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  1. Somewhat related to the topic. If we had something like the "Voxel Library" where you could save and redeploy voxel shapes. And another long-requested feature, the ability to copy/paste elements. I think those two features together would make building large ships a lot less tedious.
  2. Running out of fuel is supposed to be a problem, if it wasn't, then why would anyone bother to carry fuel around with them? If NQ delivered cheap fuel everywhere in the solar system, it would kind of remove the need to even think about fuel at all. At that point they might as well just remove the need for fuel all together. NQ is kind enough to seed those markets with expensive fuel, to save you in an emergency. But if they sold it cheap, it would also undercut players trying to make money selling fuel. K1 is 18.99 at market 6 right now. Buy some and bring it to Madis moon 3
  3. @NQ-Deckard It looks like the new stacking detection system is affecting elements that were placed without using any exploits. It would be a huge shame if all those ship designs were rendered non-functional, just to remove the remnants of an exploit that can't even be done anymore. There has to be another way. Please rethink this.
  4. Name another persistent world, multiplayers building game with better graphics. Please, if it exists i'd like to play it. Even outside the building genre, I don't think there are any games with a larger seamless world, or more possible concurrent players in the same world. DU may not live up to its own standards. But no one else is doing anything better.
  5. So, what are you still doing here? It seems like you've reached the point that you're so pissy that other people are enjoying the game, and you aren't, that you're actually mad at the players now too. That doesn't seem healthy.
  6. This will just create an unpleasant situation where holding constructs hostage with giant dirt piles is the norm. If the intent of the two-week timer is to give the former owner time to retrieve their stuff, then they should be able to access it. If that's not the intent, then they should just forget the whole thing, and static cores should be abandoned when a territory is abandoned. That sounds like a lot more fun than a two-week hostage negotiation.
  7. This game and NQ were on the "Metaverse" bandwagon years ago though. They were way ahead of this trend. It's not their fault that metaverse+crypto is the new scam Du jour. They might be tossing the word around a bit more, now that it's such a buzzword. But they were trying to make a real game, that could be called a "metaverse", long before it was a trend.
  8. When you say "complete" what exactly do you mean? Were you not able to requisition a core, because you were at the core limit? Or were you not able to receive ownership of the core after waiting two weeks? Even if it's not possible to requisition a core, when you're at the limit, you could still requisition a core when you were below the limit, and then place enough cores to reach the limit during the two weeks before the requisition is complete. So that still leaves the question of what happens to a requisitioned core, when the two weeks is up, if the new owner is at the cap? Seems like a good question.
  9. All your territories with constructs on them (up to five) were automatically assigned as a "Headquarters" and won't become abandoned, even if you don't pay the tax. You have up to five Headquarters per account. So unless you had more than five tiles claimed, then you shouldn't have lost anything. And i think, even if your territories became abandoned, someone has to claim them, and then you have another two weeks to log in and move your stuff, before the person who claimed the tile can salvage anything.
  10. I agree that the calculation might be broken. It seems way too high in some situations, but in others where i would expect it to be over 100%, it seems stuck at 99%. I think the complexity limitation can be a good thing though, if it's done right. As long as the limitation is high enough, it should mainly serve as a guide to help people build things that look good, but don't have a negative effect on performance. The building system has a huge amount of freedom, and it's possible to build in ways that are unnecessarily complex. Or to just build things that are incredibly complex, and look awful, just because you can. As long as it feels more like a "guide", then a hard cap, i think it will be helpful to builders.
  11. Everyone playing in the same universe, and the building, are what brought everyone who's already here. Remove that, and there's nothing that hasn't already been done. So i'm not sure what you are proposing that would pay the bills... The game needs more, not less.
  12. What does the word mean though? PVE already means destroying NPC ships. I can't be the only one who's never heard that term before
  13. I mean, if it did, it would be leaving all those poor star citizen players with nothing else to play, because the two games have almost nothing in common other than the word Space.
  14. Ok i see what you mean. The intersection wasn't even in the center of the white dot, it was slightly off to the side, but clicking on the intersection gave me a 100%. That's definitely helpful. But the bar on the right is very misleading. Seeing a 100% over there, and then getting a 95% when you click makes no sense.
  15. I'm just talking about situations where i've already fully revealed the 100% spot. So when i hover over it, i can see a 100% on the bar on the left. But when i click to set the final point, i end up with a lower result. It does seem like centering the circle perfectly before you set the final point matters, but no matter how carefully i set it, i still get a lower result sometimes. I just want to know if the lower results are because i'm not centering the circle perfectly, or if in some mini games it's just not possible to get a 100% result, no matter how perfectly you play the game. I can handle not winning every time, but it's really annoying to think you've won, only to get a slightly lower result.
  16. Many elements can be placed in a position where a small part of them is slightly overlapping. Without using an exploit. Especially larger elements. So did it require an exploit to put those XL engines in that position, or were they simply placed that way because the game allowed it? I have no idea how the system works, and i don't have any ships with intentionally exploited elements, so no way to test it myself. But i was hoping that they would find a way to prevent the exploit, without also breaking half the ships in the game that were built without using any exploits. If their new system can't tell the difference between fully overlapped, exploited elements, and slightly overlapped but legally placed elements, it's going to cause quite a shitstorm.
  17. I would love to hear from NQ on this topic. Does the final result of the mini game depend on clicking in the exact center of the white dot, or is it a totally random chance at somewhere between 95-100%? If i can "win" the mini game with skill/strategy, then i would like to know how. If it's random then i would like to stop wasting my time trying for 100%.
  18. This is from the Demeter patch notes. They announced a two-stage plan. They implemented stage one. And said stage two will come in a later update. What am i missing? You just want to know why it hasn't happened faster? Your guess is as good as mine, but i doubt they are going to share that information.
  19. Didn't a lot of people on here demand a feature that would tell them whether they had stacked elements on their ship? It seems like NQ heard that, and they're trying to accommodate by adding the feature first. and giving people time to fix their ships. Personally, i think anyone with a stacked ship is probably fully aware. And that whole argument was just blind resistance to the idea of their stacked ships being taken away. But either way. The patch notes said that stacked elements will become non-functional in a future update. So i'm not sure what the point of this thread is.
  20. I totally understand NQ's desire to do everything they can to give players a chance to know what's happening and keep their stuff if they want it. But i think they could have accomplished that by simply extending the two week timer, for tiles claimed pre-demeter, to a month, or even two months. Maybe send out a few emails. Announce it on social media. But it sure seems like this just locked up a huge percentage of tiles forever. Is there any means at all to unlock these tiles, if the player who claimed them never returns to the game? Other than a planned but unannounced full wipe...
  21. I've been a bit busy the last few days, but am i understanding correctly that all of my HQ territories were randomly assigned for me? I haven't checked yet but i sure hope it's easy to figure out which ones are HQ now, and that i can untag them from the Map. I'd be a bit grumpy if i have to travel to each TU separately to undo that.
  22. I've been wondering if the difference between hitting 100% or something lower was random, or a matter of hitting the pixel at the exact center of that white dot. When you've found a 100% concentration i don't see any reason why you should be getting a lower result at the end of the game. When you're calibrating units that are mining T1 it doesn't really matter, but if i was losing liters of T5 i would be pretty annoyed.
  23. I think you can still see all the mass info when you are in build mode. But i guess you can't see it anymore when piloting a ship. I don't know if it's intentional or not.
  24. Not even on the sanctuary moon? I thought it respawned there. Was that changed?
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