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  1. Suggestion : PVE Mode

    One of the core concepts of the game is that everyone plays in the same world all the time. But don't worry. The Safezones and Sanctuary Moons are basically DU's version of PVE mode. And it sounds like there will be plenty of safe areas to mess around in. The game world will be HUGE. But some of it will be dangerous. For me at least it really feels like the best of both worlds. If you don't want to PVP you get huge areas to play around in with not a care in the world. But you still get the excitement of a dynamic world full of other players and danger. Here's the most recent info https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/01/30/our-toughts-on-territory-protection-mechanics/ and https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/03/02/more-info-on-sanctuary-territory-units/
  2. Tutorial: Voxelmancy Essentials

    I miss Landmark. A little context for that video. In case anyone is wondering what a "Mr. Voxel" is. Mr. Voxel was a machine built by players inside the game Landmark, that helped other players visualize and create unique voxel shapes that would require more advanced voxelmancy knowledge and many more steps otherwise. It basically did what is suggested in this trello for DU. https://trello.com/c/wXSJEWVx/35-building-tool-voxel-control-points-edit It was pretty awesome what people accomplished in Landmark in terms of gaining control over the voxels. And it was a lot of fun discovering new stuff. But I do hope NQ just gives us a voxel editor. It's so silly that we could have had full control over the voxels in Landmark all that time and instead we had to figure it out for ourselves. By the end in Landmark we were using huge vector libraries that looked like this to build shapes.
  3. Do you play EVE Online?

    In DU new players will be called Lildudes and veteran players will be called OldmanMcgrumpypants It is decided.
  4. Do you play EVE Online?

    What is the deal with all the cutsie nicknames you guys have in EVE? It's ruining the whole dark scifi vibe for me
  5. Hyper space ramming

    NQ has definitely hinted that they are leaning towards something more like "warp gates" then FTL engines too. I know i would love to be able to fire up the old Friendship Drive and blast off to anywhere in the galaxy. But I can understand why a gate to gate method would be a more realistic goal.
  6. Will there be any form of resource regerantionH

    I agree 100% that once a resource is depleted in an area that specific resource should be gone forever. Respawing resources is an old solution to make very small game worlds feel less stagnant. But I'm not sure DU's game world is quite large enough that it's sheer size will simply solve the problem completely by itself though either. That seems short sighted. The real world is constantly evolving and changing. The way I see it "Non-respawning resources" is simply a statement on NQs part on how they won't be solving the problem. In the same old way everyone else has. That doesn't mean there won't be more to their solution then we know right now though. I hope.
  7. Will there be any form of resource regerantionH

    Because I think it will create the same dynamic that happens in most older MMOS where you play through an area and then once you're done you move on to the next one and never go back. The resources that are out there in the universe will always be there to encourage people to expand and explore. Especially if they become more rare and valuable the further you go. But A system where completely new resources could appear later on in an area that you've already been, definitely doesn't discourage exploration either. It just also encourages exploring areas that other people have already explored before.
  8. Will there be any form of resource regerantionH

    I hope this doesn't totally ruin the game for you but I have a feeling that the first round of resources that are placed throughout the game world will also be placed there in a less then 100% realistic timeframe. MUH IMMERSION!!!!!1! All we really know is that NQ plans to stay away from the old and tired method of respawning resource nodes. Which is great. The SAME resource won't respawn in the SAME place twice. That's all we know. I don't think that means they can't try to find realistic ways of giving people reasons to explore and gather resources in the same areas over time. Respawning nodes are boring. But having a completely static unchanging game world sounds pretty boring and unrealistic too.
  9. Will there be any form of resource regerantionH

    Well that doesn't add much to the conversation. But thanks I guess... And in the real world things change, minerals are deposited, crystals form, plants grow, meteorites fall.
  10. Will there be any form of resource regerantionH

    I wonder if there could be some materials that procedurally spawn over time. Not like a node that respawns, but a totally new vein or plant or whatever that wasn't there before. It seems like it would be good to give people a reason to revisit areas that would otherwise eventually be picked completely clean of resources. Maybe not even the same resources that were there before. But some new resources that are triggered by the older ones being cleared out.
  11. The right to be evil

    It is important for NQ to say that DU isn't a "PVE" game. So people understand that there won't be monsters or raids to beat or whatever. But in some ways I feel like DU is actually even more PVE then those games. By the literal definition of the words at least. I mean there will definitely be an environment. And it's probably not going to make things easy for us. But PVP is a part of that. Not something separate. It's not a PVE game in the sense that the point of the game is to beat the environment. And it's not a PVP game in the sense that the point of the game is to kill other players. It's just a game. You do whatever you want. Edit: It may be impossible not to alienate the type of PVE and PVP players who need a clearly defined and usually easy to attain goal to go for. But I don't think that is alienating PVP or PVE players. It's just alienating people who aren't ready for a different type of game.
  12. The right to be evil

    Man they really need to get us some more server uptime before things get any more lord of the flies around here. There are people who simply want an endless stream of mostly defenseless new players to execute just for the giggles. There are also people who want to roam the universe in complete safety without anyone bothering them at all. And I think there are probably other games out there better suited to both those groups. PVP is a huge part of this game, especially because there is no PVE. But building is also a huge part of the game, because there is simply no other building game even close to DU out there. If we want this game to be a success everyone is going to have to consider how something that might enhance their own experience, might also totally ruin someone else's. I might like to be able to build anywhere I want without being bothered by PVP. But I am willing to give that up to make the game better overall. People should also consider that the safezones are simply safezones. And if PVPers choose to use them to avoid PVP. Then those people just aren't playing anymore and you have to move on. It's a compromise. I promise you there is some amazing mountain top somewhere on some planet that I would like to build on. But I may have to choose not too because I don't want to have to defend it.
  13. Visible IDs on Community Site

  14. The right to be evil

    The first half of your post sounds awesome. Welcome. As for the rest. It kind of seems like your setting up an argument where there isn't one. If you like how DU is currently planning to handle PVP then awesome. If you don't understand why people would seek to restrict a free form sandbox. I can explain that. It's because they aren't interested in PVP sometimes, or at all. We don't exactly know everything about how PVP is going to work yet but it sounds like NQ has a pretty good plan to me. But if the kind of sandbox that you are looking for requires 100% unrestricted PVP. Then you're asking NQ to chase away an entire category of player just to provide cannon fodder for a specific type of PVP player. That doesn't make sense to me. Why do all PVPers have to be pirates anyway? More PVPers need to step up and start roleplaying as mild mannered traders, who are secretly armed to the teeth. What's the fun in attacking me while i'm trying to build something anyway?
  15. Some questions about the game

    Yeah it would have to be a lot less effective in some way for it to work. I was thinking something that only does a very small amount of damage spread out over a large area. I guess alternatively maybe ship collision could cause a very very small amount of voxel damage, enough to destroy one or two stray voxels that might otherwise obstruct an entire ship. But not enough damage to make it effective in any way as a weapon. But that would add more stress to the servers I guess. It is an interesting issue though. I suppose the floating voxel cloud may become a viable ship design lol