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  1. Cannot make the default ones look too good else you won't buy the micro transaction skins.
  2. DAC to me is the ability to give a friend the ability to try the game without them having to pay money. It also gives those who value rl money more then rl time the ability to pay for the game. There are people out there that will buy hundreds of dacs from nq so their friends can play.
  3. The current combat mechanics allow it to be a world based game instead of a region based game. If we want a twitch based combat sim we would need a 20ms ping to each other instead of the 2,000+ms ping that some have to each other. So I don't expect a game to have gunner sights that you walk onto target. For me the most interesting part of pvp is ship design. The ability to make your ship more offensive or more defensive. And that's part of du combat. Can they do better? I think they can do two thing. 1, allow gunners to select specific systems to target, ie engines, or weapons or command.... and 2 a flare/decoy system. Where the defending pilot launches a decoy. And the attacking gunner must decide if his target is the real or decoy target and if he should stay on target or swap.
  4. $20 is nothing. Go out to eat recently? Order food in? Even fast food.... *insert other forms of entertainment here. We should be paying $50 a month. But that's not happening anytime soon. And realistically I see du moving to a ftp model. Where micro transactions for skin's, skill boosts, core slots, territory tax tokens come into play.
  5. Now a cyno, and player built gate system would compliment the current warp mechanics without negating the risk/reward.
  6. Warp cells actually add allot. People have their entire game play based off the production of warpcells. It's one of the few game play things that actually removes resources from the game. And it makes people choose between risky/slow/free and safe/fast/not free. And if you took the cost out of it why would anyone ever choose risky/slow over safe/fast. I mean even with the current cost of warpcells I would be hard pressed to find a reason to slow boat instead of warp. Although one of the things we do is have a warp beacon just inside the alioth safe zone. Warp from our station at outer planet with a super light ship (has 30 medium containers worth of space and only weighs 400t) warp it to the beacon station. Then use a proper ship to showboat it to planet.
  7. Warp cells are already cheap. You can warp t1 around and still make a profit. We regularly warped 20kt of cargo around multiple times. If you want to do it cheaper, slow boat it.
  8. How can it be campy if no one goes there? Anyways, I think that is kinda the point. They want more interaction, and having them spawn at the same time leads to that.
  9. Just furthers the argument for non voxel builds.
  10. I actually hate road maps. Used to love them. But players have taken them and held devs to them. To the detriment of the game. Instead of grabbing some low hanging fruit they are forced to develop something that turned impractical to complete.
  11. Ohh and it's over 2 billion not million quanta for those schematics. And that's a fairly big investment to have shut down all of a sudden.
  12. Well hopefully they can get enough money from selling our personal information to further develop the game. And hopefully they will also be able to narrow down a target audience for future advertising.
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