on the FAQ and read each one of the questions VERY IMPORTANT to check you can even run the game at this stage https://support.dualthegame.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002021534-System-requirements Note that this game WILL be a SUBSCRIPTION model, after a certain free period, you will have to pay a monthly fee, different packages come with different prepaid subscriptions for after release, and you can upgrade your package after you purchase it.
  7. Just making sure you are coming into this game with your eyes wide open: It's going to be a full on PvP game. There will be limited safe zones(resource poor to non-existent), we aren't sure yet, but most assume full loot. You will die, probably alot, it is and will be a complex game with a very steep learning curve. I think this is what will make this game so much fun. some links to check out, make note of the server status one Links to all things DU - General Discussions - Dual Universe As I was answering another question I realized we may be skipping the most important stuff: This game will be sub after release, it will not be free to play https://support.dualthegame.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002021534-System-requirements Can you even run the game?
  8. Yeah. NDA doesnt let us say much. But as stated look at videos NQ has posted. It is still Alpha but you get whats expected from them. If you like the kinda game they say they are making its worth backing.
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  11. Sometimes I think it is good alpha testing has periods when it is off, otherwise I would be there non-stop
  12. Vielen Dank dafür 😅 Wie Jolly schon genau richtig erzählt hat ist keiner gezwungen was zu machen wozu er keine Lust hat. Wenn dir z.B. eher nach bauen wäre, oder was auch immer, dann gibt es da keine Probleme. Wichtig ist nur das man in der Gruppe zusammen hält, Rücksicht aufeinander nimmt und das gleiche Ziel verfolgt. Zumindest nicht gegen das allgemeine Ziel von Helheim arbeitet. Du kannst jederzeit gerne ins Discord kommen. Zu den nicht Testzeiten sind eher wenig Leute da, aber wenn ein Dual Test läuft ist man selten lange alleine im Voice Channel. Denke alles weitere besprechen wir dann so 😎
  13. Für eine Bewerbung schau mal bitte hier https://www.helheim.eu/ Oder hier https://discord.gg/SyvR8y (Discord) Immer muss die Putz Fussel sich um alles kümmern.😊
  14. hello, this maybe a silly question however if i was to pledge/buy a package now will i only be able to play during the alpha tests or is the server available to play at any time. many thanks
  15. 😂🤣 Danke für die Antworten. Ist ein offenes, nettes Konzept was ihr da verfolgt.
  16. here is a link to most of the official and some non-official links, which includes the server status
  17. ok well going to start you off with https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/17197-links-to-all-things-du/ Which includes a link to server status https://www.dualthegame.com/en/server-status/ So hum you got a bit more to wait
  18. I think it was in the last ama that they walked back that idea.
  19. discordauth:XBN5uHESUQNxVVgfIZBdcFUOa1779gcger0Rei98MQw=

  20. The last official episode of Season 3 will be released next Tuesday (October 22nd). If you have any questions for us or for the podcast in general, send them on over and we'll answer them before the season ends.
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  22. thre is actully possibility for other solar systems in beta its on the road map
  23. there working on making this easyer so you dont have to do this
  24. discordauth:H2iCT02wK6ODhl_vvl9BQxp4nhKomCyBaS-2YFFJErE=
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