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  1. I think the solution to this should involve something like the automated mining units, right away. Leaving free resources all over the ground for new players makes the planets look really messy. And the process of picking them up is pretty tedious. Add more surface resources and it's just more clutter. Make them less common with a higher payoff and it becomes a scavenger hunt that new players will not enjoy. Giving new players the means to set up a low tier mining unit, that provides a small steady flow of resources, would skip all that mess.
  2. Do you think new players would like being required to complete all those tutorials before they are allowed to leave the starting building? I don't think anyone would like that.
  3. I'm really not sure what you want from them. You want them to not add the mission system because Eve did it first? Do you want them to literally announce it in a footnote at the bottom of the patch notes? Between players, contracts are nothing more then an advanced form of a standard mmo "trade window" that allows you to have something transported without needing to trust someone completely. In a game where moving things has a cost, that seems like a good idea right? It's not new gameplay. It facilitates one type of gameplay that really wouldn't happen at all, witho
  4. 10/10 Would use as copy pasta
  5. I'm not going to watch that video, but i'm guessing it's about Rift. Gamigo didn't kill Rift. They bought it after it died of old age, so they could do a little "Weekend at Bernie's" with it to squeeze out a few more dollars. Rift was an awesome game, at it's peak. Nothing really new or original about it, but it was a fun EQ/WoW clone. DU is going to need eight years of success under it's belt before you can start drawing parallels though.
  6. Yeah, you're right. I'm mainly here for the voxel building myself, and If they announced tomorrow that to improve performance they had to limit the shape of voxels to simple cubes and wedges, i would be looking for a new game to play. I guess it's easier to say "oh well" when it's not my fluff. I do hope they can find an alternative solution or a compromise that still allows people to use those tools in the game.
  7. Months? i thought we were talking about two days here. I want constructs removed from the markets now. I just don't think the only two options are we delete them, or give them to you lol
  8. A few people seem laser focused on one possible solution that just happens to inadvertently benefit them. There is no reason that you need to get your hands on other people's stuff, to solve this problem. If you can't see that the market issue needs a solution that works faster then the amount of time it's reasonable to consider someone's construct as "abandoned" It's pretty clear your judgement is clouded by some weird desire to steal people's stuff.
  9. It kind of seems like you guys just want to steal peoples stuff. When there's no one left playing the game except people without jobs, how much money do you think NQ is going to bring in?
  10. What are we defining as "abandoned" though? I think this is two separate issues. Constructs need to be removed from markets after a short period of time. Not because they are abandoned but because they are breaking the game. I also think we need a system to handle "abandoned" constructs too. But i don't think a construct should be considered abandoned until the player's subscription is canceled. What if there was a fee to redeploy? It could increase each time you have a ship impounded. Or a cooldown timer before you can redep
  11. There are days where i don't even have time to turn on my PC. I have a list of stuff to do that i won't even come close to finishing. If i have to choose between losing my ship and cooking dinner, i'm going to cook dinner. Why put me in that position if it's avoidable? Removing constructs and giving them back to the player would be just as hands off. As long as they can figure out a way to stop people from using it to transport stuff or abusing it in some other way. If there's any way to avoid making the game less enjoyable to players with busy lives. I think that'
  12. I do like the idea of punishing people who leave crap at the markets on purpose. But with a system like that, lets say you're a perfectly innocent player parking at the market to buy or sell, with no intention of clogging up the markets at all, but then you get disconnected, and then your kid is hungry, or your boss calls you on the phone, or whatever. Then you go to bed, and work a full time job for the next two days. Does that person deserve to have their ship deleted, or given away to other players? It makes a lot more sense to stop people from doing a b
  13. This seems like a bummer. But at the end of the day the screens are fluff. Super awesome fluff, but they aren't needed to make the game work, as a game. The question is will this be enough of a performance boost to justify hacking off such an awesome feature. I do wish they had considered this five years ago, but hindsight is 20/20. Nothing to do about that now.
  14. People keep bringing up this hypothetical scenario where a ship is heading out of the safe zone. But as far as i know the ship was flown to a station in between Alioth and the sanctuary moon, where they landed on what they thought was a landing pad. And logged off assuming their ship was safely docked in the safe zone. The player wanted the ship to stay in the safe zone. The devs designed the game intending for the ship to stay in the safe zone. The only reason the ship ended up outside the safe zone is because a player intentionally went looking for a shi
  15. The difference between docking and parenting is that a player can also be parented to a construct. It just means one thing is on the other thing. For example, a player might spend hours wandering the safe zone jumping on every ship they can find, hoping to find one left in a state where, if another player is parented to it, it resumes moving.
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