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  1. This was about ore markets, rigth?
  2. Yes. Problem with UEF store is that it is also Bot. It should not compete with player made ships, so in this case it is now, with lower ore prices, easier to compete with UEF starter ships. However UEF store is problematic because as you said it should offer affordable starter ships, but while doing that it competes with player made ships.
  3. I do not see problem in that. Element prices follow ore prices.
  4. Where did you get these numbers. Just now sell prices are higher
  5. Ups. I forgot those schematic fees #Du_the_greatest_IRS_simulator_of_all_times
  6. True NQs understanding about what is interesting, fun and entertainment is broken
  7. Problem is not about Bots buying no more. It is about heavy Territory taxation. #Du_IRS_simulator
  8. No need to blame NQ. This is all on us who complained about this "exploit"
  9. By looking buy- and sell orders It seems that T1 prices are finding their levels already. Also there is steady demand for ore. Only easy money at every market is gone. Now T1 miners need to find right markets and haul ore to markets to sell. Not so much trouble at all. Other options are to make contracts with mega factory owners or run industry and build something more valuable.
  10. If you talk about quanta input sources in is all about NQ. Not us.
  11. For players to earn quanta there are lots of other methods than just blindly selling basic ore to bots. How a player can earn quanta and how NQ can inject quanta into system are 2 different things. We should not mix them.
  12. Now when bots are almost depleted I can see more sell orders. I think T1 ore prices are slowly leveling up to their real market value. Then it will be healthy. If low amount of quanta is real concern, there are lots of other methods to inject it into system.
  13. Money / Quanta is already in the system. And lots of it. NQ has tools to monitor whole economy and inject quanta by many ways, other than bots, if needed. They can also regulate economy by lowering taxes and other fees if they want.
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