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  1. Turning the discussion into an personal attack is such an elegant and classy gesture..
  2. Thank you! And for future reference, imagine all the drama that could have been avoided if we did not have to wait 11 days to get this message.
  3. Yes, before anything like this we should first hope for more essential features like voxel libraries and mirror mode building that have been on the 'most wanted' list since forever. But hey! We are finally getting the number 1 most wanted vertex editor feature, so there is some hope. Only took how many years?
  4. It was/is an official NQ list, but they stopped accepting more suggestions some time ago.
  5. There is this.. https://dualuniverse.featureupvote.com/ But from the 496 requests only 16 has been marked as done. So all it does is highlight all the things NQ should have done, but did not do..
  6. This is a recurring trend. Since is MUCH quicker and easier to remove then it is to create, it seem this is preferred solution to most NQ actions these days. So my advice to NQ would be this. Each time you remove something players actively use in-game, make sure you have an adequate replacement solution ready beforehand.
  7. I think as with most thing we post here this is a good idea, and that also as usual NQ will not have the time to even reply and mush less implement. And with regard to this, I for one would VERY much like to see support for proper analog joystick input in this game.
  8. Yes I completely agree! What this game needs now after the severe resource limitations introduced by Demeter, is as many sinks as possible so that we can just get this over with, declare the game dead and move on..
  9. Ehh... Him being killed was as he said so himself, just the drop that made the bucket overflow. Did you all just skip reading most of the post where he details all the problems and why he is leaving? Fact is that 0.23 made many players leave, and everything points to Demeter having the same effect. And no amount of putting blame on players and saying 'git gud' is going to save this game.
  10. The longer you try and see into the future the more certain UBI becomes. But... Global UBI would also requires a colossal mental and economical shift, since profit driven production would no longer be sustainable.
  11. Doing such a check would be ridiculously simple, since it does not require exact intersection calculations. All you need is the center coordinates and a rough radius (for size approximation) for each element, and then you do a quick check to see if any of the element center coordinates are to close to each other.
  12. But that requires a master plan and a final goal for the game. Something I strongly suspect NQ does not have at all. So what we have instead is NQ putting out fires and trying stuff to see what sticks. Which when combined with bad communication makes it disastrous.
  13. And considering DU is based on Newtonian physics and there is virtually no friction in space, that makes no sense. The only difference between a small and large ships in space is mass, which dictate how much inertia a ship has. Meaning as long as you are willing to expend the extra energy and time to accelerate the mass, there should be no speed difference between small and large. If they are doing this, they might as well throw in the towel and go full Star Wars with airplane flight behavior in space.
  14. What makes this so frustrating is that I actually don't understand what NQ is trying to achieve with this patch. Like, at all. There isn't any exploit problems with normal building causing slight element intersections, and the 100% stacking bug has already been patched. And the obvious solution to remedy the fallout from the previous exploit, is a one time event where they scan the servers to find and disable all constructs that contains actual 100% stacking exploits. So what exactly are they trying to achieve with this? And if for some reason NQ does not want any element intersection no matter how small. Would it then not be prudent to fix the build system that is causing these intersections, before they go all ham and starts disabling constructs left and right? You can't give someone a speeding ticket first, and then lower the speed limit afterwards. And having something like this appear on the live servers at all, is a symptomatic problem that highlights a big part of why this game is struggling.
  15. Working around bad game design using external solutions, does not improve the game or make more people want to play.
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