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  1. Between what we have now for schematic handling/purchasing and what is outlined for the future... I would prefer to keep what we have. This has the potential to be a BIG time waste for larger factories.
  2. Currently "core.getElementIndustryInfoById" returns a schematic id of 0 for stopped industry units. Also, can we get the name of the schematic returned from "system.getSchematic"? At this time the best we can do is get the names of the product(s) produced by the schematic and that does not work for Transfer Units which have an empty product list.
  3. Switched from using "tick(timerId)" to "onTimer(tag)" and now DU crashes (randomly) when executing "setTimer(tag, period)". Several crash reports have been sent. Just letting folks here know.
  4. The information from system.getSchematic does not return product information when called with a schematicId returned from core.getElementIndustryInfoById when the industry element was a transfer unit.
  5. Why would you think all the good tiles would be gone in a few days, weeks, or even months? I still find mega nodes on Alioth. We are mining a Malachite mega node now.
  6. Just adding more asteroids does not solve the problem. We need more variety of asteroid size, more variety of node sizes on the asteroid, and territory scanners to operate on asteroids. Also, asteroids should not ever show as discovered. that state should go away and only the rumor/undiscovered and broadcast state should exist. And broadcast should take a minimum of 1 hour after someone touched down on the asteroid.
  7. And not just more in safe zone. This whole patch could be acceptable if asteroids had larger nodes. having to mine 100 5kl nodes on an asteroid is not fun. Make some larger, make some smaller, make some in between. Vary the size of the asteroids, some even smaller than what currently exists and some even larger. Allow territory scanners to work on asteroids. when the ore drops below a certain percentage on an asteroid de-spawn it and spawn a new one. These are all things that would allow asteroid mining to become useful and tolerable.
  8. uh... just because they scanned does not mean they mined nor that they sold the. I have thousands of scans that I have not mined at all.
  9. Well if they spent all that time scanning what's the problem?
  10. NQ,,, thank you for a game that I have enjoyed playing. I know you have reasons for these mining changes and that they are probably required for the majority of players. I however am in the minority that was on this for Mining and scanning and have Zero interest in PVP. With the safe zone asteroids being limited in number I will be cancelling my account if Demeter as planned is deployed on the main server. I am not bitter, and wish you all the best, it is just that all the feature that made me willing to pay for this game no longer are available. Good luck!!!!
  11. I generally stay quiet about changes but in this case I have to say something. I see nothing productive in the warp changes except pandering to those who have nothing better to do than bully others who have no interest in PVP. It was challenge enough to escape from the PVP'ers when asteroid mining. This change will make it impossible.
  12. No. Schematics may need tweaking or balancing, but it is much better than letting anyone build a warp beacon factory just because they want one.
  13. I for one hope that you will keep mining as it currently exists as an option. Passive mining, mining drones, etc ... Sure, add them. But also continue to allow us to mine as we currently mine.
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