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  1. Problem: Players digging way too much tunnels Solution: Do nothing to limit tunnels digging. Instead ban Mining What I'm missing....
  2. Until right now I had impression that I own my land (tiles) I've bought my land from a monopoly which owns all land in DU:s universe. What happens at next patch is Nationalization. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nationalization Land which I own and had paid big quanta will be robbed from me.
  3. Taxes for tiles is really bad idea. To pay taxes is newer fun in real life. It do not became fun if it is added to video game. To play video game should be entertainment and create good feelings. Paying taxes does not. This proposal of taxes also moves away from player driven economy. If I have a tile, it should be me who is collecting taxes, not some super power winch owns all planets and property on them (aphelia) This can be the last hit, and even worse than r0.23 was. I'm seriously concerning about leaving this game for good. ******* Edit: To say this Territory ownership fee is a tax is wrong by definition. Taxes are paid when there is income. This proposal is rent. It forces me to collect quanta for no reason... no .. no not for me..
  4. I could not agree more. Patch 0.23 were huge disappointment for me. Pre 0.23 I had small industry running to manufacture things for myself and I were slowly expanding to be able to sell something. Then NQ sent a message that I were playing industry "in a non intended way. " I had played since day one of pre alpha and that "non intended small industry game play" were totally new for me. It broke my confidence to NQ and created unfriendly feeling of game development intents and about developers. Why no cities? There is no reasons. No benefits for city building. There is no tools and game-features for city infrastructure. No security about living in a tile owned by other player. etc.
  5. Blueprints as they are now were introduced as a placeholder mechanic. And they still are unfinished placeholder.
  6. Here you can find original plans for mining game-play. For some reason NQ decided not to follow this original consent.
  7. @NQ-Pann - This is important question. This needs to be defined in rules before they will get effective.
  8. I already own a tile within 2 km radius. Actually all markets outside of pioneer zone have same situation. No dead zone possible anymore.
  9. What is "Territory management revamp"
  10. Only wrong solution would be that fuel consumption is same for all engine types.
  11. We must remember that engine power and ability transport cargo is only a small fragment in this complex game. How ever it is related to many things and has effect into those other game-play loops. Ships are the backbone for our logistics. Economy, building, pvp, prospecting, mining, industry, trading, warfare and many other features are dependent of logistics and ability to move ore, products, elements. voxels, guns ammo and other ships. If this backbone (ships) is under-powered whole ecosystem is suffering. Under-powered engines leads players to search exploits and other solutions to move materials, in a non intended ways. And still engine power such a small fragment of the big picture and game-play. Also we need to remember that real-world examples hardly apply. This is not a simulator for rocket-science of 2021 nor this is Filgth simulator from same year. Examples from SCIFI movies may apply much better. How much cargo and engine power Serenity, Rocinante or Enterprise may have.
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