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  1. Boring game, bad mechanics and very unfun gameplay. Nothing to do really if you dont want to build or mine. Those were my reasons. Maybe I come back. But I doubt it
  2. No. Oh wait, I mean yes. It will be hilarious to watch when ppl realize that du doesnt work properly yet. Imagine all the salt
  3. different words have different meanings in different languages .... who would've thought that 🤯as if ppl around the world developed different languages or smth BTT: so the real Alioth (ε UMa / 12h 54m 1,75s RA +55° 57′ 35,4″ DEC) is not that far away from earth - only about 80LJ. So it can't be the one the ark travelled to
  4. depends on who you ask how long that trip will be. can be 16 years or 10.000
  5. Ah yes, good old ε UMa Or better known as 12h 54m 1,75s RA +55° 57′ 35,4″ DEC
  6. Even NQ nor the Mods don't care anymore it seems
  7. "mimimi Org X and player Y are featured more often then I am!!!" it will be hilarious to watch
  8. that's exactly the problem with any PVE content. At first it's exciting and cool and interesting, but once you get the hang of it, any PVE is pretty boring
  9. Oh wow, who possibly thought of that Posting a problem to circumvent things....noone saw this coming. Except for everyone playing since alpha and the introduction of orgs Good change in and of itself but as blaze said, poor thinking on NQs part and the introduction of this
  10. Ppl block unwanted stuff all the time. Raise your concerns all you want. In the end, none of your business
  11. You can warn all day you want mr. Random Forum user who thinks he's a mod. Carry on
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