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  1. From the start, we announced that we would be on asteroids. Not necessarily with great ambition, we thought we were dealing with a few other big organizations and sharing the "possession" of the asteroids. The point is, these large organizations have given up on the game and left Legion alone. Things may change in the future as new groups are formed and organized. But will these new groups kill fewer unarmed ships than Legion ? Let me doubt.
  2. Today Legion Tomorrow another group of players and we will read your same lamentation
  3. Our base PvP Nano ships are worth 120,000,000. With ammunition and fuel. It's a little overkill attack ship, you can get a decent defense L ship for 80,000,000.
  4. If I will be NQ-team I will be really upset to have so little consideration from a player like you. It really is a great disrespect for their work. You are like going to a car manufacturer and telling them that making a vehicle is only 4 wheels and a handlebars ...
  5. Unfortunately I am not sure that NQ will ever have the technical and financial capacity to run NPCs on the game ... Maybe he'll surprise us with that one day. But it certainly remains a utopia.
  6. Bad idea I suggest instead that unarmed ships cannot harvest minerals in PvP zones. So there are no more poor unarmed miners.
  7. Not wanting to use weapons because "it kills innocent people" but promoting suicide to cause damage with a bomb is quite astonishing ... "I am a passiveist but I am ready to commit a suicide bombing to see my ideas through to the end"
  8. The first thing NQ did was exactly what you asked for for PvP. We have had a massive nerf in usable number of weapons and also a more than questionable balance of weapon size. Maybe you are right, now NQ needs to take care of all those PvE who are rotting the game? Hybrid cargo ships need to taste of the nerf hammer. It's the time.
  9. Nerve / limit the speed of larger core. Index the chances of the weapons hitting on the different core sizes. Limit shields to cores of the same size (like weapons) And this will make it possible to have 4 classes of ships: XS / S / M / L And the player can create any cool ships they want, not just nano ones. The little ones should be close to the big ones and can catch up with them to do damage. Large ships must be escorted by smaller ones or have different sized weapons to defend themselves. It's a game, we have to create categories of ships, let's stop wanting to mix everything up on the same balancing system.
  10. The deployment of BP is a problem I agree with you. But to the question why there is no city? The answer is quite simple. There is simply no point in having one in the game. There is no mechanic that will make players live close to each other. The only needs are storage / Factory. Markets are NQ installations whereas it could have been up to the player to manage them for example.
  11. Sorry I posted in the wrong subject: Thank you if possible for taking into account my questions posed there as well.
  12. No beacon warps will be an end game item. People will pay organizations to warp on beacons. This will be a big target for a certain group of players. Eventually when there is PvP, using a beacon will allow you to arrive in the area in relative safety before starting to travel to an asteroid or the planet. The game lacks a lot of end game gameplay. This is just a suggestion to create it.
  13. I will focus my observations on anything that can relate only to Apollo (0.26.2) and Ares (0.26.12). I won't go into the details of the bugs, these are things that will most certainly be fixed quickly, I feel like I performed better, but there are still a few crashes. A bug that always occurs is having its seat in the state "used by another entity" for example 1 - Condition of use of the shield When you introduce the S and M size constructs into the fight, how are you going to balance the fact that it is possible to put L shields on them? Aren't you worried that all ships have to equip an item of this size to be viable in PvP? Do we really have to say goodbye to any attempt at Design on an S ship? 2 - Shield vs Voxel The shield is free hp. Voxels require quanta, weight, and volume to be used. They are also impacted by the CCS what the shield ignores. There is an imbalance between these 2 means of defense. How do you plan to solve this problem? 3 - Quality of Voxels Top tier voxels do not reflect in their quality the investment required to use them. The upper thirds are rare, can be found in hostile environments, require more time (harvesting, refining, manufacturing), require higher tier shematic and industry ... Example on “heavy” voxels for relation to T1 T1: Price 100% / HP 100% T2: Price 289% / HP 101% Q3: Price 532% / HP 107% Q4: Price 1193% / HP 122% T5: Price 3228% / HP 128% The CCS is one thing, but we must not neglect the basic gross hp of the constructs. What do you plan to do to enable the player to use the higher quality voxels? 4 - Chance of hit I always kill an XS ship several hundred kilometers away with a few hits. I think it can be very frustrating for a player to die this way so easily and quickly with no escape. Do you think about fixing that and not allowing the XS / S ship to be annihilated from this far? 5 - Maneuverability of L ships With the leverage effect on adjusters and larger build boxes, an L-core is easily far more responsive on its rotations than a smaller vessel. How do you plan to fix this and allow hunters to have a real mobility advantage? 