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  1. says the one who is bitching for days and lets the salt flow in every post about some random dude
  2. and that's exactly the point tho - it wasn't clear up until they did give out those new rules. from that point on it's bannable. likewise here: they did the stoopid (which was inevitable). NQ should've rewritten the rules and from that point on bann anyone who did it again So again: Maybe we can get a good EULA now?
  3. relying on common sense (" It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (though we know there are a few of you out there) to understand that the markets are not a community construction") really is NOT the way to go here. I mean heck, it's the internet. And to be fair: if it really was not an exploit and only using...common mechanics... including RDMS fails on NQs part then this whole "use your common sense" thing falls apart. That's just how ppl are - if it's possible, they'll do it. There's a reason laws have hundreds of pages (here the law for regulating traffic has 540 pages). You have to write everything down which is or is not allowed. I say this for years now but obviously that's not enough. NQs head seems to be thicker than stone so things like this have to happen in order for them to understand How about writing a consistent, useful, easy to understand EULA/TOS? So imho: - without a well written EULA this ban is unjustified - with it, there wouldn't be ANY reason to talk about this because it would be crystal clear that it was a bannable offence
  4. Thing is, you have a variation of the goldberg polyhedron with pentagons. in between those pentagons you have straight connections where the annotation starts. 3 such pentagons form a triangle, within which the annotation is always the same. So without knowing where you are there and without checking myself (wasn't ingame for some weeks) I'd say you cross the "pentagon meridian" there and that's why tile 3894 isn't where you suspect it to be. just to get you in the right direction, search for conway notation
  5. It IS a good pattern tho, and easy to understand once you know how it's done. I instantly find tiles I look for because it's really simple to do once you understood how it works. A search Bar for quickly searching stuff is mandatory tho and would be a nice addition
  6. That's why you have to go OUTSIDE the safezone. Plenty of t3 there If you dont want to do that then buy whatever you need. If the markets were actually useable that is
  7. Google Goldberg polyhedron - the tiling makes very much sense and is NOT random, by any means
  8. picard would say "make it so" gl with that org
  9. been rambling for YEARS now that they need well written EULA/TOS - and clearly state what's allowed and what's not allowed. They didn't do it back then when they had time for it and now they're presented the consequences. Can't really say I'm sorry that this happend - cause everyone and their mother knew it was coming. Except NQ lol
  10. wird automatisch verlängert schau in der email von xsolla, da gibts nen link anscheinend der zum unsubscribe führt
  11. it's clearly a bannable offence now. not knowig it is not an argument here. report it if you've seen it and you're done. If NQ doesn't act accordingly then they're just weak and need to grow some balls and ban ppl for doing smth against TOS/EULA
  12. Thing is tho, it IS connected and required as JC stated himself
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