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  1. Hello

    Who would've thought
  2. Hi all !

    Hey there, hf in Du and welcome to the community o7
  3. If you can just change one small detail of a bought ship/blueprint and resell it as your own: bad gameplay If you have to manually reverse engineer the whole thing by breaking it down piece by piece, decode lua scripts and figure out the exact working of that ship/blueprint: good gameplay
  4. Hey all

    Welcome 0/ have fun exploring
  5. Hello

    Welcome. It'll be an interesting Ride for sure
  6. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome and hf in Du
  7. New.

    Welcome to the fun
  8. Arma 3

    I'm so Bad at fps games. They don't really interest me that much. Gl with finding ppl though, I'm sure many will be interested
  9. Inn system?

    +1. Will accompany you while drinking in VC @ArtfulBadger ofc you can Set up such an outpost. Make sure you can Defender it though If it isn't located in a safezone. You're need lots of ppl for such a thing: - Security - builders - miners - truckers for stuff - taxi drivers for ppl - ...
  10. Looking for Workers

    Necropost ftw. Again.
  11. new to dual

    Welcome to the community o7
  12. Hello Alioth's people

    Welcome to the community o7 hf looking around
  13. Hello

    Welcome and hf in Du
  14. Modular Weaponry

    For the deathstar: https://trello.com/c/euJlSFBl For weapon mods: iirc there's a quote somewhere where they say that every weapon will be an element on it's own and predefined. Would be cool, yes, but that's no priority imho
  15. A very long and intertwined list of ideas Part 1/many

    Tldr 1. Jamming ist used in eve. Heavily. And it's a good mechanic there. But electric warfare ia just a force multiplier. We used it because we were small and to be able to take on bigger orgs. But bigger orgs (Like the ones in the great wars) don't need those multipliers that much - they can just bring more guns 2. No automated Mining. Everything's done by players 3. Markets need to be fed. If you sell on that planet then someone has to get those resources off that planet. And market shenanigans are Normal - Crash the market, buy everything from each resource, do whatever. It's free market PvP 4. Comms like Teamspeak work extremely well for >300 ppl in a fleetbattle (that's why there's something Like Channel commander and stuff Like that). I myself managed 250ppl on a regular basis including scouts, healers, baits, 4 different attack groups (capitals and heavy),.... Works fine