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  1. If consider belt rats in highsec than mostly yes. But the best faction modules come from low sec complexes that are about bit more than just F1,F2,F3.. same goes for some of the null sites Also to Eve's benefit there multiple shades of PvE as well as PvP. Same goes for Empire vs Nullsec gameplay. There's quite a bit of grading there too. And it is this diversity that makes Eve interesting even 20 years after initial release. PVP vs PVE isn't a zero sum game, nor it should be. And NQ, should strive for such diversity, if it ever gets out if that development hell rut
  2. I gotta say, the topic title is a little clickbait-ey, so i'll allow myself a little indulgent jab in a very general direction 😉 Spaghetti Code https://medium.com/swlh/stop-writing-spaghetti-code-a-brief-introduction-to-clean-code-part-1-81977f62e478
  3. At current state of affairs, the most sensible thing NQ can do with DU is what Square Enix did with FF XIV, which to this date is considered the biggest and probably only truly succesful comeback of a mmo in history. For those who are not familiar with the situation, the initial release in 2010 was an utter broken mess despite 5 years of development, In 2012 Square shut down all the servers. After complete redesign and another year in closed alpha testing they came back in 2013 with what had become as the most successful mmo besides wow (22 mil copies sold) If NQ is as commited to
  4. I've been playing EVE at varying levels of intensity since launch. Whined and cheered through CCP's numerous highs and lows but overal have had a great time. But EVE's been around for 17 years, and as time passed ships have steadily grown bigger and space smaller, i found myself sometimes wishing back for simpler times where battleships were big, hacs were scary and any +5 sec mach pilot was a poser that needed to be taught the right place at the earliest chokepoint. (frozen and tucked away in your collection). When i first noticed DU sometime in late 2018, the narrative was
  5. There's no harm in hoping, but given the circumstances it would have taken a miracle and probably another 20 mil to get it beyond the current prototype state. We'll be wiser in few weeks for sure.
  6. More like replacing the guy who has never flown a plane with a guy who can crash-land it with broken off landing gear, scraped off belly and mangled propellers somwhere reasonably close to the recycling center.
  7. dude, whatever you're smoking, please share some with the rest of us 😂
  8. Well about 18months too late, most likely appointed by principal creditors prior to liquidation proceedings
  9. It's the old story: droid meets droid, droid becomes chameleon, droid loses chameleon, chameleon turns into blob, droid gets blob back again, blob meets blob, blob goes off with blob and droid loses blob, chameleon and droid. How many times have we heard that story?
  10. This is a VERY old problem, to which there is a very old answer which sounds very much like a static echoing through an old amaterur VF transmitter 😂. There have been more threads started about the very issue than i care to count. At this point all you can do is sit back, grab a bowl of popcorn and treat it like an episode of Air Crash Investigation. As of now we're at the scene where you hear the 747-300 master alarm repeating "too low terrain, too low terrain... pull up, pull up, pull up". I thought i'd never see the day, but JC has somehow managed to trump bot
  11. You take that back sir, i happen to live in of those 😂😂. Nid is a hugry whale in a need of lot of plankton
  12. hehe, you apparently haven't had the pleasure wrestling with cmake, or visual studio in general. 😉
  13. Variations of the very idea have been floating around literraly since first DU playtests started in earnest, but all these were met with silence on NQ's part. By the hot mess permission system is in right now, combined with how constructs work in DU, it's simply not possible. The concept itself is fairly straightforward, Second Life, which came out in 2003, with similar scope on technological side, has had this implemented along with very robust ( yet simple to control) permission system, group policies for landblocks, static/dynamic constructs,scripts, automatic retu
  14. Let me guess, your cousin's best friend's brother in law's wife who you used to date this IT nerd in highschool, whose dad works as ground's keeper at the building across the street where AWS datacenter is located overheard it by the watercooler as he was getting a snickers bar on his way to the car.
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