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  1. I don't think it's feasible because, as soon as you leave build mode, the voxels are merged and optimised to reduce the netlist: You can see how the shape changes subtly (or sometimes not so subtly) when you press B... i.e. the engine joins discrete, adjacent voxels with contiguous edges into a single object to reduce server data. This can reduce thousands of voxels in a wall into a single flat rectangle, for example. So I can't see how that would be LUAable, TBH.
  2. I just love the fresh scent of forum developers and marketers in the morning.
  3. Every company these days externally displays adverts for open positions regardless if any are any actually available or not.
  4. Would be great if we could just select from a bunch of ores offered as compensation: The amount would be tied to Aphelia’s current ore value metrics.
  5. Massive space whales that consume freighters and pirates on route to the outer planets.
  6. There’s a thread of “top four best things in DU” and community is pretty much #1 on many people’s list. those still left are devout supporters of the game and want it to succeed, for sure.
  7. Oof. “Phase one. Placeholder. Early version.” these phrases scare me. Elite dangerous, for example still has dozens of “Phase one, Placeholder, Early version” mechanics in the game that were introduced 5 or more years ago and we’re never updated. wings, multicrew, powerplay, surface mining, SRV driving. Just some underdeveloped features I picked off the top of my head.
  8. Will there be a skill point reset before the game starts? i.e. will we all go back to 0 sp? We need to know if you are going to wipe the current planets or just introduce new ones. What's going to happen to the safe zone? Will there ever be air to ground combat? How will territory wars happen? Our base hex is landlocked by players who don't play any more, so how can we attack / claim their tiles? Will you provide a way for us to move our hand and tool out of way? It obstructs where we are trying to build and makes the game an exerci
  9. For me, in this order. 1) the community, unequivocally. 2) the voxels, despite the tools. 3) Lua, despite the increasing limitations. 4) The physics, when it works.
  10. damn. I’m out of likes… but yeah, probably only slightly easier than making a truly international language.
  11. this thread: completely derailed. So I’m going to change the topic to something NOT political, if you don’t mind. people trying to justify their various governments’ behavior in a gaming forum never goes down well. of course there are the usual flag and willie wavers, but then, this is Teh Interwebz. So the adults in the room can just ignore them. Etymology is a pet interest of mine. 7 day week based calenders are based on the Sumerian calendar from about 2000 BCE. The Babylonians developed it further after that and it came to us basically in tact si
  12. Not only that but it really uses up your org core limits. TBH I would be happy with different shaped build cubes selectable on deployment: 1/4 height but twice as wide and long. “Pizza box” suitable for landing pads and low, sprawling structures. 1/2 height and double length. “shoebox”. Suitable for most large spacecraft or general buildings. 1/2 height and width but 4x as long. “tube”. Suitable for roads, bridges, gantries and mega structure spines. Also, for the love of all things holy, please give us the ability t
  13. ... So it if Alioth is below 10000LY, it is possible to reach it without warp in 10 000 years. Also, if warp was used, why would the trip take 10 000 years? I'm sorry, who are you asking?
  14. As long as they are no worse than Elite Dangerous shields... Those are super simplistic as it is and there's no rhyme or reason to each ship's shield strength. Star Citizen has the best shield minigame in the business... multi faceted shields, multiple generators, power management, varying shield penetration and damage by different types of weapons.
  15. I suppose even with warp technology, the distance travelled and weight of the Arkship itself would require a billion tonnes of Warp Cores to get there.
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