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  1. I agree, mostly. I do not defense "no economic sinks" I'm against artificial restrictions against free markets. Capitalism is not based on destruction of wealth. It is based on creating wealth and consuming goods and services. I agree that this game needs new sinks, but not artificial restrictions which are introduced as sinks.. About whales dominating markets. Situation what we see now is nothing compared to situation after DACs are introduced into in-game economy.
  2. New players can enter economy loop, and make profit. They just have to be smart. It will not be easy, but isn't it what everybody wants. Game not be too easy. Whales will always be there and veterans are already here. After final wipe + 1 year, situation for new player will be more and more "uneven" as it is now. If someone wants challenge for mining, I suggest starting to harvest and sell plasma. - pretty high buy prices and some challenge on harvesting too. - no flood on markets Or one could specialize producing those elements which need plasma.
  3. Everyone can build a factory is no big deal. Because everyone can. Schematics may slow it little down but make no big difference in a big picture. Everyone ban buy MUs also no big deal. That is how free market works. (Everyone) To be able to build mega factory - So what. Few weeks later.... So now you have your mega factory. What you gonna do with it. It will not magically start producing all items in a game, not at all. It just sits there doing nothing even when you have all precious schematics installed. How you gonna acquire raw materials, ores. For a big factory you need multiple alts to run enough MUs just for T1 ores, then you need to haul it to your base. Make sure you do not run out of materials or you will produce nothing. Then you need to go to outer planets warping and running more alts to maintain T2-T5 MUs or to go to pvp asteroids to mine. Now you also need to establish Alien core operations for collecting plasma to be able to manufacture items which need it. At this point you need a lot of quanta every week to be able run yr MUs tile taxes to supply your factory. Or if you don't run MUs you need even more quanta to buy ore yo need. Then you have your out-containers full of stuff. You need to sell it fast to make profit - to cower yr territory taxes, fuel, warp cells, losses at pvp space and other costs running your mega factory. Because you are competing in raw materials and mass production markets it is not easy. Margins there are low and will always be. You need to haul yr stuff to market and create sell orders. You need to calculate the right price for them, and be aware of competition, adjusting you prices so that your stuff sells and you still make profit. It is possible but you need to know know how to do it. No schemas or talent points to help you on how to compete in free markets. Artificially limiting amount of players able to compete with you when selling raw materials or mass produced items does not belong to free markets. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_market
  4. Yes please PLAYER CONTROLLED MARKETS as described at Kick starter. Also whole "D" is missing in RDMS. D=Duties. RDMS is not yet finished. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1949863330/dual-universe-civilization-building-sci-fi-mmorpg/posts/1692359
  5. If bots go... Territory taxes are so heavy that if bots stop buying at Guaranteed price bad and unexpected things can happen. It is also possible that if bots go ore supply decrease due players are not able to pay territory upkeep.
  6. I agree that mining is bad bad bad experience How ever how it affects Markets and game economy is not this simple Ore is material for all crafting and industry. If cheap ore is available then all prices are low. Ships, constructs, elements, warp cells etc. This benefits those who earn money by other means than just selling raw ore. (selling raw materials is not wery clever way doing business) Mining units also need upkeep in terms of Territory taxes and tedious calibration. Who wants mine any more ore than necessary. Lowest buy price is what bots offer. If selling to bots ore goes out of the circulation, vanishes from game world. Free markets don't exist right now, because Market places are run by NPC (Aphelia) Only when Player markets (Market units) are enabled free markets can emerge.
  7. I don't care about money of my subs. I don't care about talent points because they are 100% passive nonsense. I don't care about quanta or constructs. I do care about my time. Time I've invested to this game. I'm 66 years old, my time is slowly coming short. Life is most valuable asset I have. Ever day, every hour i spend in this game I have less and less of my time left. It is not infinite. @NQ When considering this wipe issue, please respect your players time.
  8. I slightly disagree. 1st: Using other players main account is against EULA There has been no extra beta-key giveaway by NQ. Do you have source for this. No beta-keys are "free". They were supposed to be gifted, so if someone has exploited that and got lots of those it is a shame. How ever event those were not free.
