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  1. The lying started for me right at the start of beta. They had videos showing territory warfare and atmo-pvp. Both don't exist to this point in time. After several years. And that was under JC. They were just making things up without having anything to back it up. For me that is lying because they knew they had nothing but were still using it as an advertisment.
  2. The game never really had a direction. When beta started there were a lot of EVE players (myself inlcuded). But we found out really quick that the game was not ready and there was basically no idea or understanding how to make territory warfare work. It was just a marketing pitch without any actual idea how to make it work. After most EVE players left you only had builders left. Which were telling everyone the game is fine because of random buildings nobody cares about. The game never had a real direction or idea what it wants to be. And that is the ultimate problem.
  3. The gane will not die until NQ releases their next product. It will be hard for them to sell something if the first product dies. So they will keep it alive as long as needed. I highly doubt they are making money with DU right now.
  4. I stopped playing the game about 2 years ago. But I still watch the forums for entertainment. The point that they still have not implemented some way of messaging in an MMO which NQ wants to be the "next big thing" is mind boggling to me. That is like the most basic feature in an MMO ever. Yet after several years of development it still doesn't exist. And these people want to do a "3d blogging" stuff or something. SMH
  5. NQ has shown several times that they do not listen at all. They probalby don't have a roadmap because of the train wreck of Steam-players. I am quite sure that the software I am doing at work has more users than DU, which probably is quite easy. Watching NQ feels like watching a total newbie in software development doing his/her newbie work. Nice try but everyone is like "WTF you doing"? They have to find a way to turn this train wreck into profit. And I am not seeing it.
  6. You where mining an hour(!) in PvP space. Go into dangerous space. Don't care about the risks. Take no precautions (like bring back stuff to break even). Get killed. Seems like logical gameplay to me.
  7. TBH. Cost vs income is the only thing that matters. And everyone has told NQ it will not work. Everyone except "Builders". Which are very vocal and pushed everyone else away from this game. This is the result of what "Builders" wanted. Everyone told you years ago. But you and NQ did not listen. Deal.with it.
  8. First of all I don't play anymore. So my knowledge from the current state of the game is only based on the forums and dev-blogs. However there is a thing which is called "emergent gameplay". Which for me means that player interaction "emerges" from the game mechanics. I think the alien core stuff is an example of that. There is an actual reason to do something in the game which does result in PvP. I really have a hard time understanding the "anti-PvP" crowd. But doing PvP for the sake of doing PvP at least for me feels kind of pointless. It is like getting into a staged fight like in Counter-Strike where you simply try to kill the opponent. And to be honest. That CAN be nice. But I think it is not the PvP people who want PvP in DU are looking for. In a sandbox the devs should create "content drivers". That is something to actually fight for and not having to do a staged "lets fight for the sake of fighting" thing. Alien cores look like a content driver to me. But there are not many of them in DU which is probably why people are actually asking for changes. People are probably not asking "give us ways to fight", but "give us actual ingame reasons to fight". Yes someone could do some ingame roleplay stuff. But to be honest, having to do roleplay stuff because the game does not create enough "content drivers" is not really "emergent gameplay" for me.
  9. How do you know? DU was definitely talked about several times on EVE corp discords. Several EVE streamers also tried out DU for a while becuase trailers at the launch of beta also suggested a lot of PvP and warfare. And this poll is from 2016, yes but it looks like there were definately some backers back then who did play EVE before: And as you can see the whole discussion about being like EVE seems to be very old. Right now the game is mostly about building so many active players care about this part. So probably PvP players are maybe a minority but I am not sure if that was the case at launch of beta.
  10. A lot of people did that. And DU population is now rather small. I am not sure if this advice is really helpful for DU or is actually killing it, but OK.
  11. So here is my point of view: A trading station totally makes sense. But some trading station in space? Without any means to do a player market at all? Using dispensers for trading for me feels like a workaround. Given that Aphelia already has trading stations. So you probably were planning to have a lot of dispencers for people to buy stuff. On the other end. If people could simply create player markets which would be really important from my perspective. Given the way NQ does things, all you would need for a trading station, IF player owned trading stations did exists. All you probably need is 1 trading interface and that is it. Maybe a landing platform. But most of the "nice" stuff would probably have no purpose. For example if you would have to create an actual dock which has an atmosphere which is protected by forcefields. That would be nice. But in DU everything is so safe and boring that you simply fly somewhere and do whatever you want without having to think at all.
  12. Huge percentage. Sorry. The huge amount of DU players is probably not existant because everyone is so focused on their "buildings without purpose" that they don't care about actual gameplay/changes which could bring in more players. For example PvP, wipe or: PvE! However we all know that PvE will never happen. Which is probaly the reason why all discussions are basically endless repetitions about the same problems because we all know that the main problem will never be addressed.
  13. Just stating my opinion of what I read on the forums. I realize that people get deeply emotional when it comes to their creations. Problem is that most of the buildings in DU are only interesting visually but have no purpose/function. Which makes them "random" in my point of view. And that has also been stated over and over again by other people on the forums. However the usual DU player completely ignores that criticism and is happy with their "creations without a purpuse"="random building". From my perspective. Furthermore the huge amount of DU players who are simply against any changes which involve PvP and which are completely not able to even try to understand other opinions is the main reason why I stopped playing.
