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  1. Tell me moar how Well i use homophobic slurs. Which, you know, doesnt mean shit because its just as Bad as griefer to me. Oh and if you really think that i ever even implied "but mimimimimimimimi some random on some forum did it too" .....you clearly didnt get the irony i implied in that reply nor the sarcasm. Nor what i wanted to show with it. Pls try harder to paint me the way you think i am. Im really disappointed by this trash Talk. Up your Game Buddy, you can do better!
  2. Funny how Carebear and butthurt get ppl to think they need to write smth while at the same time griefers is A-OK. Not to mention that the daphne comment has nothing worth to say either, but thats obviously ok too. Smh some ppl
  3. they cant even get the server to work properly when there are just constructs around. this would not end well when the whole thing moves..... they simply can't do it and won't do it for exactly those reasons
  4. Oh by any means, have fun and continue if you like. It won't get you anywhere as this guy can't even begin to understand thé problems with His "idea" let alone see why his opinion is only one of many and not the only way how ppl can play this game. I too have a lot of fun reading this thread and your very good counters. And ofc his very bad arguments lol
  5. Heard the whole "we will improve our communication" thingy before. Don't believe you a single word Also: what IS the underlaying mechanic of taxes and the interconnection? See thats why your communication sucks. You actually don't communicate by saying lots of stuff
  6. forget it, this guy is beyond arguments. he will never get why this is a bad idea. Nor seems to get why his arguments are VERY poor
  7. calling a ship with a self destruction device which could potentially kill dozens of others around it "unarmed" is quite the leap xD this guy is so hilarious, I can't stop laughing
  8. Good luck. such ideas have been around since 2013. And were obviously ignored since then
  9. still not sure why ppl can post in "BETA UPDATES AND ANNOUNCEMENTS"
  10. that's what the safezone is there for - noone forces you to enter pvp zone. and noone forces all the other potential players to go there either. dont like pvp? then stay away from it
  11. - save the exploited money - once the game launches buy DACs with that money - use those DACs and get lots of months of gametime - exploit the system further to self sustain these accs with little to no effort - profit
  12. forcing players to log in daily and then arguing "it's not bad! you get 150k!" is a circle jerk and not an argument. Quanta/resource sink is needed for sure. Taxes are a cheap way out for NQ without having to create interesting new mechanics like POWER SYSTEMS as promised for example, which would do the same thing as taxes, but better.
  13. Ah yes, p2w ftw i guess. Terrible idea
  14. Why is creating stuff nearby each other against the eula? Civ building anyone? Cities ? is this forbidden too ?
  15. In the video someone said smth Like "If you properly mine a territory you will make more than taxes" What does this entail? Using all your charges or whatever every day ? Using those charges only once per day/week? Because as i see it, this argument doesnt make any sense. You force players to do smth they don't want to do in order to keep their territory. Making it a job to login every day. Gg NQ Also "move to sanc!" Is a pretty bad and useless suggestion either as someone said in that video. Moving 25 quadrillion elements, bases and whatever there......sure. hard slap in the face. So glad i havent played at all, would be pretty upset if i had
  16. Nope, YOU obviously don't know the history.the arkship secure area (ASA) was always a thing and right from the start a 20km radius was deemed safe around the ark
  17. Schreib die 20€ ab, hab dasselbe mit meiner ruby pledge gemacht. DU besteht nur aus Träumen und Hoffnung, dass es "irgendwann geht. Ganz bestimmt sogar". Mehr nicht. Server Tech funktioniert seit der Alpha nicht wirklich. Der einzige Grund warum sie überhaupt geht ist weil NQ ständig Sachen streicht und löscht, siehe Markt 6. Von civ building ist man weit entfernt. Ich kann nicht raus aber du hast die Chance hier wegzukommen. Flieg, Schmetterling!
  18. Love it how ppl don't see thé problem with their reasoning. If T1 really does generate so much quanta then prices will OF COURSE drop when everybody mines it with Autominers. Thus leading to less winnings. Thus Rendering your little calculation utterly useless
  19. Tldr Good luck with those daydreams. NQ will most probably do nothing about it
  20. Gl with that. Devs ignore this request for years now. Either they simple CAN'T change it or they don't WANT to. Either way, i said it before and i say it again: Their UI dev should be fired. Never seen a more clunky, uninteresting, useless and very bad UI
  21. Doesnt change anything either because then lots of ppl can still join the safezone faction and be pirates. But sure, more factions would make sense. And no, letting players decide who can join them in a safezone is not a good idea either. This needs to be done by NQ.
  22. Wouldnt change anything, then they just use alts or friends to get their stuff. Also, this would be pretty useless because who counts to that group? Everyone who shot someone? What about a war? What about ppl who defended themselves? It's up to players to hunt them down, not NQ to punish someone to actually do what pvp Space is there for
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