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  1. I stuck around for 7 months after .23. I decided if they are going to soft wipe my industry, i'll focus on ship building. The constant economy disruptions (like right now) make that challenging but my biggest problem is how feedback is completely ignored. I believe they were dangling the idea of a wipe even back in summer 2021 when i stopped playing. NQ is still playing "will we/won't we" wipe and its insane. A game that relies on a large number of players to spend large amounts of time making this living world; to treat them with such contempt is incredible. I watch from afar like many, hoping a real studio will take over and make DU what it can and should be. My 2 cents
  2. Just add a quanta tax to assembly lines or something. Not this "print this, spend time and quanta, sell it to someone who has to buy them weekly like fuel" wtf. Feels like a horribly complicated way to do a tax OR a lazy way to do a fuel-like energy mechanic. RIP DU
  3. I haven't done real PVP since the days of gold cube meta, but ya this is a building sandbox willing to risk losing the builders by going after the PVP crowd and trying to please everyone with a shoestring budget. PVP focused gamers have so many options, This game would need to be really finely tuned to keep them around. Us builders have nothing better. Maybe it all pays off but I don't think it was a smart gamble.
  4. I too am waiting. I would like to make & sell ships but a few things prevent me from wanting to. -Element "stacking" seems random -Voxel complexity seems out of wack and subject to change surely -The economy is flooded with easy mission cash so it feels pointless to even sell something -Wipe maybe?? -lack of buyers who even care at this point Most importantly, who knows how long NQ can keep the lights on.. Why spend over 100-200 hrs making something when they might just nerf it, wipe it, or close shop all on short notice. They need us to build a fun universe to attract players but they are currently killing it
  5. Can we please address the notification system? A super legate gets a notification for every calibration. This alone cloggs your feed to the point where you can miss important things like cores being abandoned. This applies to the super legates' own cores because its all the same feed. The new mechanics will add to this. Please Introduce sorting and/or ignore to types of notifications so we don't have to spend so much time going through it or risk losing constructs. Thank you
  6. Will the wiki be updated with the recommended number of alts? What is that number now? 10?
  7. Really gonna go and make it that much harder to build big things. You falsely advertise populated cities in your videos but are making it impossible. [filtered]ing joke
  8. Rockets are still nice for instant power. Lots of fun and can be used in emergency situations. Also you can design a hauler that has rockets to get it out of alioth if overloaded. This keeps weight down vs adding more engines you don't usually need.
  9. There is a way to see some information but idk what this is, lua or?
  10. I think calibration messages should have a toggle or go to a different area. The issue is if you happen to be super legate, you get dozens maybe hundreds of calibration messages daily. Well you also have to go through and read to make sure that nothing is being requisitioned from that org, your personal org, and your character itself. In theory if you pay all taxes, that shouldn't be a problem but who knows what bugs/exploits are going on. This is better for idea box but since none of this is read anyways its going here
  11. Ya i think they meant it as a nice gift to more active players at the expense of less active ones
  12. +1 for the surveys. NQ, ask opinions on there. I'd like to see responses but thats not as important. Also most of us don't even know what we really want or what is fun in practice so that might not even work.
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