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  1. due to NDA i cant say to much but ill copy paste a location when i am home in a correct channel
  2. Aaron Cain


    Welcome real person, and i saw you are planning a real organization, any info on it? Else PM me
  3. Aaron Cain

    Shockeray's Dual Universe Community Map 1.1.x

    Indeed, this is very interesting, any way we can zoom it or view it?
  4. Good song!!! Good Organizational Hymn maybe Hmmmmm Respect!!! TaxetTia, if you ever are short on an organization to join, look at Tranquility too, we could use people with loads of life experience as we want to be a beakon in DU for hope, friendship and wisdom.
  5. I remember when my pet Dinosaur got lost in the Mall while we sheltered there from a meteor impact
  6. Aaron Cain

    hi hows everyone

    hiiiiiiii, doing great, good to see you here Welcome to the DU-niverse!
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    Hello, I'm real!

    Hiii cakey, If you also love building beach resorts in DU you might like to come visit Tranquility besides a space city we also build beach resorts for the people who get space sick and as ports to moons and planets Nice to see you here, have fun!!!!!!!!!!
  8. At Tranquility we build the Future, we reshape the city as we see fit and we build friendships The city houses residents, diplomats, shopping centrals, broadcasting networks, bars, casino's, crafting and large manufacturing facilities, repair and construct docks and much more. At this moment Tranquility is running a new program to help smaller organizations to grow, build their dreams and stay Fully Independent. All the organizations residing on Tranquility can be in this program, if they want to be in it. We help you grow, get organized, bring contacts, time zone staff, 24-7 security. Tranquility Security is backed by the FMA, several defense contracts and Non-Aggression-Pacs. Last month we saw the first addition of our Lore published by Outpost Zebra, Thank you for making this possible! We would love to share it and it can be found at: Tranquility Lore Published on Outpost Zebra Other news is the Founding of C.A.T.S and the bright future we will build together, becoming a resident does not automatically make you a C.A.T.S. Member. Becoming a C.A.T.S member is voluntary and not mandatory for Tranquility Residents and this way we do not interfere your other Organizations For those of you who are still looking for a nice place to live that does not interfere with your other Organizations Or alliances we still have room in Tranquility. Every individual that is member of the City Tranquility is a resident. All facilities are open for use for all residents, all Tranquility Docks and rooms are open for residents. A Resident will be offered a small room and a place to park a small cored ship. In the restoration period of Tranquility the materials for building this room and park-spot are the residents responsibility. In time Tranquility offers fully build rooms and parking spots for free. The opportunity to build your own room in space is there. For organizations that also want a district like the ones we already gave out feel free to contact us. Having a district or space-base docked to Tranquility does not automatically make you a C.A.T.S member. Tranquility is independent, neutral, unbiased and hoping to work together with you all to become the largest Social shaped Space bound City. For any questions contact Aaron Cain on discord
  9. Aaron Cain

    Hey everyone

    Well, it will be a massive ship, really massive but we will also have a lot of outposts on planets and moons. Think of us as a combination of Babilon-5, Battlestar-Galactica and Stargate Destiny, combine those 3 add a sniff of deepspace 9 and voyager and you have Tranquility We are only a little ambitious, a little
  10. Aaron Cain

    Hey everyone

    And everyone is welcome to join and stay fully independant, our residents have full freedom to be who they want to be, so traders like you are very welcome!!!!!
  11. hi @MikeBuke We would love to trade and exchange! The building of the Space city will probably start somewhere in orbit of Alioth or near an asteroid but that is very dependable on the structure of DU at release and the placement of the CATS territories but me or my trade director will surely contact you in the next couple of days
  12. Aaron Cain

    Hey everyone

    Welcome here!!! and good to see you, have a lot of fun and see you around on tranquility the space city that never sleeps
  13. With the Kindness of the people of Outpost Zebra: The first chapters of the Chronicles of Tranquility https://www.outpostzebra.com/chronicles-of-tranquillity-daybreak/
  14. There should be an NQ statement about automated turrets, cant remember where it is but i know they said something on it that was Not NDA.
  15. Agree on this, besides that it is very annoying it gives a wrong impression to have this around this long
  16. For space cities there is no territorial system Thats why anything in space will need a 24/7 defense system running or it is doomed to fail. Unless NQ in its wisdom adds anything that has a similar function for dynamic structures in space, and that is not expected to happen.
  17. yeah also nice but i expect any craft to be disabled without a core or a control unit
  18. Now about the auto guns, yess if possible would be nice but NQ already said it would be in but alot less effective then manually handeled guns. When the city is finished it will have a an automated defence grid made by Robotic Industries and other Friends and combined with Radar and Enmity lists it will be fun to see the first blacklisted player getting in range. i do hope it will be possible to add target systems to the Lua as i prefer to shoot at cores and cockpits leaving the rest unharmed.
  19. stripping players does not make you neutral it makes you a pirate or a thief and on my radar a target. And with the CATS and InA systems inplace you will be a target to all. You simple keep your hands off off peoples properties if you say your a nice and neutral business. Else your a thief, pirate, privateer, goverment official tax collector
  20. Aaron Cain

    The Alioth Omniport Project

    Sent you a PM and as we talked already i think we will have a bright Future
  21. Aaron Cain

    Hello all!

    Hiiii, i will sent you a PM Welcome!!!!!!! hope to see you in DU soon And now for the dutch. Welkom, erg goed om meer nederlanders te zien, ik stuur je een berichtje, mocht je meer nederlanders zoeken dan laat maar horen e zijn er al best wel wat. Greetz Aaron
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    And i Lion i see!! Welcome Topline Predator!!!! Hope to see you soon in DU anything you hope to achieve specially?
  23. Sorry but i started drooling an hour ago over my new Logo and now my desk is wet and i still cannot stop