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  1. If only ppl would understand that they are PvP Players once entering thé pvp zone, regardless if their ships are armed or not
  2. Lethys

    Bounty Hunting

    Sure, but then it depends on how Mandy contracts there are, how many you can accept as a Player and what happens if you can't (or deliberately don't) fulfill it. Vetter then the original idea but still gas holes
  3. In the end it doesnt matter if this is legit or not. At least it brings Interactions. If it's legit, superb, Nice, well done If it's not, noone will fall for it (or only noobs where they can't rob anything either way) so it's also Nice and well done Correct me if im wrong but Johnny liking this could also mean he likes thé interaction. Because you know. Then there isnt ONE ship to Fight out there but SEVERAL, which makes life more fun in du. You just dont know ans just imply and think you're right because of personal biases
  4. Lethys

    Bounty Hunting

    I can use my alt to take it.or a friend. #derp. let's have a brain for a minute
  5. Lethys

    Bounty Hunting

    Just putting a pricetag on someones head and then hunt them won't do it because it can easily bei abused. There needs to bei more control mechanics to do that, otherwise I just get all the rewards myself If someone puts a bounty on me
  6. Lethys

    Bounty Hunting

    Or Just post them so the Community can discuss them 🤷‍♂️
  7. this isn't really about taking smth from someone - this is a fundamental issue. Atmo warfare / AVA / CVC / CVA will regulate territory in the PVP zone. If someone wants a tile, they can take it. But this is a problem in the safezone - so surely, this has to be adressed by NQ at some point.
  8. some ppl just don't understand RP 🤔
  9. Yes, DU lacks basic PVP mechanics, fun gameplay, emergent properties and meaningful PVP. No issue here. And yes, many ppl come here for the building stuff - which btw they can enjoy to full extent without EVER participating in PVP Sure they don't care - because it's crap. IF it wouldn't suck as hard, more ppl would enjoy it. Maybe that will come with planetary PVP / AVA / CVA....who knows if NQ can make it fun. Again, there is nothing like griefing on non-pvpers in DU. As soon as anyone enters the PVP zone, they accept PVP. They deliberatly go there, knowing that PVP might happen. PVP IS boring and in a pretty bad shape atm (again, no issues here) and NQ doesn't seem to acknowledge that. Very good, engaging and fun mechanics were proposed for years, only to be ignored by NQ. PVP needs good mechanics like detection, stealth, signatures and so on so ppl can hide their ship from others in some way or the other and pirates need specialized ships and crew to counter that too. Take eve: there are ships which can't be seen on dscan, are stealthy all together or can jump with a micro jump drive. Everything can be countered, but you need another special ship to do so which makes it more fun for everyone. true - because it's in a bad shape. Would there be fun mechanics, it wouldn't suck as much and more ppl would engage in it. Incentives are lacking in DU - there is no power management, no territory warfare, no use in holding any territory or space - NQ does need to tackle those problems or this game will die out of boredom no, it's a game with 6 pillars. building is one of them. as is PVP Then don't go to the pvp zone if you don't want to fight - there is a huge safezone for you to mine and build there. But for many ppl, just building shiny things which server NO PURPOSE AT ALL is pretty boring, bad gameplay and utterly useless. Wow, you've built the 50th base. Yawn. All rooms in every base are useless, they don't serve any function whatsoever (except storage, landing pads and industry). Also this
  10. not really. they do what you're supposed to do in the PVP zone. no griefing involved there
  11. then those russians are legion 2.0 \o/ good for them I guess besides: who dictates what "normal" players are? you? how come? enlighten us oh and also: RL stuff has nothing to do here 🤷‍♂️
  12. Krotoseus approves - you HAVE TO do it!
  13. it's not NQs job to provide factions. It's up to the players to come up with that and it's up to the players to band together to hunt and kill pirates or to make some pocket of the pvp zone relatively safe - see EVE, works there since 2004. Don't see a reason it wouldn't work here if ppl actually started working together
  14. a french fleet....so you'r ships only go in reverse? gl out there o7
  15. sure but this wouldn't really change anything - alts ftw besides: everyone NEEDS some kind of safezone where their shit is safe. otherwise ppl will not bother with pvp at all - reducing gameplay, oppertunity, market value and everything. also, not being able to use the market is kinda silly (again: alts are a thing) because then you just exclude more ppl from participating in a meaningful way. The consequences and risk being a pirate ARE there: you are already KOS anywhere for certain orgs and they hunt you. punishing PVP players because they actually do what DU wants them to do (pvp in the pvp zone) is not really the way to go. instead people should finally realize that entering the pvp zone automatically means they consent to PVP and that they might lose their ship.
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