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  1. Curious how you got a 6 month old PC with a 10 year old CPU?
  2. Haunty

    This Could Revolutionize Dual Universe !!!! MUST SEE

    NQ already developed their own server tech, not sure if it would make sense to switch or that SpatialOS would be better. I have played Worlds Adrift which uses Spatial and it wasn't that great yet.
  3. Sames, that's one thing I didn't like about Elite Dangerous, AI that tried to act like human players. Good for single player game but me no like for multiplayer/mmo.
  4. I wouldn't have anything against making ownership private (up to a certain range), but I haven't seen any real convincing reason yet. The advantage of not using a TCU would be to remain hidden. I just like the idea of having pros and cons for each option rather than trying to have the best of both worlds. And if you can turn off your ownership broadcast, that means your enemies can turn off theirs also.
  5. Players should know the risks of building in unsecure areas. I doubt placing a TU would change anything about the permissions on existing constructs, perhaps just prevent digging and the placement of new constructs. So they could disassemble and move out of there at least. The person claiming the territory should be responsible for removing other players by force also, not just by claiming the territory. And they should also be at risk of the player just destroying their territory unit. The only other issue I see in that situation: - Person claiming the territory finds the entrances to existing underground base and closes them off. Perhaps weapons could damage terrain enough to make a tunnel out, but should probably be much slower than normal digging tool.
  6. Haunty

    Resurrection nodes/safe zone?

    Maybe you don't realize the vastness of the Dual Universe, good luck to any griefers who think they can cover all of it. People who don't want to take any risk can sit in safe zone and stagnate 😏
  7. Haunty

    Newcomer here

    Welcomes! 🚀
  8. Haunty

    Star Citizen

    I liked the idea of SC back when they released their kickstarter video, because at the time I was burnt out from Eve and wanted a more first-person space MMO instead of the RTS micromanagement of Eve. But now I am more interested in sandbox gameplay rather than theme park.
  9. Haunty


    Welcomes 🚀
  10. Haunty


    Welcome, to Dual Universe *Jurassic Park theme* 🚀
  11. Haunty

    New to Dual Universe

    Hello and welcomes 😎🚀
  12. It has been brought up before. NQ hasn't declared anything final. I don't think options 3 and 4 make good gameplay sense. I could see regenerated resources only in the safe zone be a thing. Not sure how that would work though, there are a lot of things to consider.