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  2. So. Schiffchen fliegt nun auch zwischen den Monden. Der Trick war, ein M-Triebwerk als Hauptantrieb draufzuschnallen und zwei zusätzliche S-Flügelpaare als Auftriebsunterstützung (M-Flügel sind die Hauptträger). Hab die Strecke zwischen Sanctuary und Alioth geschafft ohne Crash & Sterbefälle. Also Raumjäger ist einsatztauglich. Aber muss man erstmal drauf kommen - Space Flight ist NIX für Anfänger in dem Spiel. Hat man die Herausforderung erstmal geschafft, ist das ein echtes Achievement, ein echter Meilenstein. Da kann man schonmal stolz drauf sein :D Das mit dem LUA Parametern habe ich nicht ganz begriffen. Wo und wie? Mit manuellem Bremsen und dem Wissen, wie sich der Flieger auf dem Boden verhält, ist es inzwischen relativ einfach für mich.
  3. logged in today and found 10 of my damn factory machines with server errors.. had to stop them, pick them up, put them back down and reload their jobs and restart them.. i have to do this EVERY DAMN DAY.. always a few machines after a reboot that are FOOBAR'd. can you, I don't know.. maybe, pretty please FIX THIS CRAP. ty
  4. So if someone is brand new to the game and they walk up to the market and go through wholly reasonable actions that are gameplay in every other sense and situation - that's an exploit and they should be permabanned. You're not doing your argument or the devs any favours whatsoever.
  5. I think tricky part, that even if we will have no more per se wipes, game mechanics/balance/disign may (and probably will) change so drammaticly, that it can make some of our assets/achievments less relevant over time. So we must be ready to some losses anyway.
  6. If a dev left RDMS open than that is not an exploit nor a bug. That a dev needed to change RDMS settings to move a market in itself is a massive red flag IMO If you said that the players involved should have known better and not push this then sure, you have a point. But that does not make this an exploit in a game dev sense even when yes, you could say they exploited the situation by going in against better judgement. Those two uses of "exploit" are the same word yes, but the intent and meaning is very different and i think you know that. Again, I am not saying what happend is not an issue or that it's fine what these guys did. I am saying that I can see the adrenaline rushing and stupid choices were made and yes, NQ needs to address that absolutely. As a business responsible for keeping the lights on and feeding 100+ staff at a time they really can't afford any missteps, NQ must also see the bigger picture and their own position. Instead they pretty much went out of their way to make this presentable in a way that the could enforce a ban due to actions by a player (group) with malicious intent to sabotage and damage NQ using an exploit which is not what happend here. And the text they used is quite easily debunked to the point it becomes what it is, dumb players doing dumb things following a dev making a dumb mistake. NQ should have been firm and hand out punitive sanctions but also maintain the higher ground and think of their own and the game's interest which they did not and that will be seeing a fallout causing more harm than the heist did for them over the next days and/or weeks. And that is entirely on them.
  7. Dude again youre missing essential parts of basic concepts here.... An integral and essential part of an exploit is that it gives an unique advantage (thru ways that are not generally avaible). There was no unique advantage the market was open to EVERYONE. "NQ specifically put wording in the TOS, so when they screw up like this, players don't go post about it on Reddit." Which shows how little they want to take responsibility for their mistakes. Also im pretty sure that is against EU law. "That doesn't change the fact that intentionally violating the TOS gets you banned." If anything is was an absolute gray zone, what made NQ freak out was their second, much bigger fuck up within the initial fuck up. Storing data as an ingame item, which is insanely amateurish. They could been a positive constructive example, this was the first case of players and NQ ingame interaction on that level, so there was no guideline to go by. Now people might twist and turn things in hindsight to make it look that this was obviously completely against the ToS,EULA,Banana because NQ has reacted randomly, but objectively there is no example of this happening prior to this. If it wouldve been so obvious that this wouldve only been met with this kind of overreaction and overly harsh punishment, do you really think anyone wouldve actually and intentionally done something? Clearly this was an unclear situation and interesting for actual sandboxers, honestly I laughed about it at first thinking NQ would fix the situation and promise to be less negligent in the future and maybe made a kind of ingame event out of it. But they completely put it on the players. Sure you cannot think of everything, but especially if youre 99% of the issue and reason why the stuff went down you should be able to man up and not lash out onto players.
