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  1. Enforcing this would also mean banning anyone from playing with kids, relatives, roommates or even friends, from the same household. Either that or requiring each player to provide proof of their identity, to create an account. And banning anyone from paying for the account of a child or relative. They would have to pay an entire building full of people just to handle the process of sifting through all the bans and trying to determine which ones were valid. There are a ton or reasons why, as far as i know, no online game has ever tried to enforce something like this. It's not just about "whales".
  2. It feels like we are in round two of a cycle, where NQ launches the game. And a bunch of people are excited and begin to play it. And then a week or two later NQ decides that the most productive half of the players are consuming the content too quickly. Due to "bugs" "features" "exploits" "working as intended" whatever they decide to call it. People are playing the game. Then the nurf hammer starts to drop. But without consideration for the other half of the player base, that might not have been as productive as the first half, or maybe they just started playing yesterday. Either way, it makes the game substantially harder for them, and they start to resent anyone who had the opportunity to gain an advantage during the first few weeks after launch (or launch 2.0). I'm not sure if it's possible to bottleneck the most productive players, without hobbling the other half of the players to the point that they give up and walk away. But giving a huge advantage to the first half, and then taking it away as soon as the second half figures it out, definitely isn't helping. Telling the second half that it's something that they will be able to count on going forward. And then taking it away just before they get a taste. Maybe a balanced economy is possible. Maybe it's not. But if they are going to trip coming out of the gate, every single time. Maybe forcing a balanced economy shouldn't be prioritized over player enjoyment and retention.
  3. Recently i've noticed a bug where i will have pairs of calibration rocks spawned in the exact same spot. And when i harvest one of them, they both disappear, and i only get the ore from the one i clicked on first. It has happened on two different territories, but now that i think about it, both times, it was a territory that i have four MUs on. And i calibrated all four at once, before harvesting any ore. Has anyone else experienced this?
  4. Yet applying bandages would still be the first thing you would do. And if you shot yourself in the foot last time you fired the gun. And the time before that, and the time before that. Maybe firing off 10 more shots isn't the best idea...
  5. @EvilestOverlord Hey cool profile pic. The guy on the right looks like a badass. That's me.
  6. Did anyone? Seriously. I know people are invested in it now. And mad that it's gone. But did anyone think it made sense when they first heard about it?
  7. To be fair. They aren't calling it an exploit. They just nurfed the crap out of it. But it really sucks that they made the first statement. And then went ahead and nurfed it without any warning. I'm sure a lot of people bought and sold territories with the value being determined entirely based on that first statement. And now the value has changed drastically. Maybe i'm missing something, but i can't think of any reason that telling us ahead of time would have caused any issues. Other than them hearing people's opinions on the subject. Which they're hearing now anyway.
  8. This still creates a situation where anyone who accurately predicts when the bots will appear, has the opportunity to buy as much ore as possible and double their money overnight. And anyone who's just been stockpiling their ore will get to sell it all at 25. But anyone who's just been minding their own business and trying to enjoy the game, gets left out in the cold. I figure anyone who's selling T1 at 10/L right now probably doesn't even know about the bots. And they're probably going to be a bit disappointed to find out that they should have been waiting on the bots to come back, instead of selling their ore. This doesn't seem like a great way to treat new players.
  9. I just hope that whatever NQ decides to do. They do it as loudly and transparently as possible. Nothing sucks the fun out of a game for me, like the feeling that by playing the game, and having fun, i'm putting myself at a disadvantage. And the only way to "play" the game properly, is to lurk on the forums and Discord trying to predict what decision or bug is going to upset the economy next.
  10. The answer is Yes. You would receive 20 DAC (Dual Access Coupon) with your Gold Founders Pack. Which would give you 20 months of game time. You just have to log into the official DU site and redeem one of your DAC. You also had several years of free game time during Pre-Alpha, Alpha, and Beta.
  11. An eye dropper tool would be incredibly useful. I would love to have it. I usually copy a single voxel, or a chunk of voxels, of the material i want to use, and then paste without dominance, to use it as a sort of paintbrush. Saves the step of actually equipping the material. Not to derail the thread too much. But what i would REALLY like, is for Honeycomb to be simplified into just the basic materials. So when you want to use Steel Honeycomb for example, you would just equip "Steel Honeycomb" and then choose a color/pattern from a palette, and then deploy it. And when you delete it, you get back the same base honeycomb material. That way i wouldn't have to store 5000 different types of honeycomb. I know NQ has mentioned that they would like to do this. But i really hope they make it a priority. It would make Blueprints much easier to deploy. It would encourage players to experiment with more of the available colors and patterns. And i think most importantly it would make the base Honeycomb materials into a commodity that could actually be bought and sold successfully on the markets.
