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  1. DMs don't get ignored, though... I have had several requests answered and full blown conversations with NQ staff initiated by DM... Moreover, we know that NQ are FAR MORE active with patch notes, news updates, announcements and DM engagement on Discord than they are on any other platform. So using platform as an excuse is bollocks. Now, it's possible that an NQ bod received the message while off duty / at home and never received it before the market was sacked... that's a bit of a grey area... To be completely painted white in this matter , they should have waited for a response before getting to work.
  2. In my opinion, broken components should AT LEAST lose their handling buffs and return to vanilla units when fixed from the RED state to 1hp. Maybe even with a permanent dynamic attribute that prevents them ever being used as anything but a vanilla asset.
  3. Naturalment. tried with "new" containers as will as the standard pick up and undo method.
  4. I have tested a ship with a full container... the mass of the ship seems to be calculated as 100% not 75% cargo mass.. Oh well, 1 month of wasted skills... I'm actually near burnout on this game and it hasn't even come out of beta yet. And this is coming from someone who plays Star Citizen. LOL.
  5. I have container optimisation at Level 5 which should reduce cargo mass by 25%... But I'm seeing 10.07t and 5.04kg for a for a static core and 1L of hematite respectively in my L5 "buffed" container and the engineer report showing 10.07t / 5.04kg respectively for the cargo... Does this skill actually work or is it doing an NQ?
  6. In the black screen issue you had did you still have a targetting reticle and the UI or was it a completely black screen?
  7. We just need volume sliders for each “effect” like many other games have.
  8. I'm really curious. Your OP was strongly worded, so could you explain in a bit more detail why you think this game is a steaming pile of shit? Also, how about randomly picking the "winners" of your two accounts... bits of paper in a hat, etc. Sure, I'll take one of those accounts off your hands if you're obliging...
  9. I know exactly how JC/NQ decisions work and what are thinking right now: they either may or may not wipe some or all aspects of progress... at some point in the near or far future.
  10. I have made 2 dozen or so different 1 man shuttles in my time. none of them dock easily on my main ship any more... it's not to say they don't dock at all, but unlike last month when docking was a dream and worked perfectly, now I have no confidence at all whether a ship is docked unless I move the host construct... And then, most of the times (95%+) the docking has failed. I did manage to dock a ship on Friday. but it took three attempts and was eventually docked diagonally and looked completely pants. NQ development mantra: 1 step forwards, 2 steps back for shits and giggles.
  11. Wow, what an idiot I've been. I've been using my steel to build shiny bits of my base.. from now on I'm just going to sell to the bots. 5kkℏ for 100k of ore.... sweet
  12. are there any records, anecdotal or actual of people being penalised for exploiting? Or are they going to wait a year and then punish them retroactively (which would be delicious, but evil at the same time)...? In all likelihood, the fact that they are asking the players to come forward in an ostensible amnesty is likely because they can't/don't want to go through all the records and undo all the exploits. Or they can't figure out a way to punish the "miscreants" fairly.
  13. Remember, it's far better when only a certain subset of the players get to use an exploit. That way it maximises the differential and disparity caused by the exploit so that only those in the know get to benefit from it.. If the news of the exploit became widespread then everyone would benefit from it and the sudden player parity and fairness would destroy the status quo. /s IMO, if NQ has no intention of winding back the earnings of players who use an exploit then the only fair course of action is to give everyone access to the exploit until it is fixed. Otherwise NQ are just entrenching the winners and condoning the behaviour as a valid machanism to get ahead of others.
  14. While I completely understand the need or at least desire for a reset, I wouldn't stick around for it. The game is glorious, but it's also gloriously incomplete and mostly still broken... from physics, to RDMS to PVP to the "economy".. And especially the economy, which is beyond a joke... So many designs choices and conscious decisions that can only politely (and I mean this politely) be considered completely retarded have allowed players to skip entire segments of gameplay (the one month voyage to space, anyone?) and create a vast, nay inconceivable amount of wealth (200 L containers frivolously left open to a subordinate?)... NQ have allowed exploiters to roam Scott free and it's very likely they have no idea the full extent of the abuse their systems came under... Even offering information fishing expeditions to find the miscreants disguised as "armistices". I have recently been looking back at my efforts so far and got to wondering, what has it all been for? It's a question many more people would ask if they were told a full wipe was in the works.
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