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  1. If this game ever becomes popular and gains a solid player base, district 6 and worse is going to be every market in the game.
  2. But we don't know... Since NQ treats communications with players like marketing PR, using wish-washy wording that don't actually say anything. In the entire history of this game, I cannot think of a single time where players have been involved until after the feature suddenly shows up in a blog and has already been implemented so that it will be released regardless of player feedback. And this is the complete opposite of what was promised during the Kickstarter campaign. And if it is because NQ is worried that talking about the internal dev process and limitations in features
  3. Market bots are currently needed because this game is FAR from complete. Without bots the ONLY money injection into this game would be the daily 150K, and while slowly increasing day by day that money would be ALL the money in the entire game that people could use for trading.
  4. First, we need a way to tell if someone is parked on an NQ-owned market -- that's not likely a flag that exists today> You also need a firm definition of 'parked' -- does hovering just over the market count as 'parked'? Does it have to touch the market to count, or any idle ship within a market hex is affected? The "parked" bit must be stored server-side, too. > Already mostly implemented with the docking features Then it needs a timestamp to imprint the 'parked time'. Another server-side data construct they don't have today. > Trivial to implement What if s
  5. Not only is it easy and fast to implement but also an effective solution. And the dev time would be an good long-term investment (for once), since if DU survives and there some day actually is a large player base. Some variant of this features is going to be REQUIRED for managing unwanted clutter and construct griefing in player owned areas. But sigh.. knowing NQ they will probably come up with some unique solution that nobody else has thought off (for a reason).
  6. And again..... This is a problem that was pointed out years ago in the pre-alpha tests. The fact that having a consistent world in a MMO, where digging holes is the main (and arguably only) source of income does not scale well, should not be a surprise to anyone. Storing world scale geometry in a voxel DB may seem very doable at first glance, since unaltered space takes zero storage and server-client I/O. But when you then add a MMO game on top, that incentivizes all players to make world changes everywhere (digging) it is bound to collapse.
  7. An asteroid puzzle race is just another race to the bottom for this game. It should be obvious that anything puzzle or time based will translate into gain for big org's and the 0.1% of most dedicated players, at the expense of new players and the larger average player base that don't have the time or interest to live and breath DU 24/7. Same with broadcasting asteroid locations. Org's already have the advantage in numbers increasing their chances for finding asteroids worth mining, and now they are also going to be told where to travel to kick out any smaller group of p
  8. Exactly. Incremental HTML DOM updates is one of the fundamental techniques that makes modern interactive web pages possible with reasonable resource drain on smartphones etc. So the current LUA Screen implementation is fundamentally flawed. And now NQ is blaming the technology (that works great for billions of users btw.), instead of their own bad implementation that probably was some early "just make it work as quickly as possible so we have something to show, and then we fix it later" deal that ended up being the 'final' version. And now they want to throw out the baby with
  9. The announcement is pretty much just a summary of all the things we have been saying and asking for the last couple of years. Here is to hoping, this time it's for real.
  10. They just have to finish up 0.24 first, which is taking .. .. some time. So timeframes will have to be projected accordingly. My guess is that NQ is currently spending more time rewriting and patching up the back-end and trying to adapt existing functionality to those changes, then adding actual new functionality. But no worry, it is not like we warned them that adding functionality on top of a shaky foundation would hurt them in the long run or anything like that.
  11. And in that time frame NMS added more new features and playability then NQ has ever done since the start of the game in late 2016 (plus what I would guess is 1-2 years of private dev time before the kickstarter). That from my perspective says everything.
  12. A long, long time ago in pre-alpha, players had 9999 of everything. And it was the most fun I ever had in this game, since experimentation and building wasn't hidden behind a wall of grind.
  13. Sure, whatever I guess at this point. But they are still essentially reinventing the wheel (into a subpar version at best), because they could not be bothered figuring out how to properly fasten the nutbolts. A shadow DOM on the client side would have solved 99% of the problem. And if that wasn't enough they could have just rate limited DOM operations to avoid excessive usage.
  14. Regardless of color scheme, using a serif font for the relatively small text sizes in a forum is a big nono. But we are back to sans serif now, so I can live with this.
  15. Thing is, this is NQ in a nutshell. No sane dev would implement the current DOM in a MMO game. And we see this type of thing everywhere in the game. Like opening up the notification list anyone? The functionality you mentioned here should mostly have been an automatic feature (using some variant of shadow DOM) in the setHtml() function from day one. And the type of specific function calls you mention, should only be used to even further optimize the performance beyond what shadow DOM would do.
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