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  1. I'm with you on this one Blaze, this needs to be a priority, I have been running shadow as a alt account for months now, it was my bread and butter for scanning in my org and now its useless. Luckily I have my computer that works with the game still but I feel for those who don't have access and honestly it has contributed heavily to my overall discontentment with the game as of late. This is an MMO, time is money in MMO's and if players aren't able to play for days, weeks and even months without end then they will just leave. The game has already lost enough of the fairly small player base. Y
  2. I have to agree, though I don't find it game breaking NPC's maybe even aliens to fight would be a good addition, though I'm pretty sure the fighting npc would be difficulty to say the least coding side.
  3. Call me impressed, if you guys can pull this off I'll be staying for sure. Proof is in the pudding though. I'm rooting for you NQ!
  4. You know this is an MMO right? The game isn't meant to have wipes its meant to progressively build upon itself and other than seeding issues there is no reason in hell they should wipe. A wipe would only benefit a tiny portion of the population who started playing later, and even then a couple months down the road when more new people come they will cry wipe again too cause anyone just starting out feels intimidated by the people around them who have been playing for months. Regardless with the economy already fairly on its feet there is nothing keeping a new player from catching up within a s
  5. Any chance you can DM her and ask if she can confirm? A lot of us would really like to know if we are standing on a sinking ship...
  6. Atlas Museum (though still under partial construction we have one the largest if not the largest collections of ships on display in the game.)
  7. because the game takes even having 1 unrelated skill as a personal attack.
  8. Yeah easy to talk when your game is only played by 5 people. We will see if they can keep up once 10's of thousands of players are on the frozenbyte servers.
  9. Any skills will ruin the bp, you have to create the bp from a core bp while in VR and deploy said bp while in VR as well. @Leniver nice job on the post man.
  10. Didn't call anyone autistic, said a whole lot of other stuff but not that.
  11. I don't know if you are referring to me or not cause there was someone doing what your saying exactly so free game there on that guy but thats not me. If you are referring to me though, maybe they didn't moderate me because I didn't call anyone autistic. I said you are (meaning BOO as a group) acting like an autistic kid who can't play nice with those around them, which as it is a spectrum it can mean a lot of different things but I'm sure most of you understood exactly what I was referring to for a reason. Some of you goons forget that you don't have to respond or par
  12. Yeah Demlock is a leader in BOO. POS org only goal was to grief random people. Glad everyone can see them for who they are.
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