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  1. Full Wipe today? That would be foolish and counter productive. Learn by the bad choices made in beta and make the game and in-game economy sustainable then decide what level of pre-release wipe is required for best possible launch? Definitely.
  2. Physics

    tag ship pvp

    Imagine if NQ moved away from relying on LUA for transponders and went the RDMS route. Players could then just add individuals or organisations of ship owners in to the rights of the transponder and they could show as green / blue while everyone else in pvp zone shows as red. 🤯
  3. May take a tad longer to snipe the tiles but I can assure you there are players out there with that amount of scans.
  4. I had a fair few thoughts on the balancing issues. The toughest part is getting a balance right across all core sizes. Some ideas came to mind what i can post later on but the TLDR part would be to incentivising L cores being built to their old sizes again by making changes to CCS calculation and making weapons fire from cores 2 sizes down bypass shields altogether. S cores ignore L cores shields altogether and XS ignore M/L. This will also mean locking weapons and shields to the respective core sizes tho. Some freedom junkies won’t like this but without some core size lock outs balancing is almost impossible so deal with it.
  5. Just make sure you can play on day 1, NQ are stubborn on their decisions. Since every tile in-game has been scanned and some players have 100,000+ scans available all the best tiles will be gone by day 2-3.
  6. I’m very disappointed by this choice. There should of been a scan data wipe to slow down the horde of land grabbing and getting people to actually explore again. Now it’s a race of who can tab through their scan container first.
  7. Any design that “restrains avatars” will not go down well with people. Also must be careful and keep in mind griefing opportunities from bounty hunting mechanics. BH imo will need to be more or less AVA based. Bounties should only be placed after unique circumstances such as being able to place a bounty on the person who just killed you in combat. Going 1 step further you could make bounties only count for honourable AVA kills and give CVC a way to slow / stop ships so we can get some boarding mechanics going. going 1 step further bounty hunting will ignore safe zone boarders (has too) so there will need to be some strong thought out mechanics on dealing with targets within safe zone. (So many variables such is mark being a passenger on someone else’s ship in SZ). Finally there should be a negative for the mark being caught by the BH. Such as 5% of marks wallet being taken by the BH on successful kill.
  8. If you are an ex SWG player may want to remember most BH mechanics would require AVA. But would still like to hear what ideas you have.
  9. So in terms of actual building development time we need to put it back up the list so we have can have more beds, cupboards and a kettle? Yeh building can wait. PVP is by far in most need of attention, followed by economy > Exploration > social > RPG > building.
  10. I’m actually curious, apart from what is already quoted and bugs what is desperately needed for building before release? Anything game breaking missing? Maybe an empty construct option for that last ghost voxel when dismantling?
  11. Seriously? You feel like building is side lined? 😂😂 PvP is still the part of the game that needs most attention due to being side-lined for so long so enough of these bad comments. Building is in a very good place. Vertex Editor and Blueprint alignment with overlap fixed and job done on that front imo. As for no need for cities, this is a social mechanic that needs addressing. I gave NQ a design idea a while ago that would solve this issue. Without diving too far in to it, it involves giving every character 2 possible residency declarations. You would be able to declare residency at a static or space core. Have enough residents at a territory and you can declare it a village what you can name with unique bonuses for residence while within the tiles influence and maybe some for visitors. Bonuses get bigger as more residents come and village evolves in to town / city / metropolis. Also once at city size all neighbouring tiles with shared ownership would have the residency number / bonuses shared and city will have icon on the game map for everyone too see.
  12. You know forums have DM’s if you must have this conversation…. Idea box forums is not the place for this
  13. Contested planets currently have a 2 SU safezone bubble on them so no PVP on arrival yet. This will change when NQ releases Atmos combat patch (next year?). As for travelling there if you fly direct from one planet to another (termed as flying in the pipe) there is a good chance a pvp ship will drop out of warp on top of you and engage. If you fly indirect to the planet the chance of being seen is very very very small. Space is big, very big.
  14. 6. In Alpha I would completely agree with this. However since the decision to not wipe if possible at release was made NQ is no longer in the position to be lenient to bug abusers. They have tied their own hands since any ill gotten gains from exploits / bugs on the production server will now transfer to the live release. 7. Any talk about bug / exploits found on production server is obviously a big no no since gossip will always hit the ears of people that will gain malicious intent from obtaining the knowledge of them. Talking about bugs / exploits on PTS and is confirmed not to work on production server build would be a personal moral minefield as you would be taking a chance that the info definitely does not lead to loop hole abuse on the production server. It is always best to contact NQ directly if a bug/exploit is found and the most important part when doing so is to clearly lay out the step by step process to reproduce the bug/exploit found so it can be identified quickly and squashed before any damage is done.
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