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  1. And it is only going to get worse. I have a pretty good location close to a district on Alioth, and already I have to travel 20km+ to find an unclaimed tile for mining. And those unclaimed tiles are looking more and more like swiss cheese from all the district players mining them.
  2. There are three aspects to fps that are equally important. Rate, latency and jitter. - Rate is obvious, how many frames per second is shown. - Latency is the delay from user input until the result is shown on the display. This goes hand in hand with fps, but not 100%. You could theoretically have 240fps and 1 second latency. - Jitter is how even the distribution of all the frames per second is delivered to the monitor. DU appears to have a lot of jitter, making the FPS feel even lower that what it is. This could be improved by increasing the frame buffer, since latency is not critical in this game. And on a more technical note, having jitter issues is often a strong indication of un-optimizaed 3D rendering pipelines.
  3. CptLoRes


    The form could have been better, but the message has value. The state of this game is not what you would normally call beta.
  4. Great. Also try https://www.svgminify.com/ I have had better results with that one. Another trick is to limit decimal points to 1 or 2 when exporting svg. That will reduce the size by a lot.
  5. I have not seen anyone selling ships using dispensers, so I think it doesn't work period. Also the blueprint system is currently missing features to prevent buyers from mass producing and reselling blueprints they receive.
  6. Different solar systems most likely. But the name of the game, do make you wonder..
  7. NQ approval is for raster graphics (jpg, png) and is done using the account section on the web page. https://www.dualuniverse.game/account/image-upload No approval needed for svg shown directly on a screen element. But the svg link you posted is gone, so unable to comment on any potential problem with that. My guess would be that you exported to svg from Illustrator or similar? In that case you probably have to clean up the svg by hand, since they tend to generate very convoluted svg structures.
  8. Yes, performance has improved. Anything else would have been the death of the game. But to summarize the point runner78 is trying to make. DU being a single shard MMO, is purely a server problem. The client resource requirements only apply for what is shown on the client monitor. So when you think about it, if the server/network is struggling to deliver the construct mesh/voxels in time it should lead to less CPU/GPU not more on the client side. Simply because there would be less data to render. Compared to other voxel games, the CPU and GPU usage is very high and the resulting graphic does not match. Here is an example of a modern voxel engine. And again remember that thousand of players, single shard etc. is (or at least should be) a server problem.
  9. The price of the actual element is decided by sellers on the market (should be around 150K atm), but for each tile you claim when you place the TCU there is a fee that goes up. First is free, second 120K, third 480K and so on.
  10. Some nice info in there. - Large safezone (half planet mentioned) around Alioth mother ship/districts - No landscape reset happening on Alitoh, safe to terraform and build underground bases - Adding a second sanctuary moon when running out of tiles - More then one universe coming - Traveling between universes will require stargate - NQ does not have anyone who knows how to do voxelmancing at the level of certain players.. (vertex editor will come) - There are 53 artifacts in the game to be found - The lore puzzle supposed to take years until completion, has already been solved
  11. Then we don't have to discuss any more. I actually don't care if it is light speed or not, just as long as the playing field is equal for ships and weapons. Light speed just makes it obvious why weapons should not work as they do now. And as a side note, long range radar in a more RL space scenario is actually a very technical topic. Since you would get all the problems we have mentioned earlier with inverse square, light speed delays and even time dilation.
  12. I have a vague recollection of JC mentioning this in a podcast or some interview, but I am not sure and I am definitively not going to rewatch every DU video just to confirm. So I will settle with opinion. But still the opinion that makes most sense as a whole when you look at how other parts of the game mechanics work with Newtonian physics etc. And regardless, the main point is that if ships are subjected to Newtonian physics in the game (with whatever ingame restrictions applied) then so should weapons. A space rocket is by definition just a small spaceship with no crew.
  13. I can buy that, with the relatively short distances in DU. I was just pointing out that inverse square still applies to collimated laser. We could probably argue this in endless circles, but my point was that reflectivity (coupled with thermal mass) would be main attribute to how effective a laser shield is. Now you are just replacing one plausible explanation with one less so. Why so much opposition against 30K being light speed? There are many ingame effects pointing towards relativity. As you get closer to 30K it gets harder and harder to turn your ship, and and 29.999 you can (to my knowledge) no longer make course changes without first slowing down. But regardless, we are losing track of the point of this discussion. Using Newtonian physics, why should particle weapons and in particular rockets have propulsion able to drive them faster then ships? Extreme acceleration sure, but max speed no.
  14. We all know it is a practical limitation (used to be 20K earlier) set for being able to handle crash detection, loading of incoming voxels etc. But DU is heavily based on RL physics, so they tend to try and explain behavior borrowing from RL concepts. And saying that 30K is light speed is a good physics based explanation to the server limitation, and it fits very well with the actual max speed being 29.999 instead of 30K blank.
  15. I agree with much of what you say, but inverse square still applies to collimated lasers since perfect collimation (is that a word?) is impossible. Instead you end up with a better (more focused) starting point, giving you longer range with inverse squared applied. And saying that the laser is so strong that it will burn through any reflective material at range is a catch 22. Since the same laser would then self destruct when going through the internal mirrors and optics. This is also why military laser technology is mostly about being able to cool down the weapon. Laser cutters work around this by having the focal point of the laser be at the point of contact. But that would obviously not work for long range. And if 30K is not light speed, the question then would be why are projectile and rocket weapons capable of going faster but not ships? Or in other words, as longs as a ship keeps ejecting mass it will also keep accelerating. So 30K being light speed is the only thing that reasonably explains the max cap while still being plausible with the physics used by the game.
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