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  1. Schematics was never a bad idea, just the time and way they was implemented was TERRIBLE. However now that the backlash has come and gone and dust is settling with the missions and other economy injectors finally coming in to play schematics are finally making sense. My only change would be to have schematic injection happen through a more variety of ways and different exclusivity rather than just checking them on market bots. Exotic sheild schems only found on wrecks in pvp space? or RNG chance from doing a certain alphelia mission? etc etc
  2. Took me all of 2 hours to Boost a ship to 313KT cargo capacity with 2g’s. Also AGG is too slow and not needed at all. Now if I just put in 5% evasive effort the pirates have too put in 115% more effort to find and catch. The 115% more effort is not really worth it and would mainly be out of pure boredom. The only true cost to mega-hauling is the fuel but when the rewards are that high no body cares.
  3. Yes there is a risk but let’s be honest the main reason to hunt these super whales will just be out of sheer Boredom and could even be called griefing. Why would I put in time to hunt when the only reward is a bunch of heavy packages I can’t do anything with and a bunch of elements with dynamic properties that spam my inventory and if I want to try and use I have to load up 1 by 1 and just give me a tedious building chore. NQ really needs to do something about this side of the game because it’s always an afterthought resulting in alienating a whole player base.
  4. Will the schematics for the new pvp elements be injected in to the game with more thought such as discovered in pvp zone wrecks or just put on market bots like everything else? Other than asteroid mining will there be alternative conflict drivers added? NQ missed an easy win opportunity for this by not making captured mission packages profitable. Will voxel be double sided in this first wave of “balances”? When will NQ address Warp being a skip pvp free card in crossing contested zones?
  5. There was me thinking RPG was part of the game. Since the game is still missing a “why” pvp there is nothing wrong with a bit of RP to drum up interest. If anyone is wondering what I mean by the “Why” I’m just gonna keep hammering this quote. ”People don’t want to pvp just for fun, they want it to be a fun way to progress”
  6. Too be fair I see where you are coming from, it is possible to make a billion quanta with a single ship run so if people start copying the techniques you are going to see a new meta of quanta generating along with crazy inflation. Ore bot sales etc does not even come close to these methods
  7. It’s down up to NQ to go in to specific’s but the base of it is one of the AC ships caused our clients to go into endless loops to the point that even one of our gunners who was running a work rig with 64 Xeon, 256 gb ram got maxed out on cpu and ram and client was still asking for more while locking up the computer / screen. As I said, Thank you for the testing work put in because it does highlight a damage download issue, but it’s not the only issue that needs attention so don’t make assumptions.
  8. Just to clarify the issue BOO had was confirmed to be caused by a seperate problem in regards to one of the AC ships being the route cause. Regardless 10/10 post and testing thank you! 😀 NQ does need to look into damage downloads because this along with a few other known issues causes a lot of trouble in larger fleet fights.
  9. Figure B as seen on periscope. Unless you get hit by sync issues, then it’s figure E (empty box). Regardless currently trying to gain an advantage through reduced hit chance is a quick way to lose scrap and ships. Go the other way.
  10. Take care mate, hope everything works out ok for you IRL.
  11. To my understanding types of voxel does not assist with high speed burns and does not assist with impact damage calculations. however impact damage calculation works like an invisible expanding sphere hurting any elements it catches starting at the point of impact. Only element that directly effects the sphere growth calculation is landing gears (if they are the point of origin). What makes me wonder and worth testing is burn damage may work the same way. If you have a large distance from the front cross section Voxel and your elements (including front adjusters) there is a
  12. Exactly, basic off the shelf elements should not be hard gated at all, that is one of the biggest flaws with industry. Industry progression should be in quality of items produced. Making manufacturing open to everyone but if you are a “best in slot” chaser then gonna have to spend that quanta buying from the manufacturers who have invested time and talents in their field of play or invest yourself.
  13. Your core sizes are off but I agree it would be nice to be able to adjust build boxes or have core variant’s with different set box shapes
  14. That is the exactly opposite to what industry needs. I said it once I’ll say it again, stop thinking about how to gate industry because that is complete rubbish. Think about ways players could manage to buff their industry and quality of items they produce. Either it be through talents or having their industry static part of a city project, or both. Gating industry from producing basic products has not (0.23) nor will ever work.
  15. Deep space black markets? I really like this idea 😀 Its a basic concept that could lead to many other avenues. Black markets do not have to show on map till discovered. If NQ ever get wise enough to make the cargo on Aphelia hauling missions loot-able the pirates could try and run their ill gotten gains to sell the unique cargo to these black market bots. Additionally certain new schematics Rare shield emitter L can only be found in very limited quantities at the same deep space market.
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