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  1. sorry for the language barrier and the translation but this does not allow me to understand this message
  2. If I use purple voxels on my PvP ship, would you say they were implemented at the request of PvP players? You forgot that a PvP player is a more accomplished player than just a PvE player. Because all PvP players also do PvE.
  3. I take advantage of the creation of this section to quickly resume some advice that I recently gave on another subject. This is not a complete step-by-step guide. But a reminder of a set of safety rules. => If you want to transgress even a single point, be careful, it may be this one that will make the difference between your death or your success. - For your first outing use a small ship and tell yourself that you will die with it. It will force you to use some things that you can lose and since the mourning of this ship is already done, it will affect you less if it really happens. - Always to reduce the price of a possible loss, asteroids are in space, only go there with a full space ship (no hybrid/atmo ship). You can also use pieces that have already lost 1 life. - Don't bring your home with you ! Granny's porcelain dishes should stay safe at Haven. - You can already go to an asteroid discovered several days ago. - You can discover a roid, but don't mine it, come back later in the week. - Do not keep your DSAT on your mining vessel. Discover the asteroid and come back with a ship without this DSAT. - Don't go to the biggest roid (exotic/rare) - Do the astroids 1 by 1. Loot => Go home Do not chain asteroids one after another. - Do not be too greedy, limit your mining time. - Try not to take any "pipe" road on the way back - Do not dig to bury and hide your ships. All construction remains visible to radar and can be destroyed. You are not Han Solo in star wars. ---------------------------------------------- If now you want to defend yourself during an attack and not use a "disposable" ship. - The first : Arm yourself and go there with friends Don't Go PvP Alone If You're Inexperienced - Somebody's gotta keep an eye on the radar all the time - Use 1 ships for 1 player - Respect the PvP meta of the game (we may have the opportunity to talk about it clearly in dedicated threads). - Use force respawn on a resurection node to quickly return to your ship when needed. - Use a dedicated ship to pick up the containers you will excort or separate the ores on all the ships. --------------------------------------------------- If I think of anything else I will complete.
  4. I think that if you want to go and do activities in a PvP zone, then yes you will have to learn how to defend yourself there. With an organization learning will certainly be easier and faster. But nothing forces you to join body and soul in a group of players. There are a lot of people a little solo or only with 1 or 2 friends on the game. You will inevitably find other players that you will have met on the discord, forum or PvE activity in game and with whom you will have affinities. That's when I think you have to see if you can't get together for an evening. Everyone brings their own equipment. If you really don't think you can participate in PvP activities, well, nothing forces you to. You can trade to buy the upper tiers. Obtain quantas by doing PvE activities and ores with your mining Units or surface harvesting. Being part of a PvP group we get 90% of our resources through our PvE activities. This allows us to fight and possibly chain major defeats several times and never find ourselves blocked because for some reason we would no longer have access to the PvP zone.
  5. Oh yes, there was a fight more recently. I think it's a translation bug I had the equivalent of "annihilate" on the quick translation. There was indeed the loss of 1 or 2 ships I believe. Always a few diehards who are slow to pass on the meta S ships ^^ But no really significant loss, PvP is active at the moment clashes as it happens regularly and I believe that all sides lose and kill ships all days. It's quite a good thing. Content for all.
  6. Did you really read the different messages above ? I explained that 2 or 3 players can easily succeed in a mining operation in PvP zone. There are people who even do this on their own. There are of course some strategy and ways to play to master, that's what I tried to develop in my answers. A pirate is often alone or in a duo. Of course if you are unlucky you can find more people but it's really very rare case. Because hunting on asteroids with more than 2 ships if you are not sure to have someone in front IT IS NOT PROFITABLE. You won't be able to survive 100% of your encounters. But if you try to play smart you will greatly reduce encountering a pirate. And if you play with a small group (2, 3 people or a little more) you have plenty to save the majority of your ships by sacrificing one. See your attacker run away and leave before friends come to him. People who say there is no skill in PvP are those who have never practiced it. YOU may not have skills because YOU ARE a bad pilot on Dual Universe. But this is not the case for everyone. Your ramblings on the Lua part clearly show your lack of competence in this area as well. You'd better shut up than talk nonsense. It's clearly not the PvP guys out to kill the game. NQ is doing all these nerfs to limit the possessions of wealth-hoarding safe zone players. The care bears are the first to blame. If we had territory warfare, cleary NQ would not have needed intervention with such a violent change in the economy.
