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  1. They're great for ammo production and for building out of since you can put plenty of items and never need to switch containers. The main reason I wanted them is for deploying huge BPs that 10 L container's simply can't do
  2. Also need to make sure nothing is claimed and nothing has dynamic properties (like a named engine or seat with a config on it)
  3. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense why it works like this but that's how it is for some reason. If you have any handling skills, it all gets reset either when making the bp or deploying it.
  4. I gave up on wanting new cool stuff. Now all I hope for is that they don't break the game and kill what's left of the community with this update. Not a fan of the new voxel textures currently seen on the pts though, If I had my way those would all stay the same. If that's just dialed down for sake of the pts then great. Biomes look great though.
  5. I don't visit the markets much and when I do get out to market 6 or 7 on Alioth its somewhat laggy but tolerable. I park a short walk away and all is fine. That's my experience with my system and internet. I see people are having troubles and even leaving the game because they are crashing or just have unplayable frames on the big markets. I don't have an answer and I'm trying to leave my opinion out of this. I want people to vote and be heard by NQ if this is a major issue for some players.
  6. Good points. Sad to see them throwing this away with all the bad decisions. Its like JC sees people having fun and thinks: enough of that! NERF. Hopefully when they fail they sell the game to someone who knows what they are doing and don't just let du fizzle.
  7. I just hope they are actually pivoting those people to tickets and not just going through layoffs and cost cutting because the game isn't doing that well. If tickets get answered faster that's awesome and there are some great community members dedicating alot of time to helping people which is super cool.
  8. This is the most fun I've had playing a game. This game checks all of the boxes for me and I hate that fact. .23 Wasn't so bad after the adjustment to prices but the way factories were spoken about using words like "kill" and not being able to "revive" them... felt like an attack but a few of us pushed on The stealth nerfs with not even the mention of a change is getting old. Mega nodes cut down lastyear and talent nerfs... The game is too easy according to someone but It's already a full time grind to get anywhere. Turning it into a job isn't the way to attract players. NQ pulling out of the discord support channel to me is not a good sign. I don't know if NQ needs new players. The decisions that are make say no, they don't need players and are willing to lose us. There hasn't been an interview in a while when before .23 they were almost weekly. The list of new content (that adds to the fun of the game) since beta launch is RGB and some glass. I worry that that's another bad sign. Without speculating tooo much, I don't know If this will hit release and wonder if I'm just wasting time. I know others feel the same way but I wonder how many. I see many discords dwindling and playing other games, content creators leaving, and find myself hoping to find something to fill the DU void. All that said I still play and I still hope for a good outcome but man, It's concerning.
  9. The bot reset was a side effect of having to reset the bots to correct the mistake with the price change they tried to slip in this morning. Its a big screw up, we'll see what they say if anything at all.
  10. I was repairing that ship. I'm not with them or anything but I can tell you that no missiles were destroyed all the way to red state. There were some down to 30% at times but there were 3 of us repairing constantly.
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