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  1. Sure, you can do that. That's exactly what a sandbox is there for - especially one with a focus on politics/community/markets
  2. Lethys

    Micro-credit Loans

    it does appeal to me too - but only because I love to scam ppl to get their hard earned money I would never ever give away my quanta to anyone. Never. Nope
  3. Ofc you can enter, you just need to be smart about how to lay out that minefield. Looking forward to ppl crash and burn when flying too low xD
  4. I don't rly get your point here. A STU is per definition ALWAYS safe and 100% protected against griefing
  5. server wipes may occur at any time but usually NQ announce them in advance
  6. Lethys

    no AVX = no go ?

    @NQ-Nyzaltar your call here to answer that .... we can't due to NDA
  7. Lethys

    Merwin Presentation

    Welcome Merwin o7 Fake news! Your first sentence exposure you. The truth is a lie!
  8. Lethys

    Returning user

    Welcome back. Those infotmation are under NDA. Resets can occur at ANY time but generally will be announced by NQ. You can create blueprints of your ships though, as shown in videos
  9. Lethys

    no AVX = no go ?

    Avx won't go away afaik, that's a standard for years now. If you don't want to upgrade your CPU you can get in touch with customer support at support.dualthegame.com
  10. As a first massive test with 30.000 chars across alioth, this certainly points in the right direction. This is the foundation for all future tests so I agree it's a really good milestone. The next step now is interacting in a large scale with mining, production, flying, building and ofc pewpew once implemented
  11. Lethys

    A civil or military status for cores.

    Well that's broken too you know. Then I just apply to the org with an alt, bring my PvP ship there and my org mates from my main org just kill the base because I switched the civil core with my alt. One safe zone per planet is definitely too much. For all I care NQ can make the whole starting system with alioth in it a huge safezone with no valuable resources anywhere ofc. 12 planets should be enough, no? As long as the vast majority is free space with precious and rare resources to fight over, I'm all in
  12. Lethys

    Servus Commander

    Servas Depends on what kind of org you're interested in - there are plenty to choose from
  13. Lethys

    A civil or military status for cores.

    Then ppl can just abuse that and use such a core as a forward respawn base. Or bunker all the valuable resource there. No thanks. As said, that's what safezones are there for.
  14. Lethys

    Radio unit

    What you're looking for is here https://trello.com/c/HVdTjEsH It's only predefined sounds, no internet radio though
  15. Lethys

    Standardizing construction

    Idk and honstly idc either right now - it's just too soon for that kind of stuff imho. Beta would be best for that kind of talk imho, once all mechanics are implemented. Create an org, talk to ppl on discord, get ppl to work with you, build relations and make them aware of the situatuon or problem that you see. I don't think it's rly a problem because It'll be regulated organically once we know what kind of ship will be prevalent, once we get player run markets, once we get RDMS to regulate our territories and once we know what kind of products will be bought. Too soon rn imho, but you can try ofc. It's a player driven sandbox - go for it
  16. Lethys

    Standardizing construction

    Gl talking to all orgs then. By all means, try to do that. Try to get everyone to agree and work for a global solution. That's DU - if you feel the community needs smth then work for it and do smth about it. I disagree on the footnote of the devs though - this game should be run by players alone. No need for the devs to promote any one initiative over another
  17. Lethys

    Standardizing construction

    You won't get such a thing in DU imho. I doubt that players will do that in this particular way. The way I see it ppl will just do whatever they want until they recognize there is a problem. Then ppl will just look at the prevailing shipmeta: what ships do land in our market? How long are most ships? Then actand build platforms accordingly. For special guests who might pay higher fees they can even get better/bigger pads. As I said, markets will provide services too. If most ppl can't land properly there, less ppl will use it. It's a game, no need to make things more complicated then they need to be. Also, I doubt ppl from different orgs will agree easily or at all to some consensus. I certainly never have the mood to sit in such s comittee
  18. Lethys

    Standardizing construction

    This would only be useful for a trading hub anyway. Bases, outposts and org stations in space are mostly org specific and not for public use. Those will have org specific standards anyway. Cities might enforce a no-fly zone for obvious reasons (PvP, clutter, order,..) but may gravitate towards some kind of DU wide standard. So we're only talking about public markets really. And those will be dictated by supply and demand, services available and taxes. It's up to players and what kind of ship meta will prevail in DU. Lots of smaller platforms for single seaters do make sense, because I doubt ppl will take out their big toys to Go to a city/market to shop. Also bigger ships will need a Crew, which won't be easy to organize for someone just to go shopping
  19. gj ppl and thank you NQ for sharing more of those ships with us
  20. Lethys


    exactly. and we don't have any too because there is no central government.... So I don't quite get your point. ppl can do whatever they want in terms of how they run their org: be it via shares, taxes or salary. The players who run an org decide that and how they want to distribute org-assets. And yes, this talk comes way too early. Wait for alpha 2 with economy, then A3/beta for a proper RDMS system and see how it works out. just too early for economy when we don't rly know what it looks like
  21. Lethys

    Black Scarlet

    A permadeath system would kinda be against the thought of players building a persistent universe. So no, no permadeath.
  22. Ppl just ask the wrong questions imho Playing DU "effectively" can mean a Lot of things. Will such players be able to build cities? Huge ships? Space stations? Fight huge wars? Probably not Will they be able to find their niche? Build marvellous things? Raid others? Compete on the markets? Have fun and prosper ingame? Ofc! I'ms teamplayer myself but I like to be alone onoccasions too
  23. Lethys

    drugs, boosters

    There are dozens of threads discussing this already, maybe use the Search function first
  24. Lethys

    Pharmaceutical Industry and the benefits from it!

    +1 for drugs and medikits. We also need e peen boosts ofc....
  25. Maybe, maybe not. Rn they plan on having 3 chars per account so that's already 4 to 10 alts for deadzoning. That means that org can easily circumvent any limit NQ may have for large orgs. I seriously doubt they limit alts though, because it's revenue for them. Even more than a sub because of DACs (18€ compared to 14€ sub) DACs may be more expensive than in eve rn, because we only have one real quanta faucet in DU. Then again, ppl have more than one acc already (I have 3 lifetime packs for example) so it would be an unfair advantage if they did impose some kind of limit on defenses. I could then easily have 8 one man orgs to circumvent that