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  1. Well fine, have it your way, endless parking lot filled with meat-trucks, which would be slowly eroded by sun, wind, and rain into eery valley of menhirs that turist would visit for the religious experience, not knowing what it really was originally. I would watch them from above and snicker as all those silly notions of what the site's original purpose was. Call me weird, by when you look all those photos of bronze age menhirs, u can't tell me it wasn't originally a schlong, before weather and time did their polishing on it.
  2. i think giving us the power to build stuff out of dirt would not have been a particularly smart move on NQ's part. Just imagine how many more phallic towers would have been built if we didn't actually need honeycomb to build them, I don't know about you, but i would not trust myself with such power. Sooner or later i would succumb to tempation and build an entire valley of p*nises. Hell i probably give even Mr. Garrison's obsession a fair run for its money 😂
  3. i guess it's about right time to lighten the mood and take out popcorn XD
  4. ED's problems both are old and new should not come as big surprise. Most of the core problems of elite as whole are deeply rooted in its design. If you strip ED to its core it's literaly the same game as it was in 1993. Dave Braben, as a designer, peaked in early 90's and everything he's done since than is redoing exactly the same thing but with better graphics, If you would fire up ED with all textures removed, reduced poly count by factor of 10 and fire up Elite Frontier (Not suggesting 1995's First Encounters, due insanely buggy release that not even worth trying in dosbox) next to it, yo
  5. Impling that macOS X is related to linux is quite amusing. It's like saying AIX is related to RHEL. MacOS X kernel is based on MachOS (a fork of BSD UNIX) kernel and pretty much most of intial userspace programs were liberally borrowed from netBSD. I cannot help but to react to some things that have been said about Valve. It is true to Valve has commited to a number of things in recent years, they've pretty much abandoned most of them: steam controller is dead, steam machines are dead, steamLink and steamOS is pretty much in maintenace mode. Index was one few bright except
  6. I don't think community is as you call it "anti-linux" in any particular way. Most of us spare very little time thinking about Linux ,if at all, at least not in a context of a viable desktop OS, much less a gaming one. Its market share has remained literally static for the past 20 years and very few except for a few diehard wine/cedega enthusiasts really care. From a developers perspective, adding support for Linux makes as little business sense as developing commercial software for QNX. It's a hard case to push even with macOS X, that has 5x the market share (consumer OS).
  7. As long as lotteries, raffles, slotmachines .. <insert random other game of chance> are 100% tied to ingame currency and NQ doesn't sell virtual currency for real currency, nor allow or facilitate transfer or withdrawal of any means monetizable gain, via its systems it should be okay. Otherwise such practice would have been highly illegal under both US and EU law. Game of chance aspect is only one problem, the other is possible abuse to facilitate money laundering. Second Life was one of the first to test this against the legal system ( player run economy based in player ge
  8. You are actually quite wrong in your assumptions, there are examples of full blown democracy based political systems that worked very well. One of the earliest examples of such would be Goonzu, a Korean mmo from 2005. Just because most developers don't bother laying down any framework to support political systems in-game doesn't mean it doesn't work, it's just that the complexities involved in doing it the right way are generally deemed not worth the developer time. As far DU goes, it a vacuum in true sense, there aren't even tools enough to do proper corporate stru
  9. Oh i long since stopped thinking about those absurdities, they only make brain go like ....
  10. we'll that's not entirely true. You see the road from voxel grid to raster output is quite straightforward when working with plain cube primitive voxels, but that pretty much always results in that lego like midcraft-esque output. Now with marching cubes algorythms things can get much prettier but also much more complicated very fast. Especially if you need the end result to have reasonable number of verts and workable topology. Even otherwise straightfward things like texture stitching can easily become a sourse of great headache. That's why you seldom see it in indie tech demos. Now that
  11. I think the proper name should be "very obtuse relativistic automated diagnostic unit" VORAD .. even the acronym has a nice military ring to it 😂 . Easy to use even when cursing on public chat 😁
  12. Exactly, when done correctly space engines nicely light up and throttle up as atmos slowly die off. Of course give one calculates airfoils drop-off correctly 😉 I haven't had much trouble with it the moment i really start paying attatention to these things and trained corresponding piloting skills
  13. A good example of the problem. Look at the number of likes, reactions and retweets. Kinda cheap posting. I do get JC loves to retweet pretty builds, and that's all right. But that hardly something akin to community engagement. Who is the a target audience for a tweet like this? Most of us who build, trade and script have been hanging around ducreators from the beginning in one form or another. For anyone else it's just yeah a ship. It looks great when you evaluate it with the knowledge it's done in voxels, but if you take that context out of the equation the image
  14. Small, regular, bite size blogs or vlogs would have done NQ a world of good in terms of community engagement. It has been a great service to those of sound names and obscure ones alike. As an example, look at Tim Shafer, in many ways a brillant designer whose main weakness has always been his inability to get any of his project to get done on time or on original budget but has always been a master at community engagement. And that loyal and engaged community was instrumental in survival of his company. Another example can be Eric Heimburg, ( some of you may know his as Ci
  15. It will surely help somewhat, but what would have helped more is if their engine were more content agnostic and could situationally also stream simple baked vetex arrays instead of large of chunks of voxel grid data. But at the end of the day, these are all just technicalities. The true deep issue of both DU and Starbase is that neither one is much of a game. Both are are quite good at catering to the Ladmark crowd, but like in Landmark, once you have built all you wanted to build, there's little reason to hang around. Sure you can trade or run an industry, but that t
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