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  1. The longer these "discussions" go on the more worried I am that NQ will choose to move away from an economic wipe and taint the game in to release candidate. This will cause more damage down the road. The time to avoid a full economic wipe was months ago. That window has long since past. I agree with most here. Rip the damn bandaid. Blueprints are a red line. Talents are a sweetner.
  2. I'm going to bite tounge on my thoughts on this subject for now and just say thank you for the response Entropy. I'll always applaud the dev team jumping in direct communication like this. Keep it coming mate!
  3. Googled sandbox mmo while missing Star wars galaxies.
  4. First I would like to say big thank you AntiGravitas for reaching out. It does mean a lot to everyone when NQ talks about feedback, plans and ideas with the community direct. Keep it coming! 😁 There was a fair bit of concern prior to Athena on how NQ would tackle the FTUE because this for sure is one vital part to making Dual Universe successful. Once tested I can say from my personal point of view there was a fair amount of relief. The new FTUE path and design is hands down far, far better than what it was previously and also from players I personaly talk too they also overall felt very positive towards the new version. For the work and effort put in to the FTUE so far it's a job well done! 👍 Blaze in his way has raised a good point I also agree with in that Talent selection should be part of the golden path. Because the FTUE is so important for player retention I do also have some nit picking thoughts but they are not related to the golden path it's self. You will always be limited on haven to your personal tile so easy access and progression to Alioth should be a smooth transition as possible. Some newbie tiles are a fair distance away from that Alioth access. We want to avoid new players having them moments of stalling and thinking what they can do next as much as possible. Not just related to FTUE the surface rocks on Alioth once a player has reached there should have larger rock clusters to hunt and explore for on their hovercrafts. 20L surface rocks everywhere is a very boring way to gain initial resources. The thrill is in the hunt and discovery! This method of surface harvesting should be on all planets imo and offer a chance to find all tiers of rock clusters in their respective rarity.
  5. Does anyone read announcements anymore? " Keep in mind, if the above solution is decided on, that an improved version of the Blueprint / Construct deployment tool available to all players will be implemented in-game at the time (or maybe even before) such a solution would be applied to the game. Such improved version will enable players to have: A preview of the Construct before deploying the said Construct from a blueprint (this feature should be available with Athena release). An ability to auto-align the preview of the Construct on an already deployed Construct (this feature should be available a bit later after Athena release)." I guess it's more fun to just complain blind also.
  6. The map is absolutely a welcomed change and a highlight of Athena. As others have mentioned the map is now in a position where it could evolve further. Using warp beacon or a similarly expensive item (to limit spam) it would be nice for players to be able to advertise their space station's globally. You could go the extra mile down the road and make space sector's. As more players obtain the ability to advertise they will be POI'S of that sector of space so the list is never too large. Transponders could be used to ping friendly ships on the map if you have the code to see them. When pvp action happens in the system maybe in the future the map could globally ping fighting hot spots. The construct list absolutely needs some management options or catargories.
  7. Apologies for the caps but the tone is intended. LEAVE TALENT POINTS OFF ANY WIPE DECISION JUST LIKE BLUEPRINTS. As for my opinion. If you must weigh pro and con list make it so Voxel only constructs survive the wipe. Make a warning pre-wipe if the construct will fail the check just like you did with element stacking. Pro - Builders can keep their hard voxel work and only have to replace the elements on the other side of the wipe. Pro - Far less Back Lash. Pro - Closes nearly all Loopholes apart from Voxel but Voxel will be the most easy to reproduce post wipe anyway so economic effect is very limited. Pro - Newbies can be instantly inspired by the veterans creations of the Beta period. Con - Some veterans will have to dig out ther buildings again. Con - Nq will have to add a small bit of effort to save the 1,000's of hours of work created by the community.
  8. True would be time for whale plan B. Use some of the accumulated quanta to buy other people’s alpha pack DAC’s while the supply is high. Then continue mission running with the small cost of buying DAC’s as needed every 30 days.
  9. How do you all know speeds will all be below 30k? For all you know a fairly heavy hauler could be capped at 30k while an XS light interceptor is now going 60k.
  10. This maybe be an unpopular opinion but i dont care. I hope NQ puts in fixes to the problems with the in-game economy between now and release and i hope internally NQ decides on a partial wipe solution. However any partial wipe must not have any prior announcment otherwise it completely looses its desired effect (Players will find every loop hole possible in record time if given details).
  11. Dark Forge station by DSI is fitting for L station category. Maybe the BOO mega stations other than foundry will open up VR in the future.
  12. If DU had destruction sinks to match the current faucets coming from MU’s, Asteroids, Surface Harvesting and soon Alien Cores I’m pretty sure all these reserves will be watered down fairly quickly. The only reserve that has real major impact is schematic’s. Maybe it’s time we shifted that system to limited run and start injecting schematics into the system from a variety of sources other than just NPC markets?
  13. I personally don’t agree with the OP’s views at all but this I 100% agree with.
  14. Welcome! DU can be a very in depth game to get a grasp on but don’t sweat the induction week! We have our moments but I think you will find we have a great community for you to get stuck in and involved with and I hope you enjoy your time working with us! ?
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