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  1. All of alpha and beta plus 1 month per dac after release if you use them. It is like plex in Eve.
  2. Haunty

    Solo Play Buffs

    Something like that wouldn't work, then orgs would just have their miners not officially join so they get the solo buff. More people can get more work done, that's just how it goes.
  3. They are for gifting only. A supporter always has future test access plus some after release.
  4. No it is PC only, and currently no plans on going to consoles.
  5. There is still an NDA until beta or a little before beta, maybe. Which should be around the middle of this year.
  6. Being on the forums and Discord is enough. Is there anything in particular you want to do?
  7. NQ might have beginner quests/jobs, but otherwise there is supposed to be a player job board. There will be safe zones where pvp is not possible, and the rest being open pvp with territory control and conquer gameplay
  8. I don't know if NQ will do that, but I'm sure once NDA drops, players will make these kinds of videos.
  9. I agree, I backed SC also, and they are quite different with SC being a theme park and DU being a sandbox. Chris Roberts himself even publicly supported DU as well as Elite Dangerous. There are still unknowns on the details of how things like the market and pvp will work but the key word NQ likes to use is "emergent" which applies to everything from the market, to pvp, organizations, territory control. Outside of the safe zones, anything goes, and it's just up to NQ to balance the defense vs offense gameplay. It is long but I recommend listening to the most recent DU podcast on their youtube page, it has the most recent information, especially regarding pvp. And hopefully a part 2 will be out soon.
  10. I like the general idea of FTL drive and spatial data. Would also add that mass should play a factor so more mass costs more to FTL.
  11. I plan on starting out in DU this way, and I think this kind of play will actually be safer in DU than Eve, because it is more open, lots of surface area on the planets, and no chokepoints like Eve's stargates. The pvp players just create risk, like an enemy NPC would but less predictable. You might get ganked every so often but should be rare once you learn what precautions to take, and the rewards should be worth the occasional loss.
  12. Sounds like you have some common sense 😏
  13. I wouldn't say it's dishonest, it does say in the FAQ on the pledge page that it will be subscription after release.
  14. No it's not that kind of game. No NPC combatants planned for now. There's no real end game in a sandbox, you just keep building and exploring and fighting and rebuilding and expanding.
  15. You can also highlight part of a post and a "Quote selection" button will appear.
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