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  1. I'm not a lawyer either, but I figure it would work sort of like a cover band playing another bands music. If it's a tribute, and you aren't claiming that what you are selling IS the original thing, and you're not claiming that it's your own original work, then it's probably cool.
  2. Atmosph3rik

    General Relativistic Time

    It's a fun idea. But in a game where there are only other real players, wouldn't someone need to actually time travel, for this to work?
  3. Atmosph3rik

    screenshots as pictures

    we should be able to display most image formats on the screens with html too. Eventually they could probably give us different types of screen elements. Like a picture frame or canvas, that you can also display images on.
  4. Atmosph3rik

    Pre-Alpha Backer looking for guild

    I heard BOO believes in the redistribution of all memes 🌹
  5. Cubes and Tubes sounds like a restaurant where they'd only serve ice water and hotdogs with no buns. 😀
  6. I doubt the overall shape of a ship is going to affect its structural strength. That would be cool though. But the circle and triangle have to be two of the strongest shapes out there. Just sayin'
  7. Atmosph3rik

    Xsolla Capital Joined the Party!

    As long as it's not Columbus Nova then I don't think we have anything to be worried about
  8. Atmosph3rik

    Church of Elon Musk

    Hello Elon Musk. Welcome to the forums
  9. Atmosph3rik

    Size of each "block"

    For static and dynamic constructs the voxels are 25cm. For planets and other terrain the voxels are around 100cm. According to this post.
  10. Atmosph3rik

    Revegetation - player instigated

    Maybe they could give us the trees as decorative elements. At least that way we could do some landscaping inside of a static construct.
  11. Atmosph3rik

    Laser level

    Huh. Yeah in this case continuing an ongoing discussion in the same thread makes a lot more sense. The idea of "necroing" a thread, as a negative thing, seems kind of specific to when someone is just chiming in on one side of an old argument, just to fire it back up again. And in that case honestly no one wants the argument to come back at all, in a new thread or the old one. But if it's a productive discussion, either way should really be fine. But continuing the old thread seems better to me. Less clutter, and a more coherent discussion. Also, lasers.
  12. Atmosph3rik

    Liquid or water holding tanks

    Ok cool, you didn't mention that when you said What I want is to be able to build swimming pools, and fish tanks, and fountains. For the purpose of making the things I build realistic looking. Having a 100% realistic game world would be neato. But I would prefer that it's as realistic as feasibly possible, to nothing at all. "Not at all" sounds boring.
  13. Atmosph3rik

    Liquid or water holding tanks

    Wait so we're requiring 100% realistic physics now or nothing? We might as well cancel the whole game then. Does that mean we shouldn't have decorative toilet elements unless the turds swirl when you flush them? This is a game of creation. We have the ability to create things that make no sense. It's just part of the freedom that comes with building. Land floating in the air Ships with engines that aren't attached to other parts of the ship but the whole thing moves as a solid unit Floating Arcships made of something called Kyrium I think It's up to us to build realistically. If you want people to feel immersed in your building then you have to build it so it feels immersive. But more importantly if they can give us something that adds a huge amount of aesthetic beauty to the game. Why not? Waiting for it to be 100% realistic makes no sense. Especially when having it be 100% realistic adds almost nothing to the game. Ok so everyone can build a lake and then delete the wall and watch all the water flow out. Or put a tank of water on the roof and then wait around for some sucker to walk into your base so you can drown them. Fun stuff but definitely a novelty that the game doesn't need.
  14. Atmosph3rik

    Liquid or water holding tanks

    Water as a commodity is definitely something i'd like to see. In terms of collecting it and buying and selling it. But that's easy. Water as a part of the game world with dynamic physics would be a lot of fun to play with. But I don't honestly think it would add enough to the game to be worth the effort. But in a game where we're creating and building environments I do hope we get some way to visually add something that looks like water. For swimming pools, fountains, ponds and lakes ect. It's amazing what the shimmer of a little light reflecting off some water does for the visual appeal of a build.
  15. Atmosph3rik

    The Subscription System

    If any of that made any sense then the game would already be done. What do you think they are working on right now? Almost everything in DU is built from scratch and has basically never been done before. We should feel lucky (at least I do) to have a chance to buy a game that isn't just a bunch of art assets dumped into the same MMO model. This doesn't make any sense at all. Someone who plays every single minute of the entire month and someone who only plays 12 hours a month are both paying the same amount. Just because you feel like they are getting more out of their subscription then you are, doesn't mean that it's costing you more. It feels like you're just sort of negotiating for a better deal. I do understand the instinct. I like to save money too. But sometimes when you want the absolutely freaking most amazing thing on the face of the earth. You just have to pay for it. For many people the "worth" of something has nothing to do with perceived savings. I'm not here for extreme couponing. They've got something that no one else has. It's a "sellers market". I hope you'll take the time to read some of what NQ has to say about why they are going with this particular subscription model. It may not be the absolutely best possible option for your bank account. But what if it's the best for the game?