  8. You can't honestly believe that? A player having access to something that they absolutely were never intended to have access to, by the developers of the game. It's not that the player USED an exploit to access the market. It's the fact that they were able to, that IS an exploit, to anyone who knows about it. For all we know, at one point all the markets had open RDMS, and NQ managed to fix them all except market 15. I think you can see how it's important to keep something like that quiet. NQ specifically put wording in the TOS, so when they screw up like this, players don't go post about it on Reddit. I agree 100% that the entire concept of RDMS theft, with a flawed RDMS system and no pvp, is a mess, and is doing nothing but reflect badly on the game right now. That doesn't change the fact that intentionally violating the TOS gets you banned.
  9. Are you seriously comparing duping and hacks with stealing some voxels within the intended game mechanics (unintentionally and accidentally breaking NQs absolute horrible way of data storing)? No one would defend dupers, no one would defend speed hackers, no one would defend other means of third party use or messing with the game code. Actively trying to break the game by creating programms is something on a completely different layer. No one wouldve bat an eye if they wouldve banned these kind of hackers and actual exploiters. They made a huge mistake and now theyre treating regular players who did not mess with the game in any other way than how it was intended like they hacked into their mainframe and deleted all accounts plus doxing JCs private address. This is out of proportion.
  10. I certainly believe the dev team can pull it off, the performance during the recent EXPO pretty much made that point very well. IMO what is giving you the impression you have and the problem in general is the support and community team who seem to be understaffed, ill trained, lacking soft skills and empathy and are often both out of touch with the devs and the overall community. Not anyone in particular (as I am sure that most absolutely could and would do better if they had the opportunity) but as a team. And it feels like there is no one central who can or is managing the project.
  11. Well, as surviving alpha dissident of sorts (sure, not most radical), I can say, that NQ obviously not tyranical, and especialy not in comparison with some other dev teams. Its even funny, that issue is of contrary nature. For very long time NQ was (or percieved, we dont know internal workings) so impossibly soft-handed (undecisive?), that when they actualy gone "serious", it become... complicated, because was done in bad moment/circumstance/context. But just to think about, if NQ banned not those silly "market reconstruction agents" to make their first example of how strict they can be, but presented to us with news, that cabal of abominable dupers is destroyed, superpermabanned and whole their cursed org totaly wiped and removed from existance... Then lots of people will be in spasms of vendictive pleasure, totaly happy about NQ severe justice. Completly different story and public opinion.
  12. Today
  13. Well in its sum this and the other things that happened will amount to more than just a boohoo I'm afraid.
  14. And so it begins. Was it worth it NQ? You could have admitted you were wrong and turned this into a fun, memorable beta event. Now anyone looking at this game sees a dev team that cant learn from mistakes tying to build a complex game that will require trial and error. I've told people this game has the potential to be something huge but now? I've logged in a few times since this went down but I'm just not feeling it anymore. I no longer believe this dev team can pull this off. And no, its not because of this event alone.
  15. Unfortunately for you, these will not be very useful in TW.
  16. NQ made a booboo here yes, I certainly agree as fo many others. but please keep some perspective especially since you come from a source which , let's be fair, is designed and feeds from, blowing stuff well out of proportion. Also we are mostly just a bunch of nerds who have strong opinions and will share them whether you like it or not but when it comes to it we mostly all like the game and really want it to do well and get big. Frankly, if you choose to not touch DU for this reason that is your choice but IMO also your loss if this kind of game is your thing. But you do you and what works for you..
  17. Exactly the shortsightedness of NQ is causing the biggest harm here. Some people here mistake the concern for the future of DU as hate for DU, but its the opposite if anything. For many its obvious that what NQ is doing is actually harming the reputation and therefore the future of the game itself. I dont understand how a company that claims to be community orientated thinks it gets away tyranny and ignorance in this day and age. The censorship is also a huge part that worries me. Of course many of us try to document as much of the events as possible and if NQ keeps on with this it will come back even worse. I can only shake my head at a company that acts like a little kid with an hurt ego instead of reaching out to the community and solving issues in a mannered fashion, being able to admit their own responsibility in this and act accordingly, instead of spreading lies, twisting words or trying to change things into something theyre not or even deny stuff that is well documented.
