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  1. Well, it's not like SC has achieved any kind of status or position in the market that could be "taken on". Neither of these games will be taking on anyone or killing anything until they spend the money to finish them. They aren't products yet, they're projects. It's baffling to me that they expect them to bring in money at all.
  2. I really think there needs to be a clear set of guidelines for when you should use the in-game help channel, and what for. If i asked NQ to repair my ship every time i crashed it because of lag or disconnects, they would need to hire a full-time employee to follow me around. But I also refuse to fly anything larger than an S core, because i don't feel like spending an hour repairing a ship. The repair system is really tedious and unnecessarily punishing especially with larger ships. I've only asked for help in situations where i had a bugged element, like a VR pod that was permanently occupied, or when i couldn't enter the command seat of a ship. And i've always been amazed how fast they usually respond, and how quickly they were able to solve the problems. I don't think the in-game help channel should be used as a repair service. But i also think NQ needs to take a serious look at how painful the repair process is. The insanely large number of elements that are required to make an L core ship fly, is definitely making the issue worse too.
  3. I always pictured DU's success would be the kind of slow snowball effect that happened with games like Minecraft. That happens when one person sees another person enjoying the game, and they think, "Hey i might enjoy that too!". But for that to happen they need to finish the game, and let the people who enjoy it, enjoy it. And at the moment it honestly doesn't seem like either of those things are a priority anymore. They have about half of an incredible game, and that in itself is pretty interesting, but they're only going to get away with capitalizing on that interest for so long.
  4. Has anyone checked to see if the flagged elements are functional or not? The last word from NQ was that they would work on the algorithm and then release it with Athena for more testing. but without disabling elements. So flagged elements should still be functional, i think. It sounds like it's working exactly the same as it was before Athena, so maybe they haven't even made any changes yet.
  5. If a wipe makes sense to you. Then all of this should make sense too. Because this is clearly the best plan they could come up with. How could they have handled this any better? Telling us everything too soon means no more testers until after release. Telling us nothing means no one gets a chance to prepare for the wipe. So they decided to warm us up to the idea by vaguely babbling about a wipe for a few months, so when they finally admit what they are planning it isn't such a shock. It's a crap plan. But it's a crap plan that began with them announcing the final wipe and starting to sell subscriptions when the game was half finished. If you believe another wipe is the right decision, i don't see how you can be critical of the rest of their glorious plan.
  6. The build box question/answer was a bit painful to hear. We shouldn't have to beg for stuff like that. The first person at NQ who tried to build on an XS core should have seen the glaring issue and made it a priority. You aren't doing us a favor by making the game better. We're doing you a favor by pointing this stuff out.
  7. All that matters is how the element was placed in that position. If it required an exploit to achieve the positioning, then it's an exploit. But if you were able to put the element in that position using the tools provided by NQ, as they were intended to be used, then it's fine. If no exploit was used, and elements are flagged, then the detection system is still not working correctly.
  8. I'm sorry but i just don't believe that the discussion is ongoing. Are we supposed to believe there's a room full of NQ employees sequestered somewhere for the last month just heatedly discussing this decision for eight hours a day? Come on. I know it's generally considered a good idea to rip the Band-Aid off as quickly as possible to minimize the pain, but in this case i think the wound may be festering while you're sitting around waiting for the most profitable moment to make your announcement.
  9. Making it slightly more complicated to carry over wealth will only increase the advantage to those who do it effectively. And A well equipped PVP org will still have a fleet of ships after the wipe.
  10. I agree completely that wiping Quanta, but not wiping sold blueprints would be incredibly unfair to anyone who has sold a Blueprints. But at the same time, there's a decent chance that a lot of the people who have bought Blueprints may not be able to purchase that same Blueprint again. Since there's no guarantee that the person who made the original will still be playing. That means NQ is just deleting all of those constructs. Poof. Never to be seen again. And the alternative, Magic Blueprints, would be even worse, leaving a HUGE loophole for anyone to bring over wealth into the new game, and punishing anyone who doesn't take the time to transfer all of their wealth into constructs before the wipe. Which of those option sounds good to you? Because they all sound pretty bad to me.
  11. It kind of seems like everyone who wants a wipe has a list of stuff that other people have too much of, that should be wiped. And a list of stuff that's important to them, that they should get to keep. That's not a wipe. That's just begging NQ to take other people's stuff, and let you keep yours.
  12. With the last Algorithm i rebuilt my speeder and repositioned almost every element. i did extensive testing, and had no elements flagged at all. Then i made a Blueprint and deployed a second version of it. Did extensive testing with that one too, and had no elements flagged. Then i compacted the speeder and went to Lacobus to recalibrate some MUs. When i uncompacted it on Lacobus i got the warning message on the screen and had multiple elements flagged. Compacted it again and went back to Alioth and it was all clear. I also tried bringing the speeder to Lacobus docked to another ship, and same result, elements flagged on Lacobus and not flagged on Alioth. So if you're testing the new Algorithm, don't assume that your ship is all clear just because it appears to be in build mode.
  13. Well that just makes me sad. This is like the time they gave us a fuel intake element, and then it turned out to be just a tiny door. They really don't like us do they.
  14. The fact is that two player characters will always be more powerful then one, four will always be more powerful then two. the question is do we want NQ attempting to figure out whether there are one or two pairs of hands in the room? in my opinion any attempt at that would be super invasive and creepy. So what else is NQ supposed to do about it?
  15. The last word from NQ on the element stacking issue was that they were going to fix the algorithm and then test it on the live server with Athena. I haven't bothered to log in. But it sounds like the new element stacking detection works about as poorly as the last version. So hopefully they toss this one out too, and try again. It's absolutely ridiculous to implement something that has this huge of an effect on so many players, just for the sake of removing the remnants of an exploit that has already been fixed. They need to figure out another way of dealing this those old stacked ships. This one clearly isn't working.
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