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  1. It would be even more fun if there were gameplay possibilities other than storing more resources. When you want endgame PvP, it's neither more nor less than being able to put your ass in a PvP zone, build the industries reserved for the PvP zone on it (at least T4 and T5), build tax-free player markets in a zone of security managed by ourselves (and not Aphelia). In short, take advantage of the advantages that must be given by the choice to create a civilization in a new solar system. Unfortunately there is no mechanism that allows you to establish yourself permanently in a PvP zone. There is not even a pop up alert at the level of the organization, if the superlegate does not connect, you have to check every 24 hours manual if someone has activated the shield of a single core L. Imagine the weakness of the mechanics if you have to check all the cores of a space base which will include several dozen... And I'm not even talking about being able to dock a ship at this station, if you're not connected, the first guy passing by can destroy it. Core alien plasmas are regularly stored in the safe zone for use. Safe Zone everywhere and what 10 poor alien core in PvP that are just there so NQ can say "we put something down there". It's just a joke. Watch your reaction when a random player says they should remove all safe zones except Sanctuary. You all immediately take offense by yelling loudly. Well, that's the daily life of PvP players, there's EVERYTHING in the safe zone and nothing. This kind of proposal is just a reaction to the injustice of the situation in order to react. However I think we can live together, the removal of safes from outer planets is a good thing, Alioth / Madis and Thades are largely sufficient in planet. Adding some mechanics to fix T4 and T5 in zone PvP would also be a good thing. Even if it seems to take months or years to arrive. The game will certainly be dead before, because with only PvE it will not be able to fill its servers, we can always hope.
  2. Exactly, we're really left out, and PvE always wants to blame NQ failures on PvP players. Give us the possibility of having a spatial territory on which to land ships WITHOUT them being able to be destroyed when we are offline. It's outrageous that NQ put the shields on the stations but it doesn't protect anything but 1 poor space core.
  3. Precisely the pvp on the planets will bring back all the visual of the fights which is absent in the space part because we fight at 400 kilometers of distances. If NQ does all the new animations for PvP, it's precisely to prepare for its arrival on the atmosphere part. When the fights will be in close range 3 or 5 km) at much lower speeds then visual it will be much more impactful than the current PvP.
  4. Because a PvP player is a "complete" player compared to a PvE only player. Overall a PvE player does not bring much to the game: no interaction, he fills the servers with his shit which makes everyone lazy and costs NQ money unnecessarily. While PvP players also do all of these, often much more effectively, they also team up with other players on a daily basis (which is what an MMO is all about). In short, a PvP player often has a much better vision of the game as a whole than the few PvE militants for the closure of the game in 2 years for lack of players to finance the servers. => Besides, PvP players don't want PvE to have no place to do their stuff in the game. It's PvE that is massively racist towards PvP. You have a safe zone with 3 planets and several moons. Nobody wants to take it away from you. PvP only wants to have the outer rim planets open to PvP (as promised since the kickstarter phases of the game).
  5. Being able to temporarily stop the subscription is contrary to the marketing strategy. If the team closes the monthly payment to switch to a system with a reduction for a large commitment period, it is precisely to keep your funding during an update that you will have temporarily left the game. But it is not for me a bad calculation for the consumer from the moment when the DAC system will be integrated which will allow you again to benefit from a subscription to the month according to your desire. We are between those 2 periods so you want to be able to suspend your subscription. But these are not some things that NQ should allow you to do in my opinion. ------------------------------ And to come back to me. I come back to the game because I have my alpha tester account. I will also stay on it the months after the release thanks to my DAC reserve. Once this reserve is exhausted then I think we would be at a good stage to assess if NQ has done what is necessary for the game to live. (The only way to salvation is in my opinion the territory warfare and the PvP that goes with it, it's the only game mechanic that could give a boost to this one in the media twitch/youtube) If NQ gives me a reason to come and play regularly with ships that I build voxel by voxel then I will maintain my support for years to come. If they settle for a universe with no player interaction then it will be without me. And let's not be fooled if only the solo and selfish PVE builders are left, then the game will end before the end of 2023.
