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  1. Haunty

    Bounty Hunting

    Going off of an idea that was discussed in the past. A mission system could assign a random target with a bounty, then give you tools and info to track it, like if they are online or not, their last known location as seen/reported by another player, etc.
  2. Could try these Clear cache Force respawn Wait longer Otherwise may need a GM to move you or something
  3. Sounds like it's just making warp nearly useless or unreliable as a pvp countermeasure so all there is left is fight or out-accelerate a hostile.
  4. Sounds good to me in general. How does the CCS get reset though? Real-time shield management on that level is interesting and not something I've seen in other games I've played,
  5. Isn't that basically what rockets do already?
  6. I hope they eventually re-add broken element on crash, I think the main reason why they removed it was because of people crashing their ships not due to pilot error but because of game crashes and lag spikes that cause them to crash.
  7. People said the same thing about Eve-Online. Anyways once the game is actually released you could sub with DACs if you make enough quanta.
  8. Yeah no wipe planned, but it hasn't been ruled out either. If they do wipe you'd likely be able to keep the blueprints in your nanopack at least.
  9. AvA was originally planned for Alpha 3, but the last roadmap where AvA appeared was for post-release, though I don't think they should release without at least a first iteration of AvA. NQ probably shouldn't have had any stretch goals (or physical rewards) in hindsight.
  10. If you must do it solo I'd go to the asteroids that are as far away from any planet as possible, and remember how long it takes you to to get to the asteroid because that's about how much time it could take for someone else to show up. And abandon the asteroid before then. Still risky though.
  11. PM me ill refer your cuase


  12. Yeah, don't need to worry about population until after release when it is ready to be advertised. This is the normal population, the beta release rush was the anomaly of people wanting to try the game out. The game's definitely not ready to hold much of a subscriber base.
  13. I can kinda see how it would be a cheat way to brake by microwarping to a nearby body, but at the very least it should not put you on a collision course with the planet you're warping to.
  14. Not enough people care about sub-par graphics to kill a game. So many people still play WoW, Runescape, Minecraft and the list goes on and on
  15. Haunty

    back to 0.23

    Yeah, elements having 3 "lives" and containers having 5 is already pretty forgiving.
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