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  1. A wipe would be totally useless in the current state of the game. This will be dramatic for the whole PvE community. They would have to start all over again for the farming part to obtain the ores and wait several months to return to the same level of fun as at present. And the level of fun is already not very high. And for the competitive part / PvP, we will find the same capacities as currently in 1 or 2 months maximum.
  2. I'm not a fan of this kind of system. Let's wait to see the addition of Territory Wars. Let the destruction of elements be the result of a voluntary commitment in PvP zone. It also takes more tools to be able to use / replace broken elements. In reality, I think it is necessary to speed up the gameplay of the game: - Limit the maximum number of elements you can put on a ship (which reduces the price of a ship). - Reduce warp price but implement interception mechanics => If the game is faster, the ships less imposing and less expensive. People will be more able to take risks in PvP zone.
  3. 138m² is not even 10% of the build area of an L core. Big ships must have problems hitting small ships. Alright. But they must have a hard time hitting XS or S fighters. Not on PvP L ships with no voxel and no cross section. And there is no problem with the price of warp cells. Only that it's a million times stronger to have 100 nano cross section ships for the price of a single voxel ship.
  4. Imagine a ship with a classic SF design. The guy will take 5 times more damage totally free. The only interesting thing in dual universe is the voxel build. And if you do something bigger than a few hundred square meters (the possible build area of an L core is about 16,000 square meters), you literally kill yourself. The shield and cross section combo has been destroying the game for 4 months. A shield L is minimum 20,000,000 hp (not counting dynamic resistances) for 92T and WITHOUT INCREASE your cross section. The voxel equivalent for the same sum of hit points is a minimum of 400T. And for this amount of resource level shielding you can craft 10 shield L... Putting voxel on a ship and not playing the cross section is 10 times more expensive, 4 times heavier and 4 to 5 times less efficient defensively.
  5. How to ruin the game and finish destroying it: - Keep the cross section - Do not rework the shields - Add speed limit based on weight. Congratulations, you will never again be able to make a ship bigger than 5% of the construction box. Except beautiful haulers with engine wall.
  6. There are a lot of freighters to kill in PvP Zone. If you're really fed up with people earning millions of quanta, you can try chasing them. But it takes a lot of work and patience. PvP in Dual Universe is in a dire state. If you follow a ship in the atmosphere you get a terrible desynchronization. And I'm not even talking about the fact that it's limited to only 5 miles of sight range. And if you miss their departure, the universe is so big there's no way to find them. It's possible, but it's a real pain. While players who do their mission can earn billions with bots or scripts while they sleep.
  7. It was ironic. It is enough to be in an organization of ten members to see the list of MU lengthening indecently. But NQ will certainly never do this kind of information sharing. Already we can't follow a ship in the atmosphere because of the desynchronization. I can't imagine the carnage of all the MUs sending all their info to the whole server...
  8. Yes you are right, the haulers are no longer with 20 L container. But with 20 expended container XL now.
  9. Glad to read this kind of clarification. It's always better to know why you are doing certain things
  10. The two next week are free taxe. And the taxe go down after. You are safe now
  11. There can be thousands of ways to implement speed reduction in play. I don't know an idea that comes from writing these lines : Can be implanted with space territory warfare a new item that will activate a V-max nerve and / or vessel acceleration. It will cover a certain area (a few SU), and will activate when the area is in its vulnerable state (allowing it to be attacked). The owner can decide to activate this state or an enemy can trigger it. People venturing into this "combat" zone have their V-max and / or acceleration significantly reduced. This will allow you to have low speed battles, taking advantage of all the advantages that this brings in depth to the gameplay. And that doesn't hamper PvE carriers in a vacuum in terms of speed either. Of course, this will not prevent a freighter from entering such an area accidentally and seeing its speed reduced, but it will be just enough time to cross it before recovering its original speed. It is up to the player to check before their journey if they are not crossing territories that may be hostile, and to anticipate a detour or even attempt to cross it. Voila, just a few ideas written on paper as I wrote these few lines. I imagine that people whose job it is to make a fun video game will have much better and deeper ideas than they lead. There are plenty of possibilities to implant this "nerve" of speed in a way that will appeal to many.
