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  1. This is exactly where my interests are. I had many excellent experiences in EVE while flying my haulers and supporting my org and allies behind the lines.
  2. Thanks @blazemonger for excellent post. This is what it must be. NQs current plan will break more gameplay and already working features as well as planned ones than it will create. By implementing this well will create interesting content. My biggest concern about this NQs proposal is unfinished planning (gameplay design) which do not take all consequences into account and adds extra grinding (even more mining). Also if problem is unhealthy markets or economy, or goal is to improve markets, this is not the answer. Maybe right questions should be asked first. Is there a problem at markets. If yes then what it is?
  3. This argument is false. Space industry is going into opposite direction. Trying to maximize usage times for engines etc. Creating consumer demand by producing disposable goods is reason for current waste and pollution problems. This is really redline for me. @NQ - game devs. Please do not implement this culture into this game. Game should be about future of humankind. Also I'm totally not interested about real world problems. I play this game to forget all the sorrow and problems of real life. If you bring those into this game they will constantly remind me about RL problems and I get bad feelings and don't play this game anymore.
  4. This is worst idea ever. It will be gamebreaker for me. I will not pay any monthly fees from this game if this is implemented. After my 4 Kickstarter pledges expires, Im out.
  5. So much of the promise you can keep your blueprints from alpha. Nice blueprints but just don't work...
  6. This destruction principle forces DU economy to "Linear economy model" Linear economy is killing our planet IRL Mankind must go to Circular economy to survive. I think DU must follow this principle and allow full Circular economy. References: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circular_economy https://medium.com/thebeammagazine/redesigning-the-economy-from-linear-to-circular-and-from-me-to-we-95e418fd0193 https://www.ellenmacarthurfoundation.org/explore/the-circular-economy-in-detail https://kenniskaarten.hetgroenebrein.nl/en/knowledge-map-circular-economy/how-is-a-circular-economy-different-from-a-linear-economy/
  7. Yes you are rigth, outside safezone there is full pvp.How ever it is my choice if I go to pvp zone.
  8. I think DU is not FULL PVP game. PVP is only one of many supported play styles. "Safe Zones will protect you, and avoid Dual Universe to become a free for all PvP game. However, PvP will be possible when you step out of the Safe Zone. " It is not said that starting zone is the only Safe Zone. Also size and amount of safe zones is open.
  9. Well since I kind'a started this, I did some extra reading. Death is allready planned quite punishing, and ... interesting. https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2014/10/10/resurrection-node-mechanics/ https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2014/07/06/quantum-immortality/ "Klips -- A Resurrection Node is a power hungry machine (remember, the beast is twisting the fabric of the quantum multiverse space-time topology, in order to affect its probability distribution and save your ass). You need to power it and make sure it is fully charged, and the time it takes for a full charge will depend on the type of power source you can afford to use. This can range from a few minutes to a few days -klap Also loosing some or all of inventory is there as Twerk said. On the other hand it seems to be planned so that RS nodes ar much more complex as i remebered. All good.
  10. I agree. But still I would like to see that pilots life has a value, not only materia around him. One possible solution could be that usage of those respawn nodes would not be free. Dont die if you can not afford it.
  11. @Falstaf "armada of suicide pilots" wont happen if death is serious enough. Wery serious. But why not.
  12. @ Archonious I see your point, and I like it because safezones will make big trading hubs possible and by that way create content for pirates, and many others. There is, as we speak some attributes in zones/tiles 0,) default is free pvp, warzone 1.) Ownership, by TU 2.) Protection, by weapons, and bubble 3.) Access rigths, by RDMS As of safe zone RDMS could go there, if it includes, "no weapons or agression" - attribute. I also agree that balancing defence by numbers is hard and many lead to grinding. Timers is good as long there is someone to ask for a help or there is options to deal with owerpowered attacer. How ever I saw in Eve that help was newer there, when needed. There could be also other attributes wich may make safezone stronger and harder to destroy. - it could be decleared by its owner as DMZ, demilitarized and neutral zone. - more civilian activities stronger dmz - if there is groving industry and other civilian installations and buildings they make DMZ attribute stronger. DMZ - is dmz same as safezone? generally yes. - how ever it could exists witout TU or buble. - it could expand itself slowly, by activity and population and it may go down if no activity. - it could be created also by political agreement.
  13. I'm just wondering... We say : it is hard to build and maintain a safezone. What is "the other zone?" Pvp zone? Is pvp zone The default zone. If yes, why? Why not ,,, hard to build/create and manintain pvp zone as it may be for Safe zone.? Well... shoot me im just asking stupid questions.
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