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  1. Problem with free to play is that DU is hosted on cloud servers where player activity cost real money. In fact just flying over a planet is probably one of the most expensive (for NQ) operation you can do in the game, since it translates into a lot of voxel streaming from the cloud servers. So each player joining for free will cost NQ real money, unless they repeatedly do enough micro transactions to offset the monthly server hosting cost. And even if they did decide to make DU into F2P, it would take at least a year to implement micro transactions using the famously slow NQ 'dev time'. And in the process they would of course find some strange and fundamentally wrong way of implementing micro transactions that players would not like at all. And those weird design choices would then go live regardless, because NQ would not have given us any details or asked for feedback on any of the changes until they where done making them. And by then it would be to late to make any substantial changes based on player feedback.
  2. That... actually makes sense. All lights in game will work forever, and there is no electrical source required for them to work.
  3. NQ gave up on realism a long time ago, and instead use weight as a stop gap to try and shape player behavior. I.e. objects that are costly to render and will effect performance are bumped up in weight to try and curb the usage.
  4. I... have nothing to say. It has all been said so many times already, and the outcome is always the same.
  5. Very slight. The AVX family of CPU operations is mostly about increasing bandwidth (128,256,512bit), so that you for example can do 4x64bit math operators at the same time it would normally take for one etc.
  6. To my knowledge it is only AVX-512 that Intel is dropping on selected CPU's, so DU (AVX / AVX2?) should be safe in that regard.
  7. It is well known that DU does voxel operations using the CPU only. NQ even used to brag about it in a "Voxel operations using AVX instructions" whitepaper. And since they never managed to do a proper decoupling of CPU, network/disk and GPU operations, you then get a "worst of all worlds" scenario dropping frames if any resource is lagging.
  8. We have been saying such thing for ever. Even before 0.23. But the simple fact is that back when NQ could have made such changes, they chose not to. Or to be more precise, they made changes but not the ones we needed or wanted. And right now they have so little man power and resources allocated to the game, I suspect they could not even if they wanted to.. So that ship sailed a long time ago I am afraid.
  9. No question that SSD/M.2 will result in much faster cache loading times then a spinning disk. But.. remember that this game is designed to continuously stream data from cloud servers. Meaning that as long as your cache drive is as fast as your internet connection, then there should be little to gain during actual game play once the game has loaded. The problem here is when the game is made in such a way that loading new assets (either from cache or cloud servers) results in stutter and frame drops when rendering the existing assets that are already loaded and ready. And this choice/lack of design becomes especially bad when the entire premise of the game is to continuously stream in new assets all the time while playing.
  10. - I greatly enjoyed learning how to build and script effective designs. - The first time you successfully enter space and safely return again, was epic. (The failures where also entertaining, in their own way). - I enjoyed industry before 0.23. - And in the beginning I had a good time exploring space, planets and the underground cave systems. But sadly, that did not last long since there was nothing to discover.
  11. We have had this discussion many times. And the bottom line is that DU shows all the symptoms of bad system design. The lack of separation on the screen render (fps) and asset loading (network/ssd streaming), being just one of many such examples. I.e. the renderer should operate in a separate thread working only with the assets it has available, and by design it should never be affected (fps) by asset being loaded until the new voxels are finished processing and ready to be rendered. So having a slow network/storage would result in longer loading times before voxels show on the screen, but the fps should never drop while doing so. And this problem is made even worse since DU appears to not have any occlusion culling on either streaming or rendering, meaning that everything like underground constructs, tunnels and inside of constructs etc. are always loaded and rendered while you are flying above them.
  12. You got some stray leftover voxels from when you dug out the land. Best way (that I know) to find those tiny almost invisible voxel artifacts is to make a dynamic construct with a voxel wall in it, and swipe it across the area using the move tool until it get snagged on one of the artifact. This way with some trial and error you can figure out where the artifact is and hopefully be able to get a lock so that you can delete it. And yes, this is just one of many such things that NQ should have fixed a long time ago, instead of frustrating players and forcing them to come up with all sorts of workarounds just to make the game playable.
  13. A simple solution would be to just add and remove square boxes of dirt (like landmark did). This would be a win-win since it would be very useful for players, and also make it easier for the servers to handle with simpler voxel shape updates. And then you would just use the smooth tool afterwards, if you don't want sharp edges.
  14. I am more fascinated by how every one of those "revolutionary future tech" web3 portal tech demo/game sites, manage to look like it is some type of early year 2000 style game or CGI from The Lawnmower Man movie.
  15. More web3... web4?!! I am going to be rich!!
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