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  1. Lethys

    No access to the NDA forums

    Support.dualthegame.com, just write them
  2. Lethys

    Star Citizen

    Just watch the video i linked. He himself said that you won't be able to play with a thousand players. That's an instanced Server and no single shard
  3. Lethys

    Safe Zones

    See https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/01/30/our-toughts-on-territory-protection-mechanics/ Those moons are there for builders but ppl need to ship resources there first. It don't take that much away, because rare resources can only be found far away from those zones. Starters and pure builders can live there and start their projects without to worry if it's still there the next day. Those zones are important for DU to cater to more than one group of ppl. And only having basic resources, if any at all, forces ppl to go outside and actually interact with others
  4. Lethys

    RESET on release ?

    Yes, everything will be wiped before release ofc. In day1 everyone starts new
  5. Lethys

    Help getting started

    Ask in alpha subforum, here it breaks nda
  6. Lethys

    Accessing the Pre-Alpha Forum Section

    Log out of the forum and back in again
  7. Lethys

    Star Citizen

    it has to be seen yet how DU performs with so many ppl shooting and killing each other - PvP is for a later date as you know And yes, basically it's rock paper scissors. With skills you only get % better on aiming, damage or whatever. Hitting depends on more variables tho (all imho and not necessarily what NQ has in mind): If you look at EVEs hit chance So it CAN be made in a way that player behavior has a deep impact on that one. Fly faster (angular velocity), be smaller (signature), use faster tracking turrets (tracking), keep moving and don't let your angular velocity be 0. When ppl think of EVEs combat system or fights they always think "yeah. click your FC, click orbit at 10k, then just lock onto targets and press F1. If I get locked up, our healers will heal me. If they're too slow then I die and reship". While that is a quite accurate POV from an outsider to EVEs combat, it's way more complex than that (preperations alone are science) but that's not the point here. That complex formula doesn't have a big impact on mass fleets of 500 ppl because there you have other issues and problems - but for a solo player it has a HUGE impact. If you fight solo then you have to manually control your ship in order to maximize it's performance. lure faster, smaller attackers into a trap so they shoot over you and have to come back in an arch - at which point their angular velocity will be 0 and you can hammer that ship. And I expect DUs combat to be somewhat similar - if you have the numbers then hitting or not hitting won't change that much because it's all out war. but for smaller raids and gangs it will be quite important to know how hitting, damage and other stuff works. So I'd rather say it's rock paper-scissors-lizard-spock-old lady-athlete-tree-flower-insect-whale-krill-hawk-moon-mars-sun
  8. Lethys

    A proud backer

  9. Lethys

    Star Citizen

    Dunno rly where you're going there. My point: I'd rather have dumbed down physics as said and a real mmo than all that crap but only 50 ppl around me like in sc
  10. Lethys

    Star Citizen

    it depends rly and yes it has to be seen - I agree but at least in DU you have the possibility to do that with all the limitations in place (no simulated bullets, no twitch pvp, no "real" physics like said in many videos - floating mountains and such - and so on). Which was a killer in SC right from the start
  11. Lethys

    Star Citizen

    Min 15 @Warden @Vulcore FTR did a video in that one too i think For me that's exactly what it is about. I want huge battles and not just 1000 ppl running around on a planet or some bs. Oh and I never played SC and probably never will, to me it all sounds....meh ("pvp switch" lol fucking pathetic imho)
  12. Lethys

    Star Citizen

    "You won't be able to play with thousands of ppl" Looks like CR himself killed it for me a month ago
  13. Lethys

    Offline voxel editor?

    And waste time for a feature which will be obsolete anyway in some months?
  14. 10 year wh dweller and cap fc here Definitely a good time to leave Eve for good
  15. Lethys

    Download directions -notification?

    Then contact support.dualthegame.com