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  1. Ooh nice idea indeed, colored glass is something it think alot of people love to see, even better translucent luminoius voxels so we can actually make glass in lead or neon lights. Would be really futuristic cool
  2. @blazemonger Thank you for the explanation, it still is a very typical solution for a problem that in the end still is not solved and is no issue in the first place, unless server stress is a problem for the average player and not on the balance side of the developer. At least i can now fix the numbers so i can again place 750 cores minimal for my organization, add the same for my 4 alts and then have so many cores placed i cannot do anything with them till sintjuttemes.
  3. Madness, those named organizations only have about 26 cores placed all combined, so the largest probably has 15 the smallest about 3. Talents show we can have a lot more but i keep getting these messages, so in the end i can only have about 10 organizational cores while the talent system tells me its a lot more, Just fix this. Somehow it feels we get fail after fail this year. So with all in the picture talents loaded having only 3 organizational cores you are over the limit and your going to give them away? Can we conclude that there is something really not going well? In the mess up list on the road to actually build Civilization: 1-unrelated bans of critical people 2-allowing hackers and unintended use players to keep stuff 3-schematics 4-deleting the mining 5-A Big no to any organizational ownership 6-taxing territories for server costs 7-unclaiming stuff with no warning
  4. Its very simple, if they ever want anyone to have a fair start there shall be a wipe. quanta gone, stuff gone, talents gone, organizations gone, territories gone, missed anything?
  5. Lets have alot of fun, and I have a first question Would it be possible to ask the devs if they could make a glass version of the sliding doors for estetics in our houses and shops. The way we build now doors always close off so we cannot really show the inside. it would really help to have something like that. Some of us can be very critical about stuff added or removed in DU, but just remember critisizm and comments are mostly given to things and people we care about. Hope you have a great time here!!
  6. Wow, you improved something, the amount of crashes after any patch or update excitingly is better then Keen. this week alone i get crashes at about every teleport i use or shuttle from alioth to sanc. And alot more. No idea what you changed but beside DU crashing the whole pc crashes, internet crashes, anything you are doing crashes. what kind of programming are you using that interferes not only DU and the graphic card but also the rest of my pc? And this is not the first time i posted something like this. DU after today's maintenance, not playable, du after last mayor patch, barely playable but this maintenance made it worse. and since i have no clue what causes this a new tickit is useless, even the du logger crashes and data is not even sent, as that crashes too. Any idea what is going on?
  7. Well, indeed and if i want to see a game crashing i always end up playing DU, 15th crash today and going strong.
  8. Till 0.23 i played with a team of great players but I am sorry to say, the developers drove them all out. As one of the early people i am in over 15 organizations, small and large and sadly when i am online and i check them for activity most are dormant, even large 10+ organizations with only me active, it is sad but it is what you get when you frack with players who put all their time and fun into something and overnight you slap them in the face.
  9. Deconstruct it and be creative, or ask creative people to help you build it, most are happy to help, myself included for a nice quanta fee
  10. Meanwhile on the actual server, crashed 10 times today, about 150 times since last patch, transports from markets to districts are fracked, ships unclaimed with no warning, we get new patches with stuff nobody wants, everything is done to releave server load, uhm make more cash, DU is in a deathhold from its original ideas and the cracks are opening every week and with every patch that railroads us further away from creating civilization. "content" is crashing into a light post a half voxel with a large core multimillion ship that is totalled in the process. largest core is still peanuts compared to the promisses or even the art we get in the loading screens, players are rare and only seen at scavange locations, well the 5 actives. AND I AM OUT OF POPCORN ? Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war.
