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  2. It's called "Dual Universe" because the game's lore is based on Quantum Branching (Many-worlds Interpretation) discovered on the 2400s. In this concept, all possible succeeding outcomes (called "Quantum Events") exist in their own different, separate, and parallel universe and what outcome one realizes in the present is the Quantum Event belonging to the universe (branch point) one is in. When you die in Dual Universe, another parallel universe (Quantum Event) exists where everything is identical except you didn't died and you are inside the Resurrection Node. When you die and then resurrected, you are now playing the game on a different Quantum Event (different universe) where you didn't died. That is where the title "Dual Universe" came from.
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  4. Black holes will be rare.Very rare, but if you go searching, you might be able to fnd one inside a month.We will follow the concept that black holes are wormholes, and will teleport you somewhere else. So, if you enter a black hole, it will teleport you in another black hole (it could be close or extremely far, you never know). And then, from the other blackhole, you will be able to go back in your previous black hole. So, each blach hole will have a pair. For example, blackhole 1 will warp you to blackhole 2, and blackhole 2 will warp you back to blackhole 1. A black hole will have a 0.2% chance to be a universal blackhole.That means that it will warp you to another universe.An entire universe, exactly like the other. Because if the game is called Dual Universe, and it just has one universe, it doesn't really match its title. Also, add a GPS so we can see coordinates.
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  6. Weekly Update - March 30th - 2020 With the current global outbreak going on, the four day test that started on the 19th of March was extended into an eleven-day test to help testers cope with being stuck in their homes. We'd like to thank the team at NovaQuark (who is now working remotely) for making this happen. A/N: A prior test slated for March 12th was canceled due to server issues, see the afore linked news article for details. Fourteen rescues were performed during the course of this test. This brings us to 29 rescues for Alpha 3, and 85 rescues overall. --------- My fingers and wrists hurt from all the playtime so here's a handful of the rescues that happened: 72: @Shakini was the first rescue of the test, they ended up crashing on Alioth and needed assistance in getting back to a friend. 73: On multi-hour journeys between planets, some players like to AFK, be it doing some chores, taking a nap, or even sleeping overnight. @Sinister was AFK on their way to Teoma and I forget if they were sleeping or got held up, but they ended up overshooting the planet by 267 SU. Without enough fuel to get up to a reasonable speed, Spiridon flew out to resupply them. 75: @LosNopales crashed on Teoma and had an accident with their resurrection node so they were respawned back on Alioth. Unable to get back into space, I flew out to pick them up and fly them to another one of their constructs in space near Teoma. 80: @enderfish crashed a ship on Symeon and respawned back on Alioth but was stuck without fuel. Haunty assisted them with their fuel needs before they flew off to Symeon in another ship for a second attempt. 84: @Assar246 also had some trouble with their resurrection node. I picked them up and flew them to their outpost on Alioth where a friend was waiting. On the way there we discussed how they got into that situation (as I do with every rescue so I can describe it for all of you here ) and they had mentioned crashing one of their constructs while going in for a landing at their outpost. The structure they're building was mostly scaffolding that didn't appear until it was too late to take evasive action. We landed and I ran around for a while, somewhat impressed with the amount of industry these two players had set up. Lots of time mining I bet, or just working with a certain organization I don't remember being mentioned, most likely the latter if I recall correctly. If its the former, I commend them, that's gumption. After being assured everything was under control, I bid them safe flying and was about to fly off when, you guessed it. I clipped a corner of their construct, spun out, and did a controlled crash. I wasn't high nor fast so everything was fine. I was sure to fly around and not over the second time around. A big thanks to everyone who participated! @Ardes - 4 DarkHorizon - 3 @Haunty - 3 @Virtual - 2 @Dr Rhubarb - 1 @Spiridon - 1 Also, a big welcome to @RulerOfCats, a new rescuer and programmer. ---------- Sadly, I don't have much to say on my personal activities this go-around. Half of the time was spent waiting on the Empire's bureaucracy while the other half was spent playing hurry up and wait on industry. With the cleansing of static constructs, the previous base for Eyes & Ears among them, I'm taking this opportunity to start anew. With the Alpha 2 version looking more like an outpost, with storage for one medium and one small construct along with various human amenities. At the bottom was an all business storage room, nothing special. One floor up was an employee lounge with cooking facilities, a table for six, lockers for ten, beds for two, and a small entertainment area with a fully fledged bathroom facility. The dispatch center was right above which could be manned by four people to manage incoming calls and keep track of ongoing missions and rescuer locations. Finally the top floor featured the directors room which I made to feel more like that corner office every new intern wants. Fancy desk, fancy chairs, big screen tv, comfy couch, a rug, a couple of plants, and a wood floor. In front of the desk along the outer wall were windows offering a view of the marketplace where I watched many players take off and land from. Behind the desk was another set of windows which offered a lookout at the garage space below with a... I'm watching over you sort of vibe. 😒 I had hosted two in-game meetings in this room and utilized several in-game elements for some visual displays while we spoke over in our Discord server. The first meeting back in October had some great in-game participation. While some players were too far to attend, I think at least four players were local in our morning session while only two were local in the afternoon session. In these meetings we discussed a few ideas, one chiefly among them, was how to go about a few features and changes to our website. To make these meetings worth peoples while, I go into them with an itinerary of questions and things I'd like to discuss. Partly so I know what to talk about, partly because I hated school presentations in front of the class, never did like that. The Alpha 3 base will be created in the Empire's new city, Aevitas, and built upon three cores. The basic design is going off an idea someone else bestowed and I'll make a few edits where I think necessary. For those of you that remember that black cube back at District one, well, I'll try a little harder this time. I'm still in the initial phases, haven't even laid the cores down. Is your organization creating a city? Perhaps I can be swayed elsewhere, feel free to PM me (Discord works best, find me in the official DU server) and we can discuss things. 😁 ---------- We're only 15 rescues away from 100. I should probably look for a picture to post like I did for 50... That's all for now, until next time, fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
