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  1. If you have access to the nda part of the forums there's a guide section. There's also some video guides on Novaquark's YouTube channel. ☭
  2. What if we could just pick up an entire dynamic construct? As long as you have room to hold it why not? 😁
  3. Welcome 😀 The test servers aren't available right now. They are usually up most weekends but this week there was no test. they haven't announced the exact timeframe of the next test but they hinted at an extended test for the entire month of June! Yay😁 When the test is announced you can see it here https://www.dualthegame.com/en/server-status/
  4. The supporter packs give access to the Alpha and the Beta phases. And I think they all come with a few DAC (monthly subscription tokens that are tradable in game and can be redeemed for a month of access after launch) After the game launches it will be subscription based so you won't have to buy the game. But you and anyone you share a beta key with will have to pay the subscription to play at that point. About $15US a month I think.
  5. Congratulations! What's he going to be doing? or is that top secret? 😁
  6. I can't see why it would be any more acceptable after release to advertise DU or a DU org in a public channel meant for discussing another game. NQ's decision to threaten action against anyone doing it might have to do with the fact that DU hasn't released yet. But that doesn't mean DU's reputation matters any less after release. They aren't saying you can't tell someone about DU while you're playing another game. How long you wait before launching into your sales pitch is kind of up to you. But spamming ads in a public channel will never be a good thing to do. whether NQ continues to strongly discourage it or not.
  7. Based on what we know from dev blogs and official YT videos, the voxels in DU are smaller then Space engineers and (I think) Empyrion. So that allows for more detail. But more importantly DU's voxels can take on far more advanced shapes. I haven't played Empyrion or Space engineers but from what I've seen it looks like you're sort of limited to building one block at a time, like Minecraft, except with more advanced block shapes. With DU's voxel engine, you are still working with voxels, which are essentially blocks. But each voxel has the potential to take on thousands of different shapes, and using the building tools you can create large custom shapes like spheres, curves and slopes, made up of many voxels working together. The building tools you can see in use in the YT videos are still an early version too, and will hopefully be improved a lot in the future. There isn't anything like a "bevel" tool yet. But it's conceivable that you could create a curved shape using the sphere tool, and then copy/paste a piece of it over and over to create a straight bevel. The voxels in DU probably have the potential to create a ship just like the one in your picture, it's just a matter of figuring out how to get the voxels into that shape.
  8. The concept of transporting goods is a big part of DU's gameplay. That would make it too easy to simply mail resources between planets. There are some things that we might be able to send with in-game mail though. Like Blueprints, scan data, ect.
  9. Because of the NDA no one can give you a direct answer here. But you can definitely get a good look at the building tools in a few of the youtube videos. This one has a bunch of building in it. Dual Universe Asteroid Base Building Pre-Alpha Video (Long version) When it comes to building on the ground one of the cool differences from Landmark is that the planets are made from a separate voxel grid from the one that you build with. So when you're building you're working with a separate set of overlapping voxels. And you can build right up and into the terrain without the voxels affecting each other. So when you claim a spot with a Core Unit you don't actually own a chunk of terrain voxels the way you did in Landmark. You can still edit the planets though, but you use mining tools, and the mining is permanent. Terrain doesn't regenerate like in Landmark.
  10. i'm like, wow this Portlandia clip is very relevant to... wait a minute. ?
  11. I would send a Private Message to @NQ-Nyzaltar here on the forums and ask what you need to do to have your access to customer support reinstated. Have you done that yet?
  12. Yes, there is currently an NDA. I just looked on the store page myself and I can't find any mention of it either. Where it says "ALPHA 1 ACCESS (NOW)" if you hover over the little question mark, it should mention the NDA there. In my opinion.
  13. I would definitely like to build some kind of residential skyscraper at some point and then let other people move into it. I'd definitely like a rent a spot in someone else's building too. It would be pretty cool to see people take over the spaces and personalize them. I don't know if there will be a limit to how many constructs you can connect together. But if you stacked a bunch of smaller static constructs, then the build rights to different areas of the building could be subdivided. Or closer to real life, it could be done with an honor system. And people will just have to restrain themselves from cutting a hole in the floor into their downstairs neighbors apartment. ?
  14. They already are planning to let us build with the world voxels too. That's what you'd be doing when you add or remove terrain. The question is whether they let us use other building textures and advanced tools and shapes like in the video. The thing about the world voxels is that they're slightly larger then the ones we build with on cores. So you wouldn't be able to build in as fine detail. Building with the world voxels also means that voxels warp each other when you build near the ground. So you couldn't seamlessly place a road or building into the terrain, the way you can when building with a separate voxel grid. It could be fun for us to be able to do more then just terraforming with the world voxels though. I think I might still want to use a construct to build a road just for the smaller voxels. Having the multiple voxel grids to build with is definitely one of the best parts about the building in DU, for me.
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