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  1. I am at ~28 months subscription. 2x12 month subscriptions and the free months we got when the game was not stable. Feel kinda short changed in the rewards department.
  2. Why would they say this......... FFS. He should be fired for saying such a stupid thing. And the other two should be fired for not questioning what he said before the video was released. And anyone that does not realise how bad of a statement is should not be in a position of policy making.
  3. Change Lithium to 4KG, 180 HP. It keeps its same place on the board regarding defensiveness. But allows a non tanky light weight design allot of people have used. Change Plastic to 10kg 725HP, 5% resistances. It keeps its same position on the board regarding defensiveness. But allows creative designs. Swap stats for Aluminium and Carbon. Makes more sense that aluminium is the lighter of the two as more people use aluminium ships. This is more of QOL change and will have little effect on other aspects of the game. Change concrete, Brick, and marble to 4500HP and 150KG. This makes these materials better suited for building on static cores. And with that weight, pretty much not for dynamic cores. Change sodium to 20kg, 900HP. same reasons as Lithium.
  4. Up next: Upgrade your account to an industrialist account. For an xtra $10 a month you can get 10 more schematic slots.
  5. I would love to provide you some balanced feedback. Soon as you tell me you are not wiping my work, or you start paying me to beta test your game, I will hop in and collect some balanced feed back.
  6. Yep completely in limbo. Just logging in to maintain skills and pay taxes. I did spend the night two weeks ago showing a friend how to asteroid mine. And how to build a cheap ship to mine it. It almost drew me back in. But then I remembered about the announcement of a wipe maybe.
  7. I think it was founded as a way to collect money from monthly subs and microtransactions. DU has as much metaverse in it as it does rpg. But NQ did own the trademark to metaverse at one point in time.
  8. You mean like new world? Easy and simple. And they had almost a million concurrent players. Except it was so easy and simple that everyone "finished" the game and stopped playing. Du is a subscription based games, they need players playing long term, not a giant initial influx that dies down quickly. And the .23 exodus was not because of schematics. It was because of the way they introduced them. Everyone was producing everything they wanted. And then the next day those nice factories they had no longer worked. And it would have cost more quanta then they ever made to get back to the same production level. Had they phased them in, I don't think it would have been as much an issue.
  9. Schematics added industrialist to the game. Before .23 if you wanted 2 gates for your base you would just spin up your machines and make them yourself. Now you look at the cost of schematics and say hmm I only want 2 gates. OK I will buy those on the market instead of buying the schematics. This creates situations where people actually buy and sell things. You want creative and open play? Why not go a step further and just give everyone God mode so they can just spawn stuff at will without having to make it. Then it would be creative mode.
  10. The station is running out of oxygen. Players need to donate or sell oxygen to the station. If enough oxygen is donated all players will recieve a small reduction on tax on future sales for x amount of time, the top donater will not be taxed for x amount of time. If more oxygen is sold then donated then sakes tax will increase for everyone at the station. If not enough oxygen is donated or sold all market transactions are timed out at that station.
  11. I assume he's referring to a stationary orbit in gravity. But I don't think you can actually do a geo stationary orbit in du since the planets are not actually moving. And since he's trying to use thrusters to maintain that position. Explaining it as a space only vtol kinda make sense. As to the op. You don't need 100 engines. I have a single xl freight engine taking off from a station in gravity moving 30kt. And if I moved the station up in warp I would not even need to take off just warp from the station deck.
  12. That's just speculation. Although I think thier is only 3 reasons for not announcing. 1, they are going to wipe but don't want to loose player base by announcing. 2, they are not going to wipe, but don't want to say so incase they have to for technical reasons. 3, they don't care and can't be bothered to decide. I hope not 3. I don't think 1 either, because I don't think the players that are paying are a huge income as it is. Which really leaves option 2. And would really make sense for the long delay in answer.
  13. No. You can keep all your assets docked up inside the 3000 indescribable stations where no one can touch them. When out in space you have a week notice to put all your toys away before they get attacked. Beyond that, suicide attempts. However I do feel that when planetary warfare comes in, a war declaration system will be introduced. And once that happen du can claim it is even more pvp then eve since you won't have stations to hide in. Well if your considering where you can pvp as the deciding factor like you are.
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