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  1. The difference with military ships (I think we can compare DU ships with the navy) is that DU is a game. In real life a naval ship at a good quarter of its tonnage / volume use to its crew (sanitary, food, water, dormitory, refectory ...). We find ourselves very far from : "just efficiency and effectiveness". So effectively if DU does not add any other parameter , we will only need an engine and a gun... The fact of needing more volume for a ship will indirectly make it possible to make things more vary than a shoe box without necessarily losing fighting capacities. I look forward to seeing what will be implemented to force us to "fill" our ships.
  2. It's common to use liters AND cubic meters.
  3. That does not sound like what's being said here?
  4. Hello, I think we will certainly have this kind of celestial object for future updates (but in the natural state). Passing in the first place by the implantation of supermassive planets. Otherwise for all your points it's definitely a no. it does not make any sense whether for the gameplay or the physical model that NQ has to develop on its game.
  5. discordauth:DLISlHzroxqcpnvGFeiRbVS8KnE9_MwsgVflBQVuJZ8=

  6. I had not thought of the cities of space. But yes, a 24/7 defense system is mandatory. (after yes, we will not be able to go further on the subject compared to the techno already on the game: NDA). So, if we rely on JC's statements on the "" Ask Me Anything "" (source shown above): it's possible that it's not available, but only after the game's release ... As mentioned elsewhere, the issue of system drift with fully automated military spacecraft taking part in combat will arise.
  7. One can always smoothly point the direction of a commercial port to a person who does not know it. After that, it's just a story of collaboration. In any case, we do not yet know what the possibilities and limitations of the system will be. If your name is permanently displayed above your head, it will save a lot of things. We must not forget the territorial system. Nobody will not come to you if he is not allowed. Except for a real fight after warning you 48 hours in advance ...
  8. My organization is commercial, but I am a player like any other. I can have a minimum of independence as long as I do not harm my organization. You will let me handle this with my legates;) Nothing prevents to be a little aggressive towards the players not wishing to use my space of trade. A kind of "pizzo" mafia way. The game will not be friendly with players wanting to bet too big. But will not be hacker everyone, it will be enough to be associated with a fairly influential organization to be safe enough. If not to return to the topic of automatic turrets. Here is what NQ said, I do not know if there is more recent but I have that in mind for the moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efu_129hI9o&t=2m2s "We could think in the future of this kind of thing that we could think of a little bit about it." be in the release and we will think about it and it's not something we can guarantee at the moment. "
  9. I hope we will not be able to put a big cargo ship on a planet and leave with lots of ore as if nothing had happened. To make a parrallel with the real world it takes 100kg of rocket and fuel to send 1kg to Mars. Even if DU makes us use technologies with a better ratio, I hope that it will be difficult to extract astronomical quantities of ore from a planet by a single player. This will leave the opportunity to work in a team: a cargo ship in space and shuttles for loading it. There are several reasons that a player may be vulnerable if he has a very big ship. We can imagine heating times more and more consistent for large engines (for balancing issues). And to have a big ship as fast and manoeuvrable as a small thing it will certainly be at the sacrifice of a lot of element and can be of your capacity to take equipment. If you have to fill your big cargo only fuel that you will burn to move. it will not be very efficient. But yes it remains theory.
  10. So if a solo player can drive a big cargo ship. He will be very vulnerable during the loading phase of his materials ... Of course, on low-gravity planets it will not be too much of a problem that he will be able to put his cargoship on the ground in a secure base. But on a planet with a greater gravity (like the planet starter), he will not be able to do it. I'm in a neutral trading organization, but if I see a solo player stay in the space out with a big cargo ship. And if I have two or three buddy connect I will go to strip him without delay. Especially if it's a player who does not use our trading area And I'm not talking about pirate organizations and some players who want to do pvp only. The game can requires a solo player to play according to his abilities: use a small ship to override the radar or flee during an aggression.
  11. You have 4 hours. So ... Je suis un récent joueur francophone de Dual Universe. Je viens de découvrir le jeu au terme de la période de test alpha de 2 semaines. Et je suis franchement très satisfait et bluffé par le jeu. J'ai hâte de voir la suite du développement. Je suis impatient que mon profil se fasse approuvé par un modérateur afin de pouvoir converser avec la communauté du forum (y a vraiment de bonne chose qui en sort et j'aimerai vraiment pouvoir dire merci sur certain post). Bien entendu mes interventions seront en anglais, je me réserve seulement le droit de parler en ma langue maternel sur mon topic dédié. If you want to read this little text in English just use google chrome and right click and select the option "Translate to English" Thank you. But do not worry if you speak to me in English I will answer you in English Best regards,
  12. I don't seen where is the danger for a solo player who moving from point A to point B in space. For several reasons : 1) It must be impossible for you to have an efficient Atmo / Space ship that allows you to move a big loot. You would be limited to almost the only volume of your inventory. Or a hundred m3 extra if you sacrifice any superfluous equipment (radar, weapon ..) Two choices are available to you: - You are in an organization: If you want to make massive cargo, you will need atmo / space shuttles to load and unload your space cargo ship. You will need to be multiple players to secure an operation of this magnitude. - You are a solo player: You go alone in the space to go back and forth with a small volume. You do not need a weapon or someone handling them. Your chances of engaging in a fight with pirates in view of the size of the game area is around 0%. 2) How do you want a pirate fight you during your space travel ? You will be launched at 30 000 km / h. Even if a pirate will spot you and waiting for you on your trajectory. With a weapon with a range of 100km, it him will take less than 12 seconds to align and descend you. This slot goes down to 6 seconds if it faces you and goes at the same speed as you. === The only moment of vulnerability will be when approaching your place of arrival. But at that time, you can count on merchant organization (like ours) to protect you during your deliveries if you use our markets
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