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  1. Maybe, maybe not. Rn they plan on having 3 chars per account so that's already 4 to 10 alts for deadzoning. That means that org can easily circumvent any limit NQ may have for large orgs. I seriously doubt they limit alts though, because it's revenue for them. Even more than a sub because of DACs (18€ compared to 14€ sub) DACs may be more expensive than in eve rn, because we only have one real quanta faucet in DU. Then again, ppl have more than one acc already (I have 3 lifetime packs for example) so it would be an unfair advantage if they did impose some kind of limit on defenses. I could then easily have 8 one man orgs to circumvent that
  2. Not going to work. Spam alt chars in a deadzone org, give them full RDMS in your main org, done. easy. circumvents any limit on how much an org can place, increase in upkeep would be irrelevant. I said "there's no argument for orgs not to spam them". No upkeep cost in the world which NQ define now will keep orgs from spamming them. In eve they said titans will be a rare sight because of how expensive they are. Everyone and their mother has one now.
  3. Noone said that. And it's no argument either as in "large orgs won't have many because upkeep"
  4. Because I don't rly know what you mean by "sizeable force". As explained. Static defenses should only deter a random pirate or a very small gang at most (4-5 ships). Otherwise they're too op and will be abused by everyone, especially large orgs. There's no argument for large orgs not to spam them everywhere (no limit it might have, no resources such defenses might cost, no upkeep, no energy consumption,....)
  5. ? Large orgs can always destroy smaller ones. Regardless of defense. Whats "sizeable" to you in a game like DU? Im with @Sparktacus on this one
  6. Lethys

    Do you play EVE Online?

    Not every corp is the same but usually big fights are dictated by shipmetas and f1 monkeys. Noone in a big fights needs to care for trajectories, angular velocity and other stuff, nor needs to know how to break webs/disruptors. Just volley them and forget about it. Solo, you need to know all that stuff. Ymmv
  7. Yes you need numbers.....So what? That's what an MMO is. Those who organise and help each other will be way more powerful than anyone else. If you op such a turret you have WAY more and other problems.
  8. Exactly as they plan to do it: don't make them op, just so that a single (or two) ships won't stand a chance against a turret. The more auto turrets you get, the less effective they become. So they help against the drive by looter, won't have a chance against a true attack (man them to have one) and orgs can't abuse them
  9. Lethys

    Org Management

    That can be done with virtual wallets too, no need for physical warchest somewhere which introduces new problems. I meant such vaults in the sense of rooms restricted to certain RDMS access, not for quanta storage
  10. Lethys

    Org Management

    Why should You do that - quanta are safe in your wallet
  11. Lethys

    Org Management

    Well taxes will be raised with markets mainly, maybe RDMS allows for members taxes (die everythingthey sell for example) - who knows. upkeeps are another story as this is a sink. For that to work we first need to see if the economy as a whole works with only one faucet. Vaults = base/room/chest with restricted RDMS
  12. Balancing IS a Problem - if a solo player gets strong defenses to secure his base then large orgs have them too. Which, in turn, make them even more invincible
  13. Lethys

    Website Questions

    Because he gave you the answer what that 2 means. No need to be that aggressive