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  1. I think the problem is, if NQ was to ban advertising clutter at the markets, how do they automate the process of deciding what's a ship, parked at the market, and what's unnecessary clutter? Without an actual human making a judgment call for each and every core, how do you tell the difference between a bunch of dynamic cores covered in voxels and screens and elements? People build some weird looking ships. If they were to make a general rule against over-the-top advertising, even if they barely enforced it, it might at least encourage people to be less annoying. They could put out some kind of guidelines for advertising, maybe steer people towards placing Ads in specific areas. I like the idea of advertising at the markets, i just want the markets to look cool, not like Second Life threw up on them...
  2. There aren't any rules against it i don't think. But anything left long enough at a market will get auto compacted or moved eventually. But i'm pretty sure the rules are the same whether it's an ad or something blocking an ad. You're entitled to annoy them, just like they're entitled to annoy everyone else 😁
  3. They announced the event on twitter which has 260 million or so users. That's a pretty big subgroup. The post here on the forums was at 12:45pm (MTN) on the 12th. The tweet went out at 2pm. I got the email at 8pm ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If you aren't getting the emails go to https://www.dualuniverse.game/ and enter you email at the bottom of the page where it says Subscribe to our Newsletter. The game definitely needs a welcome screen when you log in, to announce stuff like this too. Maybe a "message of the day" in text chat.
  4. That's your choice i guess. But starting with the assumption that everything NQ has done is wrong, and everything they plan to do is a lie, means you're basically suggesting that NQ give up, and you make the game instead. Feel free to let us know when your game is done. If yours is finished before DU maybe i'll give it a try.
  5. The intent was ALWAYS to eventually remove the bots from the game. Their purpose is to inject enough Quanta into the game to create a functioning economy. That's just wrong sorry. The role of mining is to produce ore, which can be used to make stuff. NQ has complete control over the balance here. They can inject as much Quanta as needed, and remove as much Quanta as needed whenever they want. Their goal is to eventually take off the training wheels and let the economy function on it's own. With little to no intervention. The missing puzzle piece is players using Ore and Quanta to build and buy things from each other. Funneling Ore and Quanta out of the game isn't part of the economy. It's part of the initial stage of creating and balancing it. What you're doing is like walking into a half built house and pointing to the unfinished roof and saying, "rain is going to get in here, we need to tare it down and build a roof that doesn't have a hole in it." You've got to at least take a look at the blueprints before you decide you know how to build a better house.
  6. I think the theory is that if there is a high demand, and no supply, the value of ore will increase to the point that the potential profit is enough of an incentive for people to go out and mine. So the "somebody" who has to go out and mine, is whoever wants a piece of the action. Eventually there will be enough ore, and the prices will drop, and then maybe almost no one will mine for a while. Until the next boom. Maybe some devious people will still mine, and sit on the ore until demand goes up again. The missing puzzle piece right now is Demand, not supply. People need more things to do with ore, and more things to do with Quanta. NQ knows this.
  7. I think you're right, but i also think it's too late now, they already made their decision, and did it. When they announced that this was the plan i was pretty vocal about my disappointment. Having a huge land/resource rush in a persistent game like this, and then announcing the game to the world a week later, like, whoops sorry you missed it. That was a terrible idea in my opinion. From what i understand their theory was that the majority of players would rather enter a thriving game world where there were already ships flying around, and organizations building things. It seems like they were wrong, but again that's just my opinion. The fact is they did it. And i think it would be a much larger mistake to announce that the game is live/open/persistent and then go back on that and wipe everything, without a REALLY good reason. Like a technical reason with absolutely no other solution.
  8. Why would any of that require or benefit from a wipe? you haven't explained that at all. What your suggesting is basically what NQ did already. Except A full wipe, followed by a huge influx of quanta and ore, to jumpstart the game. And now they are tightening the purse strings and trying to find a balance. I'm not so sure it was the best plan in the first place, and they definitely made some mistakes along the way. But it's what they did. All your suggesting is that they do it all again, but this time just for you. How does that improve the game?
  9. I think NQ needs to embrace the fact that when you make "risk vs reward" deadly serious, in a game, that makes every little bug deadly serious too. There's only really three options i can think of to fix this right now. 1. Fix all the bugs. 2. Remove "risk vs reward" mechanics until all the bugs are fixed. 3. Hire enough support staff so that they can handle the number of tickets that are coming in. One is impossible, two sucks, and three is expensive. But they need to pick one.
  10. You didn't explain why the financial wipe is needed though. How does emptying other peoples bank accounts improve your experience? I don't necessarily disagree with everything else you said, but it's hard to get past the wipe part, without any explanation at all for how it would improve the game for anyone besides yourself. Is it just about leveling the playing field? Putting you closer to some sort of perceived "winning" of the game. Why does someone starting now deserve that fresh start, but not someone who starts a few months after your wipe? Or will you agree with them, 6 months after your wipe, when they are also calling for a wipe, because you have more money then them?
  11. If the intended purpose of AGG is only to allow you to hover at a specific altitude, why not just make it so that's all they do? Turn it on and you stay at whatever altitude you are at. Wouldn't even need the 1k height limit. If you want to go up, you need thrust. Am i missing something here? If they create lift, of course people are going to use them to lift stuff.
  12. It's in the Industry section, under the Assembly Proficiency tab. Assembly M Proficiency
  13. I definitely agree, that i want to be able to make cool looking ships, that are also functional. And i think there is definitely things NQ can do to make that something that is actually possible without sacrificing functionality completely. But it isn't a simple problem to solve. They have to balance the game. And if they give us engines and brakes that are 100x more powerful then the ones we have now, most people will just load 100 of those on their ship, and be able to haul 100x more with the same size ship. They plan to add some kind of power consumption mechanics eventually, and i think until they figure out how that's going to work, they can't really balance the rest of it. All we can really do is wait, and play with what we have now.
  14. I don't think NQ is necessarily against PVE, as much as they are committed to their decision not to fall victim to "feature creep". People are like "i don't get it, why doesn't NQ just sprinkle in a little PVE, what's the big deal?" But good PVE takes work. NQ has been working on the game for years now, however many devs, all working on the game, and not one of them was working on quest design, or NPC models, or dialog, or all the lore behind a bunch of races and factions. For a good PVE game i'd imagine that's like half the work. And NQ is only maybe half done with the game they set out to build. PVE might make the game more fun right now. But what if the game had a huge single shard universe, all made out of editable voxels. With PVP. And you could build ships, and fly them from one planet to another, without any loading screens. Up until NQ did it, all that stuff was basically science fiction. The reason we don't have PVE is because they were doing all of that.
  15. If you think Minecraft + Eve sounds bad, then i would forget about Dual Universe and never look back. Because that's the dream. We're only about halfway there, at best. But that's where we're going. If you don't like the sound of it, you're wasting your time
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