  6. Whether we are PvE or PvP we are bored anyway. The chests are very quickly all overflowing with resources and there is no activity. As soon as my interest returns for DU I build a new ship (it's very pleasant) and then well I return to play on another game. Because there is literally nothing to do on DU with my new ship. Not even a fast place to go to shoot stuff with the last gunship you made. Not even a transport mission where you will pilot your ship to slalom between nebulae and asteroids. Everything is bland and boring. There is no interaction between players. There is no end game apart from collecting resources to have more resources... Where is the territory control? Where are the markets and installation managed by the players?
  7. Just NQ don't care and don't listen to anything. Legion or not Legion. I could have written a big salty message but I'll just say that it's been months and months that we've been waiting for nothing but balances that consist of nothing more than changing data values. And we have nothing.
  8. 100% agree I will add that NQ didn't even go to the effort of forcing people to use firearms to break and loot the wrecks for exemple. This could have been a first step before asking for NPCs, destroy stationary and harmless targets is a good first user weapon experience. But even this NQ doesn't want to do it. So NPCs should not be dreamed of.
  9. Personally all these decorative elements could be removed from the game that I wouldn't mind. Buying items or wasting time manually repairing them I much prefer to ignore them.
  10. Hello, Please continue this video format. => A quick return to the Stasis part: Ok for the game vision to go grab a few ships with your stasis and let the bigger ships come and catch them after. However ! Please give us the tools to use these weapons! We need more radar range! Let the players anticipate the fights, know that we are being followed or be able to follow a ship... We badly need interaction.
  11. Yeah, it's just a bunch of embittered, self-absorbed gamers. Their game dies because NQ was never able to put anything in place to allow player interactions. Now they have to find culprits or villains to act out their pain. They miss more than on the board the last representative of their species who will come to treat the PvP players of terrorist and [filtered] IRL. And I think we've covered the classic PvE argument against PvP.
  12. You are not afraid that the concept is not real future proof in terms of workload for NQ? From what I see it is not automated, and requires direct intervention from NQ. Given the size of the current community, 16 elected seems ok. But I'm afraid that also corresponds to the current number of potential buyers. But let's project ourselves into the future and the release with many more players and potential buyers. This will give really important exposure to those lucky enough to be selected. This will also require a lot of work for NQ to regularly select new sellers... 16 booth, 32? 64? How are you going to manage these if the number of requests explodes? Why isn't there an automated perk system to relieve NQ.
  13. When you play the game your character accumulates ore and quanta by carrying out several activities because you have paid a subscription fee on your account to play. once you stop paying, the ores and quanta no longer arrive because you have stopped playing. They are directly linked to the account with an active subscription and therefore represent the time you have paid in-game. When the clearing occurs, those quanta and ore are, in fact, what you paid for and so it is fair to expect that those quanta and ore will be returned to you. Easy.
  14. I don't see why in case of wipe you should keep your talent points. I don't see how that is justified any more than a reserve of quanta or ore. You paid for access to a game, not to store talent points. If you chose to pay not to play and only accumulate talent points. It was your risk taking.
  15. This is the kind of communication I was looking for. It was painful not knowing if the vision of the original game was kept and what change was in store. Now we have a list of major short, medium and long term goals for the studio. It's still much more fun for the whole community to be able to project themselves a little further into the future. There's a little light at the end of the tunnel
  16. Transporting missions is gameplay nonsense right now. It's literally a fedex quest that encourages you to pick up a package and travel AFK for several hours. Encouraging players to leave their games running during an AFK activity should be prohibited. Especially given the resource consumption of Dual Universe. All this because NQ does not want to implement a warp interception system. In just 3 points we can fix everything: - Let people warp with their missions. (there is already a maximum limit of 3 missions / days) - Force a ship to reach its Vmax to be able to warp (in order to keep a minimum of piloting gameplay and fuel consumption) - Implement interception warp mechanics to balance the whole. More fast gameplay, no afk time waste, more fun.
  17. It's a shame not to have a core XL. For a space game, not being able to build a few at least as big as what you can see in real life is a shame. But hey, that's not the only thing where NQ failed to bring dreams.
  18. Some take the opportunity to build in voxel, others to try things and burn the inumbral resources lying around in the containers. Maybe some will organize big fights once the final announcement of the wipe.
  19. https://youtu.be/2oR1lQYI7rM?t=243 Just waiting for the next wave of change now.
