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  2. There are like 30-40 people showing up to defend the cores maximum. There are hundreds still playing the game. If you can't take it back even for a short time then you are all bad and we should get to keep it all! Seriously though everyone is talking like there is no possible way to get plasma because one group is hoarding it. I can think of at least two ways -- join one of the groups fighting over it or form a new group and try to take some plasma. Yes, that's hard, but this is supposed to be endgame content and it's supposed to be hard. Some people in here seem to just want some other way of doing it so they can just sit in the safezone and do a thing that will lead to them getting the endgame rewards without playing the endgame. If you want the reward without playing the game just be patient and wait until you can buy it off the market. It's bound to happen eventually. And yes, it's boring as ... to sit on the honeypot. Come and shoot at it!
  3. Thanks Atmosph3rik, I guess im going to be making new containers!!.. Still I'm going to load them up and test them with out the hub.
  4. The rumor is that connecting the Inverted containers to a Hub removes the benefits but retains all the negative aspects. So you don't get the mass reduction, but you still get the increased weight and the decreased storage capacity. I haven't tested it myself but that's what i've heard. Assuming that's true. You wouldn't want to connect the Inverted containers to a Hub, you would want to use them individually. All of the benefits of the Optimized containers do work with a Hub, so if you switch to Optimized containers then you wouldn't need to ditch the Hub.
  5. So, which containers are the best ones to be using? I actually have 4 Uncommon Gravity-Inverted Large linked with a HUB on my ship. I transport 300,000kl of Malachite back and forth from Thades. Do I need to change them to the Optimized version and ditch the hub.?? Warping to Thades empty is like ~36, warping back full is ~80 WC.
  6. Up until now snapshots haven't really mattered unless your ship was getting shot at. But it sounds like they are going to matter more now. Could we get a bit more info on snapshots? I know that i can take a manual snapshot from the context menu in build mode. And i think a new snapshot is taken every time you leave build mode. But i also get a message saying that the snapshot failed sometimes. If i enter build mode on my ship, while it has damaged elements, will they be saved in the snapshot and no longer be able to be repaired by the maintenance unit? Maybe i'm misunderstanding something, but that doesn't sound ideal.
  7. I've heard it mentioned in game at some point that the gravity inverted containers don't work with hubs by design. Does anyone have a link to the ethereal Discord post that might have started that rumor? I've never seen any info on this anywhere. The only way i knew they didn't work with hubs was because i overheard a conversation about it in general chat. As a ship builder this doesn't make any sense. We've always had the convenience of Hubs, and it seems as though the mission system was designed with the assumption that we would never need to split up a mission package into multiple containers, because every ship has a hub. If for some odd reason they don't want us to be able to use the gravity inverted containers with a Hub, then we should be able to split up a mission package. I don't want to have to design a ship around an Extended XXL container. If this is really an intentional design feature, then it totally changes ship design. Hubs are something we've always had. Why take them away now?
  8. I think risk reward is OK, but as the system is designed, it leads to a monopoly in the long term. currently most of the alien cores are usually in possession of just one group. It should be possible as well for individuals to have a chance to get plasma, even if a high risk is involved. sure, the most powerful group should be able to have the best supply of it, but it should never be an exclusive thing. especially if then that brings with it additional power that makes it harder again to ever change the situation as it is usually. and honestly. i assume it must be boring as .... to sit on the honeypot. 😉 this does not encourage people to challenge the current distribution of force. it mostly just keeps people from even thinking about getting involved in PvP, and showing some will to go out to the PvP zone
  9. Actually there was a real point in there. Admittedly I didn't spoon feed it to you.
  10. They finally listened to people eh, thank god for that. That's the only thing that was driving me crazy about that game. I guess I will be back when it is added then.
  11. Then this post is not for you. If you don't need a warp beacon, it doesn't mean that other players don't need it. I make a lot of flights, there are bases on all planets and orbits, I calibrate miners, take and complete missions that are transported by other players. And every time I have to return to my base 2.5 - 3 sous. It seems not far, but it's 10 - 15 minutes of time. And there can be 5-6 such flights in an evening. A warp beacon is a natural technology for a space game, and in DU, they made a super value out of a warp beacon. Even if there is no plasma in production, this technology is expensive in itself in terms of quantum, resources and production time.
  12. 1.2 and 1.3 updates seem to be aimed at what the players want the game to be instead of whatever plan was being worked on previously and it shows. Keep up the communication and creating a fun game to play. Looking forward to PVE teaser photos!
  13. a really nice set of features. looking forward to this release! thx NQ!
