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  1. The cache path is actually set in the registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Novaquark\DualUniverse. I can't remember if I've ever changed it, but it might work.
  2. I think it is inevitable that they add more NPC/PVE content, they never ruled it out, but they still need to add the fundamental mechanics first, I don't see them putting any priority on it any time soon.
  3. I'm hoping they will still see it through. The company I work for has gone through president/CEO changes several times but not for any bad reasons and it didn't change the company outlook, so I don't want to assume the worst.
  4. A lot of people joined after beta released and as anyone should expect the player base declined because there is not enough gameplay to sustain most players unless they are really into the building part of it.
  5. Yeah exploit or not, we're not supposed to be able to "lose information" as stated by JC many times. Wish NQ was more specific about exploits, there are too many scenarios that are on the line, they need a simple clear cut policy about the safe zone.
  6. Too grindy, that is a survival game thing not mmorpg. It would be better if we could upgrade industry units instead of deleting them, re-placing the new unit, re-linking it, etc. Also making adjustments to them like more efficiency at the cost of speed, more speed at the cost of efficiency, more of both at the cost of power when we have power mechanics.
  7. Would be a good test to find out. I thought constructs were cached but not sure. Would still have to sync data but shouldn't be nearly as much.
  8. You have to download constructs and terrain changes and it's not a small amount of data. It shouldn't stay high usage if you're just sitting in one area, once it is done loading it should stop, which is what happens for me when I measure it, but for slow internets it might essentially be constant.
  9. I don't even remember Eve having a CM before release, just a guy from Simon and Schuster who was briefly the publisher for Eve's release.
  10. Well if you're not having fun then why wouldn't you stop playing? I regularly take breaks to play other games between patches or just for something different.
  11. That doesn't happen to me now. When loading a big area like Infinity HQ I download around 100 mbps for a minute or so, then at idle it's around 40 Kbps
  12. I play solo mostly, but that doesn't mean isolated, I am in E&E org and participate in or visit community events.
  13. I was playing a lot of Space Engineers in 2016 and I was wishing an MMO game like SE existed, I even googled but didn't find anything, then in the Keen forums someone posted a link to DU.
  14. I am liking Valheim. I don't see anything too special about it yet though, it's very similar to other survival games, just different parts stuck together. Some things remind me of Terraria like the map generation and the crafting progression and the biomes.
  15. The current state doesn't matter imo. We already know planet pvp is coming and interdiction at some point, just have to wait.
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