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  1. Hmm, I think YouTube has a built in transcript function already, but I do agree that it would be great to get non-auto-generated transcriptions in place for those that are HoH.
  2. Hmm, from the lore I read, I think we're still in a simulation so I'm waiting for the wipe announcement!
  3. New tile claims get taxed after 3 days. In general, you currently need to mine 120L/hr of any ore off of a tile to be able to pay for the territory taxes over a week. But, since you only have 3 days for a new claim, you instead need to mine 300L/hr of ore. This works for the time being because all T1 ore sells for more than 50q/L. If you don't plan on doing mining, or if 300L/hr is too much, I would suggest downsizing to 1 tile for mining and industry, and keeping the other 2 tiles as HQ tiles.
  4. As far as I know, you can cancel your sub with NQ at any point and be refunded for the time remaining. And then GFN has a free tier, or a paid tier. If you're paying for it, you could ask them for a refund as well if DU is the only reason you've purchased your subscription.
  5. I believe a large part of the development team is still in France, as well as Accounts and Billing. As for launch period, their last estimate was mid 2022.
  6. The installer does have the same name, but it should install the PTS client.
  7. Sounds pretty logical. Otherwise you run into the issue of your charges going from 10 -> 5 -> 10 when popping in and out of VR as well as the time to gain a new charge changing from 6 hrs -> 3.5 hrs -> 6 hrs.
  8. In the video you can see that each of your territories has a wallet that the fees will be withdrawn from. If there's no quanta in the account, then it goes through the different stages of non-payment. So, to answer the other person's question, it does look like you'll be able to prepay some amount of your territory's fees.
  9. That looks to be a change of around 10-20% over the EVE launcher, so it's great for an extra place to sell from but more of a supplement than something that is absolutely necessary.
  10. There seems to be conflicting information on that. The most recent change (October 19th) says this: Bug Fixes • Fixed a bug where a destroyed construct immediately stops and does not move until it is repaired. So seems like they're supposed to move.
  11. I would also vote for hats being the most necessary addition.
  12. The quanta was also injected into the game by NQ so I don't see it as too crazy to assume that they will also implement ways of getting it removed out of the game.
  13. As many as you want, but each tile has a max output and eventually your mining units will decrease in efficiency. Increasing your mining units efficiency is what is limited. You can only start the minigame if you have a time refillable charge available. So you could have 1000 mining units with 10 percent efficiency getting the max the tile can give, or you could have 10 with 100 percent if you use your charges to keep them there.
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