  12. I've just been piling up T1 on Alioth waiting for this to be sorted out. But i just went to a market on Madis, and the buy orders are starting to run out at the markets there too. Has there been zero communication on this, other than telling us how it's supposed to work? This is slightly annoying to me. But if i was a new player, who claimed a territory on Alioth, and needed to be able to sell T1 to pay the tax. This would really suck.
  13. Honestly i think a sincere apology would have meant more to me then the STU at this point lol I got the STU on Wednesday though.
  14. Yesterday i noticed that, in the Market UI, when i tried to drag an item from my linked container to the market container, to create a sell order. The item that i was trying to sell, was not the same item that i had clicked and dragged. It was actually one of the tools from my Nanopack. I had dragged a stack of Ore that was in my linked container, but i was actually trying to sell my Flattening Tool. Which isn't possibly luckily. I tried closing the window and opening it again, switching back and forth between the Nanopack and Linked container and i still had the same issue. I tried dragging other items from the linked container and got other Tools from my Nanopack instead. I was eventually able to sell the Ore by right clicking it and choosing Create Sell Order.
  15. No, you would have to design and build the factory yourself. That's kind of the whole point though, isn't it? That's the fun part, for some people at least. You could build a factory that would continually produce everything needed to build a specific ship. And use transfer units to put all the right parts and honeycomb into one container. Then all you would need to do is link to that container and deploy a ship, whenever you wanted one. The only part of the process that can't be automated is basically clicking somewhere in the game to tell it where you want to put each ship. I can't really imagine how that last step would be automated anyway. Although the idea of ships just piling up at the end of a conveyor belt does sound funny.
  16. there are a lot of “cool ideas” that were considered early on that just don’t make sense in the context of the game we have now. You can already fully automate that process. The only thing that you would need to do manually is link to the final container and then deploy each BP. would automating that final step improve the game at all? or was it just a cool sounding idea that doesn’t really make sense to pursue any further?
  17. The problem is when NQ has access to something, and they do something with it that breaks the game. They can simply stop doing it. When they give us access to something. We're supposed to be able to do whatever we want with it. Giving us access to something like XL cores, prematurely, might end up with all kinds of unpleasant rules needing to be hard coded into the game. More limits on what can be built on a core, like increasing voxel complexity limits. They could be forced to lower the number of elements that can be placed on a core. Or decrease how many constructs can be loaded at one time. Those are all things that they are already balancing to make the game as fun, and as functional as possible. Would XL cores be worth it, if they also required a bunch of other sacrifices to make them work?
  18. Phrases like "tend to be" and "not all" are the kind of things that players of video games love to cause trouble with too. If there's something that we "probably" won't do, you can be sure we're going to DU it, and a lot. 😁
  19. In the past, in most MMO type games that i've played there was a distinct difference between having multiple characters, and multiple accounts. The intent was really to allow people to play different types of characters and roles in the game. Not to hand out power or wealth. So, you might be able to have several characters, but they were all on the same account. And most of the benefits that are attached to your account, were still limited by the fact that you had only one account. And you could still only play one character at a time. There really wasn't a huge advantage to having multiple characters, other than simply having the option to play a different class/roll. The real advantage was only if you were able to play multiple characters at the same time, which required multiple accounts. I think when NQ mentioned the idea of multiple characters per account, it was in the context of talking about other games, before they really understood how this game was going to work. So i wouldn't be surprised if they had to reconsider. It wouldn't make sense to suddenly hand out 3x all the benefits of an account to everyone in the game. And there really isn't any reason to do it otherwise. If you want to try out training some piloting talents, you can just do that on your main character. There's no need for an ALT for that.
  20. Most of the territories that i claimed with T2 on them, have empty tiles nearby that i'm sure also have some T2 on them. They might not be the highest yield, but it's still there, waiting to be claimed. The two territories with Limestone that i claimed on Alioth, i found just by looking at the map until a found a territory with Limestone in the name, and i just went and grabbed two adjacent tiles. If you're only scanning in totally unclaimed areas, only looking for the undiscovered T2 fields, so you can get the highest yield, that's going to be a lot harder to find.
  21. When are we getting a 3rd person view though? C'mon NQ this is a role-playing game. Lemme see how cool i look.
  22. Nah dude. They said your idea was bad.
  23. This post right here is a perfect example of why this is a bad idea. You basically just said that anyone who disagrees with YOU doesn't have the game's best interest in mind. That's just dishonest and manipulative. If you couldn't even pretend to be impartial for 5mins why would anyone want to trust you with insider info, or a more direct line to NQ? This is an awful idea for a million reasons.
  24. Bug reports are a one-way kind of thing. You just fire it off into the void, and hope it helps. I wouldn't expect any type of direct feedback, unless they have specific questions for you. It really wouldn't make sense for them to take the time to write out a response to every bug report, describing how they did (or didn't) fix the issue.
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