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  1. Well under the given circumstances I can only afford the end of the world. So my I m not voting. Also why spend so much money on trying avoiding it 🙂 when it ll come anyhow
  2. Dude quickly check your forum account it literally states U have received the backer title/are a "patron". I hope RL politics don't cause u as much stress as the game does.
  3. Wow really looks cool, I ll be stopping by this evening to see the current state of the project.👍
  4. Absolutely, it's a building game. Rotation on several axis is a basic feature
  5. DrDerp

    Digging Bot

    Hehe interesting, though you could settle in one of the many meganode cave leftovers
  6. 🙂 I am interested in your definition of soon. Because eventhough things started moving again and in a good way it seems, I think it is still quite a stretch before I would call it a release quality game.
  7. Isnt raising market prices a good sign and also a good way to redistribute wealth? I mean if there is so many ppl having a ton of money, finally willing to pay more than the bots, mining becomes lucrative. That also means less drain of ore by the bots. Also less mining than before, cuz it will pay off more. Also I think mining itself should be changed so it isn't 8 hours straight clicking the wall. And if U only need ore to build I guess U anyhow don't need to mine 8hour shifts. Also i understood passive mining more as getting a base supply not running Ur org on it, unless U run 10alts. so it
  8. But if planetary mining stays after the asteroid update, there is still plenty of (as far as I have found)t1-t3 to be found in safezones. Of course depending on your needs. But T1 can easily be found in millions of liters. T2-t3 in the tens of thousands. Even on the inner planets.
  9. I get your point and it was kind of promised. But I can't see the priority. DU seems still to be struggling, with player count in the lower thousands and many features missing or not working as intended. What would be the use of a moonsized station when there only a few thousand players, really active probably even less. Also likely not all of them living in this one spot. Still, if possible they should introduce. Yet I see many things that I think should be fixed/introduced first. That especially in the hope of attracting new players and also of making the game less st
  10. I think mining shouldn't be replaced. Adding autominers for base supply ok, If ppl need more and don't like mining then they should buy ore on the market. Mining should be modified. This meganode craziness should end. They could add ore vein quality and density. Then there would be no more need for (8hours of) mining 2,6 million liters, at the same time fucking up the serverload. That will also if at all be partially solved by asteroids. Also diversify the mining experience. Vein placement, improvable Tools. But I guess that if even considered is far ahead. To many basic things still kiss/don'
  11. I am glad a new feature is introduced. Generally it sounds good, despite the possible exploits. Anyhow I support anatox points. Especially in regards of active skills instead of having to only bring a scanner press a button 5times. Also not a big fan of the broadcast. Maybe tune it down a little. So after the four hours the "rumor" spreads in the solar system and every hour from there on U need less scans to find the location.
  12. Or start buying your ore. That would also help economy and community interaction. Also as it seems (I don't hope so) planetary mining might be removed. So if Automining was to proceed asteroids, there would be no means of getting ore until everyone Has build/bought and set up his autominers not to speak of possibly necessary talent training. So there likely would be a big shortage of ore. That might at least raise prices above bot prices, then again it might cripple economy even more. So I don't think it should be added before asteroids
  13. Still they could add some content besides features. I think space travel could be enhanced. faster traveling and things to encounter or to discover in space. so it isn't been this direction once, seen it all. Generally space, not only solar system. More active gameloops and more things to interact (for example look at ECO s features of cooperation). Also planets should be more diverse. Add quality levels and unique traits/enhancements to elements. But I guess as it was said above too many basic things still missing.
  14. I normally wouldn't support this argument. But it is beta. Of course the game shouldnt be broken by a patch. Yet I don't see how that is the case, if u had to wait four days to get shield generators. I rather support regular adaption, evolvement and testing in beta. But yes ideally they would implement new features in a way that ensures smooth transition.
  15. Sounds good, just hope not too many players get stuck on spice trying to buff max speed
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