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  1. Lethys

    EVE Invasion

    those examples you gave there are neither toxic, bad nor unwanted. If it stays ingame, everything is valid gameplay to get an edge over others. Can't kill their defense? Burn that alt you left in that org to deactivate them. Can't compete with an org? Infiltrate them and steal everything they got. Such gameplay creates content for everyone and isn't really toxic. Many eve players are already here (I'm one of them) but as said, DU is different and NQ will handle stuff differently from CCP
  2. Lethys

    [IC] Iridium Cartel

    I ignored it because of that
  3. Lethys

    Time for an Introduction

    https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/ Source for major updates on anything
  4. Lethys

    Time for an Introduction

    Welcome to the community o/ From the AMA: The roadmap doesn't make any mention of server uptime. When can we expect the servers to be up for extended periods of time (24/7)? Is this something that we can expect during a specific phase of Alpha? Can we expect server uptime during the winter holiday season this year? Is there a clue of sorts hidden in one of the videos that were recently published? We know that the community is anticipating more server uptime in the near future and we’re working hard to achieve that for you. During the final r0.11 tests, we'll have a full weekend test on Sept 8th-9th and a 48-hour long test on Sept, 13th-15th. When r0.12 goes live, we'll try to have 24-hour long tests as soon as possible. Let's be honest here: 24/7 uptime is one of our top priorities at Novaquark, but it won't be attainable in 2018. We don’t want to drive unnecessary hype, so it’s hard to give an estimated date at this time. Also, no hints were given in our videos whatsoever.
  5. Leading an org in a game like Du is a 24/7 job. 365 days. You will get calls in the middle of the night because somerhing went downhill. You are stuck in ingame meetings and need to make deciscions 24/7. Letting other ppl help you, just makes the leadership more prone to spais, infiltrators and scammers. That's what leading means.
  6. Funny, i think of that argument as easy. Weak leaders and ceos will always exist and will always emerge in such games. And even "successful" ones can be very bad for the game..... And some ppl who have no idea about the game will certainly fall for them. And may share their negative xp thus leaving Du in a bad light - as we've seen thousands of times in Eve. GL controlling that metagame
  7. Just do it better than the others and suddenly you will fill that niche. Shocking isn't it.... That's like saying every business is already taken by some company in RL so making a new one will fail for sure. Which isn't the case
  8. Lethys

    Hello, I have a question

    Working as intended then. Ppl who buy in now are supposed to help get rid of bugs and test the game. Not play it for fun. Especially in prealpha and alpha stage
  9. Lethys

    Survival Mechanics

    that's the same as before really. With that you force everyone to do that stuff (because noone wants to run around with 75% health) instead of rewarding ppl who do it. A better way to do it would be to reward players if they put time into that kind of stuff. That planet might have some bacteria - invent/research/craft some kind of drug out of them to get stronger/faster/more agile/more accurate/gain a bonus on some stat. Radiation might be there - invent/research/craft some kind of shield/module which uses that radiation to get stronger/faster/more agile/more accurate/gain a bonus on some stat. You get the idea With such a system ppl will ofc use as many of "upgrades" those as possible to get an edge over others (thus you could argue it's still "forced" upon them) - but the difference is Jimmy McCasual will not feel overwhelmed and slammed by the grind and vast possibilities of DU
  10. keep in mind though that the alpha will still be under NDA. You're not allowed to share any experience/rules related to the game itself here in the public section
  11. Lethys

    Survival Mechanics

    I see your point there but you have to keep in mind that this could easily turn into a grindfest. Right now you "only" have to worry about earining money: mine the ground to get ore, sell that to earn money and buy elements to build your ship. Or craft your parts yourself. Then buy or mine enough fuel to get off planet. Since spaceflight will be "like KSP" (according to JC and the devblogs) there are orbits in space so it's already hard to navigate there. You'll travel for hours in one direction until you reach a new celestial body. Then you have to worry about getting your stuff safely on ground again. If ppl now need to worry about medicine, radiation and food too before they can even start to fly to other bodies, then this will turn quickly into a tedious and unfun experience. Just my 2 cents
  12. FFA PvP outside the safezones and the huge metagame Potential - all I need. I wouldn't care If it's medieval age, or fantasy. Doesn't really matter for me as long as I can infiltrate, awox and scam ppl
  13. Lethys

    Bacterium, Medicine

    Same as the other topic: maybe in game later, who knows. Best to focus now on release and all the mechanics there as explained in the roadmap. I'm personally no fan of boring, obligatory survival mechanics. Better just do drugs/food which add a bonus If ppl want to do/use it. But don't force everyone to do it
  14. Lethys

    Alpha Testing Error 0

    You find the server times Here: https://www.dualthegame.com/en/server-status/ More than that is under NDA and should be asked in the PreAlpha subforum