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  1. I see this as a rising problem. https://www.techpowerup.com/290460/intel-to-disable-rudimentary-avx-512-support-on-alder-lake-processors @NQ - Please can we get comment about this.
  2. Sanctuary moons were not promised. They are added later. Only 10 km safe zone around Arkship.
  3. Nice idea and nice plan. Only problem is wrong game.
  4. So problem with pvp right now is lack of defensive measures. Not about how big or small pvp area is. Also we all know that plan is that only 3 planets and their moons inside current safe zone stay safe. Safe zone around other (outer) planets is temporary. Outer planes will be full pvp.
  5. It is possible to implement energy systems without breaking things. I think it is the only possibility if done after launch.
  6. DU has more than one main pillar and it support all game styles. I think that having more than 70% of tech about war is way too much. It must be balanced.
  7. Are we finally gonna see real player markets? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1949863330/dual-universe-civilization-building-sci-fi-mmorpg/posts/1692359 Player run economy was one of the main pillars for this game. Current dispenser based so called "Player markets" are only a placeholder. NQ - Please read your Kick-starter post/promise, and give us comment about this. At latest "Ask Aphelia" podcast were some discussion about Player markets, but only as a late game High end feature, which is not what is defined at Kick-starter.
  8. Interesting Can't wait for more detailed posts about new features.
  9. In EVE there is no planetary warfare or AVA. So why it should be in DU
  10. After 1.5 years this situation will be exactly same. There will be super rich players versus new players. How this situation can be resolved? New wipe every year ??
  11. Problem has always been constant changes which breaks players achievements. - by nerfing engines breaks well balanced ships and throw hours of playtime into trash. This has happend so many times - by adding lots of extra weight, (for no reason) to ship elements has same effect - by implementing schematics did break so much work already done at factories - lua changes which are not backwards compatible - obstruction changes - changes to colors and textures of voxels - change of material requirement for Warp beacon This list goes on and on. So many negatively effecting changes has been most poisonous to the motivation to continue. I'm not the onlyone who has felt that Devs and Game designers want to punish players instead of creating interesting features. Also about what is interesting is wery much lost.
  12. True I am. But what can I do I'm just so frustrated. And yes I'm afraid that "Power" will break everything again. If that happens after launch it will be worse that 0.23 catastrophe. And there will be no more "Launch nor wipe card" to play.
  13. How about Beta keys. Will they keep their talent points. Those talent points are not related to subs.
  14. If speaking about energy source, standard cars have only one energy source - Fuel Alternator uses energy generated by it's engine from fuel.
  15. If CEO of the company makes statement it represents the Company, not person or personal opinion. Please stop this JC nonsense.
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