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  1. Exactly my idea. But then the first time i told i would shoot anyone not on the friendly list i was almost lynched for not trying to communicate with the incoming blib on my radar. Still this works best, just shoot everyone not neutral or friendly unless they communicate with you and draw a pact. Pretty simple really, if you dont want to get shot just stay away from people who you dont feel like being friendly with else what is keeping you from communicating?
  2. if you really want to do massive scripting you might look at robotic industry or bladesin but else come take a look at my little city in space
  3. oooh nice, welcome here and have fun!!!!
  4. Good to have you with us! Welcome
  5. Welcome!!!!! have a lot of fun here and good to see you!
  6. @Ever_green Love what you did with the concept, good changes! Also a very nice representation of the end version of the New Horizon. Man is it going to be epic big. Greetz AC
  7. Welcome!!! Creeper world addict? Good to have you here Abraxis !!!! Greetz aaron
  8. Aaron Cain


    Welcome!! No idea if your real but frankly im doubting if anything here is real and not made by some high tech software firm that generates Universes with a complex economy and political system where all the NPC's are loaded with high tech AI matrix with a single programming line : "Doubt it all and take a chance"
  9. Welcome!! Good to have you here!! (watch out with possible NAP content) greetz Aaron
  10. can happen, Welcome!!!!!
  11. Welcome criminal. We have a special airlock for people who break the law on Tranquility, It would make The Judge very happy if he can use it. Good to have you with us!! Greetz Aaron
  12. Aaron Cain


    Youtoo, You too. Welcome here and greetings, Aaron Cain
  13. Aaron Cain


    Welcome!!!!! Still good to have you here! feel free to let your enthousiastic nature go wild in the city of Tranquility. Greetz Aaron
  14. Welcome new player Good to have you with us!
  15. Aaron Cain


    Hiii, welcome to DU!!!
  16. Agree, fully. Welcome to DU!!!!!!!
  17. well as long as your no Dredgion Slacker, your very welcome in my book
  18. Love your profile pic Welcome to DU!
  19. Aaron Cain


    There are factions on old earth that questioned the legitimacy of Beelzebub. others were very sure of it and worshiped you. Myself, i have had proof from past relations that i infact are living reincarnate of one of your local Hellish mates so i can concur you are indeed very alive. And one mans devil is the other mans Angel, light cannot exist without darkness, darkness can only live in the absent of light. The shadows in between is where Chaos lurks. Welcome Beelzebub The master of Chaos is proud to have you here. Aaron
  20. Not only the cookie is real.
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