  20. Thanks for the intervention. Honestly I don't think there's any change there again. It is already the reduction effort that there has been. But this allows me to add a line to this table. So in 80 seconds you have time to do a 360. => 360/80 => 4,5 deg => 0,08 rad I don't think it's a real handicap. Not to mention that you are rarely alone, and only one other L ship will make nearly a One Shot on an XS/S shield 2 Su away. And even if we're here to really say oh wow boy the heavy ships with voxels are really unplayable and can't fire. Admit that it will still be an advantage in favor of the ship nano without voxel... ___________________ 50mil CSS, It's quite small i find. A player's L ship (+ their Geforce account) can quite easily go into the 200,000 DPS range. (in any case 1player corresponds to that on our side, maybe slightly less now that we release more railguns, but it simplifies the calculations and is very close to reality). I'm not sure it can reach 2 venting with 50mil. Either way a ship will likely be out of combat with its armaments before it reaches half that value. But hey, this subject of rotation is only one detail among many others. There are much more impactful points that can be changed. And that seems to have a much more pronounced global consensus for them. To choose only one I would like at first that we obtain a real value of armor at the voxel, and maybe that the hp of the elements is also revisited, to see reduce the damage of the weapons now that there is a maximum limitation that can have a core with CSS.
  21. You contradict yourself on that. Anyway to shoot at a target you have to look at it from the front. So you will always be looking to make the same placement whether or not you have a cross section system. Your piloting argument is unfortunately not one. ________________________________________________________________________ Anyway let's not get the wrong idea. The purpose of this topic is not that the cross section be removed. NQ will never want to admit the failure of this vision of gameplay. So we are here to make their vision come true. All my demonstrations aim to show that currently it does not work and that we need some modifications. NQ-Entropy has identified a few points that they will work on I think: - They don't want S ships not to exclusively use L shields. This is currently the case so they seem to still want to make weight adjustments. - They want an M shield to allow venting once or twice in a fight. For the moment with the armor of voxels and the TKK of weapons this is clearly not possible, they certainly risk modifying these values. - He also must have seen as he spoke about it that the difference in speed (V max and radial speed) is not enough to really reduce the chances of a hit (what always has an effect is the cross section). Maybe they'll also make adjustments to make moving ships really hard to hit. - He seems to have enough distance now on the fact that the voxels are rather weak. I think we are entitled to expect an up for them. - On his message he says that the Nano era seems balanced. From what we can see in game this is still not the case. And we continuously have L and M ships that are smaller than the XS ship build box. - He also points out that the cheap voxels are more interesting than the more expensive ones. For me it is an undeniable fact. T4 or T5 voxels are not worth their crafting time/cost. I hope that eventually NQ will understand it too. - He also talks about the use of venting. Currently the only venting is almost done by nano ships that leave the venting battlefield and come back into the mix. It's a feat if a ship with voxel manages to get its 2nd venting. But balancing voxel HP will surely help balance that. - At one point he says L ships have trouble turning for all smaller/faster ships. Currently with the nano ships M and L it is completely false. I hope they will reconsider their positions. - I couldn't answer about compacting a ship. But moving the elements away increases the cross section and therefore causes the ship to take more damage than what the ship has gained in hit points in voxel volume. (the voxels have too little hp and the weapons hit too hard). ________________________________________________________ => In short, you can see that there are a lot of points that have been discussed. I am patiently waiting for the balance at this level. There may be changes that will make the game playable in PvP without touching your sacred cross section even if this one is certainly one of the worst game design mistakes of the game in my humble opinion.
  22. Relevant things have already been advanced by many other players for a better system than the cross section in PvP. A signature of the ship could be determined according to the elements and voxel present on the core. We give a value for each and you have your chance of hitting. It will also be much easier to balance in the future and will avoid many setbacks.
  23. This will be a kind of necessary feedback in relation to the activity of the players. By opening his map, any player will be able to say to himself "oh wow, so these are the territorial possessions of these alliances". I will even go further with an eatmap of player concentrations. Maybe something with a 24 hour delay that only shows gatherings of 10+ players. This will quickly show that we are on an MMO and that there are groups and player actions everywhere in the system.
  24. Where are your stuffs ? Certainly in our containers. We didn't need them but we took them anyway. NQ didn't develop PvP, but allowed the PvE mob to plunder the possessions of a ton of defenseless players. This is literally grieffing. Your abandoned belongings weren't even destroyed, they were given away massively to other players. I don't understand how NQ can not want their former player back so much. But reassure you, all will be reset to 0 for everyone. In any case, you would never have been able to keep your belongings.
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