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  2. I will not let you die, my little topic, until NQ made those changes!
  3. You's certainly right but the problem is that NQ has no awareness of any of this, they do not consider these things important. In general, they do not view the community as a priority and have actually said as much.
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  5. Thanks to everyone for your replies. It's comforting to know that i'm not the only one looking at the current state of the game and starting to ask myself, "why am i doing this?" Love the concept underlying the game - build anything! explore! shoot people! - and flying a ship in DU is one of my favorite video game things ever. I hope they figure something out.
  6. I get that it isn't easy....but this isn't the point where they should be doing major performance fixes. Small optimizations? Sure...but even that is risky between the last major update and release. They've had 6 years to build their tech, but there's still major performance issues both client and server side...that isn't great. If the few players and their spread-out constructs aren't healthy for the server, I bet it'll do fine when thousands of outposts are spawned right next to each other then inevitably abandoned! 😅 I wonder if DU will ever "go gold" or if they will be pushing changes right up until the end. Everything seems to be in place for an exact repeat of public beta where performance implodes because nothing was tested at scale and where an ocean of abandoned constructs clog things for months until NQ realizes that their design doesn't scale. I am very skeptical that their core, fundamental tech will work at scale even with mining being ripped out.
  7. New book: "The Siege of Gamma" by Cobqlt, Caerus & Metsys ! Voxels come and go. Stories are eternal (and wipeproof)...
  8. OMG I am laughing so much I can't breath.. uhuhuhu.. you want..NQ.. to make a .. a.. roadmap.. with like. .decisions. and say things that are for sure.. and..and actually follow it..!? I mean.. NQ.. stop! Your killing me! stop!
  9. Question: Why did you force factory building people to have to play another game loop of PvP or market trader by making exiting element crafting require plasma?
  10. Static construct physics when... They exist for dynamitic constructs so not really following the difficulty there.
  11. Answers to OP: So that you learn to build ships correctly for 1g. Second so you have a reason to fly to other planets, in this case lighter loads.
  12. Because they saw your profile pick
  13. NQ please read that! Please stop making game loops that are PITA. We been asking for the repair unit to work as the player base wants them to, not how you keep telling us they should. We want to trade time and additional materials vs manual repairing so we can repair AFK. Games are for fun and when you force people to not have fun in your game without giving them another option you lose players.
  14. Been a bit busy with life these past few weeks but it was great reading this. Hopefully NQ could glean a few things from it.
  15. Not sure an energy system is going to be a cure-all some feel it will be. It will just be another throttle in the game. Pre 0.23 I had a large core space factory that I fed ore into and out popped Warp Cells and other items of interest. People seem to feel that's somehow wrong, that an individual that player 12+ hours a days shouldn't be able to do that. Ok. Everyone is allowed an opinion. However if there was an energy system the impact would be one of two things: I'd use up more space building more generators, or things would just slow down as power was routed to refiners, then metalwork units, then medium assemblers, then large assemblers. So like schematics, it would slow me my progress down, but would not stop me. Note that it was REALLY rare for the entire plant to be active at once - typically something became a throttle point, be it ore, or advanced leds, or some other intermediate product. The fun for me was finding those bottlenecks and reducing them. For those PVPers out there: I was one of those folks that supplied parts to the marketplace, so slow me down, and to some degree, you will just be slowing down the availability of parts.
  16. So... what about this option: Early backers get DACs they can use in place of subscriptions for game time... but that is ALL. DACs cannot be bought or sold in game. Doing so would fulfill their backer obligation, backers could run one character or ten using their DACs - their choice, but it wouldn't have any in game economic impact (beyond secondary ones like a player multi-boxing).
  17. Well, subscriptions have run out a week ago. For me personally, DU has shut down. And I am not even feeling sorry.
  18. OK, I actually agree with not having DAC in the game for similar reasons. In general, though, it is always possible to buy in-game money for real money as this 'service' is offered for a lot of games by botters and the like. Having something like a DAC does two things -- it legitimises the sale so people don't need to be 'cheating' in order to do it and it sets the price in such a way that if too many people try to pay to get quanta the price of quanta goes up a lot, discouraging them from doing so. But in DU, the DAC is there because it is a part of what was promised in the kickstarter. It being there, it should be available to everyone not just a lucky few. Presenting the game world as 'new' is not, I believe, a particular advantage which is high on most peoples' lists for the wipe. Most people, in fact, think that blueprints should be preserved because it is an advantage for new players to be able to see things which have been built, buy ships from other players, etc rather than being in a game with nothing to do and everything being made from scratch. Regardless, if someone can suddenly become rich in a way others have no access to then I think that will break the game world. I've personally put a large amount of hours since day one of beta into accumulating a few billion quanta and some ships, stations, etc. and the wipe will destroy all of these things. Then I'll have 3 DAC. But some people will have 40, 80 or even 160. There's no way I will be able to catch up with those people no matter what I do, they will own the markets very early on and make it so it's not even worth me buying schematics because they will have made back the costs of theirs (and lowered prices accordingly) before I even get far enough to buy any. For me, that's a non-starter. If some people are going to have that many DAC, I should be able to buy some for RL money and compete.
