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  1. Yeah this sounds perfect. It solves the biggest issue for voxelmancers, which is the need to actually store every single vector, physically in the game, if we want access to it. Which takes up space, and causes lag. So @NQ can we have this please?
  2. So i was thinking, what if it was possible to alter the shape of voxels with LUA? I don't know anything about LUA, so i'm just guessing here. But could that be a thing? If we could design a voxel, with an in-game LUA program, and then select an actual voxel, and hit a button to apply the shape, that would be good enough for me. Although i guess that would open up a whole Pandora's box of fun, depending on how much freedom NQ wanted to give us. Being able to program voxels, or animate them to some level would be pretty cool though.
  3. No, but also yes sort of. Sorry 🙃 Investing something (time/Quanta) to unlock the ability to craft things is really key to the game's economy functioning. We need that. But i think unlocking a schematic should be a one time purchase, and you should be able to unlock them with Talents or Quanta. But once you unlock a schematic you should be able to create the item on as many machines as you want. I don't think the schematics should be physical items at all. Just let us purchase/unlock them from a menu. The process of managing which schematics you have, a
  4. There are lots of ships for sale on https://du-creators.org/ with comments from people who have already bought the ships. But it's always better not to trust anyone, if you don't have to. Always use the Barter/trade window, and make sure you're getting what you're paying for, before you hit Accept.
  5. Yeah i don't think i'm a fan of this idea. It seems like they are trying to force some kind of battle royale situation where all the people who want to shoot at each other get dumped into the same area and blast the crap out of each other. Honestly that's fine, i just don't think it should be lumped in with asteroid mining. Usually i'm the first person to say that good gameplay is more important then "realism", but i'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around this one. Who is broadcasting the location? is your own ship ratting you out? is the asteroid trying to def
  6. The capitalist in me thinks this thread should stay up, because i like where it's going, and it benefits me. But the socialist in me thinks it should be taken down, because it doesn't benefit all of us.
  7. In theory it should be possible to have a reasonable discussion about in-game economics and politics, and use words like capitalism and socialism. But this thread is a pretty good example of how that actually goes in practice. It's pretty clear just by the title that this thread was intended to go off the rails. Even if the mods wanted to give it a chance, by the time i reported it, it was already a mess. Some words just have too much baggage attached to them. There are plenty of other places we can discuss stuff like this too, without it reflecting badly
  8. 30 hours later and the thread is still up. Hey mods, are you leaving this up on purpose because you think it's going somewhere productive? Or am i talking to myself?
  9. As much as i enjoy pondering how someone can simp for totalitarianism while also pointing at it and screaming "that's socialism". What i'd really like to know is how this thread is still up when i reported it nine hours ago?
  10. In Landmark/EQN they had the same effect of having your arm raised and moving dynamically with the mouse cursor. But it never bothered me. In fact i always thought it was a really neat feature. Especially for content creation. Since you can wave your arms and point at things. The two main differences were, one, the hand was always slightly lower then it should be. If you were in first person and looked closely you weren't exactly pointing to where the cursor was. Which made a huge difference compared to the hand being placed directly in front of what you are trying to see.
  11. It is easy to start to think of 100kph as slow. And i would definitely expect the Landing gear to be totally destroyed. Even other elements around it maybe. The problem is the weird chain reaction of damage that happened that totally destroyed elements all across the interior of the ship. Landing gear shouldn't explode, causing atmo brakes to explode, causing a command seat and a rez node in the center of the ship to explode. If i had the Fuel tanks down there and clipped those on a rock i suppose that would make sense. Maybe they should give elements som
  12. I was flying at maybe 100km/h and bumped the top of a surface node with my landing gear and boink i'm a few hundred SU away back on Alioth at my rez node. Somehow it set off a chain reaction that destroyed the command seat, rez node, and almost every element inside my ship, but not a single one on the exterior was damaged. =/ I get it that repairs can't be instant in PVP. But outside PVP i think they should be nearly instant. Let me pay to repair my ship with Quanta, not my time.
  13. If you're going to say "Answer seriously" you might not want to have all the answers sarcastically skewed towards one conclusion.
  14. This. And linking elevators between cores would be really nice too.
  15. The system may need some balancing still, but i'm not sure i see such a huge advantage. maybe i'm missing something. They would still need 20x the storage to haul all that cargo. From what i've seen the reward scales with the weight of the packages, so hauling more small missions isn't going to net more then hauling less larger mission. And the risk still scales with the reward. They would still be paying the collateral on every one of those missions if something goes wrong. having multiple accounts definitely increases your productivity in a game like th
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