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  1. Schematics prices were reduced since the .23 patch, which is better to some people. I find markets a little less active than they were, but still active.
  2. Just time and staff to put in all the features and polish the game
  3. I just think it's odd that bug reports and support requests are submitted and viewed the same way. Most other games I tested, when submitting a bug report, you get no response or maybe an automated response and then it's done, unless a dev asks for more info.
  4. I'd guess it will run okay, but depends on where you are in the game. Crowded areas on planets may be bad. It's hard to say though, people have very mixed results with all kinds of hardware.
  5. I don't think it should be easy or cheap to haul 10 L containers full of ore though. Just being able to carry 3-5x your ship's empty weight is pretty functional, which is easily done with "pretty" designs. Some larger elements could be useful, like L wings/ailerons, maybe XL brakes. But high Gs are not necessary for hauling. I only use one L airbrake and 2 L space brake on my medium hauler and I carry up to 1.5 kt with it. No need to add more mass in extra elements. I think PvP could use some speed tanking similar to Eve. NQ also mentioned the possibility of shields in the future. And BOO's flagship is pretty and functional in PvP.
  6. That is not common with that kind of hardware. I have a 9900k, 1080Ti, and 32GB ram and everything is fairly smooth even around the districts. Not sure what would cause it to be that low.
  7. How are you calculating that? It doesn't cost me that much to repair, assuming I don't buy scrap at ridiculous margins.
  8. NQ never ruled out PvE and they already have plans to add things, but it's not going to happen all at once.
  9. I wouldn't say DU goes for realism at all for technical and gameplay reasons. The solar system and planet scale are shrunk way down, planets don't rotate or orbit the star, there is no physical star, and the lighting is not realistic.
  10. Same issue for me with L core space station
  11. I was gonna say, the idea of a Minecraft + Eve and being a single shard mmorpg is why I joined DU. Everything else is just details and waiting for features to be developed.
  12. The distance to market can be tedious for new players, but things only get better as you progress. Even with the speeder you can cut the travel time by more than half by converting it to a flyer and adding engines. I wouldn't bother with industry at all at first. And I'd probably buy someone else's beginner hauler ship first, before making your own, so you have something to haul ore to market to make more money. You may have to inquire in trade channel in Discord to find one, or shop around the various showrooms. Looking at and flying other ships will also give you an idea of what you'll need to build your own, you can also experiment by modifying the ship you buy.
  13. Traveling into space wouldn't be a problem, and into atmosphere isn't a problem as long as you enter at an angle so you can just glide while the engines warm up. I don't think atmospheric freight engines are worth using though. Basic or military are more useful, you can reduce atmo fuel consumption by flying at high altitude or just going into orbit. Space freight engines might be useful though because space fuel is heavy and more expensive, the warmup time might make it more difficult to get into space though.
  14. Use the maneuver tool on the smaller ship while you are standing on the ground or on a static construct. Then test it by using maneuver tool on the larger ship being docked to, making sure they move together.
  15. I don't think it would be so bad if it was easier to transport vehicles underground. Like angled flatten tool, better control of constructs while piloting in tunnels. Then you can just dig mining shafts and use purpose-built mining cart constructs
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