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  2. I am more fascinated by how every one of those "revolutionary future tech" web3 portal tech demo/game sites, manage to look like it is some type of early year 2000 style game or CGI from The Lawnmower Man movie.
  3. Call me crazy, but the trees and terrain in pictures and videos on their fantasy section look like it's the unigine engine. Compare this to the Unigine Valley benchmark: Edit: It's Unreal Engine 5, mentioned in the telegram link, before you join. I had made the thesis because both DU and the Unreal Engine use the Quixel Megascans.
  4. 1) someone still bankrolling NQ despite all failure, and its not pocket change, Xsolla known to do it with devs on all sort of predatory ''special terms'' (like recent story of zombified LiF); 2) NQ has expertise in field, that fits to XLA goals 3) i think some part of tech salvage to UE, so who knows with this dodgy meta-web3 bs. Sure its possible i'm completely wrong! But have this gut feel : )
  5. I enjoy the ship building and do not mind spending some time each weekend to collect ore and then sell products and some ore to make money for this activity so the game was mostly fine for me beta because I had a head start on all the blockers (mainly schematics and taxes). However, after the wipe I am still scanning for tiles I can use and only have a modified starter ship with a scanner added. So, I would say that the main issue with the game is how many players NQ actually expected in game, with resources being extremely rare in the game now much more so than in beta - sighting the T2 ore price, which is about 3 times higher now and that being the basic ore needed to just move around the game. It just feels like they assumed they would have low number of players and would make sure the game resources reflected that. My secondary is the tax system itself is hard for new players to pay if they do not do any challenges or missions, which I imagine most will not do (as I have) almost 100 of each challenge since release and doing a scan a day on each T2 ore tile I have to try and make them profitable. I do disagree with deleting player content if people leave, I think instead it should be archived off into magic blueprints sat in the players character inventory. There are two reasons for this: 1) The main reason people say they will not return is they lost all their stuff. 2) The people who made the better creations should really be enticed back into the game so we can all enjoy their stuff again. Also I would suggest that being able to vote for landmark constructs that stay in game regardless of the creators in game status should be a thing It could be a monthly / yearly competition type thing with the three top voted entries, becoming landmarks and staying in the game for all time (Or as long as DU). I am sure many people would enter this to have their claim to fame etc. Anyway if they do keep releasing content at present, I will keep playing the game for a second year to see how it develops.
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  7. I have noticed that most players are overwhelmed with all the building aspects and usually end up missing things or doing something wrong, so over time i have been making tutorials on various aspects on how to build stuff in Dual Universe. I decided to make this post to help out anyone who has questions about building, here are some of my best building video tutorials. All in 1 ship building tutorial - this tutorial shows and explains everything you need to know in order to make a proper interplanetary ship that can get you safely from A to B. this is new 2023 version, it includes everything (i hope) about elements that you need to know, this tutorial does NOT include voxels, just basics on what elements you need on ship, how many, how to place them, where to place them ..etc. Vertex precision tool 101 - quick tutorial on how to make small detailed shapes (like car headlights) Vertex precision tool and virtual 3d scaffolding tutorial - this shows you how to make art builds using VPT (vertex precision tool). Fine tuning element angles and placement - Quick tutorial that shows you how to fine-tune element angles (that cannot be achieved by using default methods) Multiple buttons circuit that opens/closes same door (without delay lines) Fully automated Factory / industry tutorial - how to setup fully automated factory. This does not include schematics container usage as it wasn't implemented yet, for schematics container, just right click on any container that is on same construct and set it as schematics container, then drop all schematics in there, instead of in the industry units. How to setup RDMS rights / tags / policies - this might be bit offtopic as it's not directly building, but thought I include it here anyways, it's very useful for those who haven't used RDMS or having issues setting up rights. i rarely visit forums, so if you want to stay up to date with my tutorials and other awesome gameplay videos, then please check my Dual Universe playlist directly. hope you find these tutorials useful.
  8. All that tells us is that you don't want to pay for the game. That has nothing to do with whether a game that features a constantly evolving persistent shared online world can exist indefinitely without a steady income. You're saying, "They didn't finish the game, so i don't want to pay for it." I'm saying, "For the game that was marketed to exist, it would require people to pay more than $70 total." I agree that NQ isn't showing the kind of interest in the game that i would like to see. And I wouldn't blame someone for not wanting to sub. But i would like them to continue to work on the game, and make it worth paying for.
  9. You stated in your previous post This isn't a game in the sense that they can just give you a copy of the code, and you get to play it forever. It's an unfinished project that requires them to maintain servers so you can play in a shared persistent world. These are your words and I was showing that the game is not marketed as an unfinished game but a full release. You also used the excuse that they have to pay server costs and devs, I stated that ALL online games have to do that even ones that are free to play and cost £0 to buy the game. You said they would still be developing it as it is this "unfinished project", I stated that they are just not interested in the game any longer. Any money you spend per month on DU is not going to be used on DU, instead you will be financing their other 3 projects.
  10. If they were all-in on the crypto thing, why didn't they do it with DU? It seems like DU would have been ripe for it. They could have sold constructs as NFTs or whatever, but they didn't for some reason. I guess i was holding out hope that was because there was someone up there who was aware that it might not be a great idea to taint the only thing the company had ever created with the stench of web3. I think to the average investor, the difference between what we might call a "great game", and what we might call a "scam" doesn't really matter, as long as it makes them money. I want NQ to make a game. Maybe the CEO thinks they should make something else. I'm just here to be a cheerleader for the original game idea. Maybe it's just me but it seems like the whole web3 thing is kind of over anyway and people have already moved on to other things. I followed a "project" on twitter out of morbid curiosity about a year ago. They were selling pixel art NFTs of spaceships, with the promise that someday they would make a "AAA" game, and you would be able to redeem the NFT for a spaceship in the game. A year ago, they were claiming to be a "large AAA game studio" working on a serious game. And now the account is basically silent.
