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  1. Unlimited territory ownership with no upkeep, such a good idea! I think your meganodes might get obsoleted, destroyed or otherwise rendered useless when things move to automatic clash-of-clans style mining units anyway as the amount of ore in the ground doesn't seem to be related to the rate at which the mining units generate it. I don't even know if we will be able to mine tiles on planets the old way once these are in the game? GLHF though.
  2. Could it be that constructions with a detection zone get 'touched' by anyone who walks past and are therefore not deleted automatically as idle constructs?
  3. Can you buy what you need at the moon markets? Or are you just selling ore into bot orders? Last time I looked the moon markets were mostly dead with very little on sale. AFAIK the reason people go to district 6 and 7 is that they will be able to buy everything they want for a reasonable price. 6 in particular has more or less every item in the game listed for sale and most are at very low prices (below cost in a lot of cases).
  4. Sure, having full-pvp would destroy a game like DU. What happens is PvP becomes net-negative when the PvP players can't get any fights. Then they see all these targets in the safe zone and think "if those players weren't safe then I will have more targets" so they ask for changes to the game which forces people to accept PvP risk when doing other things. While PvP risk is great and can make a game better, forcing a lot of people into it who don't want to just makes them do something else rather than PvP and if you make it so they *cannot* avoid PvP while still playing a fun game a lot just
  5. But it doesn't have to be like that does it? The fact that you had to work for a ship just adds weight to the PvP experience but it doesn't have to be like you said. People will come up with cheap PvP ships that people can build after an hour of mining. People will then take these out and go have some PvP fun, fighting other people in similar setups and trying to avoid the bigger ships. Sometimes they will get yanked but mostly it can be fun for everyone. I'm not saying that works now, the game doesn't have the right balance to allow fun PvP to happen right now beca
  6. Also you're forgetting the ganking element of PvP, where 10 players gang up on some unfortunate victim they managed to find: A,B.C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J -- + 5 joy *each* K -- -20 joy That's still a net positive and if you think about it. So I really don't think PvP is net negative at all.
  7. I don't think PvE in DU would be like you want it to be, at least in the short term. Making AI based opponents to fight against and be challenged by sounds like something which requires a significant amount of work to get right. I don't think you could just knock up a fully functioning combat AI in a few weeks. That alone puts it outside what we could have in the near term. Even if you could make an AI, PvP combat in a game like DU will eventually follow some sort of meta, i.e. the best way to build ships and do fights, which evolves over time. The PvE bots are unlik
  8. It's probably fine until you try to do it at scale. Trying to make 500 ships from a blueprint might be really annoying if you have to try to get 500 of the same parts or have a way to switch out the parts for what you have, etc. Perhaps that's the way it should be though, I do like the idea that my ship would be unique and become more so over time as things break and get replaced, even compared with other people who bought the same ship as me.
  9. Sounds really fun, but how does it fit into a market orientated game? It's easy to make a market where you have things like 'basic engine', 'advanced engine', etc, but when all the engines are different, do I sell 'basic engine 800' and someone else sells 'basic engine 802'? How does the game manage the sell orders for all these things sensibly?
  10. OK, so market bots are bad because they change the economy. Players need to earn cash in the game and will generally pick an activity over others if that activity is a lot easier and more profitable. DU is also a social game and the core idea behind 0.23 was to get people to interact with one another using the market (forgetting for a minute that this is not real interaction because you don't even know who you bought from, it's what DU said at the time). But when you mine and sell to a bot order you interact with nobody at all. I do get that bot orders are a necessary crutch at
  11. Yes, I know. I'm one of them. But I hope they might do it differently. IMO Plex was where EvE started to go wrong and enabling easy farming to pay the sub made things a *lot* worse. When people can have hundreds of accounts you can't really balance the game with limits, etc any more and that's bad. If it were me I'd make the DAC offer something like a 75% discount instead of an actual free month. That way people can still use them to subsidise their gaming and run 5 accounts for the price of one, but trying to run 100 accounts still results in a big monthly cash bill as it should. Als
  12. There's a lot we don't know about mining units but so far it sounds more like EvE's PI than SP farming. There will still be the need to collect up the ore from however many units you have, move it and sell it to get money. The big problem with SP farming in eve, of course, was that you could use it to run an account completely for free and with very little effort then do other things with it as well. People had 50+ accounts doing it. But without any ability to pay the monthly sub using quanta that can't happen in DU yet (and I hope it never does!).
  13. Seriously NQ, can we have those T-Rexes please?
  14. OK, I certainly don't want to knock anyone's efforts so please don't take it the wrong way, but I think one player being able to have 120 tiles is a big problem for the game. IMO owning that many tiles should require a whole organisation of people working together and paying upkeep in some way or other. Perhaps have tiles immune to territory warfare so long as a fee is paid every month on them and when it stops being paid people can come and contest the territory. Why? Because at the moment territory is too easy and cheap to claim and once claimed it can be held forever. I've c
  15. Well everyone has their own playstyles and I suppose it's all a question of degree and balance. I don't really like PvE types of risks because they tend to be quite predictable. Personally I enjoy the possibility of being randomly robbed and murdered so long as it's very small and possible to plan around. Eve's suicide ganks are a great example of this, I got ganked about 9 months into that game and lost half of what I'd made up until that point, but it made me more interested in the game not less. It gave me a whole bunch of new things to think about like how to set up my ships to counter
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