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  1. I would, if there were any fun to be had. For flying and killing stuff, there are much better games out there, feel no desire to sodomize myself with DU's take on PVP
  2. Log in. Daily 1.) 15 minutes to check on running status of the factory machines through industry HUD. 2.) 10 minutes Scrape daily market data. Tha place/adjust market buy/sell orders 3.) 60-120 minutes daily to play around with voxels on my current build in progress 4.) Troll discord in between playing/working the rest of the day. Every 3-4 days. 5.) 120 minutes to collect all filled orders and collect ores and deliver cells in my usual 5 stops (troll discord while dropping down from orbit) Every 7 days 6.) about 2-3 hours to calibrate all mining units, collect ore from containers + bonus ore from tile and haul it back to the factory. 3 planet hops total ( troll discord in between calibrations) Every 21 days 7.) about 20 minutes to load up tiles with 3 weeks worth of tax quanta.
  3. While it's hard to say how much of that LinkedIN clutter is up to date, but at a glance it looks very much like another Turbine Games, which started out as very lean, almost flat org structure and about decade in turned into army of those who watch those who watch. Where 2/3 of staff was very good at keeping their job, and not good at much anything else; with the remaining 1/3 working on underfunded and understaffed projects.
  4. The only thing these two projects have in common is mismanagement. But unlike DU, SC is reasonably good at keeping it's balance sheets heathy. It is important to note the two games are not even in the same genre. SC for all fluff one may see in promotional videos is basically a rendition of Freelancer with online multiplayer. Depending on your expectations, this can equal parts exciting and dissapointing, but on the whole the project already achieved what it set out to do. Yes it basically 40 million game that cost in excess to 400 mil to make to date. It is certainly plenty buggy and probably we never reach "released" status, but what's on the table now is pretty much what all those Wingcommander boomers wanted all along. DU on the other hand is more akin EVE online with voxels. It certainly did not improve on EVE formula of spreadsheets on space in any measurable way, and whatever systems they might have borrowed from eve, had been implemented without deeper understanding of what makes them work or fail within eve's own ecosystem. The biggest strenght of DU is its voxel buiding tools. But at the end of the day, what matters most is how much of "game" du really is. After 8 years of development i must say, not really much of game at all. It's certainly pleases the Landmark crowd, which was never a large crowd (even before its cancellation by SOE Ladmark hardly ever crossed 1000 concurrent logins). DU is certainly not the PVP game backers ( with many eve expats among them) asked for, and at the same time it's not even PVE game the peace loving, mindless NPC murdering crowd could get behind. Reasons why the way things are is besides the point, the point is, based on it's ever dwindling population one must ask the question, what is the the actual "niche" DU tried to cater to ? With SC it's quite obvious what its niche is, with DU, after all these years, i cannot really say. So in response to OP question i gotta say, no there's no chance DU outliving SC, much less killing it. That would be like asking if DRDOS 6.0 could kill MaOS 7.0
  5. Yes the changes in the recent past were mostly limited to changing colormaps on the very same models they have had before, not even touching normal or specular. The shader changes on engine exhaust for both space and atmo engines are a complete disaster. Aestetics aside, the goal of science fiction is to interpolate future events/technologies based on contemporary knowledge. What we have now in Athena, must, to anyone with the slightest hint of understanding of physics, appear comical at best. But i guess it's only fitting, now that flight model itself has shed the last few shreds of its neetonian heritage it had left.
  6. That's the thing, NQ doesn't really have one, they're purchasing all their assets from external contractors. So any changes means $$ NQ doesn't have to spare, cause whatever they had left, they spent on pre-launch ad campaign. ( whatever good that'll do)
  7. the spirit of eve noob experience XD
  8. If there's anyone who understands time gated progress, it's EVE players. Unless the player hopped on the eve train in 2003, there's 10's of thosaunds of pilots that are millions upon millions skillpoints ahead of the newbs. Like Blaze mentioned, EVE is much stricter in time limited progress barriers. In DU you can have decent enough skill to operate any equipment within weeks. In EVE you become a very formidable frig/interceptor pilot in couple of weeks, But moving up to something like cruisers/heavy assault cruisers takes months and and to make full use of battleship doesn't happen before 6 months, and dreadnaught classes take year+ to fly and a lot more to fly well. And we're not even talking training needed utility skills to actually make use of those gun platforms. In MMO live service space, you're always behind someone and it's a gap you cannot erase, and that's perfectly fine, as long as there is a niche into which new players can squeeze. A good example of that in eve is small gangs. A well organized gang of 2-3 players ( with as little as 4 weeks worth of skillpoints) can easily blow up a 60mil sp BS pilot ( and they do|. There's always more than one way to skin a cat. If you can't win a fist fight, you bring a baseball next time When you're building a MMO game, cornerstone of which is persistence, you must reward players the payers with the most commitment most, and players with least commitment the least. Of course there are genres where this is not the case, lobby shooters being the prime example of that. But that a completely different design paradigm. As for the mythical EVE converts, i hate break it to you, but the lion's share of possible eve converts already tried DU in alpha/alph-beta and very few of them still actively play. I myself come for EVE background, and i was enamorated with pitch of EVEish dog eat dog world with creative side to it where i can become my own shipwright. Alas besides the shipwright part, rest of ( what little there is besides building) DU did not really knock my socks off. I've accepted that NQ decided to wipe (whatever form) . Few weeks prior to this whole drama i finally reached the point in my progression where i could support my piloting/building/shopping habits without having to grind for resources. However the journey there wasn't particulary entertaining. certainly not enough to be willing to repeat the experience of past 2 years. I'm convinced i'm not alone in this feeling, The biggest problem of DU is not the wipe itself, but the fact that such a large part of its playerbase did not enjoy the experience enough to be willing to repeat it. In a lot of other MMOs people like to start new avatars for the sole purpose of reliving the starting experience ( even in EVE). Don't see that in DU.
