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  1. HI, We are starting to have a fairly large city. Even with a ship shop Adresse : ::pos{0,26,-5.7328,51.1860,41.0680} POD VR : ATS ALTERANS :)
  2. This kind of bug is urgent to correct ... You are going to lose the PvE players while you haven't let the PvP players have fun yet.
  3. Engineering skills applied to elements do not remain on the blueprint. Lots of talents in some cases or just one at random
  4. It is difficult to understand the “drama” that is unfolding on the English-speaking side for our group of players. The impact of the arrival of BOO has been very low. If we watch YT videos and Twitch reruns, a significant number of people be participated the Star Wars PvP event during more than hour. I believe the main victim of BOO was an aluminum-built star destroyer ... BOO or not its rapid destruction unfortunately would have been inevitable I think. Our ships built on the theme of Star Wars and engaged on the Imperial side even had the luxury of dumping their ammunition containers on BOO's "Sacrebleu" while eliminating the few rebel ships that lock them. Lots of fun for these crews. This event is a great success.
  5. It wasn't that bad. Funny how BOO failed to do any significant damage to our Star Wars Skinner pvp ships. Good intervention, unwelcome and unsurprising, but Dual Universe will be bland if we do not have this kind of target ^^ So thank you I guess
  6. What is this devblog? Is the goal to destroy what little hype is left on the game? Can you talk about the work you are doing for energy and balancing PvP? Where did the asteroid arrive? Just letting the community know how you plan to put this in place in the next few months will have a lot more impact than how the jetpack works: /
  7. Even if builders don't build in the PvP zone and only in the safe zone, adding PvP will be a great thing. To believe that the PvP community wants 100% PvP everywhere and prevent you from building / playing is wrong. To begin with, we are not asking for much. Just a small isolated planet open in PvP, with T4 / T5 ores. A fairly simplistic balancing : container linked deactivated, AGG deactivated, planet with 20 G of gravity and this will limit the harvest of the ore. This will not impact PvE players in any way. And will let PvP players finally have a little fun. Unless it is you who absolutely want to forbid me to play and have fun on this game?
  8. I spoke with a little streamer again tonight who plays with a group of a few people. At the beginning so motivated that they wanted to do everything by themselves, the projects progressed then the weariness of their group as planned. Now that they have made their main base, their piece of industry, a few ships and their showroom. What's left for them to do? Nothing the turn of the game was over for. They are leaving now ... DU is still losing players who have been hyped. If you are not a LUA or voxel artist, boredom happens very quickly ... We need that promised PvP, let us have a little fun. Give us areas to attack and defend with huge amounts of resources and we're doing massive things/impresive in this game. PvP won't prevent huge city creation just for the LULZ or to show off its power / abundance of resources ... The one and only have keep the player these are interplayer events which keep motivated the last meager troops remaining in the game. It is starting to become urgent to act. More control of players, end of markets managed by bots and PvP everywhere outside Madis / thades / alioth area. Only a few months to act before losing the most loyal ones (the new ones only stay 2 or 3 weeks ...)
  9. Why not take the problem backwards, NQ does not take action because it does not seem necessary to them. Let's all bring an L core ship that we will leave parked as close to the market as possible. (an M core for the less wealthy among us). This should make things happen. Personally I only use one market and it is not very crowded (and I don't have any lag / crash concerns). But if this gets in my way, I will also come and park the most big ships in my possession so that everyone can enjoy them.
  10. Is there only this mission system planned in new content for the future update of March 2021?
  11. no, he tends to slip into it a little always You have to run the tool manoeuver several times and it ends up sticking well
  12. so boring if NQ doesn't do anything for PvP yet ...
  13. This lack of PvP is starting to have very negative effects on the game's population. We are only a small group whose hearts remain motivated and present in the game but on the other hand, it is impossible to retain new players and our allied gunners for our battleships ... The hemorrhage in each other's ranks really begins to make feel. In some groups, there is talk of a loss of 80 to 85% of active members. More than ever, we need this kind of balance proposed by the author and especially a reason to fight. The game hasn't had any real gameplay additions since the mid-alpha phase.
  14. This may be wanted by NQ to justify a total wipe. "oh look, it's an extreme condition the economy is not working, we have to go back to"
  15. I don't see how a wipe would be a solution. There will always be players who will have an advantage.
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