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  1. du itself is too specialized, nothing in it attracts the player numbers needed to be a self sustaining let alone successful title.
  2. crypto is not real money ,,, so let the shitcoins flood into Du-opia 😋🏴‍☠️
  3. do you even play du lethy? 🤣
  4. du is way past beyond savable, it is clear these people are not competent enough to pull off what they set out to do,... what thier end game is? my guess they either milking some sort of local or government grant , subsidy covid cashcow as long as they can or trying to pimp themselves out to the big boys in montreal , but those aint dumb enough to touch nq with a stick... either way they keepin the lights on for something but it sure as fk its not development ... 😆
  5. oo du is a wonder machine!! it first wonderously robs you of your free time , then it wonderfully chisels away your remaining braincells leaving just enough of them to ragequit it ...but the wonder goes on as even having du wiped from my pc for months i still find myself takin a piss at it every so often. maybe just pure convenience my dam wonderful browser never logs me out of this site, i wonder what the next stage is in the lifecycle of an ex du wonderer
  6. working as intended , ty altough them blue dots confuse the crap out of me,, not sure what to make of em..
  7. cant blame the likes of gamigo at all, if anything we should be thankful they put the misery out of these games, as it frees up real resources which are people to do something new ... also it makes room for competition, improvement and innovation. 🙂 as for the idiots raging on about "thier games "dying and being ripped off, well no sympathy from me...
  8. havent touched DU or its discord since last october , but this forum is on my daily entertainment feed.. gonna miss it when it goes
  9. nq sucks at making a game with rules so they invent them on the fly calling them intended and and they cant even enforce them coz they suck at that too... you couldn't make this shit up 🤣
  10. seeing the amount of content, code, features (or lack of ) by a supposedly 50+ employee company makes me wonder if du/nq isnt just a money laundering operation..
  11. wen do we get dual universe is what i wanna know... 😆
  12. at this stage i dont think du can compete with anybody out there... this game is beyond savable imo..
  13. its the kind of game i dont play anymore .
  14. so du is still not worth the disk space its written on... lemmie know wen it turns into a game and i might just bother to giv a shit about patchnotes n wutnot.
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