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  1. I wonder what will persist longer, NQ and their inability to communicate and deliver a working game or the core players taking every slap in the face.
  2. Better open a ticket and cancel it properly. To do so in forum most likely isn't sufficient. In th EU I might even think of revoking the contract, since in the mail's I received I couldn't find a proper customer information.
  3. They would ignore us, since we scrape planets for pebbles and get into quarrel about pebbles (and features and focuse of the universe). That insults their intelligence. So they choose to ignore us and dont care to bother with greedy monkey like creatures who play with sand ?
  4. Also mein Post war ein Scherz. Unabhängig davon läuft es ja seit längerem eher mäßig mit der Entwicklung. Das mit dem 29.7 direkt auf den Release von starbase an
  5. Dont forget to cancel your subscription via xsollo. After all you should quit paying when U quit playing, unless Ur a true believer
  6. Make sure you re in the right inventory. I had issues when I had the linked container linked/activated, since Ur construct probably is in the main inventory
  7. I think this idea is the problem. The game is grindy, complicated and partly tedious. You want someone to grind 50hours and want an easy 10 hour grab. That doesn't seem balanced and will lead to the extinction of zebras. So it depends if the game aims to be hardcore PvP mainly that might be a way to go. Like legion did, every hc PvP can celebrate his victory (with the remaining few hundred on a vastly empty "metaverse", due to skills/time they will be like god's ruling the game, at the same time discouraging new players even pvpers) . Secondly the game just isn't fast paced enough to support casual players the way PvP is. Imagine how many players would play rust, if you needed a 2 week grind to drop a base and get basic gear but then be raided in a 5min raid overnight. So I think finding a proper middle ground (each group has to acknowledge and respect the other groups and their needs) might bring a balance and a longterm chance of survival for the game. If the community stays so split, with extreme interestgroups it will stay in limbo. Also I don't see how PvP would bring the broken economy to life
  8. I don't think that that is what he meant. As far as I understand it he said that exploits or possibilities to exploit aren't an argument not to grant test accounts to attract players
  9. Maybe because breaking the game-exp for other parts of the community makes them leave, breaks the financial support, and speeds up the decline of the game. Same goes for all other parts/groups that exploit disbalance. I think, though NQ has to take most responsibility, community is also split and scattered in ( partially extreme) interestgroups who only want to see their specific ways of playing to succeed. So they also contribute to the broken state of the game. And if pvpers overextend they shouldn't be surprised if other playergroups counter by using disbalanced features. That way the game Futher derails and will stay on the constant accusations and nagging between different playergroups. Like in RL it's always someone else's fault if shit gets out of hand?
  10. What? doesn't Ur equation state that Content is 0/not present!? If qanta equals qanta plus/and content, content is 0. Thus qanta=schematics.??
  11. Isn't it more like NQ doesn't care or isn't able to remove long-term inactive property and constructs? If they did so, there would be no problem with test accs besides not grabbing Dollars.
  12. The above, and read the forums and get an impression. If you have a high pain threshold (masochism-level), lots of patience and time, are forgiving and can bear to see a snail crossing a razorblade, then it is already time to try the game. if Ur not so much for alpha/beta/EA mambojambo then wait another 2 years and see if du is still around. Or ask someone with Alts to borrow one
  13. Yes it would be great, they could implement an upkeep for territory units. If you don't feed the TU, it should dissolve.
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