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  1. ... other than just to give players an outlet for their frustration? does NQ ever read it? I gave it a cursory look through for the first time ever just now but failed to see any indication of NQ presence in that thread. what is the point on an ideas thread that nobody reads? If you go to the FDEV forums (elite dangerous’ developers), any thread with “official” interaction -even a single post- has a little mark next to it. im just wondering, is that forum taken seriously and has it a serious purpose or is it the place where good (and bad) ideas go to
  2. I believe they’ve said this isn’t going to happen. it’s something to do with how vegetation is generated mathematically.
  3. At least the bed shrunk. It used to be 4m long!!
  4. Then lets keep the nebula. they are exciting... and blue. more exciting than a black sky with a few stars... It's what people imagine space looks like. Yes, let's keep the nebula iridescent blue. Oh my god, for the first time since 2016, I've had my opinion changed by someone online... I hereby change my vote... OK, jokes aside, I'm going to adopt your argumentative contrarianism and fire one back: if you're going down that rabbit hole, why have an annoying physics model based on reality when we all know that Eve Valkyrie and Elite dangerous, which don't have real ph
  5. I would love someone to recreate the original Elite in an in-game screen... That would be... meta.
  6. dark is good... Also make the dark sides of the planet inky black, like they should be, and improve the local lighting models... They skybox looks like they cut and paste from a "Blue star system" in NMS.
  7. Why is discord the worst? I used to use teamspeak.
  8. Basically just a little fish in a tiny pond dreaming they are a shark. a tiny, tiny little storm in a tiny, half empty little teacup. I wouldn’t worry about it.
  9. What a load of bollocks. what if someone stole 50 warp drives from their org, went rogue and want to offload them quickly? The market will sort itself out. if people are dumb and or philanthropists and want to sell stuff cheaply, that’s entirely up to them. I doubt it would be sustainable in any large volume.
  10. @NQ I could be mistaken, but I swear I’ve seen a post like this somewhere here before. Nah, probably just my imagination. this is the first time this point has come up.
  11. As polls go, I can’t help getting the feeling that these options here are ever so slightly ... lacking in nuance and insight. Lol Not as bad as a poll I saw on another unnamed, still as yet to go beta space game forum: a) Damn straight, I want full PvP. NAU; sign me up. b) I’m a coward and a poor loser so I can’t face personal conflict and don’t like PvP. Funnily enough, the game got PvP everywhere (PvP free zones were removed) and now the space ports are drenched with the fetid stench of murder hobos who ram your massive ship at >1000mps while it’s still on the pl
  12. He likely didn’t queue up so will only have amassed several weeks worth of points anyway.
  13. I know her, she’s the one that designed a stadium to look like a vagina.
  14. Yes. Even if you parked your stuff right in the middle of a market place platform and left it there for months... even if you were blocking other people from landing on the platform... even if you haven’t logged in for a quarter of a year and others’ numerous constructs were causing players’ computers to lag and their ship to plummet into the ground and explode... even if you left automated scripts running that cause players’ computers to act up and throw errors into the LUA session panel every time they try to pass by... even if it’s plastered w
  15. None of the chats are persistent after a crash, I think. At least my chat window always starts off empty.
  16. Yeah, so transparent they're invisible, apparently.
  17. You're familiar with what you sound like when you're choking and gargling the stuff? Excellent! next time you're in Tokyo I'll hook you up with one of my local pals to show you around 2-chome, apparently he's into that sort of thing, too. 😉 After my post yesterday, I got Sofmap, the shop I bought the 3080 from, to contact Zotac in Hong Kong again (where the card was sent for repair). They got back to me a few hours later and it turns out Zotac now say that they don't have the replacement parts to repair the card so they haven't been able to start the process of fixing it yet... And
  18. I’m in the same boat but for different reasons. Bought a Zotac RTX3080 in October. The fan went haywire in February. Sent it for repair. Two months has passed and still no response. I reckon they resold my card for $2500 to a Bitcoin miner. I paid for a the one year warranty as part of the price but they say it’s going to be the end of may before I get my card back. That’s well over three months they will have had my card. A quarter of my warranty period wasted, basically. consumers are getting ripped off all the time. IMO They should pause your subscription
  19. Now is really not the time to buy a graphics card. They are really, really overpriced in most cases. to get one at SRP you need to search hard.
  20. Sabretooth’s comment about FAIL!! Doesn’t really make sense. there is no reason to visit 99% of the marketplaces because they have nothing valuable on sale. if the game scales up, there will be more markets like 6 and 7. But for the time being they function as a valuable hub to bring players and their wares together. Utopia station will fulfill a very similar role if player markets ever become a thing.
  21. People are over complicating it. I don’t see why you wouldn’t just have a blueprint that has 3 x L engines and four types of voxels and you fulfill your order with whatever you want. 3 L atmos? Ok. I’m going to use advanced manouvre engines. 4 types of voxel? Ok i’m going to use ultra-lithium, this carbon fibre with boosted heat resistance, advanced duralumin and some highly electrically resistant pink plastic. Basically, the blueprint would not have any ranks or stats associated with it. You would just build the blueprint with whatever grade part you want/have
  22. What surprises me more than anything is that time and time again we have new players coming in the forums and clearly bemoaning the lag around the markets and the crowded junk that slows down their game. This has been going on for months and months. And yet NQ only have temporary solutions after eight months of “balpha” release. This is exactly the sort of thing that alphas were made for: removing so-called blockers that prevent normal gameplay (lag death, or even straight CTD) or strongly disincentivise the player base. The fact that NQ are aware of
  23. Sure. Once or twice. But remember average is just that, an average and by its nature, it often takes in a time component. what happens when you run out of K and the A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J take to the forums to whine and whinge about lack of PvP. -5 JOY *EACH TIME* they don’t find any Ks. Soon becomes a net negative. Elite dangerous has private groups (same server, different instances) JUST to avoid PvP. Two of which have over 10,000 players each and are very active. The lengths players who don’t want PvP will go to to avoid PvP is far greater than the lengths PvPe
  24. I have no idea why you think I was offended in any way. I guess we live in a world where we just assume people get offended… or do get offended for little reason. you conveniently left out this tiny fragment of the OP’s first comment in your reply: [quote] In my opinion NPCs a hard requirement for this game to succeed for several reasons. Here are some: Players don't have any obligation, and sometimes not even the skill to create good content. NPCs are fundamental to create any kind of engaging content in the game. With ships being so valuable and so
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