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  1. Well if you bought it before the wipe was first teased you might have a decent argument for your money back there. But TBH if feels like an absolute age since then. Was it a year ago? It certainly feels that way.
  2. So by phrasing the original question the way you have you acknowledged that you already think there will be a wipe. So why are you still paying? If it's to save your stuff then that's daft as your stuff will be deleted. If it's because you think there might not be a wipe and are trying to play it safe then why would you expect compensation for that? I stopped paying because why pay for something that will be wiped. You have the same option, but if you choose to pay I don't really think you get to act like you had no idea this was coming and ask for compensation. If anyone gets compensation for anything it should be the time paid for *before* a wipe was announced IMO.
  3. Player built cities should be the shop window to the real store. They exist now and some of them are really good. The new player experience should be telling players how to find them and helping them get there. Then things like adverts for a ship showroom, voxel/element shop or whatever go in the cities. This is one of the only reasons to even make cities at the moment and an NQ made hub just takes people to that instead. This is supposed to be a player driven sandbox.
  4. We have the base shield now. Or does that only work on alien cores?
  5. Talking about the physical size of the PvP area is obviously silly. Instead talk about what is in that area. The PvP area is mostly empty. There are some asteroids and 10 alien cores. That's it. The non PvP area has all the planets and moons and all the markets. Clearly most of the game is in the non-PvP area regardless of how much big empty space is technically PvP. What is needed for PvP to work isn't space but locations where people go and reasons for being there. That's how you combine pirates with people who want to risk pirate attacks, etc.
  6. In some ways this is worse than nothing though isn't it. I mean we have places like Freeport city and utopia station where this kind of thing could go on but having a GM supported one kind of undermines those because it means fewer players ever need to make their way to one of those places. Unless this becomes an advert for those places but then they could just put the adverts up at the districts.
  7. Does anyone else think this information is oddly specific given that, allegedly, no decision has been made about doing a wipe? 'We have no idea if we are even going to wipe at all but we have decided that if you are the super league of an org which owns a wrapped BP inside a construct's container you will definitely get to keep that'. Busted indeed ....
  8. I reckon they are just planning to wipe them few weeks later anyway so didn't bother to even think about this and will just turn off the code which expires things. Surely they won't make us go through all the hassle of logging in and re-training the skills on multiple characters, donating slots to our org, etc just in case and then 'decide' to wipe it all 3 weeks later?
  9. Also the ill-gotten gains thing is something I see a fair bit but I don't agree with it. A lot of the time people mean things like selling to bot orders at the start of the game, selling voxel after that, buying cheap schematics and various other which were entirely legitimate at the time like mission running using VR. But there are also a lot of peo whi did things like meganode mining (and the whole scanning and auctioning thing that went with it) who will see their efforts erased. And they can't repeat that afterwards. But guess what? The things you think of as Ill gotten gains will probably be quickly replaced. People using alt farms to make money? You can still do that again after a wipe. It's just that anyone who figured out a way to do it is keeping quiet about that until the wipe happens! The ammounts will be smaller but with less money In the game (it all got wiped) those of us with a post-wipe plan will have a bigger share of that wealth than before not a smaller one.
  10. Two reasons, people will quit the game and it will destroy the history which has built up over the last 2 years. I have a ship which once carried Thoramine, a ship which was first to find one of the event ships in the ship hunt, a ship I built in the first 2 weeks which I used to make by first billion quanta before 0.23 broke the market gameplay (and modded over time, learning to make it better as I did so), a massive ship with 60 EXL containers I stole during the first set of requisitons and various other things I'm attached to. None of it is going to give me any particular level of advantage, but it's all history which I like. I certainly won't be rebuilding any of it after a wipe - most of it doesn't even fly any more because of the broken stacked element thing. So for me a wipe is just getting rid of all the things which happened over the last 2 years of playing. I'm not particularly interested in starting from scratch, particularly since the gameplay loops are less interesting now, the game lacks that feeling of discovery a second time around and the feeling of bootstrapping is, IMO, broken since planet mining was taken out.
  11. A lot of us don't think there will be many new players, that's why we think NQ should focus on keeping the ones they have instead of alienating them in a last gasp attempt to reboot the game. And if AH cornered, seal clubbing, etc is how you see the experience now, what do you think it will be like 4 weeks after launch. The casuals probably left with the wipe, now there are the hardcore players getting back into those things and a bunch of new ones who are providing the red meat.
  12. I think it's safe to say that you probably aren't going to get any final answers to this stuff until right before the wipe. They must think we're stupid really - the next update is clearly all about testing the release content, including the system to retain talent points after a wipe, but still they won't tell us anything in case we unsub. IMO of course ...
  13. Depends on how it works? For a player made bazaar sure, but for an NQ made one it could just become like the current ship shop after a wipe with magic dispensers which are always full and some of the profit going to the creator. We will see what it looks like when he article comes out.
  14. If this feature is effectively an admission that things like player made cities are unviable at launch time due to management problems and NQs solution is to make an NPC bazaar as the only way to manage this then the game is doomed. But if you look ar Utopia city, Freeport city and several others it does seem that this sort of thing can be done already. People have done it in fact. Could it be that NQ are actually thinking that they want stuff to be available on day 1 after a wipe and that's what this is for?
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