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  1. The starter ship prices in the UEF store don't, though, because the player driven market is only part of the markets in DU and NQ likes to create bits and pieces outside of it to replace player driven content. As the ore prices go down the ships in the UEF store, which are meant to be starter ships, effectively get harder to obtain for a new player. New players can make money from the daily challenges, though, which are also not connected to the player driven economy and are therefore worth more and more as the ore price drops.
  2. Yes, when quoting prices for ore one needs to do it for a market where there a lot of buy and sell orders. That's D6 or possibly Aegis for some of them. You can't expect to sell your ore on whatever market is next to you any more because the bots are gone, you have to either move it or list it and wait for it to get picked up, which may take some time. There is definitely a lot of ore for sale now though. If people are using automining to build perhaps you can tax the tile for 1 cycle, automine, then leave them untaxed for a cycle or two so you only get enough to use for manufacturing.
  3. How exactly? I'm doing some now and the seem the same as before.
  4. Lol, switch to mission running like the rest of us! Group up with others if you have no alts. The more people there are running missions the quicker they will get nerfed!
  5. The wipe was a much needed levelling pass because: - some players had used large numbers of beta accounts to make billions from mission running, preventing the game from having a sensible economy - players who left felt like they wouldn't be able to catch up and wanted a wipe to catch up again but: - players are once again making billions per day from mission running. The economy is going to be just as broken again - the wipe worked when it comes to getting players back. But there was a reason most of them left and the game is arguably less of a game now than it was then. Online player counts are crashing hard now (game peaks at a little over 200 now in steam vs 800 at launch) So the wipe was a total fail and, as many have predicted, we will shortly be back where the game was before the wipe happened due to the apparent total ineptitude of the people managing the game. A cash shop is just putting lipstick on the pig at this stage, frankly, and will not work. In order for a cash shop to work there has to be a sensible number of players who actually play enough to want the in-game items. In any case, when you have a game where everyone is mission running and the number of characters you have determines how much money you make, most people will find it hard to justify paying for that silly dance move (or whatever) when they could spend the money on a 1 month sub for another AFK mission character. The wipe was a second chance. But the thing about second chances is you have to actually take them instead of repeating past mistakes.
  6. Reminded me to buy NMS while still on sale. Thanks! IMO this has always been the problem with DU, that things get taken away at the same rate as they get added. Only since release things have been taken away and nothing was added to replace them, which is even worse. I was hoping that after release we would get an exciting 2 year roadmap by now with big and interesting things to motivate us to keep playing. Perhaps genuine territory warfare, some form of interactable life on the planets to make them interesting, NPCs or other content to make cities worth building, AvA combat so you can go shoot the person who killed your ship while you were mining on a roid, etc. Also space whales. Space whales would be cool too. We're all just waiting on those dancing avatars to save the day I guess!
  7. If you give the bots dynamic pricing then how is that different from the buy orders players are placing which react to the economy by increasing or decreasing the buy price? People would keep ore back when the price went down, knowing that it will rise again, and then sell into the high, knowing the price will then fall again. But this is exactly the same as selling to other players who will do exactly the same thing (i.e. increase buy prices until the order fills). If the problem here is that the buy orders are at D6 and not the market local to you then that sounds like a great opportunity for someone to make an ore hauling business. You can post the sell orders and when the buy at D6 gets high enough it will be profitable for someone to take your sell order at the price you wanted and haul it to be sold. I think the big problem with the player-driven economy is that it isn't really player driven at all. We have a bunch of player driven bits but then we have a bunch of things like tile tax, mission money and ships at the UEF store which inject things at a constant level and do not change with the market at all. IMO it would be a lot more interesting to make the *tax* respond to the market instead of just consuming quanta. If bot orders are not injecting the quanta then there is less need to take it back out with tax, right? We could make the TCU operate like an industry machine and tax can get paid with an item which gets crafted and put into a bay in the TCU. Crafting would consume quanta (because schematics) but a big part of the cost would be resources. Make it like Kergon where you can get tax tokens made from different ore types. When the ore price drops you can make tax tokens cheaply, pushing the price of the ore due to demand. Or people can just make tokens from what they get on the tile, meaning that a low ore price is less of a problem for paying the tile tax. For missions, I think that should be part of the player economy too. At the moment it just generates quanta and is completely outside the economy. If too many people run a mission the reward doesn't change and there is no requirement for the missions to actually get run. If nobody runs one of them the universe doesn't run out of anything. I'd change it so missions pay, say, 20% in quanta and the rest in some sort of item. Perhaps a plasma-like thing enabling certain items to be crafted? Perhaps certain schematics cannot be researched and have to be gained by running particular missions (military versions of schematics perhaps, different mission package sizes for different item size schematics). That way mission running becomes more dynamic -- the less frequently run missions could be the most valuable and certain missions will need running more than others to supply. But I think this is too much work for NQ at the moment as they are busy finishing off the highly anticipated and massively game-changing dancing avatar and pet features ...
