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  1. Rockets are still nice for instant power. Lots of fun and can be used in emergency situations. Also you can design a hauler that has rockets to get it out of alioth if overloaded. This keeps weight down vs adding more engines you don't usually need.
  2. There is a way to see some information but idk what this is, lua or?
  3. I think calibration messages should have a toggle or go to a different area. The issue is if you happen to be super legate, you get dozens maybe hundreds of calibration messages daily. Well you also have to go through and read to make sure that nothing is being requisitioned from that org, your personal org, and your character itself. In theory if you pay all taxes, that shouldn't be a problem but who knows what bugs/exploits are going on. This is better for idea box but since none of this is read anyways its going here
  4. Ya i think they meant it as a nice gift to more active players at the expense of less active ones
  5. +1 for the surveys. NQ, ask opinions on there. I'd like to see responses but thats not as important. Also most of us don't even know what we really want or what is fun in practice so that might not even work.
  6. I feel _________________ This game needs ________________ NQ is ____________ and should ______________ Insert dissertation here.
  7. Don't tell exploiters its only meant to be 2su
  8. Man OP, you write NQ a PhD Thesis every other day
  9. Also been a while since the last in-game poll. I guess their dumpster they throw feedback into is full
  10. I'm going to go out on a limb and say they just don't have the money for that, sadly. Further, I think the excuse will be "its a beta" or some such. This has probably been brought up before, maybe answered by nq already somewhere?
  11. Yep.. just making things harder with nothing added and leaves me asking "why bother" when I log in and start something. Why gather ore? Why build that ship? Why build anything? just to pay tax?
  12. Someone already mentioned new player experience but I'm giving it a try to give detailed feedback. I am not new, but am currently going through the game on an alt as a new player with 0 quanta on sanc. I have 4 autominers now on Sanctuary but my tile only has 13 bauxite (others are just over 100). I automine a total of 116 ore per hour. I received 10k T1 from calibration. I can sell that to bots for 250k or less. Schematics to build M industry, parts, and refine pures is 5m or so. I can do all tutorials and get 1.5m? That means I have access to 2m maybe. I can get to space barely but will take much more time to get a ship that's able to do missions for example. I can't buy a DSAT (18m) or schematic let alone equipment to build one in order to asteroid mine. What that leaves is a waiting weeks for autominers to produce enough ore to make quanta or surface mining for 10s of hours. Even if I work my way up to mining on Alioth, still lots of afk waiting. Besides joining an org and getting free things, that's the options here. Is that intended? is there a solution in the works? Others have said get rid of early game schematics. That would help To clarify, my issue with this is there's nothing to do early game because factory and asteroids have a huge quanta barrier.
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