  7. It was indeed a big expectation compared to other subject
  8. Let me answer you again ^^ Multiple reports of over a 1000 scans being needed to find T2+... - When the game was launched, I scanned several planets. I did about 50 scans on each (about 4h of scans). I stop after finding 3 flowers of T2 and 2 flowers of T3. There is a technique to learn to scan effectively. => Now it's easier: go next to a player's flower and scan next to it: you will find T2. Safe zone Roids being mobbed by 26+ ships with 75 minutes left before being "Discovered" (during the weekday, weekends must be worse) - They are safe zone asteroids: low risk = low reward High risk of being ganked if you try an mine other Roids with just a couple of people and no PVP protection pilots. - It's an MMO, with 2 or 3 players you can effectively defend yourself against a single pirate. Of course bad luck if you're on the same asteroids as an entire organization. But this scenario is very rare. The pirates are often all alone and in rare cases with 2. More people makes the hunt not profitable at all. Shields that don't protect you, just reduce the damage taken (? based on description ? Rather unclear about that) - Shields don't make you immortal. They can take a certain amount of damage and then deactivate. M shields have 5M HP, L shields 10M. You must also be present to correctly set the resistances according to the weapons that your opponent uses on you. To be invulnerable you would need to land a station and use a station shield. But be careful, enemies can come and besiege your construct and this will create a window of vulnerability. Mass based speed limits that guarantee a ganker can close on a loaded hauler. - You need a mining ship and an escort. Or distribute the mining over several ships. Seems like we are forced to have someone man guns to fend off lone raiders, and hope that we can sting raiding packs before they inevitably kill us. - Arming yourself is indeed the best defense against a lone raider. Go out with your friends and with multiple ships, someone keeps an eye on the radar. If a threat arrives that you cannot fight: separate. They can't kill everyone. Wondering if there is a Universe Patrol org that focuses on hunting down raiders and killing them, repeatedly??? - These people need to be funded by PvE players if they want to be protected. Legion (full PvP aliancy) was created because the totally PvE organizations of the old Ascendancy alliance did not wish to participate in the financing of the protection of their armed forces. If so, what do their ships look like? e.g. Is there a difference between a ganker ship and a anti-ganker ship? - PvP ships are almost all alike. You can come to the "SNS main Base" to see what a fleet looks like. Quickly: 6 S cannons, 4 L freight engines and the rest of the basic elements of a ship. Oh also we sell PvP Meta ship BPs in our showroom; VR: " SNS Showroom Public DSAT " https://du-creators.org/makers/SNS Sentinels/ship/Sabre and who is going to be left to build ship parts for the PVPers after they force us from the game for not being like them? - As a PvP group we have +500 mining units and we regularly farm on PvP asteroids. We have a very large industry from T1 to T4 which covers all of our needs. Large stocks of combat-ready ships, resources, ammunition and fuel. Even if we completely stopped mining and crafting, we would continue to be a threat in the PvP space for many months. The remaining PvP players will play against other PvP players who enjoy playing the game using all of the gameplay mechanics available to us. Have a nice day
  9. Don't get me wrong, if I wanted to help you it was so that you realize that asteroids are profitable (really they are). The goal is to be able to kill you from time to time on it. Not all the time so you can keep wanting to come back: risk and reward. You would have had a good amount of ore and every once in a while I could have come and killed you. Let's resume: - If you discover an asteroid yourself DO NOT MINE IT Come back later to mine it or go to one that has already been discovered for a few days. - Don't stay that long, especially for your first outing - Thanks for the ship reference. It is a good ship to discover the asteroid but certainly not to mine on it (in the PvP zone). The DSAT is something you can leave at your base. It costs a good part of the price of the ship, it's heavy and bulky. - On the DSAT you have the indication to which planet is "related" the asteroid. The maximum spawn distance should be within 150 Su. Good luck for the next try
  10. Dream not for talent resets. NQ gets us used to not doing anything about it. In PvP there are talents that take years to develop and overnight all this investment can become useless. Welcome to our world.
  11. Don't get sucked into the nickname. For many years I have been passionate about heroic fantasy (and I also do medieval re-enactment irl). So this "title" sounds better on this kind of game than here. But i'm lazy to change name for my virtual activities.
  12. The fight you are referring to appears to be the fleet fight that took place on a station with a shield planted by Lodestar. The server died before the fight really entered an interesting phase. The losses are more than limited compared to the number of ships involved. It's not just a mining ope gone wrong. But a fleets who to try to destroy / defend a station.
  13. Sorry but it looks like you didn't really follow my recommendations that I wrote earlier in the thread. Maybe something wasn't clear and specific enough. You seem to have died in one of the most ridiculous ways possible. Your opponent only needed afk on this roid and pull out an XS core and a gun to kill you. => Was the asteroid you are going to already discovered? If yes, since when ? If it was you who discovered it, you shouldn't mine on it right away but come back later. - Did your ship have a powerful enough shield (at least a Shield Generator S) and a little shield voxel to be able to tank voxel ? (1,000m3 of steel does not cost that much) - Did you have a weapon to kill this XS vessel? an XS ship is not a big threat at all. A pair of S cannon even without talent would have got the better of him. - Do you use a resurrection node to quickly return to your ship in case of an attack ? - Try to mine close to your ship to hear attack sounds. - 3M seems to be a bit too big a budget. What was your ship? Was it really a full space ship ? - A 500 SU asteroid is not a "safe" or far away asteroid. He may have been 500su from you on Alioth. But only 20Su from Teoma or Jago. So a very close asteroid for a PvP to come watch it.
  14. Yes by doing piracy most of the time we only kill people who unfortunately don't really know how to play. It's very rare to catch someone with experience. And guess who makes tens of millions per trip? Experienced players with lots of Alt. A more capable radar system for space PvP is a necessity to balance things out. A guy playing alone but with 50 alt to fill many mission freighter should be able to get into trouble.
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