  14. DU players probably going to tell you: But they said they only wipe if it is really necessary. I have ideas A-Z about how to do it differently and they don't listen to my idea, so I am angry. DACs are bad because I do no longer have an advantage by starting early. Yes NQ said there would be DACs but since I have invested time in the game I would expect NQ to change their mind and make DACs differently to what they said initially. Also: I did some random building which nobody really cares about but I played 12 hours every day so I am important and all potential users at launch are irrelevant and NQ should only focus on me.
  15. It was 100% obvious. However I would really like to know how the discussion between Karen and the manager continues
  16. This game is not sustainable because there are not enough players to sustain this game in the long term. Builders are like: If you wipe I will quit. Newsflash: This game will not be here in a year without major changes. Because games have to make money and DU does not make enough money out of the 1k builders. So yeah. They can listen to the 1k builders who are very vocal that they want to keep their constructs. But listening to them will, in my opinion, result in DU dying because that will not result in enough money coming in. Honestly: Do you really think people care about a nice "spinning shopping cart"? You look at that and after 1 min max you think it is boring. If you have new players coming in they are interested in the "Wild West" part where anything is possible. That is the main reason why a wipe makes sense. But builders are actually preventing this game from evolving. Like "airbrake obstruction". Builders do not want change in this game. So there is no way NQ can improve the game if they listen to builders. Because they don't like change. And no change means the death of the game.
  17. I only watch this from the sidelines as I don't play the game anymore. But based on what a part of the community want I really hope that NQ does not do a wipe. Because that will ruin the game completely. And maybe the Mincraft and Landmark players will finally understand that their playstyle is not sustainable for a game like DU.
  18. Minecraft is fun. Has exploration and NPCs. And after a wipe I just restart again. When it comes to the wipe discussion I think minecraft is a bad example.
  19. Same here. I stopped trying to understand DU players a long time ago. For me playing a game is the entertainment I get while playing. For others it is something different I do not understand. I basically do not understand most of the DU playerbase, which is also a reason I quit because they are very toxic when it comes to other gameplay loops other than "build nice things". They want something which is basically orthogonal to what I want. And I don't even know/understand what they want. And they probably don't know/understand what I want either. If the game would be fun, then everybody will play the game after a wipe. The main problem is that the game is not fun. Others/Builders have found probably other reasons to play the game. And a wipe will invalidate their "unknown reason to play the game". Which is plausible. Since the game is not fun.
  20. Same here. Since about a year. DU forum can be quite entertaining, actually more than the game itself. And what is the most funny part is that people try to paint the PvP players as the culprits. Like this game has been a train wreck for so long but now PvP is the problem. It is really funny to watch from the outside.
  21. Probably a little bit offtopic but I get the feeling others have no idea why people do PvP in a sandbox or what their motivation is. Yes I come from EVE. But PvP in EvE has only roughly something to do with "letting off steam". Arenas do also exist in EVE too from time to time but I don't care about them because that is a boring gameplay. Sometimes I just want to mine in EVE and rat (earn money by killing NPC enemies) a little bit. But then there are so many hostiles in our space so I jump into a PvP ship and join a defense fleet. To protect the area I am living in and to be able to mine and get money in the future. PvP is more about defending and securing your space. Or expanding it. Not so much about "letting off steam". And I like that when I mine I have to check comms and intel if I am safe or if there are enemies nearby. I live in something which is roughly something like the "not safe zone" in DU. Yes DU has not good tools to support that gameplay. And that is why people ask for more interesting mechanics for PvP. But your reasoning why people play open PvP games like EVE and participate in PvP is extremely weird.
  22. TBH: I really like these commercial necros. Maybe I will try to write one of my own in the future:)
  23. Building ships has not changed as far as I know. You do not have to care about things like atmosphere within the ship. Voxels are pretty much useless, you just slap random elements together and the thing will fly. AFAIK DU does still not have an ingame mailing possibility which is ridiculus for an MMO. Gameloops have been changed but I do not see an improvement. To be honest I never tried missions because they came out after I quit. But I know how long it takes to slowboat to a planet. So doing about 3 hour trips totally AFK is not what i would say is fun. NQ right now trying to rebalance PvP to make smaller ships better to fight against larger ones. This is something they should have figured out at least roughly before even going into alpha. There still are no player markets although it is a "player driven economy". That is what I mean with "broken".
  24. I am also one of those, who have left the game a long time ago (about a year) because all the promises were not met. View from the "outside": The game is so broken, I will not come back even if there is a wipe. I totally do understand the financial aspects of the the wipe/no wipe discussion. But a wipe will not bring me back. After all I have read on this forum the current state is this; Game was marketed as a building game. Pretty much everyone and their mother left after they figured out this is only a game about building nice stuff. Building itself is so boring/easy in this game, only people who have not heard about "Blender" before will like this game. See the whole "Airbrake obstruction discussion" if you want a reference. So there is nothing left to have fun in this game. The only people playing it are hardcore fans about builind nice stuff. Which is extremely niche. And NQ tried to bring in all of the 1k people there are, to attract others into this game. It did not work out, so nobody from the community can really safe this game. Neither the builders, because nobody except the people already playing this game care about any of their stuff. From the EVE/PvP perspective this game is still in alpha, so NQ is still years into building the actualy game they promised. TLDR: NQ management never had a plan and **** up.
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