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  1. Ahahaha To say that when I blasted the organizational system, I was laughed at because "you know you can do sub-organization to manage your rights" Ultimately it is well deserved. Why don't we have a real state system in play? With laws and voting duties in order to truly control organizations. Where are the sub-roles other than legate or member? Why can't we customize the RDMS with votes, rights that can apply to ALL members (even the superlegat)? There need to be more rights and obligations, whether it's for portfolio management or even in-game asset management.
  2. I think the advantage of asteroids is in storing the changes of the world, 100 people who dig a hole leave data for their gallery for the life of the game. 100 people on asteroids only leave this same data for a few days (the time for the asteroid to erase). So maybe the storage of this gallery data is insignificant and it fits on a USB drive. But I guess when I walk around a planet the server sends me information about the location of the galleries and my computer has to calculate it to display it. This might be the kind of thing we can do without. But you're right, it pro
  3. I have the impression that it is not that simple. I could be wrong, but to play the game from the alphas phases, NQ offloads a lot of calculations on our game clients for all the environment modifications. This also means pending operations when you make a hole. Now if you also need to calculate the operations required to fill the same hole... I think we agree that we don't want to calculate the filling of our neighbors' holes when we fly over their houses. And it is certainly out of the question to have more operations pending (new holes dug by the player
  4. The worst is the PvP trailer: "We Shall Fight" The vessels with the engines at full speed while they are going at maximum 396km / h ... Blue indicators for the allied fleet, and red for the enemy fleet. The combat zone of maximum 5 kilometers in diameter ... Hunters fly close a capital ship 100m away. Hunters who fight in doght fight at 400m range and 22km above the surface of a planet! So it's not completely false, indeed we can do that in game ... But it is very far from reality.
  5. Yes there here are the problem. Currently there is an arms race because the people who are still in the game and who PvP are among the most active in the game. Ships with indecent amounts of elements and voxels are released in PvP fleets every day. Solo or multi-crew ships have several tens of millions of quanta (see hundreds if you take market prices). So yes it takes an investment to enter PvP. And there is nothing to gain from it. A player who wants to go out cannot even afford a small ship, as the ship design does not suffer from any limitations. For
  6. It's not that it bothers me. But when we say where is the game in new feature gameplay as much to say nothing about of color engine. Integrate it discreetly with the update of the asteroids. Even if that means not seeing his visuals for the next 6 months. It will be less frustrating for us players.
  7. And here is a personal attack. I guess that's how you behave when you admit you're wrong. But the point is, no one said it was too complicated to make a PvP ship. This is not the real subject of this topic. We only craft ships in iron armor and we haven't lost a fight against BOO or another incompetent adversary of the same style who thinks their golden ship is everything. But from what you're talking about, it looks like you haven't mastered PvP at all here.
  8. Yes we must remove the planet exploitation and move it to the asteroids. The asteroid have a lifespan and are completely removed from the game once a time limit has elapsed.
  9. It is good form to read the entire subject before commenting
  10. The problem is that there is no balancing or limitation. NQ wants players to be responsible and limit themselves. It's either a terrible joke or I don't know ... I had a hard time digesting the information when they responded with this "vision" of the balancing in one of the questions asked in AMA. I really had the impression of having in front of me a financial market economist spinning money at Total while telling myself that the self-regulation of the markets is sufficient by itself and that the planet will avoid heating up climate. But let's stop joking. An
  11. To bounce back and make a constructive return to NQ-Deckard. I think the priority is not to an XL engine implementation. An adjustment will have to be made, certainly slipping the engine power up a notch. An XS in front of S, S becoming M, M becoming L, L becoming XL ect ... But such a modification would have to be accompanied by a limitation. Core XS => Engine size S max Core S => Engine size M max Core M => Engine size L max Core L => Engine size XL max As well as assigning a weapon / radar point pole for each core in order to balance and ha
  12. (After proofreading my English was not really good on my last message, sorry) What I mean is that the mining that we are currently doing on a planet will be moved to asteroids. Both in PvP area and also in PvE area. If NQ pops rocks with a radius of 500m, that is approximately the volume of a tile, you will have plenty of time to use the gameplay of your scanner tool and your directional detector as well as your favorite minning chairs. They are NOT REMOVING any current gameplay elements. This will redirect a lot of people in the space around hot points. I
  13. For mining I hope NQ will put an end to the traditional mining that we know today. I have the impression that this is the path he is taking and that it is something that will be able to limit / control the masses of data to be managed. The 3 things that are being changed: - Improved surface harvest + ore (Naeris once said that it was in the NQ plans) - We know that the minning units are planned - We were promised asteroids Once all this is in play, why continue to dig holes in the planets? - Surface harvesting for beginners - Minning unit on planets to keep node scan g
  14. Or : "it doesn't work on Shadow? Get a Geforce Now account;)"
  15. It is true that the subject has often been broached. I think if NQ needed us. hum. Well, rather if they will need us when working on it later, they will. At the moment they seem to be totally busy on other subject. We are in Beta and they could regularly allow themselves to change values for testing and balancing. But the development team seems so small that humanly it does not seem capable to have of a person devoting himself to this kind of subject.
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