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  1. Convenient, RDMS wasn't intended to be used to exploit organizations into stealing their shit, but NQ stood by it as espionage, a valid part of the game. The moment it involves actual pvp though its an issue... Not saying its cool to hang out on players ships to get kills, I personally think its cheese but maybe don't leave your ships sitting at the starting location of a major well known mission pick up. Maybe you should check your surroundings for potential threats when you know they are present. Somehow it's beyond comprehension that a ship left open to the public sitting for days on end co
  2. AC didn't dissolve, they just renamed to Legion lets be honest. XD
  3. Now if the scenario was different and they were done implementing tools that made piracy of anything other than noobs flying for the first time a thing, but just hadn't figured out how to implement removing players off a ship, then the rule being added wouldn't be a big deal. Pirates could still be pirates without killing the games population and the only thing lost would be a cheeky mechanic. Since that isn't the case what was lost was the only real piracy tool in the game that didn't solely target noobs. Guys were literally ransoming mission packages and ships to the players who lost their h
  4. Firstly your "measure to reduce the risk of that happening" is stupid simple fly away from the pipe don't get caught. Second, its a god damn space game man, what space game that isn't a sandbox pve game like space engineers, doesn't have pirates? Third, slapping guns on your ships very much can do something but you wouldn't know that since you haven't tried. a little bit of armor and a full seat of weapons can easily stop a pirate in its track because most pirates use light weight (Hint Hint Low Hitpoint) interceptors that are basically glass cannons. Fourth, regarding pvp is a feature not a r
  5. The only Whah I hear here is you guy, oh boo hoo you don't want to participate in pvp so you should be exempt. Safer is a term to describe people like you, a whiny pve cry baby who thinks its their right to have unlimited access to the highest tiers of resources and gameplay available in the game without any risk. No one asked for an easy kill option dip sh*t, we are pointing out a fact that it is almost impossible to pirate now. If you think otherwise get your dumb *ss out of the safe zone and prove me wrong. The only booty you will find is noobs starting out and that's bad for everyone. Last
  6. Schematics should stay now with how easy quanta is to get compared to before, whether you mine, haul, build etc, quanta is much easier then ever before which means so are schematics. Maybe a slight adjustments to prices though could be helpful, warp beacons are like 2.5 Billion to start a line on atm.
  7. Also to all you Safers who want to bring up killing defenseless haulers, its your fault for making them defenseless. Put some iron and weapons on and haul the right way. My hauler is a 4 seater 90k voxel beast and if a pirate showed up before they'd have to pull my ship from my dead corpse.
  8. Firstly I just want to start by saying I am not a pirate, I've participated once ever in pirating but do a lot more hauling then pvp. With that said as a hauler taking away my only option for any kind of thrilling game play was a bad move. In the current games state there is nearly no way to pirate anything beyond a noob with a crappy hauler running down the pipe. Experienced haulers are overly rewarded by simply knowing to go a few SU off the pipe to avoid 100% of the risk. I can now run my missions free of any fear because there is absolutely no way your going to track me once I'm 10-20 SU o
  9. I'm with you on this one Blaze, this needs to be a priority, I have been running shadow as a alt account for months now, it was my bread and butter for scanning in my org and now its useless. Luckily I have my computer that works with the game still but I feel for those who don't have access and honestly it has contributed heavily to my overall discontentment with the game as of late. This is an MMO, time is money in MMO's and if players aren't able to play for days, weeks and even months without end then they will just leave. The game has already lost enough of the fairly small player base. Y
  10. I have to agree, though I don't find it game breaking NPC's maybe even aliens to fight would be a good addition, though I'm pretty sure the fighting npc would be difficulty to say the least coding side.
  11. Call me impressed, if you guys can pull this off I'll be staying for sure. Proof is in the pudding though. I'm rooting for you NQ!
  12. You know this is an MMO right? The game isn't meant to have wipes its meant to progressively build upon itself and other than seeding issues there is no reason in hell they should wipe. A wipe would only benefit a tiny portion of the population who started playing later, and even then a couple months down the road when more new people come they will cry wipe again too cause anyone just starting out feels intimidated by the people around them who have been playing for months. Regardless with the economy already fairly on its feet there is nothing keeping a new player from catching up within a s
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