  8. Who said anything about 10$ per month. DAC is selling for around 28mil for a month of gametime. I can make enough to DAC all my characters in 3 mission loops. Then I can play for free! I do agree with the rest of what you said though.
  9. I was, of course, being a bit sarcastic there. Actually you can have a PB on your ship linked to the radar and run that before you get off the ship. That can notify you when it sees anything on radar. It still might not save you of course because you'll be slow with ore. There are lots of mitigations you can do though to make yourself safer though and you can even take PvPers with you if you want to be really safe.
  10. I wasn't talking about PvP though or anything like that. I was just explaining that yes, a lot of ore was getting generated by calibrations. People have *millions* of L of T2+ ore in boxes which they were saving and not listing on the market (because, lets face it we all knew this was broken and would stop eventually). Yes, I completely agree that the game is fundamentally broken and the 'I just want to log on and mine for a bit' planet mining loop was never properly replaced, meaning that a lot of people's gameplay loop got broken. I get that calibrations might have filled that hole for some people. But it was still massively broken and needed fixing and not really the answer to the other problems. I also think the bot change is a problem for similar reasons. They literally said 'fewer people should be automining T1 ore and selling it'. Which is just taking away a gameplay loop from people without replacing it with another. And it's a gameplay loop that was particularly well suited to newer players. That having been said missions are so broken at the moment that T1 ore is likely to sell reasonably well anyway.
  11. This. The question they need to be asking is 'where does the money come from?'. From the T1 bot order announcement it seems that they thought generating 3-4x the tile tax cost was somehow bad. IMO that's actually quite low for a functioning economy in a video game. Video games aren't like real life where you only earn just about what you need in order to have a life. People want to play, grow and gain resources, build things or do things or whatever and then eventually they will stop. The biggest quanta sync is going to be people who stop playing the game with tons of quanta in their wallets. As it happens, mission running will come to the rescue here! I would love to see (since NQ obviously has it) the amount of quanta injected into the game via missions compared with the amount that was being injected from the T1 bot orders. There are people literally making billions of quanta per day from missions, it's so broken! I played the factory game since launch and probably made close to 500 mil since launch (re-investing most of it in a bigger factory). I switched to missions (only 5 characters, nothing silly) and have made about 100 mil in the first 2 days using a ship that cost under 20 mil. What bothers me is that with no T1 bot orders it's going to be really hard for them to fix missions without answering the question 'where is the money coming from now?'.
  12. Have you tried to calibrate ilmenite? There were probably people doing it but: - the harvesting takes a looooong time compared with lower tiers - the calibration game drops a lot less of it - exotic mining units take a loooooong time to make. The factory to make them is also expensive and takes a loooong time to make. Buying them off the market is very expensive even if you only need one. - you have to fly all the way to a distant planet (Jago in this case) and back with the ore. I could have calibrated T5 (having access to tiles of more or less all types available) but I don't even own an exotic miner. I was mostly doing T2 and T3 because that was the sweet spot. T4 required more travel than I wanted. People were definitely doing this a lot and making a lot of ore. I was doing it with 6 characters and I saw screenshots with a *lot* more ore than I was getting. It is also naive to think that what others have doesn't affect you. We're playing in a shared market with supply and demand. If people have 100x more wealth than you then they will bid up the price of things and you won't be able to afford them. Sometimes this will be because something is in short supply, sometimes just because they are rich and can get richer by doing it. Don't believe me, look at the garnierite market right now. Why is it selling for 2x the price of the other ore types? Someone with a lot of money is spending 100s of millions manipulating it to make garnierite 2x the price it was before calibrations were stopped. For a while it was even more expensive than it is now. So you can just worry about your own things if you like, but I bet you'll end up complaining when someone with more than you breaks the game with their money.
  13. Yes, roids are 100% safe. I go to them every day and have yet to see a PvPer. You don't even need to bring a radar!
  14. Best troll so far. +1. But NQ is trolling them harder right now so it's going to be hard to get a rise ...
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