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  1. There are no plans to eliminate resource faucets. If anything, more are being added with mining units in the next release (Demeter).
  2. Delivery jobs made through the mission system have to use the parcel container and have a system already in place for doing payments and collateral.
  3. Probably? If you are able to run one client on your machine, you could then use GeforceNow to run a second client.
  4. Should just have to right-click on them in the friends list. Can only do it once though.
  5. Have you tried adding the recruiter as a friend? Should be an option then.
  6. Deckard answered this in Discord: "Unfortunately no, we did have a banner with a notice up clearly stating that accounts created prior to the RAF launch would not be eligible." https://discord.com/channels/184691218184273920/304455542162587649/897889829369577583
  7. Uninstalling and reinstalling is the nuke it version of troubleshooting but with the nuclear fallout being that you have a chance of causing even more issues if you forget to delete every single orphaned file that isn't eliminated by the uninstaller. You can clear the cache manually by just deleting the voxel cache file but the cache most likely has nothing to do with a launcher issue. The launcher logs to out.txt for troubleshooting.
  8. Everyone gets a Sanctuary tile. The rest of the tiles in the game are first come first serve. There is currently no upkeep or anything so whatever you claim you keep until you decide to stop claiming it.
  9. Have you tried changing docking modes? The manual mode will always require you to right-click dock or Ctrl+T dock. Switching to automatic owner docking may help.
  10. Didn't Pann mention this forum topic for the Lua changes? Otherwise I think the rest have been included in the patch notes.
  11. I think you're a few months early on space TW.
  12. Does the browser-based GeforceNow help any for those trying to play off of Linux?
  13. Did you read the DevBlog on the docking and boarding changes or..?
  14. Yeah, whichever method the DU client uses to store user information does not work on GFN. Best guess is it has to do with how they run encryption locally on the device.
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