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  1. PvP System

    @Hades Yeah you have to be in hyperspace and lock on to them and get in range, and then initiate the interdiction. Then you have to keep them in range and in front of you long enough to finish it. While they try to evade you. It's the evasion part of it that i'm not a fan of, because it just seems unrealistic. Rather then using your own strategy to evade them you have to follow this target on your screen as if you're also chasing someone, and if you don't keep up with it then you get knocked out of hyperspace. I guess it will have to be different in DU since it sounds like FTL travel will be from one point to another. So everyone will be traveling along the same paths. In Elite:Dangerous you just have an FTL drive and can travel anywhere with it. So in DU everyone will already know the path that someone will be traveling in hyperspace. So maybe interdiction would be done by building something along the path, that knocks everyone out of hyperspace. I wonder if we will be able to drop out of FTL in between gates? Or once you start you just pop out at the other end.
  2. PvP System

    Elite: Dangerous has Interdictions. I definitely like the idea for DU but I'm not a huge fan of how it works in E:D so hopefully NQ can improve on the mechanic a bit. In E:D it's like a mini game that pops up for both players, after the interdicting players get's behind the other player and initiates it. You both have to keep a target in your sights as it moves around the screen, and depending on who does better the person being interdicted either gets away or is knocked out of hyperspace. So what do people think? how should it work? A mini game or something similar? or something else completely?
  3. PvP System

    @Hades This is a discussion on future game mechanics. I was obviously making a little joke about how some people seem to use those type of arguments to try to shoot down anyone else's suggestions. But joke or no I can suggest anything I want. If you don't like it feel free to offer your own suggestions. Please try to keep your comments towards me in the future strictly game related. I'm not really interested in your opinions on my level of professionalism. Thanks.
  4. PvP System

    There is no logic. Only sandbox. If you want shields you have to hire other players to lay on the hull of your ship and act as human armor. Sorry I don't make the rules.
  5. PvP System

    Woah woah hold on there. This isn't a game, it's an "emergent player driven sandbox". Developers can't just add things to the game because that would make it more "fun". What do you think this is one of those carebear themeparks. If you want to stop someone's ship you have to hire other players to form a barricade, or roleplay that you put sugar in their gas tank. Why not just ruin the whole game. Sheesh.
  6. PvP System

    I think they plan to add more Arkships (or allow them to be discovered) on other planets as Ailoth fills up.
  7. Lasers Are Overrated.

    What about Phasers?
  8. Hi, I'm '13'

    Welcome 1. Yes the game is up only for short Pre-Alpha tests for Gold+ backers on scheduled days for now. 2. Soon. I don't think there is an estimate for how soon, but soon. 3. I'm not exactly sure how the "automated" part is going to work, but something like that is planned for sure. Right now combat hasn't been introduced yet. But there will be character and ship based combat when the game launches.
  9. What Should DU Citizens be Called Part 2

    I looked up what people from Arkansas are called. Arkansan, Arkie, or Arkansawyer. Maybe they should consider Arker too lol No offence to any Arkies.
  10. What Should DU Citizens be Called Part 2

    Also if this hasn't already been suggested. I think everyone who came over on the Arks should be known as... Arkholes
  11. What Should DU Citizens be Called Part 2

    So here's a question. What are children born on Ailoth called?
  12. This seems like an interesting idea. Or something along these lines to make sure Secure Areas don't have any strategic uses in PVP.
  13. PvP System

    No of coarse not. Come on now. Are we even having the same discussion? That's what the Safezones are for. Hindering PVP. Not cramming things down people's throats means that you'll have to accept being hindered a little bit. If I can accept being hindered, then you should be able to also.
  14. PvP System

    That IS what I said... Both should be available to enjoy. And neither should be or are planned to be crammed down anyone's throat. As long as you get that, then I think we're on the same page here.
  15. PvP System

    See I don't think it is being crammed down your throat. As long as doing those things aren't required to enjoy the game. You might not have the best scripts or the pointiest spaceships, unless you buy them. But that's fine right? And if i'm not in the mood for PVP I definitely can't go wherever I want, or do whatever I want. But as long as I can hang out in a safezone then that's fine too. Right? The only thing in this thread I have issue with is this idea that if people don't like PVP they should just git gud and defend themselves, or pay someone else too. Or go hide underground or something. You can do that if you want. But that's an activity. Part of PVP. If i'm not in the mood for PVP. THAT is what the Arcship Safezones are for.