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  1. thanks .. .. sounds like there is no big issue then - except for ships bought on the market mentioned by some in this thread
  2. so, stacking does not mean to attach lets say a space-break in front of a space-engine ? I have often done that and sometimes those breaks turned red .. but they still worked what about a picture illustrating the stumbling block to make it more obvious to us ?
  3. I have difficulties to understand all the coming changes and what they mean to me personally. The really weird thing to me is that the very natural cosmic shape is a sphere - the one in DU though is a cube - that's why the PVP ships all ended up in such a strange shape including the quoted honeycomb protection. But now ... there's adjustable shields (helping to justify other weapon-setups maybe), includes that new CoreCombatStress - BUT honeycomb protection has no value anymore ? Means naked Ships instead of Cubes I guess. Well, I just hope NQ is doing the right changes. For me this is all a bit overwhelming.
  4. rolling dice ... remember me to LotRO- looting for hours for crafting 5 rings - with a chance of 47% to get a crit using scrolls and whatnot- and getting ... NONE while some lucky bastards made like 4 out of those 5 with the chance of 23% - spending not half of my time I personally don't like to roll the dice
  5. hmmm... this needs a ship with 10 L containers to haul a big vessel I'd say, except you fly couple times and on arrival/landing - how much time do you have until the PVPlers sitting on stage 5 for "your" fresh scanned roid will visit you ? the time is not given to dig such a big hole I'm not convinced - the only thing what makes sense is going there some days after the announcement because the PVP aspect there has cooled down
  6. You shouldn't mix this up. That was a total different discussion. And still, if you want to scan an Asteroid you have to take the expensive equipment into space to track it down - nothing has changed on that. In case of PVP area you can loose 10 times more that you can win.
  7. I'm excited about the progress. Especially when it comes to Asteorid gameplay. What I'd like to see is a balance within PVP/Asteroid Gameplay giving me the reason to risk my new Asteroid-Ship out in the belts searching for some ore I don't have. My personal equation is : if the chance% to get some ("Cobalt or Gold" * "the chance% to survive gonna get it" *100) < 5000 - I'm absolutely not interested to your new gameplay. Of course 10000 would be the optimum for me but I'm fine if its half of that. Currently, as it is now, the quotation equals something like 100 ? We need an Asteroid belt in which you have to be found first before shot down. In that belt there is much more then 3 boulders having rares visible/trackable for anyone from scratch far far away. You have to be there to scan them. That would be cool. I'm definitely not consider myself to be the cannonfodder for others to enjoy the game. But I'm hopeful the progress progresses for the good balance THANKS!
  8. ohyea, even if I like to see this great works from other players - the Marketplaces are spammed to much - I'd love to see them cleared !!!
  9. I like it. Things I'd like to see is a trivial help for starters. Including all stumblestones. Not for me but for the new players. I looked up the "Dual Universe Lua Scripting" - I'm missing examples. The pure syntax is nice but snipplets/examples would help a lot. I dont like the Fandom thingsbums .. its not DU .. its other things causing a click orgy to not needed info. Apart of that - THANKS.
  10. When the schematics hit the game in 0.23 I was really mad, almost quitted the game. The other 3 of my buddies only crafted nice things but didn't dig or do any industries - while I loved the industrial game play. I'm not sure if 35 kk is enough for all the T1 but probably it is. Meantime I've spend ~400 kk+ for all my schematics and I say it was only possible because I already had some territory scanners. And I had the passion to spend the time to dig. I'm not into mega-industries things, I just wanted to craft almost all I need my self. That's why I hate the Idea for wiping the game. The problem is that new players have a hard time to get that far to start scanning for good spots. It's not fair to them. Also they have a hard start to learn the game because they have to buy anything to try out the basics. This is the ONLY problem with schematics I see. Anyone from pre-0.23 can do anything - same way I did. It wasn't easy, often boring, but that's what grinding is in any game.
  11. not sure if I understand this correctly, but does this mean that voxels on a ship do not add any resistance to weapon impacts any longer ? ..if so what are the statistics on specific materials for, the resistance values at example ? thanks for clarifying
  12. I'm sharing my thoughts with @Atmosph3rik that the introduction of Asteroids are a preshot of future gameplay and is subject to change over time. So for now, lets swallow the fact that Asteroids are for well organized PVP groups for the moment. Lets wait for the fair "balance" which hopefully will come soon.
  13. LOL, I live it ! great idea and beautiful work ! I've seen this yellow Submarine on Reddit and I loved it - gonna buy one
  14. The Game is no more crashing when opening the Inventory since the last Patch, great work NQ.
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