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  1. It's in there somewhere, might have to remove voxels or elements to find it
  2. Yeah it seems to be off to me, I noticed it with Copper, the ore is much lighter than the pure you get out of it
  3. I've only seen screenshots of 32 threads running DU, all being used but not 100%.
  4. I would definitely move to Alioth one way or another, a or b. Will need to buy a TCU and I'd find a place that is not too crowded so you can find ore in neighboring territories also. If you have someone you can trust to move your stuff, that would probably be the quickest option.
  5. IMO stealing ships without taking possession of the core by first destroying it in combat or salvaging an unowned core should be an exploit, assuming the stolen ship was not intentionally docked by the owner for some ulterior motive. NQ should stick to safe zones being safe. Not an ideal situation though because it can turn into he said she said conflicts that NQ has to deal with on case by case basis. Docking should ultimately be explicitly allowed by both ships' owners with RDMS.
  6. Vertical boosters - Work without atmosphere (on moons) - Have more thrust for their size - Use space fuel - Comes in 4 sizes (xs size) Hovers - Only work in atmo - Uses atmo fuel which is cheaper, no need for space fuel tanks - Weigh less compared to vertical boosters - 3 sizes (no xs)
  7. It doesn't look complete, other than setting up the viewbox there's no svg in there.
  8. Most of the CPU usage is loading planet voxels, and that uses AVX, so I don't know if performance is as simple as adding more cores, some CPUs are more efficient wtih AVX than others, but it's hard to find benchmarks or documentation on the subject
  9. That's exactly why there is a safe zone, so there already is both.
  10. OK then that should be changed. Shouldn't be able to lock/identify/fire but should be able to detect.
  11. Why do people keep saying radar doesn't work in safe zone? I can detect ships just fine inside safe zone. Also the small radar acts as a passive detection radar. It has the same detection range (2 SU) as larger radars.
  12. I'm sure there will be changes but drastic changes aren't needed like unable to fire over 10k km/h and further limiting ranges, that doesn't make any sense. Main problem I see now is small ships with large radar and large weapons limit the variety of PvP, pros and cons of a combat setup are not balanced. It just isn't interesting when there is one tactic that works better than everything else.
  13. I don't think solo has anything to do with it, just an attitude. Most solo players are doing just fine and know what to expect.
  14. Ejecting/teleporting the ship outside of the market area after some time might be better than deleting. Temporary storing ship in a virtual garage could work, but NQ would have to make some physical thing where you go to manifest your ship again. Magic blueprint wouldn't make sense because then people would just use the districts to create magic blueprints so they can transport things without mass/volume.
  15. I was thinking of this too, would probably be the easiest and quickest way, even if a bit arbitrary. But all the existing ships out there would have to be invalidated somehow
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