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  1. I like your pajamas
  2. BOO is always watching anyway Welcome and gl with your org o7
  3. Lethys

    Vote me for Forum Moderator!

    (III) Following actions are prohibited: Posting off-topic replies or replies that are likely to drag the discussion off topic. Necroposting on old threads (unpinned threads in which the last reply is older than 2 months). Spamming on a specific topic. This includes creating multiple discussions on the same topic in the same or multiple forums. Cross-posting a specific reply. This is also a form of spamming. Posting an image without a meaningful text. A meme is not a response to a discussion. They are usually disruptive and can be easily misinterpreted. The same is true for animated GIFs. just saying xD
  4. It IS a free market system, the only thing controlled by the game are quanta sinks (market fees and stuff) and quanta faucets (injecting money through bots). Everything else is controlled by Players
  5. Current plans involve a notification system via mails to know who attacked what structure within your territory. This isn't linked to the forcefield but to the territory unit itself
  6. Lethys

    Ball, Chain, and Spear

    You won't find that person because the game is under NDA. As you don't have access yet, noone is allowed to tell you anything about game mechanics
  7. Lethys


    Best to focus on developing the game now as promised in the kickstsarter campaign. I rly see no need nor argument to change that for the near future (at least 5 years). But way later, after everything is in place and working - why not. But then again, by then we all will have 16+ cores and more, so there's no more need for that.... Don't rly see the point in doing this tbh. No to feature creep and better develop what was intended in the first place
  8. Lethys

    Standardizing construction

    Ppl rly like to overthink things in a game. If there are no single seater landing pads in a certain player market then ppl with single seater ships won't use it => less money for the owner => He analyzes other, successful markets and realizes that single seaters are used by the majority of ppl for their shopping => He builds pads for single seaters. There's rly no need imho to agree on anything because It'll balance itself.
  9. I promise I won't. Come visit me any time - but remember: real men always fly with full throttle...... xD
  10. they said that due to server limitations, voxels can float (if you dig the whole base of a mountain for example) so yes, if that's still the case, you can create a minefield that way
  11. Lethys

    Micro-credit Loans

    it does appeal to me too - but only because I love to scam ppl to get their hard earned money I would never ever give away my quanta to anyone. Never. Nope
  12. Ofc you can enter, you just need to be smart about how to lay out that minefield. Looking forward to ppl crash and burn when flying too low xD
  13. I don't rly get your point here. A STU is per definition ALWAYS safe and 100% protected against griefing
  14. server wipes may occur at any time but usually NQ announce them in advance
  15. Lethys

    no AVX = no go ?

    @NQ-Nyzaltar your call here to answer that .... we can't due to NDA