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  1. implement different tiers of autominers for different efficiencies and tasks and allow it in the safezone, but only common ores and slower then in pvp zone where you can even automine rare ore
  2. sure, PVE and NPCs would give people something to do and may be used as a quanta faucet and I would appreciate NQ for implementing this but for me personally, PVE is always boring. once you know how to do it, it's just blitzing through it to maximize quanta/hour
  3. does this count ppl more than once if they passed through twice? cause then it would be 490 individuals - not counting the same person going more than once to the market ofc in that timespan so depending how you count, this could be anywhere from 1 to 980 individual ppl
  4. If they don't stick to their original promise here then many many players will be out. Thats why there are safezones. That's why you shouldn't be in the ffa Zone if you arent prepared to lose stuff. Dont really see how this doesn't work. With the right mechanics and a good and well prepared devteam.....oh, I see the problem now
  5. So.....the overall picture is painted now. On to the details with many more blogs and explaining how you envision certain mechanics in detail
  6. Good for NQ to officially say something which players pointed out months ago. Third blog will be more interesting tho and we will see if they keep communicating or let it die again
  7. So 0.25 is around the corner because we get all these updates? I doubt they learned anything, future will tell if this is the new way of communication or just another "we heard you". Can't really say I hope it's true this time, they first have to REALLY communicate for a long time before I even remotely give them any credit
  8. Yup, we'll see in some weeks how it's done. Be prepared to pay a lot of money for those deliveries tho XD
  9. This. But my guess is they won't do that xD
  10. Or add him as a friend and target him. Then you see where he's at
  11. That's exactly why "missions" wont be such a big deal as ppl think. Because they're only contracts and not a whole NEW gameplay loop
  12. Temporarily at least. All those suggestions are well and nice and all but NQ dreams of a civilization with "potentially millions of players". Servertech has to work with AT LEAST some hundred constructs around or it's good bye civilization
  13. Hows that exaggerated when ppl post about lags in pvp with some constructs? And they literally need to "download" the damage? Or when I load my surroundings for 20min? Because it isn't. And NQ clearly have little experience with MMOs and how ppl use the systems and mechanics in place hence why others with more xp would certainly do better Yup, I god damn feel that Not the guy for positivity, never was. Thats something for others, not me. Never wanted to be an ambassador of du nor is it my goal to get anyone playing the game. I just tell ppl how it
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