6 - Combat and Vmax Currently during a PvP engagement the adversary in difficulty will seek to reach Vmax as quickly as possible. This brings several problems: 6 A --- Quantum and time investment for PvP - In order to be able to escape or catch up with the runaways, the players must use ships with a very high engine power. This increases fuel consumption and the overall price of ships. This requires players to make a huge investment in order to be able to participate in PvP. How are you going to democratize PvP accessibility to as many people as possible? 6 B --- Disadvantage during combat at 30k km for ships other than L Once ships are at high speed, smaller sizes such as XS / S / M are at a disadvantage due to their lower combat range. If their trajectory varies slightly, they risk losing the possibility of firing on their target. While the ship L can still shoot him. How are you going to allow smaller ships to catch up with larger ships so they can get in touch and use their weapons? 6 C --- High speed combat achievement. It is common for players to log out (intentionally or not) during a PvP engagement. When the player is no longer on board, the ship stops. You are also forced to brake and then re-accelerate when your opponent reconnects. How do you plan to solve this problem? 6 D --- Future mechanics Can you tell us if you think in the near future to introduce a game mechanic that could interfere with the speed / maneuverability of an enemy ship? Ammunition that slows down the enemy, tractor beam, gravitational influence? 7 - Impact of the cross section: The cross section does not influence the time to kill an XS or S fighter in any way, it's really speed. few seconde and it down. On the other hand, it is far too decisive in a fight between an L nano ship and an L ship resembling a large ship. A voxel ship that suffers 100% hit against a nano that suffers 50% is at a huge disadvantage. It takes a huge amount of voxel, which makes the ship twice as expensive, also adds several hundred tons of voxel and slows the ship down by that much. What do you plan to do to remedy this problem?
  14. As we are talking about the warp. Why don't we allow the warp drive to warp only on beacons and no longer on planets.
  15. Less cross section: - You have more efficient cargo in atmo compared to people who do not cheat. - You are less likely to be hit in pvp compared to people who don't cheat NQ equilibrium are based on the volume that an element occupies on your construct.
  16. You don't have to come to the PvP area unarmed. This PvP area is for PvP players. And these areas will be bigger and bigger in the future. The planets in the Outer Rim will also become PvP as intended by the game from the start. You want to come to the PvP zone without respecting the rules, if you are unarmed it is YOUR problem. Many players play by these rules of the game. It is not because you alone do not want it that it is the opinion of the community.
  17. I believe Deckard spoke about this recently. If you don't automate the accounts and it's manual management you can run as many accounts as possible. I am not personally a fan of this sort of thing. But these are the NQ rules. Like the talent system. Once we have said we disagree. Either we leave or we stay and we play according to these rules.
  18. No. We regularly play in PvP in groups of 30 to 50 people against another group of the same number of players. I have never seen more than 2 PvE players logged in at the same location. So maybe 90% PvP player versus 10% PvE player. Anyway, given what the PvP community brings to the game. The existence and value of having 100 PvE communication is very limited. PvE is useless for the future of the game. PvP already fulfills all the roles. Be happy with your safe zone and don't disturb us for the real game you don't seem to be playing.
  19. Personally if it doesn't save you cross section area between putting it in this position or placing it in its normal position above the engine then that ok to me. But if in doubt I think we can still advise you to put it on it rather than in it. After the janko really not fair play is this with innumerable engine occupies the same space. The risk is that this tolerance may vary from one person to another. So simply: NEVER put an item inside another item using a secondary account to do this.
  20. No it's 80% PvP player and 20% only PvE player
  21. This is the best announcement that I could have look since the start of the game. Removal of all that is Janko. People who used this should even be punished more than destroying their ship for cheating all this time on the game with unconventional ships. Compared to a player who does not cheat, people have been able to make millions with their janko freighter. It's a matter of honesty now. All those who complain are players who seem to me to be very borderline when it comes to respecting the rules. It's not good for the game. NQ gives you a few days to erase your past. Say thank you and don't complain if your ships are deleted. You deserved it.
  22. You are completely wrong about PvP. And if you don't understand that and don't want to respect the safes zones: you can quit the game. It doesn't seem like it's right game for you. And when we look at the game's kickstarter announcement : " Safe Zones will protect you, and avoid Dual Universe to become a free for all PvP game. However, PvP will be possible when you step out of the Safe Zone. Players will be able to fight each other, balancing their equipment and energy between shield and armor, with dedicated weapon type with different types of damage. We will provide a “lock & fire” mechanism to combat, to facilitate very large battles that are made possible in-game by our Continuous Single-Shard Cluster. Players can further specialize into certain weapons through skills and improve their combat prowess with better equipment. " The game has been exactly as advertised for several years now .
  23. Visually it's janko. If in addition it allows you to gain cross section then it is exploit.
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