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  1. because the game takes even having 1 unrelated skill as a personal attack.
  2. Yeah easy to talk when your game is only played by 5 people. We will see if they can keep up once 10's of thousands of players are on the frozenbyte servers.
  3. Any skills will ruin the bp, you have to create the bp from a core bp while in VR and deploy said bp while in VR as well. @Leniver nice job on the post man.
  4. Didn't call anyone autistic, said a whole lot of other stuff but not that.
  5. I don't know if you are referring to me or not cause there was someone doing what your saying exactly so free game there on that guy but thats not me. If you are referring to me though, maybe they didn't moderate me because I didn't call anyone autistic. I said you are (meaning BOO as a group) acting like an autistic kid who can't play nice with those around them, which as it is a spectrum it can mean a lot of different things but I'm sure most of you understood exactly what I was referring to for a reason. Some of you goons forget that you don't have to respond or participate in the conversation at all. Don't get involved if your soft as baby poo. Everyone loves drama.
  6. Yeah Demlock is a leader in BOO. POS org only goal was to grief random people. Glad everyone can see them for who they are.
  7. Love how your calling out my mental illness in discord but your the one begging to get shit on in the forums, sorry not enabling your sick fantasies any more I’m beat. Bed time deuces and get fucked.
  8. No ones crying about anything guy read wtf I was responding to before you open your cock sucker.
  9. Excuse me but when did telling someone something they don't like deserve bans and silence? You sound like a social media network. Get over yourself kid. I see tons of people talking all kinds of crap in these forums, you even have participated plenty, you know when you called me a sad little shit for example or asshole just now... Just cause it doesn't bother me like it bothers you doesn't make it any damn different. If for whatever reason I do get banned for doing the same thing all the rest of you trolls are doing, then so be it, thus is the way of the new cancel culture world we live in but they better do it fairly. I've seen half of BOO in the other thread drop words like fuck, shit, dumbass, carebear, LITTLE SHIT (Thats you incase you didn't catch that) etc. but I'm the bad guy cause I said it to BOO. If I go down and no one else does, then you trolls just prove many peoples theory that BOO is getting preferential treatment. This isn't the first time this matter has been brought to light so I'm sure it will definitely come up if I get banned.
  10. Are you autistic? if not stfu about it already if so then I apologize if I offended you, the only guy who had anything to say about it before has already gotten a personal apology from myself. I didn't use the term originally as anything more than a point to illustrate a concept, that being the story of the pickup basketball game. If your too soft to hear words you don't like them maybe being on the internet is not for you. You telling me I'm not good enough at talking shit doesn't make it true guy but please tell me more. I've not dragged anyone innocent down for anything if a word triggers you so much then leave the comments guy. I've seen stupid ass gamers much like yourself spam memes about how they get PTSD for something that happened in a game. I have real PTSD does that mean I should be offended by some kid saying that on discord? Absolutely not, its just words and they are used descriptively for a reason cause it makes sense in a comedic way. That doesn't mean they are making fun of my condition. Its just a word guy quit crying and take your cancel culture nonsense to someone on facebook with blue hair a nose ring and make a group to talk about it cause your audience isn't here.
  11. Wow way to make it about sex, I could have said daddy, leader, king whatever that has no bearing on the matter, Sylva is a female so what I doubt she is apologetic about being what she is? Take your overly offended feminist's agenda pushing butt elsewhere. I'm not trying to change anything people don't change, and show some respect wtf are you talking about? The whole issue here is BOO's complete lack of respect. I'm not crying about anything I'm wasting BOO's and BOO's supporters time just like they did mine, but instead with continuous shit talk. I'm trolling yes, but I didn't start it. I don't bother random people for no reason, thats BOO.
  12. Pretty sure you get off on saying the exact same shit over and over again, like zero people have said anything about what happened being against any rules "Even if you can't grasp that or understand it, it's still a thing.....on the internet" and in reality.
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