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  1. Market terminal set up

    Job/mission boards are planned so this could probably be done with that instead of the market. Just need the option for private job boards.
  2. Useful Farming

    Farming has been brought up before, it is a common and popular mechanic in gaming. It is not planned for DU release but anything is possible with future expansions. I like the idea of it, of course NQ would have to figure out a way to do it that fits within their technical limitations. Farming could also be used to create commodities for crafting advanced or specialty things.
  3. I would expect orgs/players to offer transport from the Ark zone. I have seen some orgs advertising just that on the community page. Yes, this has already been shown in some released screenshots and videos Yes changing colors of voxels and elements is planned according to the Trello
  4. Howdy!

    Hello, welcomes
  5. Ahoy o7

    Another Eve vet. Welcome
  6. It may not make any business sense to do so, especially if you're talking about only $15 per month. If it was like $50 a month, then it might make more sense to have lower rate plans based on time used. There also hasn't been much demand for this expressed in the forums.
  7. It is one shard, but that can be many servers working together as a pool of resources, so it's hard to say how many they have.
  8. Hello all

  9. Game releases at end of 2018? Also grind?

    That video is almost 2 years old, so some information is outdated, such as the expected launch date. A solo player won't be able to build large ships easily, large ships will likely be built by organizations or at least a small team.
  10. Ship Designs

    Yes it will be possible. Just may be time consuming for a solo player to build larger ships.
  11. Hello!

    I also played much SE. Welcomes
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  13. Hello There [EN][SP]

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  15. Hello everyone!

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