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  1. Less cross section: - You have more efficient cargo in atmo compared to people who do not cheat. - You are less likely to be hit in pvp compared to people who don't cheat NQ equilibrium are based on the volume that an element occupies on your construct.
  2. You don't have to come to the PvP area unarmed. This PvP area is for PvP players. And these areas will be bigger and bigger in the future. The planets in the Outer Rim will also become PvP as intended by the game from the start. You want to come to the PvP zone without respecting the rules, if you are unarmed it is YOUR problem. Many players play by these rules of the game. It is not because you alone do not want it that it is the opinion of the community.
  3. I believe Deckard spoke about this recently. If you don't automate the accounts and it's manual management you can run as many accounts as possible. I am not personally a fan of this sort of thing. But these are the NQ rules. Like the talent system. Once we have said we disagree. Either we leave or we stay and we play according to these rules.
  4. No. We regularly play in PvP in groups of 30 to 50 people against another group of the same number of players. I have never seen more than 2 PvE players logged in at the same location. So maybe 90% PvP player versus 10% PvE player. Anyway, given what the PvP community brings to the game. The existence and value of having 100 PvE communication is very limited. PvE is useless for the future of the game. PvP already fulfills all the roles. Be happy with your safe zone and don't disturb us for the real game you don't seem to be playing.
  5. Personally if it doesn't save you cross section area between putting it in this position or placing it in its normal position above the engine then that ok to me. But if in doubt I think we can still advise you to put it on it rather than in it. After the janko really not fair play is this with innumerable engine occupies the same space. The risk is that this tolerance may vary from one person to another. So simply: NEVER put an item inside another item using a secondary account to do this.
  6. No it's 80% PvP player and 20% only PvE player
  7. This is the best announcement that I could have look since the start of the game. Removal of all that is Janko. People who used this should even be punished more than destroying their ship for cheating all this time on the game with unconventional ships. Compared to a player who does not cheat, people have been able to make millions with their janko freighter. It's a matter of honesty now. All those who complain are players who seem to me to be very borderline when it comes to respecting the rules. It's not good for the game. NQ gives you a few days to erase your past. Say thank you and don't complain if your ships are deleted. You deserved it.
  8. You are completely wrong about PvP. And if you don't understand that and don't want to respect the safes zones: you can quit the game. It doesn't seem like it's right game for you. And when we look at the game's kickstarter announcement : " Safe Zones will protect you, and avoid Dual Universe to become a free for all PvP game. However, PvP will be possible when you step out of the Safe Zone. Players will be able to fight each other, balancing their equipment and energy between shield and armor, with dedicated weapon type with different types of damage. We will provide a “lock & fire” mechanism to combat, to facilitate very large battles that are made possible in-game by our Continuous Single-Shard Cluster. Players can further specialize into certain weapons through skills and improve their combat prowess with better equipment. " The game has been exactly as advertised for several years now .
  9. Visually it's janko. If in addition it allows you to gain cross section then it is exploit.
  10. If it looks like an exploit, if it smells like an exploit, if it tastes like an exploit, then it is most definitely an exploit. If you bought a ship with a janko exploit and the seller of that ship is a good trading they will most likely refund you in exchange for the token of that ship. If not, don't buy from this vendor anymore, there are dozens of ship vendors who have made PvP and PvE ships very good and without janko exploits.
  11. No, no and no. If you don't want PvP don't go to the PvP zone. There is a gigantic safe zone which was expressly created for this. If people go out into the unarmed PvP zone it is THEIR problem, not this of the game. The ore that we harvest in PvP zone costs us extremely more expensive than that which can be harvested in PvE zone. We are spending tens / hundreds of millions in quanta / playing time to have PvP ships to defend against pirates. We cannot let people freely mine without making this effort, it is unfair competition. Someone so unlovable and condescending that you will have to understand this. DUAL UNIVERSE is an initially PvP game. Yes, PvE has to see its place. But it's not YOUR game. You have the right to play the role of victim but stop cry like a child.
  12. I don't know you, you don't know me, why are you insulting us? Legion does PvP in a video game that has a PvP area for PvP players to practice PvP in. I'm curious to see how far your ignorance goes, so I invite you to contact us so that you can come and see our facilities and realize the magnitude of the things these people which you call "destroyer" have built.
  13. You are right. the initialization of the warp should with its energy consumption should cut the shields. I will propose this, I hope it will be on the next patch.
  14. step 1: - finish the game step 2: - make it fun and make everyone love it step 3: - once everyone finds the godlike game, ask the wipe question step 4: - the game has gotten so good that you don't want a wipe
  15. NQ seems to have responded to this request dozens of times. No, their game architecture does not allow them to make construction boxes other than square. End of the debates. In addition it was planned at one time to have larger boxes (at least XL) but there are already problems of loading the elements of your vessel when it exceeds 100m. The XL cores may arrive someday, but they have so much else to do before they are better off.
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