  11. Unfortunately, NQ's leadership is 100% aligned about the crypto crap...Andurance Ventures is big on web3/crpto, which is probably why they picked Abboud to take over after Granatino's stint as CEO (he's still President btw). Granatino is from Andurance if that wasn't clear. Andurance likely owns the company (they are the largest investor by far and that's how these things work), so their crypto BS is therefore NQ's crypto BS. NQ as an independent entity that only cares about making games doesn't really exist...it never really did, though...that's how VCs work. So unfortunately you've got things backwards...NQ's leadership (AKA the investors) decided to put him in charge because of his web3 "ideas", not in spite of them. Web3 people are rather infamous for doubling down on their "vision" of the future no matter what. No matter how much it fails, they insist that the solution is "more web3".
  12. I don't understand your point. How does that disprove what i said? NQ decided to make an "MMO" with a subscription. They chose to make a subscription service. Every successful MMO i've played has had constant continued development and attention from the devs. New expansions every year, holiday events, etc. That's how these games work. As far as i'm concerned that was supposed to be part of the deal all along. NQ was supposed to be an entire company dedicated to the continued development and upkeep of this game. NQ's new "CEO" may have decided that he doesn't really feel like doing that anymore. But i don't think it's going to solve anything if we all decide that we aren't willing to pay for it either. That just means the game is done. As for server costs, most games don't have a persistent shared online world. As far as i know most games that do have a subscription. The games that have switched to a Free to Play model, only did so after they were massively successful, or headed for failure. I'm really not interested in what the CEO has to say about anything. As far as i'm concerned he gave up on the game as soon as he took over. He clearly has his own ideas and would like to use the companies' resources to work on those instead of DU. All we can really do is wait for his crypto crap to fail miserably, and then hope that NQ decides to put someone in charge of the company that actually wants to do their job.
  13. I highly, highly doubt that NQ is involved to be honest. I'm also not sure about the persistent rumor that Xsolla is a "partner" for NQ or that someone from Xsolla is an investor -- no one has ever presented any actual evidence about that. We know plenty about actual investors and partners, I don't even know where that rumor came from. Regardless, here's why I don't think NQ is involved: Why bother with NQ's tech, which has been proven not to scale, when you have about 4 times the funding to develop it yourself...? It would make very little sense...especially when this "partnership" between Xsolla and NQ might not be a real thing beyond a typical relationship. The description of the tech or its abilities doesn't make me think NQ had anything to do with it. It's UE-based, where DU isn't. It's entirely web3 based (ugh), DU isn't. Why else are you "almost sure" about NQ's involvement...? Seems like totally different tech from a much better funded group to me.
  14. This isn't a game in the sense that they can just give you a copy of the code, and you get to play it forever. It's an unfinished project that requires them to maintain servers so you can play in a shared persistent world. Well not according to their advert which states:- Dual Universe is a first-person Sci-Fi MMO built and driven by players, in a single persistent universe. You can build almost anything out of voxels, trade in a free economy, lead industries, travel through space, explore planets, or wage war in a fully editable sandbox universe. Subscription-based. You will notice the game is NOT being tendered as an alpha, beta or any other non finalised game but a full game. The full advert page is on Steam and still shows non existing game play in the videos like mining below the surface, you can even spot JCs avatar in the advert. As for server costs name one single game that does not have server costs or dev costs for any updates/patches. NQs CEO has even stated on the record they have taken DU as far as they will do and they are no longer treating it as something to work on as they have 3 other projects they are working on instead.
  15. Last week
  16. There may be other options besides the subscription. But what you're asking for is just unrealistic. This isn't a game in the sense that they can just give you a copy of the code, and you get to play it forever. It's an unfinished project that requires them to maintain servers so you can play in a shared persistent world. Even if they decided to sell you the game for a one-time fee of $70. There is absolutely no guarantee that you will be able to continue playing it indefinitely. They would be doing you a disservice by selling it to you under the pretense that it is a product that you can own. It's a service, not a product. Whether it's a service that is worth paying for may be up for debate. But asking them to lie to you and sell it to you like it's a finished product isn't going to fix anything.
  17. there has to be MANY Potential players who see DU as i do...Love this game and if I could buy this game outright for say $60 or $70 i would be playing right now! having to continue to pay to play is just not something I am NOT willing to do. It's not really about the money cause I could easily pay up a year But then what??A year passes by and now pay another hundred to keep what you have been building up for the last year. many games I been playing 8+ years... to do that with DU would cost you over $1,000 for a game...I don't think so
  18. But, but the game has been released for a long time now, so there should not be any more game breaking changes.. right?
  19. You'd think it would be compatible, but Lua is a bit of a mad language though, why couldn't they have picked Javascript! andy@smiley:~$ lua Lua 5.2.4 Copyright (C) 1994-2015 Lua.org, PUC-Rio > function foo() >> return 0 >> end > function bar() >> return false >> end > print(foo()) 0 > print(bar()) false > if not foo() then print("yay") >> end > if not bar() then print("yay") end yay > if foo() == 0 then print("yay") end yay > if bar() == 0 then print("yay") end > Looking at the list of changed functions, there are going to be a lot of upset people using DRM protected LUA scripts when this comes out!
  20. I don't think this is any different from things like the stacked element changes -- you could spend money on a construct and then NQ is happy to break that and send you back to the original builder for repairs. The original builder might not want to help you, and then you're on your own. It's not a very good way to encourage users to create content in a game which relies heavily on users creating and selling content. I know of people who stopped shipbuilding because of the element stacking changes, for example. You can un-DRM by picking up the element and re-dropping it. Then you have to re-boost and re-apply the new version of the code from whoever wrote it. If it isn't a standard LUA script you can download or buy you're SOL.
  21. Thank you, good Sir... ... although I feel more and more that my work will eventually consist into penning the last page and closing the book for good someday. Everything we've done will remain, somehow, somewhere.
  22. Btw, not like i'm working anymore on my pseudojournalism with DU, but... Just by chance I found this (from Xsolla, payment system and also sort of partner for NQ). I'm almost sure NQ is involved as ''technical muscle'' with this, can be one of their new ''projects': https://x.la/metasites/ Maybe you guys find this funny.






