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  1. I’m in Japan, so a similar time zone. We have another chap from your neck of the woods in our org, I’ll see if I can’t get him to drop you a line. Welcome aboard.
  2. Kind of feel ambivalent About this. It’s great for Yama, and potentially NQ if they can put him to gainful use, but we all know that NQ has an all but no-communication policy with the player base (apart from the odd poorly voiced over video and a few dev blogs.) yama was a great contributor to the community but now I fear that the rules and regs will prevent him from taking part as fully as before, case in point, his dearth of replies to this thread. also, is the DU server now owned by DU themselves or is it still independent? Sorry I can’t be more positive, I’ve been part of another Kickstarter campaign where a supporter joined the ranks and it ended very, very badly for all involved.
  3. If all goes to plan and schedule, they should be back on line on the 14th.
  4. 素晴らしい! 日本語が通じるグループもあるといいですね。 また木曜日23時に楽しみです。
  5. Once you have access, you have access until release. It’s never rescinded. but remember once the game is released it could cost about $180 per year in susbscription fees. you really need to ask yourself, is this the game you want to spend your money on. it’s the same cost as 3 AAA games a year, effectively.
  6. You can adjust the XML settings file to achieve 1440P or even 2160P / 2400P if you have a 2080Ti or RTX Titan. I am afraid I can’t answer the DX/Vulcan question. But VR is not planned, AFAIK.
  7. Currently the vast majority of the very best scripts are not available to others at all... fancy HUDs and so on are kept and not shared because doing so means they lose control over it. This is just another option to share something you don't want to lose control of and make a profit rather than keep it to yourself.
  8. Nope. That was definitely LTR script. 😉
  9. I still have a Haswell 4 core i7 4770k circa 2013!! mildly overclocked to 4.1GHz and it is plenty fast enough. My graphics card is bog standard ZOTAC 1080Ti AMP! from just before the Bitmining craze. I use a Samsung 512Gb 850 SATA SSD and have 32Gb of common-all-garden DDR3-1600. The game is basically entirely server and network limited. My CPU usage sometimes spikes when flying fast or in the presence of large constructs, but I'm playing in 1440P with no problems.
  10. As with anything, YMMV. It's easy to ask for opinions, but deciphering the answers will be harder. I am a NMS prepurchaser and Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen kickstarter backer. And I am a strong supporter of crowdfunding, with all its frustrations. So please bear in mind that I am used to playing incomplete/buggy space games over the last 6 years, so take that into consideration when reading my impressions. DU is a mixed bag. It is an amazing concept, beautifully rendered, but still has glaring omissions and frustrating inconsistencies. Stability is generally ok, but tends to get a bit dodgy at times and require players to avoid certain tasks or wait for a server reset. There are currently very few game breaking bugs. While Alpha 3 feels somewhat more complete than Alpha 2 did, there are still many problems: The in-game toolset is not complete and balance for many things is out of whack. Also, as @dizolve above said, there is no ingame help or up-to-date tutorials, so in my spare time (usually towards the end of test periods) I hang around the starting areas and help noobs upgrade their first crafts, teach them the controls etc... The tests start most Thursdays (three times a month is typical) and last until the Monday. But this Week's test is scheduled to last for over a week, so it might be a good time to get involved. TL:DR If you have cash burning a hole in your pocket and enjoy sandbox/space games and can be patient with bugs then DU should provide you a decent return on your money.
  11. There will be a wipe at the end of alpha where all constructs are removed and the landscape of all the planets and moons will be reset (or changed to their final form) for the Beta. Moreover, all skills learnt will be lost and all ℏ (money) gained will be lost. As Borb_1 above stated, only Blueprints will make it past the Alpha. Thus, it will likely be an advantage learning how to play and becoming familiar with the game's mechanics and physics and making some in-game player friends so that when the Beta drops, you can hit the ground running and maybe have a few choice Blueprints. If I'm not mistaken, there won't be another wipe at the end of the Beta so beta "testers" will get a short head start over the main players.
  12. Although all the materials will be gone from Alioth soon after the game starts... So they will likely have to travel or trade to get said materials. This game is designed to foster group play. If you are a creative type and enjoy working with other people as part of a group, this game will appeal to you. However, there is no way to "opt out" from PVP, so you will have to stick within the save zones, wherever they might be and rely on your org for travel into deep space.
  13. はじめまして 東京の中心部に住んでいるグラックスと申します、どうぞよろしくお願いします。 日本のプレイヤーがなかなかいないみたいです。 時差でUSやEUのプレイヤーとつながったりするのは難しくてもっとローカルのプレイヤーを我々のオーグに誘いたい! そして英語が苦手な方でもDUAL UNIVERSEについて何かの質問などがありましたらぜひ気軽に聞いてください。 それでは、またアリオスで会いましょう! Graxxor Vidhelssen.
  14. I really don't see the traditional verbal sense of the word "to win" being appropriate in a game like this. Still, the newer sense of the word, as in, "full of win!" Might be meaningful. At the end of the day, one could only really "win" at competitive aspects of the game or overcoming challenges posed: Successful org raids, successful construction of base of operations or a new mega-freighter etc... However, I can fully see losing being a real thing... Losing your ships in PvP, losing time by having someone steal all your stuff and having to rebuild/craft/mine, losing access to your org, losing contact with in-game buddies but mainly -and most importantly- just losing interest.
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