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  1. Could someone please react to this? You are all starting to take this personally which is really strange... I am only a casual player, who is not too deep into the game mechanics. But if you start to talk about game mechanics please follow up on suggestions/criticism/etc.
  2. Somehow the DU forum is pretty good at derailing every topic. So I will just post my opinion about the "derailed" part which barely touches the original post. I am sorry. Some people are very involved in the game. They are like "Just login every day and everything is fine. And then you just do some missions which take roughly 4 hours AFKing and you are totally wealthy". Problem is: Not everyone is playing games this way. Some people like to play a bit when they want to. And about the "maths" part in this topic: I probably "could" do the maths. But I just want to play this game for fun. If I am required to do maths about my possible income and wether or not I am able to pay my tile is a pretty bad game design idea. Because not everyone wants to min/max a game. Some people just want to have fun and relax a bit.
  3. I totally get your point. But a) their tech is probably not made to run on a single server b) there is already Empyrion. It is not that great in the building-part, but already has NPCs, etc.
  4. I think DU did attract 2 different groups with the beta (payed alpha): landmark players and EVE players. Maybe more, but I am in the later group and it took a while for me to understand the "landmark" group. Form what I have seen for the "landmark" players their focus is building only. It doesn't matter if something they have build serves any purpose. They like the building part itself and don't need any further gameplay loops. That is why an easy industry is nice for them because it gives an additional subtask to do which is easy enough to not take too much time from the building part. For EVE players (as myself) the gameloop is simply not finished with the building because we are used to having a goal after that (PvP). The "landmark players" are really good for advertising the game. "Look at all these cool player build constructs!". Which is why DU tried to be really nice to them. However for a lot of gamers only building stuff gets boring fast. So they have to keep a balance between these groups. And since they tried really hard to attract the landmark group they made the game uninteresting for EVE players. And now it is difficult to get the EVE players back because every step in that direction will be criticized by the current "landmark" playerbase that is left.
  5. What exactly is your problem with the safe zone? I don't get it.
  6. You simply don't go into a warzone unprepared. You can build a civilization (whatever that means in a video game) in the safe zone. Honestly from the langauge you are using you are not seeing this as a game but an extension to your real life. This is probably the difference between you and the rest of the world. Games are there for entertainment. Look at board or card games. They are all about destroying the opponent. This is what games are for. A lot of people (in fact the normal people) play games for fun and also for the destruction. I think what you define as "normal" is maybe normal in RL. But very "unnormal" in video games.
  7. Who are these "normal" people you are talking about? This is a game. In which you are perfectly fine in the safe zone. You are trying to draw conclusions from in-game actions to the actual person which is playing a game. And that is an extremely weird thing to do in my opinion.
  8. One of the problems for me is also that they advertise a "beta" version of the game which does not exist. I came here for example because of this trailer: It talks a lot about stuff that is simply not in the game and has been delayed after release. For example they show atmo fights, talk about massive warfare with hundreds of ships and hint a lot in the direction of territory warfare. Features which are simply not there at all and will not be there in the near future.
  9. I only watch the forums to see what the game will turn into. Landmark in space Platform for mini-games which are worse than actual games (racing, casino, etc.) Platform for socializing EVE clone dead And the interesting thing is: I really have no idea what the actual goal is from the NQ side.
  10. Maybe they should just switch to an acutally working operating system for the client? Like windows applications randomly crashing on like 5 out of 100 windows servers is kind of expected. You never expect windows to actually work reliably. Probably worse on consumer machines where everyone also changes system settings because some blog post told them it is a good idea.
  11. Just my 2 cents: I stopped playing about the time 0.23 came out. However it had nothing to do with schematics and I really don't understand why people are so obsessed with them. The reason for me why I stopped playing was that my inital sub expired and after the initial start to build some ships and a bit of a factory the game got really boring. Actually I pretty much stopped playing about 1-2 weeks before 0.23. I even logged in after 0.23 hit (because you could still login if your sub had already expired). I bought some schematics but then again the game got really boring and I stopped. Longterm this game is mostly interesting for people who like to build pretty things which have no actual use. There are no real gameloops and in my opinion it is just a bad game except the first few months in its current state. Building is simply not enough to keep me interested longterm. I also play this other "oldschool spaceship game" and if I compare both of them I really don't know why I should come back to DU.
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