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  1. Yes, everyone has a good mind set that it’s a game at the end of the day. BOO is a community.
  2. Nothing wrong with lurking and gaining insight from other companies within the industry in my opinion, everyone just wants to make the best game they can at the end of the day. Also nice of you to pop by Lauri 👍
  3. FB releasing Open Alpha, NQ suspected to be going PVP development mode (finally). Let the war for our attention begin!
  4. Thing I want to know is how will NQ tie together CVA. You gonna radar lock someone’s avatar and blap them 2 SU away with rails? 😂
  5. I understand what you are saying but NQ to me has shown one very very big flaw. Making really, really bad decisions on what content is priority to push out. I hate to think how much money they have wasted and revenue they lost because of this flaw. How is the game loop still open with Release deadline creeping up closer and closer.
  6. This! There is no purpose to play and make pretty things apart from to make more pretty things! That’s literally all the game has atm.
  7. It’s a plan but I feel we need more than that. Blaze was right in saying we need PVE players to feed PVP. At the same time PVE players should need pvpers to create danger and also to take some of that danger away through protection or missions for pvpers to take on for them. Even if it’s to haul through danger space because warp is now not that easy of an option.
  8. Agreed on the counter measures. At the same time ship durability needs a nerf bat swing or a damage buff to weapons. Also I’m sure there is 100 ways to make smaller pvp ships viable, but we need at least 1 of them to be implemented. Most importantly of all, we need a WHY pvp.
  9. Make warp beacons cost as much as a L space core or less. Beacons can only be deployed in pvp space. Remove planet warps. 🤤
  10. Why lie? Almost as bad as AC using exploits to match BOO at the event.... At least BOO can hold their head high and play legit.
  11. As Sylva said, we only targeted the targets worth the bullets. Targeting the weak SW ships would of just been a massacre. Almost all the shot calling ship names began with AC.
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