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  2. Winning is however you define success without someone else telling you what it is. Amusingly, for some in alpha, it is getting as a large a stack of money they will lose once the real game comes around. For me it will be designing 'Systems' which are successful and do not fail under the strain of human internet interactions. This could be an IT intranet system, or a personnel organizational and administrative system. My second form of success is to use these systems for full scale warfare with my group against an enemy group worthy to also be praised for their prowess and beat them. If its a full scale slaughter there is nothing to gloat about.
  3. I've seen "Ready Player One" yesterday. Not about to discuss that movie tho. Watched it because JC kept referencing the book over and over and I didn't want to read it, since a friend already complained about it being a bit out there overly referencing 80's pop culture all the time. Tho seeing this topic again, I feel like adding this: when I look at the vision of "The OASIS" in Ready Player One and linking it to the vision of "emergent gameplay", I think maybe players will create challenges that you can win some day. Like what prevents us from having people to put in quanta in order to enter a race event and have them win the pot in the end? 50% goes to 1st place, 30% to second place, 10% to 3rd and the remaining 10% to the organizer? The participants would have to arrive and be registered at the starting location. Race starts once the organizer announces the destination, where containers await. These could be like the vending machines that give out the speeder parts at the markets. The first to arrive would take an item from each of three containers, where the first would contain an amount of 3, second 2 and third only 1 - plus having a cooldown, so 1st and 2nd place wouldn't just take it all. This should result in 1st winner handing in 3 tokens, second 2 and third only 1. There you have it. To win in DU means winning the CC0 race or whatever other challenges we create. DU will be another world - like Second Life. We are the ones to fill it with goals. Think Last Man Standing once pvp is solid!
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  5. Nice to hear you got a happy ending. Welcome aboard bud!
  6. got it squared away.... ill see you in the sky thanks!!!
  7. Your best and safest option is to go back to NQ support, and let them know about the situation. Send them any evidence you have of the payment going through on your end. Alternatively you can check to see if xsolla has a phone number you can call for quicker support. Apart from this advice I don't think there is much anyone can do for you, so you're really kinda stuck dealing with NQ & Xsolla.
  8. To win at this game you have to set a personal goal, and attain it. Apart from winning stuff short term, like a battle, diplomatic interaction, or a trade you're not going to work towards a goal you haven't set for yourself.
  9. last one was an old concept before i even knew DU existed, yeah you are right though and that can be added in game however considering recent changes to how flight mechanics especially thrust values im gonna wait until they are done changing these things. But the hull and design work will continue.
  10. well it has been a lil while, here's to hoping for "the fifth wave"
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  12. "Winning" is an arbitrary line in the sand. DU is a sandbox.
  13. I don't ever think they'll be such a thing as "winning" in Dual Universe. The game is too complex to really indicate what winning really is, but it really depends on what you, yourself see as winning.
  14. Star gates should be wormholes that brings you to a system and some wormholes should be hidden or known only by who discovered them that would add a funny dimension to the game
  15. Well this is not impressive the assets not necessarily texture .. we can have realistic low poly without any texture that are in 3d just good lighting and good 3d Assets would do a big difference
  16. This game may not look like graphic wise the best but to manage a so huge universe simultaneously requires alot of power
  17. All of alpha and beta plus 1 month per dac after release if you use them. It is like plex in Eve.
  18. Good stuff! Nothing like a dose of accountability to level the playing field! Thank you all for your help in bringing attention to this
  19. NQ just announced that they will list active player amounts themselves and order rankings accordingly. Which kinda concludes this thread.
  20. Hi everyone! With the Alpha 3 deployment around the corner and the RDMS implementation, we had to make significant changes in the background by connecting organizations data available on the Community Portal to the organizations data that will be available in-game. As it is a "Work in Progress", the Community Portal will switch in "Read Only" mode for the time being, to limit the probability of technical issues. During this transitional period, All management actions for the organizations will be done in-game. You will also note that the number of legates per organizations isn't displayed anymore. We are aware the situation isn't ideal, but it's a temporary and necessary step. Update: Wednesday, January 22th, 16:15 UTC What's the current situation? To be clear: - Posting/Editing News have been deactivated on the Community Portal. - It will still be possible to post/edit News on the Community Portal through the in-game User Interface (assuming you have the proper rights to do such thing). - Posting/Editing News will remain in a minimal state for the time being (only simple text. HTML code for formating options and image insertion will came back later). - Posting/Editing News directly through the Community Portal should come back at a later stage. - The "Join Organization / Accept application" feature remains active. - The applications pending before the maintenance today should still be there after. - Features such promoting or demoting a member will now exclusively in-game (as the process may now involve other game mechanics). - Displaying the number of legates on the Organization Ranking page has been deactivated (as an intermediary step of the coming changes in the future). What's coming in the future? (please keep in mind that the features described below are work in progress and might change before their release) Organization Ranking by the number of Active Members. As the Community Portal will evolve, we plan to display the number "Active Members" and the number "Honorary Members" for each organization in the future. The Organization Ranking will be done by the number of Active Members in decreasing order. What will be "Active Members" and "Honorary Members"? "Honorary Members" accounts will be accounts that have joined an organization on the Community Portal but haven't access to the game. "Active Members" accounts will be accounts that have joined an organization on the Community Portal and have access to the game. Accounts joining an organization directly in-game will be automatically validated as "Active Members" in an organization. Only "Active Members" will be eligible to legate status, as most organization management actions will be only possible in-game. Why planning this? This is planned for two reasons: 1) To give a better visibility for newcomers regarding the activity potential of each organization (which can impact the decision of joining one organization or another). 2) To discourage unfair practices such as creating ghost accounts and making them join an org to inflate artificially its size (and get undeserved visibility). Best Regards, The Novaquark Team.
  21. i am just wondering cause i am a bit confused on how this dac thing works. 120$ 60$ 180$ if i get one of this. how long do i get. is this a month to month payment ? is this a one time fee into alpha is over ? what is the dac used for ? is that like tokens to play then game like plex in eve online i tried looking it up but there is so much he said she said how it works that got us a bit confused.. can you please clear this info up for us. thank you.
  22. As mentioned here: With an exception as for before and after milestones.
  23. In my experience, its 3 4-day weekends a month not every weekend.
  24. This is the first iteration and Implementation of alpha 3. They maybe expect this to be a bit unstable so they only do a 3h test to see if the servers hold. When everything goes well they might extend the test. Normal test schedule are weekend tests (96h long) every week
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