  12. Once again you show that you are only there to troll. Walter says with picture as an example that ships looked much better before this mess of shield, nano & cross section. And you come just to insult the shipbuilders. Nobody cares what the meta was like before and if it was skill or not to build a ship. Besides, shipbuilding is even more ridiculous today. If you think you are smart because you put 2 railgun M gunners on a ship. Sorry to disappoint you but everyone knows how to do that too. As much as stacking voxels with the old meta.
  13. So where is your participation in the game on your side? Nothing ? Sorry for taking you seriously, you're really just a troll here.
  14. SNS FURY CLASS : 37 Like on Du Creator https://du-creators.org/makers/SNS Sentinels/ship/Fury-class SNS Arquitens : 30 Like on Du Creator https://du-creators.org/makers/SNS Sentinels/ship/Arquitens SNS Batallion : 31 Like on Du Creator https://du-creators.org/makers/SNS Sentinels/ship/Batallion SNS Shadow : 33 Like on Du Creator https://du-creators.org/makers/SNS Sentinels/ship/Shadow SNS Borg cube : 33 Like on Du Creator https://du-creators.org/makers/SNS Sentinels/ship/Borg cube SNS Tempest : 34 Like on Du Creator https://du-creators.org/makers/SNS Sentinels/ship/Tempest All of these ships have been used in PvP and have proven their worth. The majority are no longer usable actually with the meta. Well now show us what you have done on your side. Unless you've already enough made a fool of yourself.
  15. The priority is to remove the cross section from the calculation of chances to hit in PvP. We are on a build game, for mercy NQ lets us build things with a cool design. The voxel + CCS nerf is enough to kill (or inflict heavy quantum damage) any ship.
  16. There is no fleet combat because a majority of hauleurs leave unarmed and unescorted. Why blame the hunters when their prey is making NO [filtered]ING EFFORT to defend itself? The only armed cargos I've seen are ours, the only ones I've seen with an escort are ours. Do PVE peoples make no effort to provide content for the game and the problem will come from those who try to pull the game up? Really stop saying nonsense. No one is forcing you to be the sheep, but if out of laziness this is your chosen path, then don't complain about the wolves.
  17. Like seriously ? So, are you really complaining about getting killed by a single XS cannon? Do you think about putting a shield on your ship on day maybe ?
  18. No with asteroids, it is better to have T1 / T2 tiles in the safe zone and go mine what is missing. You are not going to fight for Q4 / T5 in passive income when you have several days of production in a few clicks on a roid. The only mechanic to push people into PvP for turf warfare will be to remove taxes on anything outside of a safe zone.
  19. I still have the impression that all of our scans were done next to each other. Why haven't you taken a scan somewhere else on the planet after seeing that the area is not of interest to you?
  20. PvP should be more present. The radars are not powerful enough and the safe zone is too advantageous. Players only die when they are with large L or M cargo ships which results in instant quitting rage. There will be more resilience if players learn to die with XS or S beforehand.
  21. you can see the construction on L cores up to 10 kilometers. The distance is a function of the size, the smallest disappears before. But 10 kilometers of vision I believe that lowers all the construction games.
  22. It's an interesting mechanic and prepares well for the future of DU with PvP on all planets outside the alioth / madis / thades safe zone. It is an easily contradicted mechanism: - shield - voxel - get out of the warp to kill your attacker - take another route I just think it lacks a bit of balance, the damaged ship will need to warp to allow a real fight to begin. Otherwise it will leave the ships with too powerful imortal shields. There is a big generation of resources now with minning units, you have to be careful that it is not too easy to move them. Anyway it's a very good surprise, I hadn't thought that the warp speed reduction was there to allow more combat. Bravo NQ continue in this direction. We are sorely lacking in mechanics like this making the game alive and interesting.
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