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  1. So this new player with hardly any funds and a newb speeder only is going to. - buy gods from markets - transport said gods to markets on other planets, usually outside the safezone - Build a factory - buy a territory scanner That is going to take forever without first having to do lots of mining to get the funds to scale up to something sensible and being able to afford crashes etc.
  2. Nope, no kind of ore respawning and all landscape changes are permanent. Hence the Swiss cheese reference. NQ claimed it would take years to mine even a small fraction of the ore, but reality seem to have shown otherwise. Especially on some of the outer planets and moons.
  3. Quote from the kickstarter. So the problem isn't that players are trying to force the game into something else, and more that the DU roadmap is changing into something that looks less and less like what was promised.
  4. LUA scripts must be able to detect people entering and leaving the script activation zone and perform predefined actions depending on RDMS. This is fundamental functionality requires for them to work at all in a MMO. So unless there is some script jailbreak exploit (not what we are talking about here, and there are no known exploits to my knowledge) to run unsanctioned code on the client pc, there is nothing to worry about. You average web page will run a metric buttload of javascripts and trackers that are much more scary then this will ever be, with access to your physical location (closest internet access node/GPS) and RL information. All thanks to big companies like google, facebook etc. that make you give out this information voluntary to access some kind of 'free' service..
  5. All current markets are owned by NQ, so it falls on NQ to police them. Once we get player driven markets, I assume that we also get the tools need to dictate how to run them (yeah I know, but one can hope..).
  6. And here is what NQ replied. Are they really this far removed from actual game play, that they think this is a good change that will help single players? Nerfing industry and mining was an inconvenience for large orgs, but for single players it is catastrophic. Single players are now unable to build the industry needed to be self sufficient and have the resources to explore other aspects of the game. And as a result are now stuck doing mining and nothing else just to get by with the bare essentials. This did not help single players, it destroyed the game for single players..
  7. The 'aerodynamics' in DU aren't that hard, in fact they are much more forgiving then reality. But having RL experience with aerodynamics you have probably fallen in the same trap I did which is to expect RL behavior from the game. But DU 'aerodynamics' is nothing like RL, so you have to game the system instead of trying to make actual airworthy designs. It sucks I know, but it is was it is..
  8. I do a daily login for the quanta, and about once a week I fly the outside of the Alioth district ring to check out other peoples constructs. And excluding the markets I am lucky if I see maybe 10 players in total working on constructs etc. while completing the ring.
  9. The mouse control works for normal racing, but I was talking about FPV race style flying where you need two high resolution analog sticks (4 axis control).
  10. I fly FPV racing drones in RL, and technically it should be possible to build and fly something similar in DU. The movements would be slower, but it should be possible to do all the classic moves like power loops etc. But without proper analog joystick support, we are nowhere near having the control responses and accuracy needed for competitive flying.
  11. Well said. There must be a well defined and detailed roadmap with achievable goals, for anyone to be able to produce effectively in teams. So until NQ knows exactly how they want to implement the game pillars in detail and the game as a whole, the devs are mostly just floundering around putting out fires. I.e. the initial R&D stages where you figure out what is possible and not before making the final design, should have been completed a long, long time ago before they entered the soft release 'beta'.
  12. I like the suggestion blazemonger made. So if we combine it would mean that once the player is no longer able to pay the parking fee (fee goes to tile owner) for the 'abandoned' construct, the core is unclaimed so that other players can salvage it. This way we are both solving the problem and turning the cleanup into game content for other players. The solution would also make it possible to place ads/expo constructs in popular locations, provided the owner agrees and set a reasonable rate for the parking fee. And suddenly we also have some of that player driven economic interaction JC wanted so much! The only potential problem I can think of is if someone crash on your tile by accident, and don't have the means to repair. But that just means they have the choice of either getting the repair resources needed relatively quickly, or abandon the construct core to avoid the parking fee. And most of the players I know, would probably help repair the construct for free instead of playing the 'evil landlord' part. I know I would, if someone actually crashed and was struggling.
  13. Yeah. The Institute + market + transporter ring on Alioth made sense as a central point of commerce in the Universe. And was a natural place to drop beginners and ease them into the game with easy access too the entire district market ring. The current state with a market pad of to the side somewhere, and transporters that serve almost no purpose any more. Not so much.. And I agree. Despawning inactive constructs would by far be the easiest and quickest "somewhat ok solution" for NQ to implement. And it would not even require a separate impound location to retrieve the blueprints, since they could just have a dispenser on the pad that would return impounded blueprints back to players (with or without a fee). And to forestall a certain quick fix that would be tempting for NQ to use. They will need to implement a impound dispenser for this solution. Since the quick fix hack of just moving blueprints straight into player inventories, would be used as an exploit to move resources from the markets for free.
  14. They tried the usual 'quick fix' approach with the teleporting to a parking zone thing. But as usual they had not really thought it trough and implemented it in a way so that it caused more problems and confusion then it solved, and was forced to remove it again. And this is not just some nice to have feature. But as we said (years ago) something needed for the game to solve all kinds of potential problems with unwanted parking and ad spam in territories, bases, space stations and player driven markets (in the future) etc. Case in point. I have a hex close to district 6, and after 0.23 I now have several crashed and abandoned (not the core) constructs from other players littered around on my land. And with the move tool nuked, I am no longer able to remove them from my hex in any sensible way.. And as a result I have been forced to use scrap on other peoples constructs just to kill the annoying smoke generators lagging my game. I have considered making some big holes and cover them in dirt just to be a d**k. But so far I have resisted the urge.
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