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  1. That's because there is so much gray area, you can still get sued even though you're not breaking the written law. And platforms like youtube will block content, even when it follows fair use.
  2. I wanted a game like DU ever since I started playing Space Engineers, and found a link to the E3 video in the SE forums. I also played Eve for many years and was looking for the "next step" in single shard mmo evolution. I don't really have any goals other than to have fun, and figure it out as I go.
  3. Haunty

    How Would You Train your Armies and Fleets?

    I was never trained in Eve, just listen to the FC and get thrown into the fire, that's good training. 😁
  4. Haunty

    Upgrade Silver Founder

    You should be able to tell if you're a kickstarter pledger if you log into Kickstarter and look on the DU page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1949863330/dual-universe-civilization-building-sci-fi-mmorpg
  5. Haunty

    Feedback on the Official Discord FAQ

    Well it all sounds good to me. (the FAQ)
  6. I like the triangle kind, I made something similar in Space Engineers: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=689564049
  7. Haunty


    Subnautica is a good single player game.
  8. Haunty

    Hi :)

    Welcomes. I'm also sys admin 😎
  9. Haunty

    How to?

    Hello. There are some Youtube videos that may help you get started, though they may be a little outdated now: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRPE8HHvv1EYu8YwqNgOD8w Otherwise we can answer in the pre-alpha forum, or when this post gets moved there.
  10. Haunty

    Space music

  11. Haunty

    Repair tool

    Yeah a lot of the tech in DU is based on nanotech, nanites or whatever you want to call it, so there's no need for ancient artifacts like grinders, welders, drills etc.
  12. Haunty

    Hey all

    Hello and welcomes fellow space gamer
  13. Haunty

    Repair Blueprint & Repairs Tank

    For now I like the idea of manual repairs, except it might be a good idea to have a more automated repair process on a base, maybe a factory unit could repair, or a separate repair unit that uses cargo to source the needed materials.
  14. That wouldn't prevent manual copying though, just place a core and build a copy. Tedious but people could do it, especially with small/simple constructs. That's why it would be nice to see who the original designer is in the market before you buy it.