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  2. https://www.freepik.com/free-photos-vectors/background Stock photo by Mirish: https://www.deviantart.com/mirish/art/Daenerys-Targaryen-5-321161944 'Shoot for the stars,' they say, 'and if you miss, you'll hit the moon.' The Heimera Trade Xchange is a portal to distinction. Step up to the stars. Trust is, Greatness. [OPEN]
  3. A bank is considered bankrupt (or insolvent) when it cannot meet withdrawal demands of it's customers in terms of liquid asset and fail to raise it. Commercial banks can also issue credits (IOUs) in the form of deposits like a central bank issuing bank notes (currency) out of nothing and loan them to borrowers or acquire physical or financial assets. Commercial banks are the biggest source of credits and next to it is the central bank. Did you know that 90% of the money in the world that we use today are in the form of electronic deposits and only about 10% are cash? If the commercial bank keeps generating IOUs electronically out of nothing, their liabilities will grow while their assets will remain the same (supposed if the loan is not paid) -- this is why they cannot abuse this too much (they will get too indebted, and like I said, bankruptcy is when they fail to meet withdrawal demands of customers when they want to withdraw cash). All assets must be deposited to the bank in the form of liquid asset. A loan is an asset to the bank (they are called "illiquid asset" and when the borrower defaults, that bad loan is wiped and that asset disappears. If they are paid, then the bank managed to convert it to liquid asset). A bank is not bankrupt yet when they have negative shareholder's equity. You have to understand that the way the economy and the financial system are designed is not based on equity (fairness) but to sustain production in order to meet demands and for development also. Cash and bank deposits are just IOUs. Commercial banks can generate IOUs too and that becomes new money when they loan them (in fact, they are the biggest credit source, not the central bank). Commercial banks help keep the economy running by advancing loans (they do not loan only the assets that they have on their reserve such as customers' cash deposits, they can generate electronic IOUs out of nothing and loan them. Borrow from a bank and that is what you're borrowing). Ofcourse the government needs these banks, without them the economy will be worse.
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  5. Still there, still almost good. Lexikon is shaping up, in plans, writings and test modules at least. I am also starting to fill my phonebook: do your org have among their ranks a "lore master", an archivist, a historian with the designated job of keeping trace of all events, internal and external ? If so, I'd like to maintain regular contact with this person, please let me know.
  6. Glad to help people discover what fits their preferences. I, personally already enjoyed the graphics of DU in it's pre-alpha: The underlying voxel 3d solar system and scale was amazing with only sufficient visual representation for me. Since then, the graphics are gradually improved so from my own perspective the graphics are way above my expectations. However I can imagine those who seek "realism/high fidelity" will find the graphics less enjoyable. Personally I believe graphics are a much lower priority (ok at a minimum level they need to smooth and not an eyesore) than the attractiveness immediately value they do actually seem to posses over the longer-term depth of game systems. That said I find a different scenario for the combat. Initially I thought this was a let-down not to have physics combat in the way Star Citizen has showcased except when viewing that, it makes me feel motion-sickness, I can't see what the hell is actually going on, the action is indeed reactive however it's bland after a few "bumps and shudders and spins" becoming repetitive and not engaging mentally.......... and that last point is I fingers-x hoping where DU can be a bit more exciting via mental decisions to be made during combat and coordinating player communication. Equally at a slower pace more abstracted in 3D space it might just be a more interesting and manageable picture for my brain to enjoy as well. Again the high-octane action comparison in space for me is not as fun as having full physics might suggest. I think the exec sitting sipping coffee on the bridge "wargames" might end up being really cool sort of integrating the likes of "Artemis Bridge Simulator" but in MMO?! 🙂
  7. Prisoner mechanics could have a cooldown timer. A player could be imprisoned until he logs out or after thirty minutes; whichever comes last. One has to agree with Lethys: incarceration without the respawn mechanics is akin to kidnapping. That's not ideal for the game. Were the developers to implement such a tool, I wouldn't expect to see it until after release.
  8. I then pay for a game on a monthly basis and not be able to play. Sounds like a very good business model to burn down and kill this game
  9. im planning to become a good creator. So what you want exactly?
  10. Bankers are inherently inclined toward statism. Commercial bankers, engaged as they are in unsound fractional reserve credit, are, in the free market, always teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Hence they are always reaching for government aid and bailout. @Eternal's idea is interesting and worth analysing.
  11. The purpose would be to break into bases and even destroy them.
  12. I know at first this idea may not seem appealing but think about it. When mass wars start prisoners will be a great idea for a more realistic feel. If a player can just force re-spawn then they could just escape easily. If they couldn't they could, one remain a prisoner until set free or , two have to be rescued/broken out. I feel it truly needs to be considered because i feel it would make wars much more interesting. Plus it could open up opportunity for bounties requested on players alive rather then dead.
  13. Dang.. was wanting to do it while the game is down.... Not while I have playtime...…..ARG..
  14. Love the idea of organizations or a civilization co-locating land structures together. There may need to be in-game benefits applied in a subtle way to incentive congregating. I think the best example I've seen has been a ship showroom. Another could be XX amount of building mass is required to institute a political system to govern the region/planet. Issue would of course be if it was located on a planet and not a moon then the factor of PVP is an issue and some d-bag org can flip the place upside down (grieve). However, that threat may actually add interest in the game, and we could start to see something like nations fighting each other in the atmosphere. I REALLY thing some facet of this should be explored for development.
  15. Its not bugged, they removed the functionality from the web based org pages when they brought them into the game client. They will add it back into the web page eventually I hope.
  16. As far as I have seen, it is quite easy to build in game and do a constant tweaking of engine placement thruster placement, wing placement with testing in between. Especially if, as in our org, you have some builders who will readily help.
  17. yes, but the idea is to create something and after you know it works. Build it in Universe. IT is like a plan of an architect. Who draws the plan on paper and then builds it in life.
  18. Reicht eine Radeon R9 200 mit 2 GB VRAM aus?
  19. Have you tried Lord of the Rings online?
  20. Surely, those are not that important yet as this is only the alpha version of the game where mechanics are being devised and tested rather than everything looking pretty.
  21. I can't see this idea getting any traction other than from those who want to use it for their own gain. Let's keep organised crime out for as long as we can 🙂
  22. Can someone in game not already use voxels to design/blueprint and sell such things as their industry?
  23. Only until you have exhausted that system's resources? Then you must go elsewhere for raws or import them. ? Or is there a benefit I haven't seen?
  24. Have you not just given a good description of a sandbox?
  25. Well Met! Good to see you again!
  26. Hello, Sarge_of_Greyhawk. Going into the community page will give you nothing but an experience of how bugged out it is. The only proven way to post new or change existing content is to log into the game and do so from there. Cheers.
  27. Come on folks don't try to over think this problem with economic theory and Game theory of money etc... Its nothing more than the bathtub metaphor of simple economics.. Credits or whatever kind of money flows into the tub and if the tub over flows you get inflation so you open a drain in the bottom...If the amount in the tub reaches a point of almost empty you get a depression where very few have credits to spend. (not enough in circulation) The proper balance of keeping the bath tub half full (Optimum) is the balancing act of the amount of people playing and how many are using the market. This data is only held by the dev's so it falls in there paygrade to devise means to maintain it... Its not hard just has to be done by them... Good Hunting All..
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