  9. I can easily see another loop: gathering>mining>industry>Arms,Ammo,Fuel,Warp cells > Supply to pvp:ers
  10. Not my vision. If you read the full article it is all there. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1949863330/dual-universe-civilization-building-sci-fi-mmorpg/posts/1692359
  11. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1949863330/dual-universe-civilization-building-sci-fi-mmorpg/posts/1692359
  12. I don't think that wipe has any game-play related reasons such as inequality. It is also possible that it is wery difficult to fix known issues without a wipe. Many are saying that problems must be solved and issues fixed before wipe. How ever it may be that technically wipe is necessary part of those upcoming fixes.
  13. This whole "oversupply conversation" is wrong at start. Industry manufactures only elements witch are supposed to use in constructs. Using automated machinery (Indy units) produces almost no added value. It is then no problem if elements or what ever is produced by industry has low margins. That is how free market works (capitalism) When those standard elements are used in constructs, a skilled builder may add lots of value to final product, ship or base. Then margins can be higher if elements and parts are cheap.
  14. Big orgs will have internal supply and demand. Other players will create demand at starting moons. So those orgs which wanna sell their stuff will put them for sale at markets there.
  15. After wipe there will be no "Market 6" Supply will be where demand is. When everyone starts at Sanctuary or Heaven, demand is there and so will supply be.
  16. I wonder what is the point to introduce late-game features, such as Space market, Alien cores, plasma collectors, plasma material, and all those new high tier elements. While at the same time planning to reset game back to start. If, after reset, player progression speed is "right", it should take reasonable long time before even veterans can access and utilize these new features.
  17. I wonder what is the point to introduce late-game features, such as Alien cores, plasma collectors, plasma material, and all those new high tier elements. While at the same time planning to reset game back to start. If, after reset. player progression speed is "right", it should take reasonable long time before even veterans can access and utilize these new features.
  18. If schemas go away I'm in favor of full wipe. Please revert also Territory taxes to old system => No territory tax but old system with Increasing fee for extra territories. If territories with mining units need upkeep make MUs to consume Nitron.
  19. One note about Market is pace: Easy access with space only hauler may not be enough to attract. TAX free, may help it that.
  20. I am worried if this is "the last patch before launch". Or do we get final feature update at launch? There are essential parts of the game still missing: RDMS is totally missing the D = Duties part Energy is not implemented Player markets are missing Only one star-system Star gates+probes to find other systems and build star gate networks All these are "Big Game changers" and may create problems if introduced after launch. Edit: And all missing pvp features
  21. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1949863330/dual-universe-civilization-building-sci-fi-mmorpg/posts/1692359 Dev Diary: Player-driven economy
  22. All markets are atm. NPC markets. Player run market is one with market unit owned by player or org. There owner can set up fees such as taxes and other. Owner also keeps that income. Also owner decides who can access markets. etc. Plauer run market are part of the original game consept. At current NPC market "owned by aphelia" NQ is setting taxes and fees, etc.
  23. Space market is good addition how ever not as NPC marketplace. @NQ: Now you have a change to finally introduce player-run markets and take first steps to real player run economy. Other note: 50KM no-build zone is way too small. It must also include deploying dynamic constructs. Also it must have quite short "parking permit" Otherwise it is no use to approach with heavy hauler.
  24. I did not forget those. They are just part of the picture. That situation is temporary and it is only some of those DAC which come for sale at markets. Even those DACs were paid with real money as a bonus for KS pledge. I did pledge at kick starter. So I have 20 DACs / 20 months of playtime already paid. But why I would sell them to gain Quanta? If I do so, lets say I sell all of them after launch. Then I need to buy new DACs right away. Why I would sell DAC:s to get quanta? If there is wery interesting ships or bases as token or BP for sale I may sell some of my DACs After wipe there is none. Selling kick-starter DACs to get quanta is zero sum situation. If there will be no wipe, there will be players with lots of quanta willing to buy DAC:s There will be also lots of interesting stuff to buy if you have Qs Also there will be new players with almost no quanta. But wanna buy that interesting stuff. What they do: They buy extra DACs to be able to sell them at in-game markets to get quanta and to be able to buy interesting stuff earlier. Now winner is NQ as DACs are sold more. Game will survive only if there is lots of interesting content at launch. Wipe takes all content away and will kill the game.
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