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  1. There are anti-gravity devices: https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/10/24/about-the-new-anti-gravity-devices/
  2. I know but I mean the name of the org and the image are real life things that may need to be changed.
  3. FYI real-life politics are against the rules, will probably need to create some fictional parody instead.
  4. No, nothing like that has been promised.
  5. I think they mean seamless in perception of the player. 2 players could be on different nodes but still see each other as if they were on the same one. Over interstellar distances there is no need to be actually seamless because players don't interact with or observe things that far away.
  6. If you do upgrade within the next 2 years I think it's still worth holding onto the pledge, even if you can't play now.
  7. It's supposedly the first Continuous single shard, or "seamless" without any plot devices like stargates or jumps to go between different zones.
  8. To me it sounds a bit convoluted for such novelties. Anything practical can be done with cores assuming they can be aligned and have relatively seamless transitions between them. Monorails, long bridges, space elevators, dyson spheres: these things are edge of DU scope at best if not outside of it.
  9. He also said air gaps between voxels don't matter, will still remain 1 unit, and can even build that way. So yeah it may look silly if that happens. Creating structural integrity mechanics would probably be too taxing on server resources.
  10. No new info since NQ said ships will be 1 unit with no pieces breaking off.
  11. I played eve and according to online tests I am not a sociopath. ?
  12. It is a space game though, and space is mostly empty. And the emptiness makes it feel larger. You still have the choice to go where the people are or travel with a group. When Eve first came out I thought it would be pretty empty of players because there were so many systems. But even with a fraction of the player base they have now, players were just about everywhere. DU will be a bit different though because there won't be as many bottleneck points where players come together, but there will still be stargates and market hubs/cities. Games like Elite Dangerous feel empty outside of the bubble because the millions of systems already exist in the game and you can travel to them, in DU it will just start with 1 system. Games like NMS have NPC everywhere, but still feels lonely because it's all the same. I never felt like I was "far away" from anything. If player-like NPC are put in DU I'd hope there would still be a way to find emptiness instead of seeing them everywhere. I'd prefer to only see NPC fauna on habitable planets, some maybe dangerous and most not very dangerous. Some optional pve gameplay could be created with them also.
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