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  1. any update on response times for help requests? as people with these problems cannot wait a week, same goes for backers who did not get their STU
  2. So this works also for the people with 2 weeks free as i get the same error on beta accounts who have been active since day 1 beta
  3. its messed up, my alts miss all the stuff they should have and it messed up my territorial placements and that of our whole organization as I am not the only one with this issue.
  4. I do not see this message on either my wifes or my kids account, what is going on?
  5. When will you activate this? My wife is still waiting for acces and respond to her ticket on ShinoLux, so any update would be appreciated!
  6. Any update on this? Contributor and gold packs are still not sent
  7. so how about missing launch and being able to take the desired hexes, is that something that will be looked at too? or just bad luck? It is honestly one of the key factors in playing with friends, organizations were planning this for some time and it got totally shot through this issue that should have never happened. My friend shinolux still cannot enter DU while played the whole beta time and she is not the only one
  8. The most important thing to do today is log in fast and get the desired location with your friends, or just log in at all. but it seems we early backers are just F..ked over and forced to pay game time while we should have 2 free weeks? This is no game breaker, this is just the next mess. Mess up for early backers so they all are far away from friends and byebye for most. Good way to get people with free game time for years to be forced to sub. Your friendly neighbourhood critizism
  9. yep, byebye It was fun when it lasted but the monthly cost will kill DU. asking this for a semi working empty sandbox and everything is limited to death with no real pvp or colaboration and the best it offers is calibration mini games. You have offended probably your whole playerbase. not in beta anymore........you never entered beta all we have seen here was at best open alpha. If my boss starts running his business like this i am gone look for a new job Very fast.
  10. You missed a lol, maybe there was a chance too many people were going to be there?
  11. I must say i am happy to have a full set of DAC at the moment as i do not think the new prices actually resemble the worth of DU, even FF14 can be played cheaper as DU. If you really want people to join, dont throw the highest sub prices at them.
  12. so i posted a conspiracy theory? Lol, it was meant informative, could be read as cynical but these days its much easier to place people under conspiracy spammers and set them in the lunacy bench. If you really want conspiracy it is very easy to write a nice epistle on JC moving on, kickstarter promises, servers and pending patents. There is a channel announcements and a channel general, it would be very easy to make a special channel for all the pinned posts and keep the general section free for public, giving a reason why that might not have been the chosen route is not persee conspiracy. Telling your kids will become authistic by vacination is, or that we never landed on the moon but in a studio. next time ill be more clear in my elaborate epiphany moments
  13. Yeah, thats just It. This will make DU so much more interesting for people with different interests, for builders, explorers, programmers and strategists and all kind of others. There is a large unexplored potential just lying there.
  14. Well, we had all info on the communications pages but those are deleted. Good point. Ill try to add more info here!!!
  15. i think i have more issues with the whole rotation system, slightly more realism would be largely welcomed. The size of these planets is no issue for me as long they are over a minimal threshold. But it would be nice to get ores back
  16. Hi, Sure we can get that arranged I think there was even a longer version with extra chapters.
  17. And the graph that was shown has some slight statistical errors, only slight. Its not the end of the world, thats another event
  18. Totally forgot howmany DACS i should get, should be enough for atleast a year
  19. Indeed, Bad company! Maybe they dont need to be friends, paint them Yellow, make them wear blue shorts and call yourself Gru!!!!!!!
  20. End of the World O.O Oh my god, need to log out, dig in my garden to build a Bomb shelter!!!!! Cya guys later
  21. Maybe add something about the colors, people with color blindness see only one.
  22. Might be a strategic decision as it limits the amount of posts that really matter to community
  23. I think the main issue here is that all relevant space build games that have the same setup as DU have it, Space engeneers has it, Empyrion has it. Then why do people from there look at DU? Its potential and the size. But without some key elemants those people will be lost very fast, if not already
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