  11. This system was only introduced to reduce stress on servers. So any discussion is meaningless, NQ is just following the NC Soft protocol on how to kill off a potential good game
  12. Lost 3 ships on this and i even read all my mais and other stuff. This was not clear and for one thing, there was no notification on ships that were marked for deletion in 7 days. Only at the moment of deletion/unclaiming you get a notion. Together with the statement players will not loose their stuff unless in PVP as stated previously this is a really bad way to implement stuff. would a notification that your ship will be deleted in 7 days be so hard? ingame you get that when parking but when offline or after the patch update, nothing. i even parked my ships according to the previous rules and still they got deleted as they were somewhere on a purple spot. Well i hope someone was happy with my shit, this just shows again that NQ follows anything but their own made rules. Best part is some other ships i saw have NO unclaim timer and i even saw with 75 days right next to the market so apparently its the same as always and some players are more important then others.
  13. Do they need one? All the reasoning we see lately is plainly not entirely true. All has to do with cash and server power, i also remember they told us stuff in inventory would end up in a box at death, well i died 4 times yesterday and no boxes, why? server power. Else the whole planet would be filled with death boxes. When are we getting a patch that actually lets us build civilization, incentive to stay on the planet and build? or to build actual armadas to go colonize the outer rim? When will we see players near our structures again because its fun to be around buildings? At the moment all buildings are static art objects with no function what so ever. Also the small core sizes do that. there is no reason to build a large hanger or underground space yard, there isn't even the need for a spaceyard at all. But that probably begins with the choice of DU to follow the empyrion route to development and not the Space engineers way. In short DU is more and more becoming an Empyrion clone with as only real difference the single server.
  14. If wreckage is added as the pillar Exploration, can we just cut down that Pillar. Adding somethind like trash as exploration is totally meaningless when you first state we can explore entire galaxies, have stargates, etcetera. Adding some trash in space or whereever and call that incentive to explore is the same as lets say add special cores in space and call it incentive to PvP or add static cores and say that is justification for building Civilization Pillars. Adding stuff like this to fill a pillar that once had potential just breaks down the game and is not more then adding a mod in space engeneers that places random loot. Know how many mods there are in SE? Please add more serious stuff but i guess that for the serious stuff the server payments will rize and well, thats not going to happen right? There is a reason almost everywhere you go in DU its quiet, there is a reason the chats ingame ar quiet. maybe dont add silly stuff but incentives to actually play and be present On the planets/moons and have meaningfull playtime around buildings.
  15. So what does this thing add for all players with respect to the overal DU idea of Building Civilization? Nothing What does it bring then? I absolutely have no idea where this fits the lore or the core idea of DU, this is just something thrown together that fits better in Empyrion and frankly there it already is. So i see we are moving closer and closer to be an empyrion clone and further away from the characteristics of DU Hopefully the next addition is true to DU and actually adds something that really helps in building Civilization, reall exploration, actual reall conflict with meaning and PURPOSE. As for some reason only additions are good for pirates and grievers. What also is getting more clear after every patch is that wipe will be unavoidable, and NQ probably already knows that. Lets hope we will se the next best sing soon: DU_NE The survival MMO
  16. Sorry to say this but DU is a small ship only venture, all possibilities to build large have been canned already. And indeed anything on large core is in fact still a small ship. Large core is about 127 meters, the enterprice is about 300 and that theoretically is a mid size space vessel.
  17. I think its that you say you do one thing but in the end do something completely different for profit and even though its a bad ripoff of the intended idea you sell it as improved and ask twice the money for it. That seems to be the metaverse
  18. Yeah we catch it and as this post is from august, dont worryabout the vacation, maybe this is adressed in January. 2040
  19. You Won!!!! NQ does not listen to anyone on the forum since........ uhm, yeah!!! you won!!!!!!
  20. To the OP, Good Points!!!!! Nice post. keep it up! Nothing to add
  21. That would be a joke if your banned for being negative, Ingame people literally exloided for billions, then schemed the schematics with [censored] knowledge so they made even more billions. Then added that on goldsellerpages. And none of those were banned, you can however be banned if you expose goldsellers or even mention them
  22. If DU is put in seperate servers, just kill it. The only thing DU has over games like SE is the single server and no wipes, introduce one of the two as generic feature and DU is dead. Ingame building and tech is nice but with the lag and time it takes to grow it would lose to other games as SE that has No monthly cost and where you can be in full PVP on day one
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