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  1. Lethys

    Without breaking the NDA...

    Look at their YT videos about shipbuilding, the ship contest and the outpost contest. Also, they have quite some pics on twitter of player built ships. That should give you an idea of what ppl do
  2. Lethys

    Block Count System

    Not used though in combination with concrete....it's common to use cubic meters not liters
  3. Lethys

    Crappy suggestions thread.

    Consensual pvp only
  4. Lethys

    Coup d'etat

    Nice necro
  5. Deadzones. I can have an alt create an org with only me in it. That alt rarely logs on, just for skills. If you have assets you want to protect (or enemy territory?) And you want to lock for everyone else via rdms then such orgs come in handy
  6. One man orgs - pretty useful if used in the right way
  7. Lethys

    no AVX = no go ?

    Ah yeah, haven't looked there, thanks. Oh I think everyone gets that and yes it sucks that you can't play. But I rly think NQ will do their best to satisfy you. Contact support.dualthegame.com - they can surely help you there.
  8. Lethys

    no AVX = no go ?

    Can't find anything there sorry, just looked. A Link maybe to the AVX vs non AVX users? Well as you've seen from the answer you got from NQ themselves: yes it's a nonissue because it's needed. There's nothing they can do about it. A solution? There is none. Have AVX or don't play/get a refund. Harsh? Yeah, sure. But they can't do anything about it. You can write essay after essay about it but it won't change anything - you still won't be able to play and AVX will still stay ingame (and yeah, I have no clue what it does and no, idc either xD) I honestly think that they didn't think of that as a problem at that time - as stated by NQ all CPUs after 2013 have it. And as blaze said: no need to downgrade to "old tech"
  9. Lethys

    no AVX = no go ?

    15%? You're the 3rd or 4th on this forum out of hundred or thousands of testers to not be able to play due to AVX and that sucks. So how come you talk about 15%?
  10. Lethys

    no AVX = no go ?

    Then I don't see the problem. Requirements change over time. DU needed AVX to progress so they implemented it (as said by NQ too)..... I honestly fail to see what problem you have with changing requirements in a crowdfunded game. It happens. It's needed. So.....? Ninjaedit: yes, NQ could've announced that earlier / made it more clear. But then again all never CPUs have it already, so probably they didn't think of it being an issue
  11. Lethys

    no AVX = no go ?

    ? NQ gave you an explanation. It's not "forced upon" customers. It's simply needed to run the game. "Forcing" smth would be if they only support AMD ryzen CPUs. Other games are demanding on GPU - and they aren't "forcing" anyone either. Those games simply require a certain minimun standard. Just like du needs AVX
  12. Lethys

    System enforced courier feature

    Exaclty my thoughts and words.
  13. Lethys

    System enforced courier feature

    You mean the contents of the container is unuseable by anyone? So the guy transporting it can't run with it? That might work - but it'll then only work for the public markets on alioth and ppl won't really use it anywhere else. So why not do this on a universal scale and implement a mechanic which will work for everyrhing, anywhere, to all destinations. Because you need a courier system everywhere. Can you be scammed? Sure, such is life. Ppl always scream "protect me from scam" when all they have to do is think on their own. With that they avoid 99% of scams - it still might happen but then ppl will make orgs such as red/black frog just like in eve who are trustworthy.....That's the sandbox approach
  14. Lethys

    Block Count System

    This Wall consists of 125l of concrete Yes, that totally works xD
  15. Lethys

    Organization Resource Tokens

    Or you know, just use quanta. Because you can only rp that org money but can't use it in any form to buy stuff from other ppl or on the markets