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  1. Target is your friend, easy to use and very powerful
  2. Good news, will check it out once it's live o7
  3. Its got a timer on it to gather defenses (24 to 48h) but can be attacked at any time. Or, if I'm wrong there, then pls link to that statement
  4. why do ppl always want to copy EVE.... sounds like EVE 2.0 right there with -5/-10 .... 😝 NQ don't want to "add that". That's a player suggestion and NQ clearly doesn't want to have automated turrets in the sense of them being equal to a player operated one. this isn't that hard either: - shoot everyone - shoot noone - shoot only ppl/orgs on my list - shoot everyone EXCEPT ppl on my list - shoot everyone not in my alliance give each a color for the org radar and you're pretty much done. everyone knows who he's dealing with. Grey contact? neutral. red. enemy. blue. org. Green. Alliance. Black. Alliance. And so on. Whatever. EZ. No need for standing -10 and -5 crap. If a player does smth wrong and that org wants him out of their turf: mark him as enemy. If he behaves and you trust him again, make him grey again. Why introduce an easily abuseable system like in EVE - no need for that EDIT: oh and before anyone cries out in pain because "griefers!" - markets are run by players, so they will naturally block griefers to access those. Yes they can still use alts and everything freely to get what they need, but this isn't EVE. Griefers will have a very hard time here because ppl can actually block them from getting stuff the easy way.
  5. RDMS is mainly about YOUR org and YOUR roles in your org. Not about managing standings/relations to others
  6. So in fact, maybe. But this truly a feature which has to be thought through well. We don't want zombie players in a mmo who don't participate at all
  7. Everything you mentioned has nothing to do with the pledges or why it's not working. The only thing I can tell you is: it's Weekend here in the EU, they will look into this on monday and all you can do is having that support ticket.
  8. it's weekend - they will surely fix this on monday
  9. Uhhhhhhh, the "cancer" of eve nullsec 😂 Welcome And no, there is a dedicated forum section for feedback and everything NDA related once you pledged.
  10. which they do....RDMS ftw no need for anything else really
  11. If ppl want to fly only certain ships die to immersion they will just do it. No one will join that org anyway if he doesn't agree to that. So there's no need to implement a hard mechanic for that imho. I don't care what I fly as long as it outperforms similar ships
  12. So.....when we tell them to git gud and they still lose then they didn't follow that advice 🤔 On a more serious note: Since there are no levels in DU nor classes, newbros always have a chance. Ingame skill levels work like in eve: you just get a bonus on a certain activity. This may range from 5 to 500% (numbers don't matter here). So a newbro can still help in a fight because he's actually viable, only less effective. If you just compare it to eve (only other game I played with a time based skill system) a newbro can do LOTS of things in a gang. He can forward scout, act as decoy, just keep off the grid for a while and come in late to kill/hold stragglers, bump enemies to hinder them from jumping and so on. Every player can do something and since DU uses a tab Target system, he can learn to use that to his advantage. Which is basically saying git gud xD I don't really see a reason why to apply such things nor HOW you would even do that. And I fail to see how it's "unfair" to newbros if a veteran who played for 5 years has an advantage. Or how that might hold the newkid off from doing pvp in the first place
  13. I mean, the idea itself is not bad, but just one question.....Why the heck would anyone plan and execute a very dangerous maneuver in space which takes hours to plan, hours to execute and is inherently more dangerous than just mining on their land, far away, relatively safe, to get the exact same resources? Why bother with that in the first place and risk millions (or whatever) in assets just to get some hundred k out of it?
  14. https://www.dualthegame.com/en/server-status/ Yes you get access NOW and you can play when the servers are online (see link)
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