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  1. As mentioned we can't go into specifics because of the NDA. But the NDA has been extended long past the intended duration, so you can draw some conclusions from that..
  2. Sounds reasonable for crafting, but how would you translate raw materials into voxels? Are voxels now going to be 1000 times more expensive?
  3. First knee jerk reaction. - Inventory reduced from 64m3 to 4m3 (4000 liters)? There's going to be some fallout from that one. Seems you will need containers even for the smallest build or repair jobs now. - Liters? Not sure I agree that makes more sense, considering we are mostly dealing with voxels and elements with cubic volume. - Fuel is suddenly heavier? What is the rationale? Combustion based fuel liquids generally have less density (weight) then water. Also the blog talks about transport being a problem that needs addressing, but it never says what the fix will be? Saying 64000L instead or 64m3, dosent really change anything.
  4. With a astronomically correct universe, anyone can be left alone in DU if they want to. Just boost for a couple of hours in a random direction, and you have a higher chance of winning the lottery then meeting someone else. The only question is if there will be enough random planets/asteroids out there to make this a viable solutions.
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