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  1. DU Standalone version ... Single Player game > Create World > Settings : Number of Alioth Planets =1 Number of Lacobus Planets = 222 Max Speed Limit = 7 SU/sec Total Player Constructs = 1.800.000
  2. Hovers and vertical boosters dont work beyond their designated height. Unless there is a surface underneath ,or even water . This is how you scan jago oceans for example. turn ground destabilization off alt+8 in archhud and your ship maintains altitude and you can fly under the water. Or harvest your mu tiles under the water . And water counts .In high atmosphere there isnt any "surface" under hovers . So you can do this with engines facing downwards ,like magic carpet or If your target altitude is more than 1km agg gives more time on hold but more expensive ofc.
  3. I am also mistaken it last day , they are next to each other with "set as linked container "at least make a gap and place it after the next lol you will only click it once does not have the frequent usage of the "set as linked container"
  4. Have you tried first empty the dispenser ? maybe it has stuff inside . Last time i used one mine had a last batch of items inside it.
  5. Would be a plus for DU an addition and will give more options to spend your time enjoying DU . So yeah I am positive about this . But on the other hand is server load and how this will affect gameplay in terms of extra lag in an already "slightly" laggy server. My humble opinion that is .
  6. That counts only steam players . Its not the entire DU population. Even then I was expecting more people but it is what it is .
  7. From the "when we expect them " some gone too far to " why should we expect them " or " Why do we need them " What can i say ... pessimism everywhere ... smile a little 🙂
  8. I feel you all . seriously ... I think the main reason for this is the game economy . This is caused by the lack of bots and in combination of taxes causes players to get to sell their ore at any price just to keep their tiles or fullfill their any needs. Also lack of money in an increased money sink demand for starting the game in schems ,claim costs and other needs demanding money . Even sales. We are looking for water in the desert and for apples on an orange tree . Completely wrong direction. We tested this in a beta where everyone was flowing in a lots of cash generated by a different mission system and ore system . Unless NQ is planning to adopt asteroids as the only main mining system and sometime remove mus , if they want to keep mus in game worthy they have to recalculate the whole maths about it . And as for me i dont have any serious problem at all because i use alts. But for someone who is just playing with one character is a major issue . that player can hold only 1 flower and thats it . Not really much that is...
  9. Yeah please BRING back Charge Mining ! The ore prices are low because of bots and taxes not charges. Would help any newcommer too !
  10. There is not zero communications on this ! NQ-Deckard confirmed that bots will come back as this is their intention in a matter of week or so. That been said in the live stream of NQ-Ripley . However this might take longer to take place .
  11. Good idea ! Along with a new construct dismantle tool that would be awesome . Yeah you never know when the skies will open for quanta rain on your shoulders 🙂
  12. Or if you sneeze on the trip you loose your package ... 🤣 come on guys
  13. Yes ✔️ You need to print money to get started with the game and continue with it.
  14. What about PVP Tournament with commentator(s) streamed over twitch? Small fleet fights tournament with rewards every year .
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