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  1. why i always hate the changes in this game guys NQ make something what is don't make people loose progress in game why every time you make armagedon when i as a hardcore player loose my stuff in game (end most important is i loose time what i spend to get any of that thinks ) money is not matter My Life Time! is matter end when i play i like to have it least respect to my personal time what i spend to get schematics just think about one of my schematic cost around 200 million just think how much time i spend to digging out ore end do other stuff to get schematics like that end now you just drop my live time in the binn!!!!!!!!!!! end other players who hardened by your armagedon updates et list to show players respect just live schematics what is already on hands of players as Master schematics!!!!!!!!!!
  2. If they want change ok ,my opinion i dont like the new way in schematics ,if they want change ways let as to have schematics what we have now as a master schematics many people just spend a weeks to get some schematics as you remember in game have schematics with price of over 250millions end more end price what we pay is innormal in real live spending end grinding so respect our time to NQ!!!!!!!!!
  3. every words is exactly what i can say thanks Czar > I'm personally not a fan of this. Industry may be annoying or time consuming or tedious in some aspects but the most important thing that industry and factories and building elements brings is purpose. Goals to achieve as one expands and grows as a player. For those of us that have big factories, a lot of us do because it provides literally years of gameplay. I've been playing for 1.5 years now and every element I add to my factory is a personal accomplishment. It's the culmination of selling blueprints that I've created, or mining or salvaging or missioning. It's the year and a half of building something that's very intricate and delicate and complex and yes, tedious. + ask your self how many days your life time you spend digging underground to get we say Rare XL manewer engine schematic (286 million price )(or we say beacon) NQ you agayn going to wrong way !!
  4. im not happy with ammount of ore from mining units ,its a jouke,i like to see 10000L per hour than 86-130 per houre .130 l not covering my factories needs it all ,calibration is one more bad thing we have more calibrations but timer still 3.5 hours nothing realy chenged what i say diemeter ,panacea ,armagedon that all stay together you guis ruin the economy of the game , bring back ore> lift amount of ore form MU let people have fun
  5. Hey guis ,right now the amount ore from mining units is very bad , my self i cant even supply with basic my factories!!!! Devs lift up amount of ore to 10000L per hour as is done in many other projects like no man sky ,starbase end so on ,we dont have to live in game ! right now i coming to game like for work after work is no fun, dont know how long i survive in the dimeter but you make my worst nightmare true ,i hope Du guis see topic before is to late.
  6. I have dessigion with all my org we go out from DU we dont wanna heer about Du dont wanna see DU never we start deleting all our bases end factories from esturday so nothing left for vultures ,end for devs i dont say good luck got to hell we go to starbase.
  7. removing scans you just shit on our heads as with taxes end mining units with stupid yelds i VOTE NO FOR ALL THAT SHIT
  9. I vote NO for taxes i dont wanna seat on Sactyary end login once a day for 150k to be able to pay land tax for single hex,this patch is a game killler. End i dont wanna hear comments from guis who seat on one tile end picking up some ore stones from syrface you guis will be ok nothing to loose.
  10. Automining will not help with players who quit the game. Sure they may say they quit the game because they got tired of hand mining but the real reason they quit was there is nothing else to do in the game that was interesting enough to keep them playing. Otherwise, they would have just moved to that activity rather than quitting the game. Kruzer i dont care what you tell me most of my crew quiting becouse tired from hand mining ,+ how you afford to do somesing if you not mining? in that game everything about mining first end after other thinks,but all people quit becouse of that stupid way of mining look cleer servers is emty,my company specialize on mega nodes end i tell you 100% ,all planets 85+ % of meganodes gone,If you not digging you not making you not making dont make profit,no money no funey,My self allready dont playing for one week end mayby i just give up end stop payng for acc like all my friends do.
  11. i dont care about asteroids or gas clouds ,i looking for good automining sistems becouse wright now im tired from mining by hand 24/7 most all people from my group giving up becouse of that stupid gameplay
  12. Like most of the people who i know end who dont play any more Fkng tired from hand mining like monkey in that game,im last standing person in my group end i say guis make automining first as next update who need the pvp update ore asteroids if you diging non stop 24/7 in a hall,IM fkng tired from that bullshit. wright now when i heer DU i fill like in a second i will trow ,thwt sow i fill about your mining gaimplay.
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