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  1. I can't see this ever being an 'eye-candy' game. A "wow, did they really build that?" game maybe, but not just eye candy. In my opinion it is more tilted to the scale of what you can do.
  2. Yes, but, as has been pointed out the risk vs reward is way over on the risk side. Too easy to find asteroids being mined. PvPers get all the reward, miners take all the risks. Now that's balance for you.
  3. Winning an MMO, now that is funny. You mean you will be all that is left when the servers shut down? That is the only way you can win an MMO.
  4. Nothing wrong with schematics - except as was said above about the management of them and maybe needing one for each machine running that schematic. Decent, but not exactly burdensome, money sink for most of them. Sensible way to control manufacturing capabilities.
  5. I kind of agree - or at least I will once they fix planetary mining properly - not been on for a while but it had slowly become unplayable (used to be glitchy but steadily got worse). Asteroids where supposed to also be a step in that direction but it appears that was botched somewhat. The real question is what will happen to the planets themselves moving forward. I suspect the T4 and T5 ore planets will also stop being safe zones, but we will see on that.
  6. Some stunning arrogance in this thread. Unless the game gets some sensible balance of things to do for all parties it will not last. No reason for it to do so. Forcing people to PvP will not happen. EVE tried this for years and it never happened. People will PvP when they want, where they want and how they want. If they can't do that they will play something else. The rule has always been "don't fly what you can't afford to lose" - so until PvE players feel they are in that position to their satisfaction none of them will PvP even for rare rewards. As PvE players are generally more risk averse with respect to combat the "not afford to lose" amount will likely be significantly higher than PvP players. The PvP vs PvE thing is as it has always been and is unlikely to change. The one thing I have never understood is why PvP players are just not content with fighting each other and leaving those who don't give a crap alone.
  7. Waiting on a few of the more significant updates before climbing back in - no I don't consider asteroids significant for me at this point in time. Automated mining is my next toe-dipping time. Still subbed, so not like I am not skilling, but not actively playing much.
  8. My only thing with this is that we are barely at 'start game' in many ways. I agree end game should be thought about but we seem so far away from that.
  9. I think you are missing the point - Voxelmancy is a daft thing - it takes something that should be straight forward for a player and makes it a pain in the ass. Even with libraries it is still a pain in the ass. There is just no reason why it has to be a thing.
  10. Wouldn't surprise me - it seemed though to be the season for throwing these things out there again.
  11. I don't - I just want to remove the ridiculous and laborious art of creating blocks to manipulate other blocks instead of providing a tool that would tweak the vertices as needed. Weirdly this might even open up the building of nicer things to more people.
  12. I don't know - the more I think about it 1/7th likely is about right. You have to be hardcore to successfully PvP and the big percentage for MMOs these days is just not hardcore.
  13. While not exactly a scientific poll I was interested to see that the number one reason for wanting to play Starbase was ship building. PvP was a distant (like 1/3 of the number) second closely followed by space exploration and factories. I would be really interested to see what a similar poll (tweaked obviously) looked like for EVE.
  14. Sometimes, sometimes not This - fortunate enough to have a job where I don't have to care. I also tend to get hundreds of hours out of games I like so I don't actually buy that often either.
  15. Can we please, pretty please, just be able to pull/push vertex points? This is all voxelmancy really does but in a painful and round about way and it is just plain annoying. I feel like I am back in Landmark and I don't want to be there again.
  16. 100% No - they are fine. I believe people should have to make decisions as t where they put their money.
  17. well at least I know how long I am taking a break for - except of course for updating the 'queue'. See you whenever mining V2 arrives.
  18. There are (as far as I know) no politicians in this thread - but there are a number of attempts to redefine well understood terms into those typically used by politicians. I frankly blame the ignorance and outright stupidity of the listeners that this stuff is even viable.
  19. This SHOULD be where you get into shield types, weapon damage types, etc. All types, less buffer - fewer types more buffer. Should be special bonuses attached to shields blocking fotm weapons
  20. The weirdest part of this whole discussion is that these terms are well defined and understood. Just seems a part of the whole disinformation and refuting of meaning that has been a theme of the world of late (this is not confined to the USA).
  21. wow, more uneducated claptrap - it just gets better.
  22. Living in the US I can tell you the level of ignorance on social systems is quite impressive. The very fact that Bernie Sanders gets away with calling himself a Socialist is in itself proof that there is widespread ignorance on what Socialism is. The fact that you equate Communism with Socialism is more along the same line. As the original post stated a location in Canada I (maybe mistakenly) assumed the poster was Canadian and maybe better educated on these things as Canadian politics are not just center right, right and extremely right which is the case in the US at present. In terms of overall political standings the Democrats for the most part barely register as a centrist party in most of what they do - center right if I am kind. The US has many good things about it but still has a huge McCarthy chip on its shoulder when it comes to anything that would be considered even centrist anywhere else - still looking for commies under the bed. Still we are now talking about things like a livable wage instead of everything being business centric so maybe there is some hope on the horizon with respect to some sanity and moderation.
  23. Damn that's funny. I always thought the Canadians were a little better educated on social systems than the Americans but apparently not.
  24. You might be right - I read this and wasn't quite sure what was meant by it. If I have my sub-orgs owning territory does this mean that it will all just get moved to the main org for free? If that is true what is everyone panicking about then? Confused!
  25. Focus the development team on getting a predictable, stable, scalable performance from the underlying platform, and make sure the available mechanics support that. Remove any game mechanics that cannot scale. If you can't do that you don't have a game.
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