  7. hell low Glad I could help ^^ if u need more , just ask
  8. Hello im 28 years old person(i think).Im from Czech republic and yea.I think im not best choice for introducing myself but.... i must try it...:D soo it is some time when i found this game and finaly i can be part of it and i trying to find a lot of informations on forum what can help me to answer for some tips(for all of them) how to make my playing easy.soo i hope i will get access for some hide websites...For now im solo person but maybe in future it will be better because my language it is not perfect but some how i speak(CZ/PL/SK/EN/little bit NL).and yes .... im MAN... i hope... have a nice day people
  9. I do not really believe in the "If you dont like it leave" answer as it just completely avoids what is potentially a problem that could be solved every aspect of the game should be enjoyable to as many people as possible. Now I am not saying mining is in a problematic state however I do believe it has the potential to be in one if it is boring and tedious which I believe it will be if mining ships are not implemented. I personally do not see an issue with adding mining ships as I believe its just adding another layer of depth and utility to ships other than just combat/transport.
  10. I was more leaning on the side of weapons that can be placed on a space station or ship that are capable of completely destroying or crippling a planet. Now whether weapons of mass destruction on that scale should be allowed I am still not sure if my answer is yes or no. However If they were to implemented how much power should they have? What would be the limit? Would we simply just be able to create things like Starkiller base that can wipe out an entire solar system in one go or would we be limited to something like the size of a nuke? Now I can see something like nukes being implemented and not completely making a technical/balancing nightmare. It still would be a treat to see a planet killing weapon.
  11. Hallo Henne Popenne, seid Ihr noch aktiv? Wo findet man Euch? Ich würde Euch gerne mal besuchen kommen. Viele Grüße Yobbu
  12. Dota 2 is a great one too although I have some concerns on how they promote items to players. They aren't necessary to win the game, but developers bet on our weaknesses in order to make us to buy some.
  13. Yeah true but anyway yeah. Is it no SMS payment avaible?
  14. I wish i had membership. I love games like this alot and i would be ONLINE 20/7 4 hours sleep
  15. Welcome, Pledge is 60 minimum. But if you're that broke then maybe get your life sorted first
  16. Jo men visst How can i buy pledge for 15 EURO?
  17. Hej, kul att se en till svensk :) I hope you find some org to join and i hope you have a great time in the 2 good years here
  18. Hello everyone. Marcus is my name and I am 32 years old and I am always broke as usual, Due to someone called friends, my money turns away so I can not buy membership here on the site. So I get to check out the FORUM all the time .. But in about 2 years, maybe I can get in on the game Thanks for me. / Marcus
  19. Dear Noveans, We launched the Space Station Building Contest at the end of last year. The constest has ended in March this year and we can only say that we are absolutely amazed by the space stations that have been submitted! Kudos to all contestants. We really have a hard time to choose the winners among all the participants. In order to share with the whole community a glimpse of what has been accomplished, we just made a quick showcase of the best Space Stations on our official YouTube channel! Best Regards, The Novaquark team.
  20. Hey all, just wanting to see how this nasty pandemic situation has impacted you all! Hope you're all staying safe and spending a little more time with loved ones, if you can. I'm currently in self-quarantine for an indefinite period of time as I have some underlying health issues. I am able to work from home because I am a developer, though... which is nice. Hope you're not falling on any financial hard times.
  21. I look forward to seeing just how much detail I can give to my ship.
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  23. I did already see some funny designs what in my opinion brakes the theme abit. When you consider other games/MMO´s such as Secondlife was, it can look quite ugly. Not sure I would like to see too much eyesores, except you can purchase entire planets later for yourself or your corporation, put up your own land or building covenant everyone hast to follow, or ban/block and keep out all the bad stuff else.
  24. Using the hand to build and edit the terrain is great, but good be improved by a realistic solution. A tool, which could have multiple version, one to build, one to edit the terrain, which could be free for every player, but could break over use. Satisfactory’s tool is a great example.
  25. Well, there are PvP Fans and there are none. I love PvP but only and just in pure PvP games. (not sure it is allowed to name the games here, so I just avoid it for now). As long PvE and PvP mixes it comes mostly to harrasment, and griefing. Player environment gets toxic and thats mostly the moment I cancel subscriptions, or uninstall the client when I am forced to PvP for example in grinding zones. As long PvP and PvE do not intersect (for example pvp players have their own zone, server, planets) and I never have the need to go there, all is fine. Else when I want griefing, I go to work and at least get payed for it. In my spare time I want to relax while playing and not want to be bothered. In this way I mostly find a "home" in the game as explorer, trader, builder and I usually stay for years to come supporting the game. So we shall see what way it goes and until then I enjoy and also sponsor the game at the current state.
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