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  3. tho i am not currently playing anymore...this is all there is for the sub you ask? i loved DU but you at NQ neglecting the game so much it's sad. either close it for good or get your act together and develop the game.
  4. You do not need to start from the beginning, but it is something to do with something from the Goober Hunt. In this case, if you did not go through the hunt scrolls, you may wish to ask someone who has. There - #HintNotHint for you.
  5. "The shrine visited before that is not round". I've been to 100's of them. Start from the beginning? That might take a while.
  6. Noveans, are you ready for more Hunting for the Golden Goober? Read on! ❤️
  7. Been waiting a very very long time, still nothing. I am not very confident this will ever happen.
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  9. So, Windows 11 22H2 causing Nvidia performance hiccups, huh? Been there, felt that. It's like your PC suddenly decides it's time for a siesta right when you're in the middle of a gaming sesh. Not cool, Windows, not cool.
  10. Though I have discovered if you place a static core building over two tiles and setup mining units on the tile not considered to be the tile with the structure your ore skittles will move to the closest point on the tile the structure is considered to be apart of, instead of where you mining units are located. This could be used to have a cave on one tile where you place your mining units but the structure used is actually part of the tile next door and if that is where the entrance to the cave is located, then the skittles would spawn there. I've not tried this part but it should work.
  11. If you've built a structure just under the surface the skittles appear both onto and under the small lip of ground above the building. The only way I found to stop this is to make a hole above the mining units.
  12. I made a cave under a mountain and placed a miner inside just for the heck of it. To see what would happen. When I calibrate I do not get any skittles on the ground. So, after a couple of cycles, I thought I would check, and sure enough, the skittles are on top of the mountain. A picture would have been nice. Maybe next time.
  13. Hi ADCOne, Please make sure to check your account and you should be able to verify the most recent address that you entered there. https://www.dualuniverse.game/account/profile
  14. At this point, they can better add a PayPal button with the quote, "Buy us a coffee to keep the server running." 😏
  15. image.jpeg.833edc73e6f093cc166221fd6403be3d.jpeg


    I started to sell some stuff. You can find this on Market Alioth District 5. Will slowly expand, so I will post regularly. So, if you are the lucky one who visits this post, maybe it's useful to you 👍

  16. Interesting thread and ideas. Personally I enjoy making the ships in DU and really enjoyed overcoming the flight and transition to space mechanics. I continue playing (currently) in the hopes I'll get to make better ship designs at some point. I find the main negative at the moment is the chores that have been added to the game - weekly / twice weekly scans for mining units and the taxes. Between these two all my casual time for the game is taken up and I see next to no increase in my DU wallet to buy more ship parts (except on sale month). So to be honest I think they have the PVP and safe zone play balance wrong because I cannot see any new players even getting to the part of the game I enjoy without years of 'trying' the game. So if nothing else I hope they make changes to these aspects of the game. As for the ownership issues mentioned above I think the ship exporter is probably the correct way to deal with this, since all I personally really care about is the ship designs. The ship exporter perfectly allows me to print 3D models - or will do once I get around to buying a 3D printer. Though I do wonder if NQ should have added a shop for printing our ships for us and then sending them to us from their website. Obviously we would pay for the printing, where the cost depended on print size and postage etc. I am sure this would be a safer way to increase their income a little. Could even be the income that makes the difference for DU. Anyway still hoping the game works out in the long run 🤞
  17. I missed this post in January and only noticed today. I moved a couple of years ago and did update my address on my backers account for Dual Universe around the time of the move, so can you confirm if that address will have been used?
  18. Hello guys, 


    I wanted to post a new one when I got my first 100 million, but sadly, I stopped when I saw that I entered the fifth month, May, and ended with just 80 million. I played once a week, gathering all the stuff the mining units had produced. As you know, it's not a fast-money business, lol. 


    With the money, I built a tower with a landing platform at 1 km height; it's much easier for my gravity ships. I still don't know why they created that system that way; it will only motivate players to develop high structures that are a pain for many flying pilots, and now I have also joined this club. I plan to build a ship, an L-core and M-core combined, with a gravity system, but I will use it as a permanent flying base. Sadly, it will be a brick if it's on the ground, so I'm thinking of using a rocket system to get it off the ground whenever that happens. 


