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  1. This was already quoted in the post above, but I quote again since this since THIS is NQ/DU in a nutshell. And it all boils down to one thing. And that is NQ's inability to prioritize and deliver in a timely fashion, compared to what you see and expect from other game developers.
  2. I totally agree to this. But right now you can just walk over and stand on the outside of any construct, and the owner has no way of preventing this or removing you. So the problem is 100% NQ.
  3. It can't be just walking onto someones else's construct, it just cant. It is NQ's problem that they lack such basic mechanics as to deal with this, and pushing the problem over to the players is a systemic problem often displayed by NQ (like when they forgot to set proper rights on a market construct, and then blamed players for taking advantage).
  4. That only works if the ore goes straight into producing something that is worth more on the markets. Buying ore for large base build projects etc. dosen't work in the long run for obvious reasons. And mining fatigue is a REAL thing in this game, and is making players quit.
  5. We already had 1024, 2048 (and 4096 also I think, but been so long I am no longer sure) cores in pre-alpha tests. But they where removed for performance reasons (LOD etc.).
  6. According to the blog, timer starts the moment you land. So while the counter is running you will have to scan and locate the ore, and then mine it. To me the whole asteroid mechanic seems disproportionately in favor of large teams and PvP aggressors.
  7. So if I understand this correctly, big orgs wont even have to scan for asteroids. Just wait for the broadcast and then chase away/kill whoever did the work of finding and scanning the asteroid.
  8. Great in principle, and one of the things that made me found the initial kickstarter. Problem is that NQ does not seem to be able to deliver on this concept at all. Their pace of development is abysmal, and the most wanted features that players voted for are ignored. And by now the game it filled with unfinished first draft 'features' and long standing bugs and game limitations that are several years old.
  9. I get your meaning, but imagine what could/would be built if vertex manipulation wasn't hidden behind a wall of frustration. The quality of sculptures for example would go through the roof. And building smaller ships without the 'boxy' look would be much simpler. The name voxelmancy kinda says it all since it is taking the simple and easy to understand task of moving a vertex (within the boundaries of what is possible with voxels), and turning it into something so complex that people start to associate it with magic.
  10. It is kinda impressive that they managed to make another game mechanic that competes with mining for the title of "most mind numbingly boring" game feature award. It is almost like they don't play their own game or something..
  11. Considering how many players we lost after 0.23 it would seem the majority vote would be yes. But they are no longer here to say so..
  12. Sorry to say but all the other points are mostly irrelevant, since NQ has never been able to deliver on this most crucial point. Just look their 'progress' over past years and the new roadmap for what they 'hope' to be able to deliver this year to get my meaning.
  13. Welcome to the game. Various map and bookmark issues has been.. always..
  14. Shhh!!! Don't expose that that the entire galaxy system is just a racketeering scheme to make Aphelia filthy rich. Keep quiet or maybe next time you fly there will be some strange problems with your construct..
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