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  1. This will lead to a Post release AVA problem but thats nothing more than disabling the repulse in contested territories. Not tested yet but something is missing here. If someone unauthorised approches in a shuttle, there should be a quick fire request 1 time authorisation to dock and the parent owner gets to accept or reject. Anyone interested in Taxi services, giving newbies rides etc etc should not have to mess about with RDMS pages every time, thats mind numbing.
  2. If you remove the nebula you must make sure all other lighting is on point and directional head lights actually work like head lights at distance. The Nebula makes bad lighting far more forgiving. If you want to know what landing on the dark side of a moon / planet is like without the Nebula, approach the planet from the opposite side of the sun, come in at a nice low steady speed, deploy your landing gear, turn off your monitor.
  3. More like ships have a bit too much durability and there are no penetration mechanics so killing a ship is like peeling an πŸ§… AVA When? L core PVP ships are not cheap believe me. However if new ore gaining methods come this may ring true. Players can obtain any grade resources and use warp to completely skip danger.. 13: PvP exploits, server sync issues and bugs even bad pvp talents
  4. Actually ships needs their durability reduced quiet substantially.
  5. I’m trying to understand how people will be forced to go to pvp zone? Safe zone triangle has up too T3 resources. If you don’t want to take the risk of going for the T4 / T5 resources then buy them off someone who is? I thought a major part of playing the PVE focused side of DU is the economy?
  6. I hope that does not mean it disappears when you are not under them circumstances as that kills half the point of the log. Also to make life more easy this log needs to be persistent after server disconnect / game crash so you can review.
  7. Imagine if NQ did put in an asteroid zone and the zone was dense enough to impose an artificial speed limit unless someone does not mind accidentally smacking one at silly speed. That would make space combat there very very interesting.
  8. What I would like to see is an asteroid zone/zones. Maybe if they wanted to get creative they could put a half exploded planet in the middle of the zone. (Not showing on map until discovered). Make the zone bubble about 50 SU+. Warp is disabled while in the zone because of the asteroids messing with navigation.
  9. Do I feel that warp should be looked at while NQ are finally addressing the lack of PVP content? Damn right I do. The Get out of pvp free card needs to end and replaced with counter measures. Warp needs to be more dangerous to use, not a free pass.
  10. Then reconnect me and explain what made you write the personal comment against me.
  11. One thing missing from your part 3 that is one of the biggest issues in the game IMO, How does NQ intend to fix the warp problem?
  12. The Future of DU Part 2: The road to War Now that you have spoke about the process, how about some of that sweet transparency telling us what NQ aims to release content wise over the next few builds? 😁
  13. i suppose the distances are way too extreme even for space, however the general point is wanting space stations to have a purpose. Making warp interdiction only on space cores along with making warp beacons cheaper would go a long way in making that happen. On top of that Warp needs to be more risky than slow boat, This would make that happen. Want to stop the pirates from interdicting the pipe you use to warp? Form up and look to destroy their station.
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