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  1. The Market tab seems to be set to the Aegis Space Market only by default, rather than being set to ALL. Once i switched it to ALL i found all the bot orders for sale.
  2. I bought the Silver Founder's pack during the Kickstarter. And i did receive a Sanctuary Territory Unit after the last wipe. And i currently own a territory on Sanctuary. When the Supporter packs were announced we were told that Founders were also being given some of the new rewards from the supporter packs. From the Supporter pack mega thread on r/DualUniverse But this was originally posted here on the forums somewhere too https://www.reddit.com/r/DualUniverse/comments/82oyyc/supporter_packs_megathead_information_questions/
  3. I would also REALLY like to know what is happening with Element stacking and obstruction. The current system is still very unpredictable and broken. Elements that possibly should be affected by the stacking detection, are not. And Elements that should not be affected, are. I really don't think that it is a good idea to launch the game with a system that allows you to place an element in a specific position. And then two days later, after you blueprint the construct and deploy a copy, you discover that some of the elements are considered to be in an incorrect position and need to be moved. We need to know where it is legal to place an element, as we are placing it, not two days later.
  4. They were originally considering multiple Safe Zones. And instead, they decided to go with one single Safe Zone. Their intention was always to provide room for PVP, and room for non-PVP. That's what we have now. As the game grows, or fluctuates, they may need to add more of either one of those things. The intention has always been to provide room in the game for everyone to enjoy it. The constant begging from certain PVP players, for NQ to squeeze people out of the Safe zone by making it smaller, and into PVP space, so they can shoot at them, is silly. It won't drive those players out of the Safe Zone, it will drive them out of the game.
  5. The Kickstarter didn't say that. If i'm remembering correctly Sanctuary wasn't even added until the beginning of Beta, after the Kickstarter ended. Sanctuary was not mentioned at all in the Kickstarter. But either way, all that was mentioned about PVP in the Kickstarter was that there would be PVP, and there would be safe zones, (plural, they were planning on multiple safe zones at that time) And that "Both PvP and non-PvP will be possible". That's it. This is already planned. No one is against it. The only reason we are having this discussion is because you demanded that they remove all the safe zones. You're the one asking NQ to do something that would go directly against what the promised in the Kickstarter.
  6. Most civilizations immediately begin to work towards ending the violence too. And the people who lose the early conflicts are dead and don't get to play anymore. If you want hyper realism, you can't just go halfway with it. If the cost of playing the game, is that i have to PVP. Then the cost of PVP should be just as harsh and realistic. Otherwise, you just get to keep attacking me over and over until i eventually just go play something else. It's a game, it's not a simulation.
  7. Unless i missed something, the last communication we had from NQ was that they were working on the algorithm for the element detection. And they were going to release a new version for us to test. That was several updates ago though and i haven't seen it mentioned since. And it hasn't changed or been fixed in any way that i can see.
  8. The problem with this analogy is that i honestly don't care if NQ "survives" if they can't fulfill their end of a transaction that we entered into. It's sort of like if i walked up to a Lemonade stand and ordered a glass of Lemonade and they were like "Ok coming right up" and then took my money. And then after considering the cost of lemons, and sugar, and the labor it would require to juice the lemons. They came back and said "Oh boy we're so sorry but our business just couldn't survive if we made you a glass of lemonade, so here's a nice glass of water instead. Now could you please step aside so we can sell some lemonade to the next person in line. I get it that it's more profitable for NQ to launch the game again, but what about the launch that i already paid for?
  9. I want to play the game. But it's hard to imagine ever regaining my former levels of enthusiasm knowing that NQ was willing to sell us all a "Launch" and then take it back and sell it again to someone else. I'm sorry but that's just not how you do business.
  10. The silly part is that i've been trying to throw money at them for the last several years. I've paid NQ a grand total of $60. They don't seem to want any more of my money. Do they not understand how a monthly subscription works? I wanted to keep giving them money every month. Are my future monthly payments really so worthless compared to a few new subscriptions?
  11. Well i suppose all of your theoretical future customers will be incredibly excited about having the playing field leveled for them. I sure hope they exist. And i hope you aren't expecting us to promote the game to attract them. Because i really don't see anything here worth promoting anymore.
  12. But do we really know what NQ's intentions are? Do they intend to double back and allow players more independence? or is this just another heavy-handed swing of the pendulum? What worries me is that they're going to let people get comfortable with these changes, as they did with the game pre .23, and then suddenly drop another bomb on us and introduce some new system for gating industry. Personally, i kind of preferred the game as it was pre .23. i like to be able to do things myself. But i wouldn't want to sacrifice an entire pillar of gameplay just so i don't have to leave my base to get more ship parts. With schematics people were actually buying things from each other, and from the markets. And the huge player run stores were probably the closest the game has ever come to the "player driven content" that they've always talked about. It seems crazy to throw that all out now. But the worst thing they could do is keep making huge reactionary changes that confuse and disappoint large groups of players.
  13. Thanks for the clarification. I was on vacation for the last week so i must have missed something. I thought the last thing i read from NQ said that there would be some kind of "Master Schematic" that you would need to acquire before you could make a copy. Without that, aren't we right back where we started before schematics were introduced? Why would i go all the way to the Market, and pay someone else to craft something for me, when i can just set up a little factory and do it myself? Even if the copies are incredibly expensive for higher tier items, a factory owner is paying the same copy fee for every item they craft, so they'll have to pass that cost on to me anyway. Talents could still give them an advantage. But that wasn't enough to push people to buy stuff from other players before schematics were introduced. It's like they completely threw out the idea of schematics and just replaced them with an over complicated and laborious Quanta sink. The process of managing schematics and putting them in the machines was not fun, but they were accomplishing what they were intended to accomplish. People were actually buying stuff from other people. Unless there's something else i'm missing. I can't see any reason why i wouldn't just build a little factory and craft everything myself from now on.
  14. Ok I'm confused, although i'll admit i'm having a hard time paying attention to this perpetual slow motion train wreck at this point. So the problem may be that i just don't care anymore. But in the new system, do you still need to fly to a distant planet and purchase a master schematic, before you can make copies of them? I thought that was what i read initially. In the patch notes it says all old schematics were refunded, and schematics are no longer for sale on the market from Aphelia, so where do the master schematics come from?
  15. I wonder if the email is some kind of loophole that lets then get away with not having a simple way of canceling otherwise. It's just so blatantly dishonest. I'm sure they don't have any problems providing ways to instantly initiate the reoccurring charges. But when it comes to canceling them, they just never quite got around to adding the button. Oops. Even if there are other ways of paying for a subscription. Having Xolla as an option is just messed up. They might as well tell customers that they can pay to play the game by meeting a guy in a trench coat down a dark alley somewhere.
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