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  1. Add in an additional warp cost based in activation of warp and the size of core the warp drive is attached to. This will make players work together to go mining in teams all transported on a carrier. Rewards collaboration.
  2. I haven't managed to give du any money yet, as I need to login before I can do that. I can click "Resend Confirmation Email" which each time will successfully send me an email with the subject Validate your email address to finalize your Dual Universe account However when I press 'Setup your account' the link it goes to http://xli6r.mjt.lu/lnk/BAA....... Just comes back with This site can’t be reached I've tried the reset Password button on your site quite a few times, but although it says it has sent me a reset password email I never receive any email. I have checked my spam folder and promotions folder. I've tried doing this yesterday and today as well. I have previously received an email from du Your registration is complete! Hi JamesFlames,Welcome to Dual Universe and thank you for joining. You can now sign in with the password you chose when signing up. Perhaps that email relates to the forum boards, I don't know. When I try and reset password it now gives an error instead. Says to contact the admin. Still no email. Have tried it with a VPN on and VPN off. That didn't make any difference. On a completely different note, for this forum you have to press 'Edit Topic' in order to save an edit you have made of a post. Maybe 'Save Edit' would make sense instead?
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