  19. The community manager has already done this officially with the creation of this thread: in response to the original thread with over 1000 replies. Sorta funny, that after locking down at least 1 thread created by the community discussing the wipe, NQ's community manager creates another.... or how about mentioning it at the start of the Ask Aphelia Not-Really-A-Podcast-Podcast. NQ has stated their "pro" reasons for a wipe are gameplay based(removal of schematics, cleanup of the world, etc), though have also stated in the past that any reasons for a wipe would be of technical in nature. With all the server issues it's pretty clear the real reason is technical. If it was strictly a decision based on game mechanics it'd be easy to make the decision "now" vs kicking the can down the road... all while the servers cry for the sweet, sweet, wipe of death. Which ultimately, wiping due to server performance will just lead to this issue all over again post-launch, and they're aware of that and are trying to fix it with the live server data on hand. It's tricky, so trying to give them some slack for that. Athena was the last major patch before launch, as NQ has stated. So it should mean they have a plan for launching the game, and should be able to fully communicate it to their backers... the fact they haven't is indicative that they're not 100% sure internally of the direction, timeline, or details relating to launch... as they've stated themselves. Which is concerning, least to me. The pressures to launch the game vs dev resources are in a battle right now, and hope NQ has the talent & time to give DU the launch it deserves... and to fulfil the promises made to backers and players during beta, for example, compensating players for schematics if/when they change the system as was stated in 2020 after NQ apologized for their release. The one thing NQ should NOT DO, is shut down community discussion around the subject in the their self created drought of information.
  20. They should be able to be competitive though, as a function of cost of materials v cost of products. You just wont make the volume that someone in a large org is making unless you can afford to keep enough MUs running to keep a massive factory running at 100%. An energy system like he mentioned is an artificial way to make the divide between solo players/small org and large org players very very skewed. Once again, non of this matters if there isn't enough people to actually even simulate an economy playing and if schematics are removed, a lot of things change a bit as well.
  21. It's just bad business -- and I really wonder where their new CEO is and what they are doing because it seems like nothing has changed. If they believe release will be a smashing success when they've sabotaged their own beta testing at the moment it's needed most, they are more arrogant than I thought. Do the wipe. Use that opportunity to see how FTUE scales with beta players, because I'm not at all convinced that mass-spawning outposts was load tested. I mean, did they learn from beta? That ocean of abandoned speeders? Giving every new player a permanent hex and an outpost might be a better FTUE but surely they see that they're repeating the same issue, right...? Give betas this head start to turn this into a "soft release" -- attracting new players over time instead of all at once on release day 0 (which will implode their poorly tested and optimized infrastructure). It's like they've never released software before (well as a company they actually haven't).
  22. Not sure I agree with this idea -- when you make IRL money a factor it becomes inherently unfair as a game design. There's something a bit twisted about people grinding their butts off so they can (perhaps) trade their quanta to a rich person with a pile of DACs. Part of the allure of an MMO to me is the fact that it isn't like real life; you can become a top player with skill, smarts, and determination, which isn't how real life works. The tendency to bring IRL money into the game isn't a welcomed thing to me, especially for a sub-based game. DACs rewarded from KS are a different story because they are limited one-off rewards for early backing -- and considering that no one really expects that "lifetime sub" to matter much in a year or two, I think it's fair. The wipe isn't about a level playing field -- it's about presenting the game world as "new" because many, many MMO gamers like to join games on release day. That's part of the psychology of MMO gamers and is a reason many people joined the beta, too. Personally, I don't see this game staying online for more than a year post-launch, so I don't especially care if things are balanced -- and we all know that veteran players will quickly dominate, anyway.
  23. Well, before they lock this thread, because it's just another duplicate, I have to say, NQ has lost a lot of the positive community, many for a long or even indefinite amount of time. They know this, they just can't say it. Now not only do they have to get ready for release, they have to figure out how to rebuild the community. Which means, give us a roadmap, and stuff to look forward to... like DAC (oh hey Blazemonger).
  24. My game loop pretty much ended the 14th of April... But before that, I did 'projects'. And depending on the project I did the different ingame activities to achieve that. I've done a lot of manual mining, after the auto mining, a ton of auto mining (project to get 25M of Natron at outer planets for fuel stations) Building Space and planet stations as infrastructure, getting the quanta to buy the space elevators for travel between the two. Doing mission running to acquire quanta to fund those 'projects' Creating infra structure to do that mission running, mining, building, etc. effectively. Manufacturing stuff effectively, sometimes for sale, mostly for my own use. I want to design a couple of specific ships, but at least half my time the last year and a half has been spend fixing the sh!te NQ 'broke' after their patching, so designing ships really hasn't happened yet. There was some pvp... But that was just me being shot at (and sometimes blown up), darned pirates! Pvp for pvp sake is not my thing, pvp for defense (currently not doable) or getting access to resources I would not otherwise have access to (like plasma) would be a future possibility... Maybe...
  25. ^^ this ... Anyone who objectively follows SC can see that there is progress, that stuff gets done and the dev team is able to close out stuff and move to the next. NQ meanwhile is still trying to get the basics to be stable.
  26. Fair enough. However, saying the wrong things and assuming/pretending your community has no clue would be even worse.. NQ would never .. right.. Oh wait .. They did..
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