    I'm refitting my spacship with other engines. Still scratching my head how to do it with the space engines. While shopping on the market in district 6 of Alioth, it is alway interesting to watch the ships there. If you want to get some inspiration, this it the place where you can sit and watch all these ships. 


    It seems that Haven 5 has some more visitors in the weekend. 


    btw, the market is a strange place. If you want to buy an Uncommon safe atmospheric engine L, it cost around 600.000. But a part to make that thing is an Uncommon combustion chamber. Why would you ask 1 million for it? Makes no sense. 


    Cya guys

  24. I can see the reasons for the changes from the perspective of NQ. However, with so much code in the game and a good chunk of it locked behind DRM while the owner/original coder may no longer be in game, this can potentially break and ground many constructs with no recourse. A question would be is NQ going to accommodate opening up the DRM in these instances to allow for this code to be corrected/fixed or are the owners of the constructs in question pretty much left with a potato. Disruptive changes like this really have no place in a released game where there are very real blockers preventing these issue to be resolved. NQ has a responsibility here and can't just walk away from that as far as I am concerned..
  25. Keep up the work. I like how wherever I go - from exchange to Starlantis - I run into The Lexikon. 👍
  26. Alioth Diameter 126067.8984375 km (practically earth-like) Sanctuary Diameter 83400 km https://dualuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Alioth https://dualuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Sanctuary For Thades and Madis there only is the surface area. Use A=4 pi r^2 to get the radius. https://dualuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Thades https://dualuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Madis
  27. The Wiki says that for geometrical reasons some tiles on the poles have to be pentas instead of hexes. But I have yet to encounter one of those. And it should not change the sphere, but in contrary enforce that form. https://dualuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Territory_Control?so=search
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