  14. Last week
  15. Not played for awhile so thought I'd ask here, has placing schematics in the machines manually been changed yet? I would be willing to come back if that huge chore was changed.
  16. Will Maintenance Units work on dynamic constructs? One obvious use case is to strip down abandoned constructs, which will be difficult if a static/space core is required.
  17. Will NQ unlock EAC for usage with Wine on Linux? I doubt the launcher will work, but it would be awesome to see this compatibility enabled. If this would require testing to ensure quality on Linux (regardless of decision), that information would be also appreciated.
  18. You can warp to any planet. The only long flights are to alien cores or space construct you created. So there is no "need" for people that aren't pvping to really have warp beacons.
  19. Dear Noveans, Update 1.3 is on its way! As we finalize the Maintenance Unit and prepare for its public test session (more on that below), we are excited to share the details of update 1.3 with all of you. We also want to thank you for your patience as we work towards bringing you a new PvE system in Dual Universe. Our development team is working hard to create an exciting and enjoyable feature that provides the best gaming experience for everyone. We are prioritizing PvE and are working to bring it to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can still look forward to other new features (like the ones below), with more details coming on our Social Media and teaser livestreams on Twitch. With that, let’s look at update 1.3! THE MAINTENANCE UNIT We’re replacing Repair Units with Maintenance Units, giving players more flexibility in maintaining their constructs by allowing repair and disassembly. Repair: You can choose to repair damaged elements, honeycomb, or both Use scrap to repair damaged elements or replace them Choose what happens to extra elements: If damaged elements are not part of the original snapshot, they can either be recycled or repaired with scrap and recovered. They will be recovered if they are undamaged but not part of the original construct snapshot. Destroyed extra elements (those with no remaining repair counts) will be recycled. Repairing honeycomb structures requires the exact amount of honeycomb missing, and elements still need the same amount of scrap to fix. Disassembly: You can remove all honeycomb and elements on a construct, including the core. The maintenance unit will use its linked container to retrieve all items instead of using it to repair. Damaged elements can be repaired with scrap before recovery or recycled. Destroyed elements (those with no remaining repairs) will always be recycled. THE CONSTRUCT SCHEMATIC CONTAINER Following popular demand by our community members who grew tired of manually inserting schematics into industries, we’ve now added the option to designate a single container on a construct to act as the schematic provider for all industry units on the construct. This feature is accessible by simply right-clicking on a container and selecting “Set as schematic container” from the context menu. UEF SHOP EXPANSION Looking to buy ships from Aphelia? We’ve grown the UEF shop with new floors and a Blueprint Basement that sells copies of all outposts and speeders. Before launch, we ran the ‘Build Your Legacy’ contest, giving DU builders a chance to be woven into the game by building speeders and outposts for new players. We’ve added the winners to our First Time User Experience and into the Blueprint Basement of UEF stores. We’ve also added four bonus speeders and an extra outpost! INTRODUCING EASYANTICHEAT (EAC) Accessing and manipulating game files is critical to many disreputable players who want to cheat by automating actions or gaining hidden data, for example. To combat this, we shortlisted EQU8 and EasyAntiCheat (EAC) when implementing our original solution for Dual Universe. With the sale of EQU8 to 1047 Games and the closure of their service to third-party customers, we will switch to EAC. We want to thank EQU8 for their amazing service and responsive support and are excited to transition into EAC. The only change that should be visible to our players is seeing EAC instead of EQU8 as the anti-cheat system in Dual Universe. UPCOMING PTS SESSION Many of you have requested a PTS testing session, and our goal is to open the PTS to the public between Friday, February 10th, at 10:00 UTC and Monday, February 13th, at 10:00 UTC. The PTS will allow you to test all features of Update 1.3 and help us with information and feedback on the PTS Forum thread to tune the features. Your involvement has been invaluable in helping us shape the future of Dual Universe. As we progress with development, we want to thank you for your continued support and engagement and invite you to share your feedback. We’re working hard to give you all an enjoyable and immersive gaming experience and look forward to introducing more upcoming features. Thanks for playing, Noveans!
  20. maybe try and reply with something useful instead of stroking your epen
  21. Dear NQ. Game too hard. I can has easy mode?
  22. I gave up on paying rents out of mining and started running missions. 1 loop of the inner planets with a 2kt hauler can pay for a whole month of rents after fuel etc. Static mining to pay rents is definitely doing it the hard way, unless you have some real high value tiles. Keep that ore for the factory.
  23. In most instances the most rare and advanced resources are locked behind a firewall of difficulty and risk. So no.. no plasma until you join that Alliance/Org or you take it for yourself.
  24. That's pretty interesting RugesV... Thank you. I'll think about that a bit.
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