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  1. I have no idea why you think I was offended in any way. I guess we live in a world where we just assume people get offended… or do get offended for little reason. you conveniently left out this tiny fragment of the OP’s first comment in your reply: [quote] In my opinion NPCs a hard requirement for this game to succeed for several reasons. Here are some: Players don't have any obligation, and sometimes not even the skill to create good content. NPCs are fundamental to create any kind of engaging content in the game. With ships being so valuable and so
  2. By NPCs, the OP was clearly (as in crystal) talking about interactive entities such like the upcoming Odyssey or the sprawling canvas that is NMS or Star Citizen (without the chair standing and T posing). The OP was not talking about faceless NQ “bots” that are nothing more than ethereal, unfulfilled orders in a database table. If they are NPCs, where is the “character” which the “C” stands for? In fact, they are only even called bots in a colloquial, convenient sense: they are not really automated as such, don’t actually respond to the market and are not even randomiz
  3. I imagined something like SC or ED’s implementation of asteroids. Entire rings around certain planets or massive swathes like in NMS. instead NQ are going to roll them out one at a time? Surely not? April 1st is well gone.
  4. Cool. Looks like he got his ships back... Hope his scripts were still intact.
  5. $1000 / 60 months (5 years) = $17 per month... Does he have three accounts or something? The maths doesn't add up... It's always unfortunate when sound arguments are rendered questionable by shonky calculations. If I were paying $17 a month, I would also expect more... but $70 a year ($350 for 5 years, not $1000) is less of an issue for me. Subscriptions are far less of an elephant in the room than the fact that they are nearly 2 years behind schedule after just 2 years. (look at the amusing 2018 DU road map if you want a sad chuckle.)
  6. Your taking pleasure from servers shutting down demonstrates an awful lot about your character and outlook on life and explains your conduct and language on these forums. I, personally, would be very disappointed if DU isn't able to pull itself out of the quagmire they have got themselves into. It's a game that has/had a lot of promise, but is held back by dubious management decisions and its opaque, community facing visage leading to a lack of communication does not endear trust in the kickstarter and other crowdfunding backers.... And paying "beta" testers, for that matter. It was shap
  7. Gordon Bennet, lad! You've been saying "done with this game" for over six months. Can I haz your stuff already? Don't let the door hit you on the way out. LOL. I don't see the point of hanging around dissing something you don't like. Kind of feels like you're suffering from Stockholm syndrome... Just move on... There are other games out there... Life is short, etc. etc... As a major crowdfunding supporter over the last decade or so, I got here just after the kickstarter and picked up one of the supporter packs. I pretty much got what I expected. I really enjoyed the freedom and ability
  8. actually, it happens when I submit a reply and then edit it. When I submit the edit, I got the original, edited post and a new post tacked on that has the quoted original post, but pre-edit. It’s only happened three times that I remember, so it’s not a major issue for me, but it’s just odd that it never happened until the forum update.
  9. What is /unstuck? First time I’ve heard of it.
  10. This is why we can’t have nice things. HTML and SVG only really causes issues in fringe cases (super crowded marketplaces) and those fringes are caused by NQ’s seeming complete lack of ability to do the obvious, instead opting for Rube Goldberg style workarounds and Rick Sanchez level shenanigans.
  11. It’s certainly not illegal. It *might* be against the ToS (because it says never disclose your password or account details to another person right there in the EULA) but you’re certainly not at risk of going to jail or being summoned in a court case.
  12. Another weird self quote message deleted. What is wrong with the forum lately? It was always awkward but recently it’s really hard to edit on an iPhone. And I keep double posting.
  13. yeah, I know mate, I have a MEng an PhD in Nanotechnology (admittedly from the 90’s but still...) but I didn’t want to use the words “mean” and “median” because most probably think they stand for people who are a) not kind and b) can see ghosts 😉 layperson language is extremely annoying to deal with... like when Flatards say “BuT gRaViTy is jUsT a ThEoRy” also, Granny Smith says “apples are red” is perhaps the worst qualifier you could have thought up.
  14. In a thread about balance from a player called “Phsyics” I’ll admit, chuckles were had.
  15. True... that disconnect between what the players want and what JC envisioned has been discussed a hundred times. also, while you were harping on at him: org’s *what* could have helped you? org’s members? org’s quanta? org’s serfs? you missed a word. Real emperors employ proofreaders 😉
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