  18. If you want NQ reaction, open a ticket.. post it on a public discussion forum and expect others to chime in "A user of the game" is not the same as "an in game character". You can scam and steal from a character as much as you want. you can't use social engineering in game or on any of the NQ platforms (or in fact according to the text anywhere when your interaction is relating to DU or NQ) to impact/affect the person behind the character (aka the player). You can steal someone's shit and hold it for ransom in game but you can't then go "pay me 0.005 bitcoin to this wallet to get your stuff back"
  19. This is the core of the argument. NQ would love for everyone to buy into this and pretty much went out of their way to try and portray events to align with the sentiment this is/was an exploit. and pretty much spun the response in such a way that it appears to be a matter of an exploit being used and the players involved knowingly and with malicious intent sabotaging the market system and causing loss of data. Problem is that there is enough information available to at least poke holes in their response. It's not an exploit and NQ did not create one by a dev being dumb and leaving a market with open access in RDMS. This is a case of players taking advantage of an incorrectly set RDMS. NQ has been hammering home the fact that they consider RDMS theft as perfectly fine. They drove home the notion that if you mistakenly set RDMS wrong and someone takes advantage that is your loss and they can't get involved. And that is actually fine for me. Were the guys doing this wrong? yes Did these guys continue to make dumb moves? certainly Should there be consequences? yes Is it good for NQ to pretty much play the victim and quite literally spin and twist their rules to fit justifying a permaban? No on many fronts Is a permaban justified here? IMO certainly not NQ could have benefitted from this positively in many ways, certainly publicly. Now and over the next few days if not weeks, the opposite will happen and they should have realized this action would not go down well. Many, many people who had never heard of DU or might have and were considering joining will at best have second thoughts and/or based on blown out of proportion hit piece videos and articles decide to stay away and "spread the word" which is not what the game deserves or what NQ can afford to happen. And all of that is entirely on them for not considering their options, not reconsidering as the first signs of this started to emerge and stating quiet hoping it will go away as they tend to do. In less than two months they have now created two incidents which have been blow up in the gaming press with a negative image of them and reflecting badly on the game and that is a shame. This situation is very much reminiscent of the recent incident with a CSM member for CCP/EVE, a knee jerk reaction before all the facts are in line and then a massive fallout as more details emerge. CCP was smart enough to recognize the situation, take ownership and correct it. It blew over and actually got them praise for being able to own up on their error, take the hit when they turn out to be wrong and overreact. I honestly do not see NQ be able to do the same, in fact I expect NQ just pressed delete on these guys and went back to sleep. I also expect NQ will just start handing out more bans and mutes as this continues to be a topic thinking they can make it go away in that manner. I think NQ has a lot to learn still and do wonder what JC would think f this as I somehow suspect he is not actually (fully) informed on this matter.
  20. This is the only question i had when joining the beta and the answer it was written text and voice that...there wont be any wipes. IF and only IF there will be wipes those can be IF > you build inside the mountain (meshing) and when biomes comes the biome will be on top of your base and landscape it will change. Thats the case where your base will be gone and you will receive Magical Blueprint (with elements and components) ready to be deployed somewhere else. Other than that i dont see the wipe coming especially with how NQ dealed with past problems. o7
  21. I agree that since people are paying monthly now they need to make it abundantly clear. I haven't been putting much time into Dual because I'm use to the wipes, but now I'm questioning that they many not do a wipe before full release. If so I'll put more time in the game and suggest the game to my friends. I believe I'm correct that this game mainly appeals to adults who have busy lives who do not want to invest copious amounts of time into Dual if it will be wiped.
  22. As if the dev response to THEIR OWN CREATED ISSUE wasn't enough to make me consider unsubscribing to this game, this guy solidified my decision. If this clown is the kinda white knight this game is attracting I'm glad I'm getting out now. 🙄
  23. I'd certainly expect NQ to actually implement proper journaling for this as their rights system is so fragile and complex that at least a log would allow for some balance in case of situations like this
  24. "From now on no more wipes" also im pretty sure a wipe at this point, especially considering people are paying, would be devastating. But again with NQ anything can happen as we see theyre completely random and justify their randomness with ridiculous reasons.
  25. Unless theyre redirecting the traffic via AWS (which would explain the lag) theyre using AWS yes.
  26. If your org was the owner of the construct then anyone with legate status is able to dismantle the base regardless of RDMS being set. Once NQ sees in their data that a person who is legate in your org did this they are correct in their conclusion and I'd agree they have no obligation to give you any more detail. Now, whether or not is it a good idea for the mechanic to be set up this way is another matter but that does not alter the fact that it is currently. At best you could make the argument that NQ is really not communicating this well but that will also not change anything in this case i expect.
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