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  1. May I make a suggestion for NQ up the chain. Take the suggestions CM’s are noting down from these feedback posts and authorise the CM’s to make a post, “following our community feed back here are the changes to the upcoming patch 0.23 and here is what we could not do because of x,y & Z. This will give us a feel good feeling that our input is having an impact on game direction.
  2. The PVP scenario will need to be addressed before implementation. It’s more important than a bit of fuel saved from an instant stop. You have the ECU code. Can it not be made that the server dedicates resources for the time it takes for the construct to brake its self upon loss of player contact?
  3. Original aim of this topic is to lower the viability of death cubes? Cross section needs to be added to the hit chance calculation. Max core build box size minus cross section to give a percentage. Add that percentage to the end of the hit chance calculator with a cap of 50 or 60% so we don’t get L core, small ship meta.
  4. Reading through it looks like people have been going in to the PVP zone completely unprepared and have paid the price. Currently the safe zone is huge and no PVP is happening within 500km of the planets. However this will change when the PVP content updates roll out. If you and your teams want to venture out to the unsafe territories and take on the risks to gain the rewards of resources found there. You must ensure you are prepared, otherwise the risk of you being pirate food will increase dramatically. PVP needs more content updating, gunning needs to be more immersive but does it need to be nerfed because a few people got their 1 layer thick aluminium walls broken down? No...
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