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  1. No, the market was worse before schematics. Most schematics are pretty cheap anyways,.
  2. I think the rectangular small/medium doors should be re-done, they are ugly. And yes some door options that open out/in/up/down/rollup instead of sliding, so you don't have to worry about pieces of the door sticking out when they are open.
  3. The player base won't expand until the game is more complete, it's still functionally in alpha. The development actually seems more structured now than it used to be, still slow but you can see things happening with a clearer direction. There are some major hurdles they have to get over like the org restructuring, fixing past mistakes, then hopefully they can focus more on moving forward and making the game more fun at all levels.
  4. The design leaves with the creator if they don't release it, that's just a side effect of having DRM. The options are to get a different ship from another creator or make your own ship from scratch.
  5. It makes more sense to sell ore and buy things in early game if possible, otherwise it takes forever to craft your own things.
  6. It would be tricky to consider all the loopholes for duplicating ships or blueprints you buy. Like maybe if destroying a ship deleted it from the game and there was some insurance system where you could get a replacement. Otherwise for now, after you modify it you could always ask the original creator to make a blueprint copy for you.
  7. Yep, sometimes I put games on my wishlist and only buy them when they go on sale if I already have enough games to play and don't need it now, but if I'm anticipating a game I want to play then I easily pay full price.
  8. That's about when they did the voxel optimization and I think they said this could be a side effect until they improve it. I certainly wouldn't accept it as the norm.
  9. Haunty

    Anchor unit

    They could just fix the ECU so that ship stays in place when you stop the ECU script after leaving the seat.
  10. The original org implementation was a mistake and kinda broke the game, so they're fixing it in order to move forward because future mechanics are riding on it. And yeah it likely impacts cost and scaling too. Hopefully this is the last major hump they need to get over so they can progress the game.
  11. Yeah the CEO wouldn't get involved with game design details unless the CEO is also the game designer. Overall I think they've been going in the right direction this year by optimizing and unraveling past mistakes before adding major content. I don't think I'd change anything other than promoting the game with gameplay footage only, no scripted scenes. And maybe more regular status updates.
  12. You have to be standing on the planet surface (or maybe a static construct) while you use the maneuver tool to move the smaller ship onto the larger ship. Then use the maneuver tool on the larger ship to make sure they move together. I usually just land the smaller ship on the carrier, then get out and use the maneuver tool to lift it and set it down again so they're making contact.
  13. I think the limits make sense for an MMO, only thing I think DU did wrong is start with high limits and then decrease the limits, when it should be the other way around. Like I always thought the personal core limit was way too low, but they could always increase that later by adding a talent. Anyways that's all hindsight now.
  14. On the bright side this could open up lots of salvage opportunities
  15. I can kinda see both sides. Being able to choose the skin would be nice, but this way creates a consistent art style. Skin swapping is already in the UI so I imagine it could be a possibility in the future.
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