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  2. It's been a very very long time but, creating sustainable rewards for roaming around the beautifully crafted planets and moons is a genius move. And you're spot on about the need for reliable income to keep players engaged. Have you thought about applying a similar strategic approach to game development as you would with, say, Magento 2 speed optimization? Starting simple and building upon it could be a game-changer (literally!).
  3. I'm going to comment.. and honestly maybe this'll be the last comment on the forum. The appeal of Dual Universe started back in the day with networking. We built organizations in our head, put them on paper in discord, and then had final rivaling each other with the hanging out thrown in there. Then we got the game and no matter how hard we tried, we could only pull so many people from the prior networking game into the actual game. It was rough, the novelty could only be enjoyed by so many people during the pre-alpha and alpha launches. Technical issues and the unoptimized state stunted the growth that the game needed. I think DU deserved a better outcome that couldn't be executed for many reasons. It wasn't one mistake, and from the people who've told me a number of what went on behind the scenes, it wasn't a lack of will. It ultimately came down to consistent failures; some failures came from scaling a small team into a larger developer, some came from lack of attention on the game, some came from game play design itself, and some came from lack of listening to community feedback. Some issues killed the game more than others and I don't have the answers for which ones were the worst. To be fair, Novaquark had vision. What I'm commenting in terms of the issues is from years ago now. I hope things change. I'll hopefully download the game again and give it a spin to feel some of the memories come back. I agree with @Firestorm that it's more fun with a group... and I wish there were more groups.
  4. well before anything they would have to actually develop the game...tbh it all looks more like the server will get shut down soonish with there being no momentum from novaquark at all. optimistically thinking they could be working on a bigger update but i kinda doubt it sadly...DU could have been a great game but they really rammed it in the ground.
  5. Ooow thank! Lets go for the exiting Pure Nickel Productivity 😁😂 Gotta keep that factory running!
  6. FWIW, if your business model consisted of a subscription of less than $10 per month, I'd still be playing DU but at approx $20 per month it's too expensive so I have found other games that are less than $10 per month. You could so easily have a cheap subscription or zero subscription for just the basic game with extras we have to pay to be able to do. At the moment you are getting nothing from me and I'm not playing so offering me double talent points just isn't going to get me back. If you offered players like me who have left half a year or more ago, a six month sub for $10 per month, I'd come back and so might others. Just giving you feedback.
  7. Noveans, We're doubling your talent points accumulation rate pleasure starting on February 14th, 2024 and will last until February 20th, 2024. What will you do with the 100% bonus of talent points burning a hole in your pockets? Which talent will you put at the top of your list to train in? Whether it is a new specialty or a talent you wish to get maxed out in, we hope that you love the extra talent points! Which talents you train in is up to you to choo-choo-choose. 😘 We love all of your talents Noveans! ❤️
  8. The Southern Cross High Guard is an Oceanic (Australia and New Zealand) Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming Guild, Clan, Group, and Community consisting of mature gamers (age 18+). It represents a dynamic and multifaceted guild that blends rigorous MILSIM elements with the excitement of science fiction and space-themed games. The guild's approach integrates multiple games into a single narrative universe, offering its members a diverse and immersive experience. “Mateship” makes up our code; we stress loyalty, equality, and friendship, supporting each other in order to succeed, we reject unnecessary restrictions and possess a sarcastic sense of humour, conversations, and a laid-back attitude. To stay up to date with guild events and to keep in contact with other guild members, we ask that you join our DISCORD server. This is our ‘official’ guild roster and allows us to organise and discuss what is happening across the verses.
  9. If anyone is new to DU as it seems like there are starting to be more newcomers of late or you are an existing player looking for an org to play with. Our org still has a presence in DU, message me over discord for an invite to our server and apply to the org in game. - Firestorm
  10. Also remember that player count is only factoring in steam, the player count is indeed low but its probably more or less triple that estimate as most players don't even use steam thanks to poor marketing by NQ and the review bomb on launch by a large number of people over pvp issues and post indy overhal update “the great exodus” from beta that left a sour taste for a lot of people. But yeah majority of the statements are fairly accurate otherwise. Though its def still active, i play every day still with a handful from my org DSI and theres still people in game chat, help channel and the market is still functioning. As for pvp i personally have fought in on average 1-2 fleet battles a week. (Im counting fleet battles as anything more than 3 multi-crewed ships). for me it’s fun still in my own opinion, I’ll likely play until the servers bill isn't paid. I still wish NQ had created the ability to host your own private servers. Would have been neat imo. if you do decide to get back into the game definably more fun with a group.
