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  1. Tiles are supposed to cost a monthly fee. Infact watching one of the devs streams they thought it was already a thing. Eventually it will get added in. That alone could potentially solve your issue.
  2. I was just thinking of something similar the other day. Its not as critical of a thing right now. but eventually it will be. And it would be more of a PVP issue. One of the things I was thinking about is each respawn node should have a PVP respawn timer. lets say 10 minutes. Meaning if a player died from PVP and used that respawn node. it would be 10 minutes before he or someone else could use that respawn node. And by the same token. someone could place 100 respawn nodes on a ship or a core. and 100 people would be able to PVP respawn there every 10 minutes.
  3. One of the bigger things the recruit a friend needs is the ability to recruit a friend and pay 1-12 months worth of gameplay for them. Allot easier to tell a friend, here I bought you a game try it out. Then hey pay a sub to try out this game.
  4. RugesV

    NPC enemies

    Yes, If the car manufacturer was selling me a car that had no wheels and no steering wheel. But it had rims and a steering column. I would be like. Hey car looks great. But you know if you mounted some tires to those rims. And a steering wheel (or maybe handlebars) to that steering column, it would make that car more enjoyable. And if they came back and said, we should have an update for you next year. I would be like, uhh this should only take a couple hours.
  5. Combat in DU only considers the core being shot. No other cores inline, near, on, or in have any effect on combat. (Ship A can be inside ship B. Ship C can shoot ship A like B is not even there). Ship B can be creating a shield for ship A. However when ship C shoots ship A, its like B is not even there). Neither does terrain have an effect. Ship A can be inside an asteroid or on the other side of an asteroid from ship C. However when ship C shoots at A, it will be like the asteroid was never there. Same goes for planets and moons when that combat comes in. you could have a ship 100km below the surface. and when PVP on planets come. as long as the radar has range to target. and the weapon has range to hit. it will be like the terrain is not there.
  6. RugesV

    NPC enemies

    With some of the scripts we are seeing in PVP right now. there are practically already NPC's ingame. However at the start I dont think you need more then a platform with guns that shoot anything that comes near. So to me it should only take NQ hours to create a script that targets players, and creates a priority list on which player to shoot first. The script then tells guns to target that player and shoot, everything else is already ingame as far as shooting goes. And to me a script like that should take hours, not days, not weeks not months. I mean maybe a couple days for testing. but the initial creating should be quick and easy. They already have the script for spawning asteroids at random. So use that to spawn these events. Even use the Dsat to scan them down. They also have the core combat system ingame. This means they can put admin modules on these games. IE weapons that dont need ammo/ have better tracking or better bla bla bla. However when the core combat system hits 100%. all these admin modules are destroyed and not repairable. To me this is like low hanging fruit. Not only would it be easy to implement, but it would also add so much to the game.
  7. RugesV

    NPC enemies

    I made this suggestion a bit ago
  8. On each planet/ each moon you get to claim 1 territory for free (you supply the territory claim units, you only get the 1 for Sanctuary for free). 2nd one is 120k quanta. 3rd is 480k. 40th one is like 182m quanta to place. And thats per planet. IE you could have 3 on Allioth. and then place your first one on jago and it would be free. and the second one 120k........ You can also claim territories in your corporations name (assuming you have the roles to claim territory in that organization). However the first territory that they claim on a planet is 500k. But the 2nd one goes down to 120k. And shoots back up to 182m by the time your placing your 40th territory.
  9. Please enlighten me. Correct me if I am wrong here. This is the current Meta https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LlCtTSXTkA And when I say a gunners seat I am referring to a rack of weapons. Because its easier to say 14 gunners seats instead of 90 weapons. Because when you say you have a fleet of 90 weapons. you dont know if that fleet has 13 gunners or 90 gunners on one or 90 ships. If I say a fleet of 14 L core ships. you dont know if that refers to a fleet with 14 gunners, or a fleet of 90 gunners. However If I say a fleet with 14 gunner seats on 14 ships you know exactly what I am talking about. I am talking about 14 nano L cores. Well unless its like flag bearers of old. and people are showing up in unarmed ships. And when you look at these battles and these battles its where I pulled the 14 people on a side engaging. https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/23470-its-a-trap-trap-aar-battle-report/ https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/23525-aar-lodestar-assembles-the-battle-for-alioth’s-first-exotic/
  10. Ohh and another thing that would vastly help out PVP. Removing the single crew ship PVP. IE a remote control script running maneuvers while the single crew manages the guns. IE instead of 14 gunner seats on 14 ships. you would have 7 gunner seats on 7 ships, Or 13 gunner seats on 1 ship. Or any combination in between. which would remove the current nano meta.
  11. Personally I think there is an even easier solution. Lower the accuracy of large weapons on small cross sections.
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