    Until next time


  19. Did you know that the Dual Universe Historical Society is still going ? We record events, both community and NQ-related. You may PM me for a discord link.
  20. Have you tried the STL files NQ provides when you export? My tool is mainly aimed at the other option, the glTF, since it mostly fixes colors etc, but I wonder if I could add something similar to make it a solid thing instead?
  21. Well I don't have enough free time to now learn a 3D software and then do all that ... That is why I had sent it to a 3D printing studio.
  22. You have to shell the 3d object to remove the interior. How to do this will depend on the software used.
  23. I tried 3d printing one of my ships. The printing studio gave up, because apparently since the ships have interiors with intricate shapes and elements, the printers had a problem with that. So I gave up really. I was hoping to at least be able to 3d print my ships which I built for years, but nah ...
  24. Hello fellow noveans! Today I bring to you the latest of my creations, which is made to work along with NQ's official Mesh Exporter, the Mesh Transformer! The Mesh Transformer is an unofficial tool meant for improving how the exported glTF files look like and also making them easier to work with in 3D apps like Blender. It works by reading the exported files, adjusting materials so they match what they would look like in-game, generating UVs and also isolating elements from honeycomb materials. You can also use it to later customize how your ships look like inside 3D apps, such as changing material colors, etc. Some features you will find using it: Cross-platform, as long you have a copy of the game directory; Supports simple usage as a CLI utility or advanced/integration use as a Node.js library; Able to restore materials close to what they look in-game, mainly colors and textures; Able to separate voxels/honeycomb from elements, allowing those to have different materials; Imports/exports as glTF, which can be used in a variety of software; NOTE: One requirement for using it is having the game installed, as it reads material data from the game's directory when applying the fixes, as it feels obviously wrong to share game assets in my own project. For games installed in different locations, it also provides a way to set this. You can find the whole source-code plus instructions on how to install and use on GitHub, the only requirement other than having the game installed is having Node.js: https://github.com/wolfe-labs/DU-Mesh-Transformer Here's an introductory video showing it in action:
  25. Where will we go? That depends where you want to end up. It's Time for a Tour Noveans! The next leg of our Dual Universe tour is on the horizon (and starts on a full moon no less)! Let’s check in on what everyone has been up to! Time to dust off the redesigned tour bus (you might not recognize it unless you look closely) and fly to all of the wonderful places that exist in our Universe. Buckle up, it will be a wild ride! As always - we need your help in telling us places where we should visit. We want you to suggest your own territories, but also some of your favorite locations for us to visit. Give those bookmarks a gander and like a moth to a flame, be sure to submit them. All places we visit will receive a very special gift as a memento that we visited. We know a few of you enjoy collecting them! Please submit your locations with this form - and don’t worry if you think others have submitted a location already, please submit as many as you want! Show us what you got Noveans! Tour Times: Thursday, May 23rd @18:00 UTC Friday, May 24th @ 21:00 UTC Saturday, May 25th @18:00 UTC Tours Depart and Return from the Institutes and VR will be available when the tours start. Tour Safety: We’ll do our best to make sure these journeys are safe and secure, but we cannot be responsible for any lost items. Please arrive with empty inventories/nanopacks and make sure to leave your valuables in your containers before hopping on (and off) our tours. There will be a rez node available just in case we run into any trouble. We’ll keep watch for those pesky towers, but you just never know. And there’s more! Stalwart Scavenger Hunt This time around, we’re adding in an extra bit of fun to our Tour. Remember all of the Iron Stalwarts that were redesigned and still over by the Exchange? Well it’s time to use them in our Stalwart Scavenger Hunt! We’ll be carefully and sneakily placing copies of the entries from the Pimp My Ride contest at some of the locations that we visit. Be the first to find them and get the blueprint ticket inside the container. Make sure you find NQ-Nyota (Hint, she is usually on the tour bus) before we take off to the next destination and give her the blueprint ticket you found. At the end of each tour those clever Noveans who were the first to find the Stalwarts, will take a spin on our NQ prize wheel! If you entered in the Pimp My Iron contest and do not wish us to use your Stalwart for the Scavenger hunt, you must contact NQ-Nyota on Discord or here on the forum. We’ll be returning all Stalwart entries after the Hare of the Moon tours are completed. Some exciting times ahead, we hope to see you there!
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