  11. DU may have been designed as an MMO but I question that it ever lived up to the Massively part of that acronym. There are more full population, invite-only minecraft servers than DU players using the steam client.
  12. I guess it's a matter of perspective. To me, an online game that's ostensibly is an MMO is dead when the developer stops updating it. It's like a dead language -- people still speak Latin, but it's classified as a dead language because it is no longer evolving and changing. People might still play DU, but it's a dead game because the developers are focusing on other projects. It's great if people can still play it and have fun, but it is dead in the sense that it isn't going to change, isn't going to improve, and isn't going to grow. The delineation isn't really important if you're still playing and enjoying the game, but it does matter to people that are thinking about buying it. I think the reviews are more than fair in that context. At the very least, people should be aware that their monthly sub isn't going to improve or grow DU...but is likely being spent to further the studio's three other game projects. TLDR: It's not hyperbole to suggest that an "MMO" with no future updates planned and less than a hundred players online during peak times is dead.
  13. The game definitely falls within the "mmo" genre. The population is quite small but seems to be dedicated and some of us do have fun despite the lack of any meaning development in the past (checks calendar).. forever.. but there are enough players for the economy to function and have people to shoot at sometimes, so the game isn't dead but its not bursting at the seams either. People just like being hyperbolic in their reviews, I guess.
  14. It's all about image IMO. NQ's CEO is still posting about how brilliant DU is. They're just using player creations as a marketing tool to make their company look "cutting-edge". From their last LinkedIn post: Sounds impressive to investors that don't bother looking into the product...as they'd realize that Dual Universe has never been an "MMO"...the scam game The Day Before has something like 47 times more players at peak than DU. Web3 sort of people are all the same...they all think they're pushing boundaries when really they're making shit that doesn't even work.
  15. @Castanietzsche I'd suggest you look at a recent announcement about this here: Best of luck to you in getting your stuff!
  16. I have been watching for signs of hope but the forums have all but died. At this rate I doubt I will achieve the forum post count goal I set for myself years ago without spamming or being a Steve Martin level of Jerk. TBH, I am surprised NQ still keeps the lights on for this game.
  17. 🤷‍♂️ They've not officially confirmed that the game is no longer under development, but that's the reality. NQ is focused on their three other game projects. The CEO's recent LinkedIn post says: DU hasn't changed much since the wipe because they haven't been developing it and have no plans to do so. Player counts seem closer to around 35-40 peek in recent days -- counts seem to be slowly decreasing still, but I'm surprised they are even this high.
  18. Dear Kickstarter Backers, The production of your Kickstarter Physical Reward(s) is nearing completion! Silver packages have started shipping, while Gold and Sapphire are almost ready to go. Ruby, Emerald and Kyrium are processing and we hope to have more news about their shipping status soon. Have you had a change of postal address in 2023? We’re giving you one last chance to update your address with this form. We want to make sure that the rewards arrive safely, so if you’ve had a postal address change, please fill out the form so our files are as accurate as possible. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: - If you have not created your Dual Universe account yet, you will need to do so. On creating your account, make sure to use the same email address as your Kickstarter backer one and fill out the address on your profile:https://www.dualuniverse.game/signup - All updates to your postal address must be completed by Friday, February 16th, 2024. PLEASE NOTE: After the above deadline, the address we have on file is the one that the rewards will be shipped to. We are unable to give any additional opportunities for postal address changes after this time. We apologize for the long time this rewards shipping took. We can't thank you enough for your contribution to Dual Universe, which wouldn't exist without you. See you in game!
  19. I was thinking about jumping back in, but Steam charts say the peak player count is around 45. That didn't seem right, so I thought I'd jump on here. How are things going??
  20. I hope we'll finally get them. I resent another ticket today. The one from 3w ago had no answer.
  21. How can I go about getting the in game title I was supposed to receive? I never got the Elite Title but received the Reliable Soldier Title
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