  9. Hehe not unless Mr. Andurand decides to burn thru few more of those fancy millions he earned by hustling russian hydrocarbons
  10. It's well scripted video mimicking the style, which we've been accostumed to seeing with each eve online expansion. I'm sure it has potential to get some new people excited enough to give Dual Universe a shot, however it's a gross misrepresentation of what the actual experience on live service is; both visually and gameplay wise. I would go as far as to say it's coasting dangerously close to what may, even legally, constitue false advertising; especially considering the closing statement declaring "ALL AVAILABLE NOW IN THE ATHENA UPDATE" ; by which beyond resonable doubt, NQ implies, what viewer sees, is what really happens in game. Despite all the hurdles and false starts we've seen in past 2 years, i still belive DU is unique, has a fair bit to offer, and may yet grow into something truly exciting. NQ certainly doesn't need to do themselves a diservice by reaching for this type of low hanging fruit. Sure you may get a few more subs initially, than your would have otherwise gotten with more honest presentation, but quite a few of those new recruits will end up being pretty steamed, once they get to experience DU pvp first hand, and those will be the people you don't get to monetize beyond the intial cost of entry. (not to mention "the" determiner before name "Athena" as name, is grammar error, unless Athena is, in this context an acronym) I'm but a simple forum troll, i can afford the sort of blunder, but for a serious company... not a great picture to present.
  11. yeah i still buy games at full price, if it's something i've had my eye on. I generally try to avoid all the seasonal sales. I used to end up with 40 discounted games i think i might play ( fat middle finger to steam sales lol ) eventually and never did. There's really no point, i barelly have time enough to finish 10-15 games per year these days.
  12. that's old short story, i've read that one way back when. Not particularly good or original either. There's not lore in it, no meaningfull world building. πŸ˜‚ This like one those shorts in OMNI. If anything, it only proves my point
  13. As the saying goes "To every problem, there's solution that is clear, simpl and is completely wrong" First of all, by NQ own admission a sizeable share of crashes, be it newbies or old timers, is still caused by syncing, element lag issues between client and server. Bringing environmental damage element life count back would have been conterproductive unless flight model implementation were solid enough to declare that sync/element lag crashes are as rare as diamond finds in a septic tank. While NQ has made some progress in this regard, it's still long ways from being optimal. Disregarding the backend issues, flying in DU, be it atmo or space, already has steep learning curve. To a new player, muddling through the first few weeks of learing the ins and out of building and flying a functional ship is punishing enough as it is. The existing new player conversion rate is good testament to that. Turning on element damage will only make the bad situation worse. Veterans don't crash as often as new players, at least i don't (and i carry heavy loads all the time and i'm no Chuck Yeager). Turning on element life decay outiside PVP will hardly result in inrush of sales. I can only judge by myself, but i imagine unless pilot is a total muppet, the annual PVE crash volume would have been well within single hand finger count. Core limits also put a damper of ship collector audience, which ultimately reduces demand for new parts. On its own, turning PVE element life counters back on would have been a net loss to NQ, from the perspective of subscription service operator. Naturally it removing elements from the system is absolutely necessary. But element destruction needs to have a rewarding game loop attached to it in order to be digestable, regardless of the age of playerbase that is subject to it. And that brings us a full circle back to a very old argument, that is NPC rats that can provide challenge and reward even outside PVP environment. A very few people would argue that EVE online isn't the most dog-eat-dog game out there and without NPC rats it would have never lasted this long. There were many attempts at no NPC, no quest hubs MMOs over the years and there's a good reason why none of them are around anymore. Limping back with from belt mining with 2 out of 3 engines busted with a good story to tell and interesting drop in the hold is sure as hell more interesting than "i burned off random bits while re-entering planet after 5 hours of slowboat" nothingness. Radom encounters along those slowboats would have been a lot more interesting way to remove elements from game.
  14. What lore? The whole "back story" of DU is a single A4 sheet, double space, times new roman 12pt summed in the vignette you watch after character creation. Alien cores won't save of break anything simply because there's nothing to break😝.
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