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  1. I know I'm sometimes a bit slow, but I had been under the impression that the game was $10 per month for a year subscription. It's 120 EUROS a year... or about 18,000 Yen a year! To put that into perspective, a year subscription to Adobe Educational complete suite of applications costs 24,000 yen!
  2. This game never even made it to beta in anything other than name. For all intents and purposes this game is still in Alpha. NQ be like: "Ummm... sure, territory warfare is a concept we've talked about... Roadmap? LOL.. Where we are going we don't need roads.... We might introduce power requirements at some point possibly... Sorry not sorry the collision detection broke all your ships... again... We are the Metaverse company... Avatar PvP? Yeah, nah... LOL... In the meantime, have a pointless floating robot and purple voxels... 3D Blog tool goes brrrrrr.... Oh noes, you're going to have to refactor your Lua just a couple more times now... promise.... Wipe? What? No, we'll not be wiping again... But can't exactly promise we won't have to wipe again... "
  3. 今更?!!  As we say in Japan, "Ima sara?"..... Oh, so *now* we're down to a double digit player base they are talking about monetization? Another one we use in situations like this is... 後の祭り! Ato no matsuri..... meaning, "the festival is already over..." Microtransactions with the current population is going to be pretty much the death throes of DU. There is no way MTs can raise useful amounts of cash with these numbers. Unless MTs stands for Mega Transactions.
  4. Wow. that's actually playable. Colour me surprised... I was not able to get anything usable on my GPD Pocket 2 other than logging in for credits and skill queue.
  5. This game only really has ship building and sales as a full game loop. NQ could at least make sure all the tools work to an acceptable level.
  6. The servers are overloaded due to the influx of new players.
  7. but the costs to build such flawed items are exponentially more expensive... That's why stuff like freight engines and manoeuvre engines having actual benefits make sense.
  8. currently running three 2H22 machines without issue on a few of my PCs... A W11 2H22 with a 3090Ti, and a W10 2H22 with a 3080... they feel pretty similar in most games.. even DU runs fine on both boxes. Can't but I can't play DU on my W11 2H22 1080Ti machine... It crashes with garbled screen after a few minutes. Thought the card might be toast after 5 years of unoptimised DU, but it plays Cyberpunk 2077, at 1080P low/med settings.. so, AFAIAC, if a card can play CP'77 for hours in a row there can't be anything wrong with it.
  9. I logged in to check my skill queue and saw a new splash screen. it's so fkkn funny that a game with basically no P2P brokered connections and downwards of a 100 players feels like they need to use an Anti-cheat.
  10. frankly, I'm amazed the game is still online at all despite the double figure player count. no idea how they are still supporting their AWS contract. guess they are riding out the 1year in advance paid up players...
  11. what is this option? Schematics container? Have I missed something? Edit: I see there was another low key update. this game is rocking!!!
  12. Excellent example. and it’s not just 1st person vs 3rd person where this kind of difference manifests, either. Some people have black belts in mental gymnastics.
  13. bad form quoting my own posts, but yes.... Surrogates should be able to transfer data remotely... For, isn't a surrogate basically data? So why can't transfer Bloops... or Schematics? And for that matter why not a few basic skills, like, say up to Level 3..... (completely pulled out of my arse, I will admit). Sure, while I can understand why people don't want fully skilled L5 pilots to be able to spawn in to PVP battles, I still think the game would have been better if players could administer remote mining stations with at least some skills... and then fly their haulers in to lift the goods home. The two Mining Rules of DU: Mining is painful: like probing those little white spots that appear on your tongue. Mining via surrogate is painful: like a man having his testicles crushed under the heel of a dominatrix.... (though admittedly this is not entirely disliked, I have heard...)
  14. That's actually something that never crossed my mind... wow... But I suspect the problem is that cores can be placed at semi arbitrary angles and the conversion from planetary to core voxels would be problematic when placing a prebuilt core (blueprint). But for static core placements offer a one time operation: ( ) dig planetary voxels to exclude build extremes (as per the pre "release"(lol) landscape reset dig out rules.) ( ) dig planetary voxels out to out core dimensions. (just remove planetary voxels from the entire core) ( ) keep planetary voxels as is. (current method) ( ) Incorporate planetary voxels into core structure. (JayleBreak's proposed method).. If only this game were still being actively developed.... 😢 This game had so much potential.
  15. The original videos show square planetary voxel manipulation. it was changed to spherical later on. my theory was that if people could build cool non-turd-like constructs with planetary voxels, they wpuld, and then there would endless terraforming and server load. of course they never guessed how much mining we would do in any case.
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