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  1. What a boring game this would be if nothing ever gets destroyed and if the world outside the safezone doesn't feel dangerous. It was always advertised as a game where pvp can happen at all time, anywhere except in the safezones. Deal with it and don't try to change it now because you don't like pvp and obviously never bothered to inform yourself what DU is
  2. Proving my point then, thanks
  3. If 7 bucks per month is "a LOT MORE EXPENSIVE" for anyone then they shouldn't play a video game with a sub anyway. Cause you know, sub will stay
  4. I would wait and see what the general public thinks of it. It may be a bit more expensive then but at least you know what to expect
  5. saying it's perfectly possible to do that (which is NDA) and then reminding him of the NDA....well done! debunked yourself there bigtime
  6. Lethys


    No, sadly you have to buy 3 months at least
  7. Lethys


    2h in 2 years. Yeah, nice idea. Love it
  8. yep it's pretty strict and.....unwise to put it more friendly.... I can't even quote you the NDA itself because that's under NDA too lol make of this what you want ^^ https://www.thrustmaster.com/en_US/products/target it's EZ to use and quite powerful too. I played CS:GO with my hotas (was a nightmare but fun)
  9. there's ALWAYS support because you can always use TARGET to play any game with HOTAS and pedals that's under NDA unfortunately, can't say anything about the controls ingame
  10. it doesn't really matter if or when it's implemented - it's still a bad idea imho wdym by infinite resistance? Even IF you have a rez-node nearby to attack someone, you don't automatically have infinite resources. You need guns, ammo, armor,... which you might lose when you die (AVA mechanics aren't a thing yet and haven't been talked about much) Don't really see this neccessary for ransoms - you can still ask ransoms for bases, territory and ships. No need to punish players with a useless mechanic which only hinders them from playing the game they actually pay for
  11. I then pay for a game on a monthly basis and not be able to play. Sounds like a very good business model to burn down and kill this game
  12. Definitely 5
  13. If you have access then you should see the appropriate subforum. If not, try relogging on the forums
  14. Noone can answer that because it would break NDA. Sounds like an exploit too tbh xD
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