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  1. I start to wonder if they even see a value appeasing the literal 30 people who communicate on here and on Discord. Myself included, most of us already paid in alpha so what does it matter if we are happy with them? I would think they would want to hear how to make the game better and more appealing to more people but sometimes I wonder.
  2. Ya they should really fix that. It even shows scrap as a possible input so something is just done wrong. There's a NQ comment on this subject somewhere
  3. Ya, thats true the calculations are super broken. In terms of taking time to repair if you smash into the planet is the fair part. Maybe they can fix the calculations but I miss SE type collisions. Maybe SB will do it nicely
  4. Once they get the repair unit to take scrap that will be what you're describing pretty much. That will be good
  5. I think the current system is pretty fair. In space engineers you just lose the ship if you crash too hard. The time rebuilding motivates you to be a better pilot, make a ship that handles better/more safely, and adds a sense of risk and makes some actions a thrill. For example trying to come into Alioth weighing a bit too much and barely making it.
  6. I'm still waiting for word on the linked container nerf that JC talked about. Reducing it to 250m with max skills. I wouldn't expect anything more than missions, maybe asteroids and auto-miners this year. I guess the asteroids can be fun depending on implementation.
  7. Not sure you would want to lose those talent points. Once you get established in the game, You will be pretty sore about losing those.
  8. I understand the 1660 to be an entry level card. This game is quite demanding. Someone with more knowledge can elaborate more. I see "aliensalmon base" but not "aliensalmon pod" in the VR list
  9. It's very nice to see NQ working with us and not just telling us how it's gonna be (and making the game into a job)
  10. You're hand scanning on sanc, there's your issue. Move to alioth and claim a tile that looks undisturbed and you'll be in much better shape.
  11. Where are you scanning? I would move to alioth or madis. Plenty of ore there. The outer planets have lots and lots still. Tiles with 1m ore plus are getting harder to find and high tier stuff aswell but there is still plenty for a beginner especially.
  12. I don't mind paying a sub. It lets them work on new content. oh wait.... but ya in this day and age to be competitive against starbase for 1 example, might be worth it to think about other purchase options
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