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  1. https://www.dualthegame.com/en/server-status/ This page has never worked for me. Very annoying.
  2. Subs is definitely the best system, hands down. Think about it. Name another system that incentivises the developers to continue to develop and maintain the core game; It's in their vested interest. Drop the ball and the subs disappear. Elite dangerous suffered from this. 5 years ago they charged players a massive amount ($300) for the Alpha and promised Life Time worth of free downloads. Just before the game went live, they offered a $100 LEP (Lifetime Extension Pass) on top of the cost of the game ($60) which promised to give the later-comers free DLCs for life, just like the Kickstarted, Alpha and Beta backers... The game had no subs. Instead, the moved to microtransactions on cosmetics. Result: five years after release and only one proper, solid expansion (Horizons) and a bunch of half hearted later addons (Beyond), while Frontier, the company, moved on to develop Jurassic World and Planet Coaster and a new IP coming this year. However, no fear, there are hundreds upon hundreds of mediocre colour palettes from which to choose from to colour your ships or add stupid bobble heads to your ship's dashboard. Pretty pathetic for half a decade's progress, IMHO. Reason: No incentive to do anything since they already had the money from tens of thousands of LEP owners and Kickstarter/Alpha/Beta players. The subscription model should ensure that they try to keep the players interested for as many years as possible.
  3. I was under the impression that it was 30 days of game time... which is why they seemed to emphasise the phrase game time rather than real time. Some services are like that. I have an emergency LTE wifi access point that charges only the days that it is used. clearly, 1 month's access is far easier to understand than game time... Especially since a day in the game is so much shorter than in real life. 13 Euros per month is a fairly hefty fee. Costs as much as Netflix. If you pay you really have to play to get your money's worth.
  4. That looks incredible... But I've had enough disappointment with games not delivering what they promise.
  5. Bringing a new meaning to "escort quests," too
  6. Again, the way you phrase it plays into the hands of those who have time to burn and grind... Just fly around for 10 hours to level up flying etc... Or XP by killing other players in fights, etc... How about a compromise. Points build with time as they do now, but you have to at least do a little something in the area of expertise you want before you can level it up. So say you want to level up mining related skills, you have to at least mine a bit of the current tier you're intending to level up from. That "unlocks" the skills in that area upgrading... If you want to gain access to the next higher Rocket Scientist skills, you have to use your current skill at least once.. I,e, build a rocket ship with XS rockets before you can unlock S rockets. If you want to gain access to Titanium HC (tier V) then you need to gather, create HC and craft with something from tier IV. Moreover, there could be a limit to how quickly you can level up a particular skill through multiple tiers... If you've been away from the game for a few weeks and come back to several hundred thousand SP, you can't just go Bang Bang Bang, Tier III from nothing. You have to use the skill, rank it up and take a moratorium (24 hours?) before being able to rank the same skill up again. I think this would make the talent system feel a little more involved and dare I say, immersive, without encouraging/requiring grinding which is the bugbear that drives many away from games currently.
  7. This is an interesting point, however I think replacing friends with "group members" would make your statement more accurate... It is very rare for people to have more than double digit real friends or even close associates without using the "hello, friend" or "facebook friend" definitions. I suspect that since this game is likely to follow "standard" hunter-gatherer mentality for at least a couple of years, a typical "band → group → community → nation" layered hierarchy will develop with later conglomeration under larger structures. At first, though, the vast majority of effective bands of players will tend to comprise of a handful or two of players. Players will either gather for protection to perform single tasks efficiently and safely and work together with other such bands to form a fully fledged community or they could even at first just perform complementary tasks to create a mini community. Specialised groups offering particular services would need to cooperate to form larger "communities" which may or may not be part of even larger "nations." The real problem with cooperation is when it ends... Who gets what? That's when communities turn ash or self destruct... The current laughably stilted political structure we have at the moment with orgs vying for of 1000s of amorphous members will simply fragment, disband, reform and transform once DU goes live under their own lack of structure and new structures form organically from and around them. Groups (small orgs) with clear, simple goals and a solid agenda will thrive and grow, however. TL:DR; DU seems to be EVE with a player avatar so group play will be almost mandatory. Having said all that, though, DU is still big enough to support freelancers, sole entities and hermits. But it will be unlikely for them to become "empires" of any renown without opening their doors to others.
  8. -1 Sounds like a bad and polarising idea to me... Remember that sustained gains tend to be exponential in nature... If a group dominates early on it could potentially permanently dominate the game and make it very dull for everyone else. TBH I'm hoping it's the other way around... I'm hoping that they will take steps to make sure Alioth (or at least the greater around the Arkship) cannot be dominated by a single group.
  9. The next test is thursday 26th... I hope you’ve managed to download the latest version in preparation for tomorrow’s test! Good luck!
  10. And there you go. Hence the quiet forums. It’s not surprising nor is it a direct criticism. It’s merely an observation. Once the NDA is over and the cheaper packages allow access, there will be a rush of Kerbels, Engineers, Commanders and probably some Citizens, too.
  11. The big orgs will grab the best spots first (due to numbers) and force the smaller orgs out of spots they have taken (due to numbers)... They will entirely control regions of space (due to numbers) and have the best and cheapest ship blueprints and charge outsiders an arm and a leg for them. Individuals will be the worst off and have to scrape a living from the cracks and detritus that the big orgs can't be bothered with. Solo players will end up with a game like Elite Dangerous but without the security. They will have no role other than avoiding fuel shortages, no real achievements outside a little crowded pocket in a safe zone and will have the privilege of fulfilling contracts that big orgs will welsh on when they feel like it. Or they could create a system that prevents orgs from getting too large. Basically EVE "no man is an island" with voxels.
  12. Why would it be hassle for the Devs, I'm not following? Please give me a reason. Hassle for the orgs is exactly what this system is for. Most players are not interested in hassle. Thus orgs would tend to fragment under their own bureaucracy.
  13. 27 responses to the poll... 27,000 Noveans. I'd say you're right!
  14. Star Citizen: More than 100 posts replied to within the last 24 hrs in General Chat, More than 50 in the Concierge... 20 in the Subscibers' Den. 50 in Ask the devs. >50 in the 3.1.3 PTU thread. I've not even bothered looking in the ship manufacturer forums which also tend to be rather lively. DU forums are rather quiet..
  15. Compared to the noisy Alpha period Elite Dangerous, Kerbal and original Star Citizen forums, DU forums are very quiet... I suspect the NDA has something to do with it.
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