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  1. 16m thick voxel wall, you gave me an idea specially when everyone in it can maybe edit it and thus can edit a door and edit it back. this might be the best of the best of the best defense, regarding we possible get undestructible voxels. So new plan, Build a box with 4 m walls all around with no exit and no glass and not a single element on the out side to make sure everything on the outside is only voxels. Also place the TU within this box so even that cannot be hacked. And there we have it, the best defense that looks like shit but can withstand Any attack. Who needs guns?
  2. probably the wings and horns are accessories for extra buffs and looking at the picture there was no need for the accessories as the battle was clearly one sided. No need to get them dirty then
  3. And back to the issue as we are playing DU and not Eve here. Over 80% of respondents says yes to automatic defenses. So that is an overwhelming number
  4. Greetings Anapheles, Good luck with your new religion, In tranquility we believe in peace, neutrality and freedom of speech and religion. I need to think how this matches your beliefs Yet As you might have read in the chronicles of Tranquility the city itself is build in a Wreck we see as Sacred to us and we use it as sanctuary for all those who flee from anything. As we see you ask for donations for your orphans and widows we would like to provide shelter for them so they can live their life in peace in the wreck we call home. Live Life die another day! Cain
  5. well with what you write if i make a box with engines i can just park it over someone elses base/ship if the core is large enough
  6. this only works with a payed sub and for instance a 30 days cooldown before you lose rights after sub ends. Adding a request freeze option, although i understand your point, something that is too easily used in a fraudulent way. NQ cannot ask you for personal stuff so you do not need proof for the work sent off and thus even someone with 3 accounts can use this to have a free STU while working in it on another account, or any other thinkable fraudulent option. Or once placed it never ends or no pay no stu. there are no options left without a breach in privat info or fraudulous use
  7. I already found Mine and you cannot have her But for all who want to be in an organization and do not want the power option, join any of the social gaming or City organizations these are generally only there to support you in your play style and be there if you need help.
  8. ^^ But i would add that as long as you have a paid sub you wont lose your STU spot. And if you read carefully then you can see there is a difference between a TU and a STU, an STU can only be used on a sanctuary moon or other sanctuary. In that it is different with a TU and that is probably also the reason there might be no upkeep for an STU but there will be for a TU. There is a lot of data on STU and TU, but you do need to look around abit
  9. Welcome!!! just hope your not a toxic person
  10. Sorry but this is not rotation in my view, if i see rotating voxels i thing of placing a voxel to an element and that voxel rotates. lets say to build a hangar door, or a blastdoor or anything with a rotating voxel, an atat walker What is shown in this vid is copy pasting a section and turning it by hand by the designer or player, thats about the same as i turn my mouse while playing and i call it a rotating mouse, or i steer my car while driving and calling it a rotating car. if pasting a voxel in a different angle is seen by NQ as rotating a voxel then i will throw my head through my desk as thats not even a desk face, thats a deskFace of Utter Destruction. Rotating is rotating, a rotor rotates, which means a block must be able to rotate without actual help of the person who placed it but by pressing a button or any other technical way.
  11. Interesting ideas. About Nukes, yeah i would use them, if only just once to see what it does. But your idea is good, let us design weapons, maybe indeed have limitations but it would be good to be able to build and develop and research weapons. If i want to build a planetary mass driver that can shoot down an incoming invasion ship that would be a huge accomplishment, and i can sell it probably with a nice profit. About SE, you have a good point. there i can even build bombs of [hidden]blocks and just let them fall out of my hangar deck to totally destroy a base i fly over. The thing here is, anyone who invests time or currency in these strange weapons should be able too. If you program planets to have no impact by weapons or crashes you are still fine although i would love to just incorporate it. Yes a death star is overkill, but then again how defendable is it during building? And how costly to make?
  12. Indeed Most villains are very polite as shown in politics.
  13. The most effective way is with a armed team behind you when asking the question. I mostly love to use: "I have an offer you Can't refuse"
  14. NQ already stated it once but lets rephrase it: "The Truth is Out There"
  15. What do we want? Nukes When do we want them? Now Well, nothing wrong with adding nukes, but there should be a counter measure to them, so with adding offence a defensive measure should also be introduced. Remember the 12 Colonies? it took about 12 minutes to kill billions. DU will be nothing different without proper countermeasures. But yes please add them
  16. I understood they will rename them to Lagg Pit
  17. in my experience adding NPC does not make things more lively, it makes it more clear it isnt lively at all. If anything is added to the game please make it not life as we know it. just add replicators
  18. a scoop engine, why not Also adding reactors to have energy for an energy powered drive is not a bad idea.
  19. If you want to add realism just look at the EU banking agency, they press new money daily to keep the economy rolling, add negative interest rates to keep economy rolling, you get free cash when you loan with them to keep economy rolling. So probably the best way to keep the game rolling is a free monthly cash deposit by the Arc ship to all players, to keep the economy rolling.
  20. just yes, we need cameras, preferably rotating cameras And stationary.
  21. Hiiii Simon, great to have you here and nice to see a member of the VMS, a friend is there too. Have fun in DU and Welcome!!
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