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  1. Yeah, having the high-density spot be halfway outside the search area, and in the very corner, is really frustrating. I can calibrate units that are mining low value ore all day and find the spot in a few seconds. But as soon as i try to mine a T3 unit the spot ends up hiding in the corner.
  2. Good stuff! I just wanted to add my voice to what @Hagbard said above about the Fuel Intake Changes. That sounds great but what we really need is something that works like a container HUB, for fuel tanks. So we can link multiple tanks and display them as one tank in the HUD.
  3. All i really want is some clarity. If i knew that they were planning to fix it, or not planning to fix it, then i would move on. But when something makes playing the game this frustrating, I start to wonder if maybe I haven't made enough noise. Maybe NQ doesn't even know about it. And when I eventually end up on the forums, it's usually when a bug/feature has pissed me off enough that it motivates me to come make another post about it. Which doesn't usually lead to the most politely worded or "balanced" feedback. I can accept a yes or no answer. What's hard to accept is not knowing whether NQ is even aware of an issue. This has been an issue since day one.
  4. If an element is obstructed, why does it not report that it is obstructed all the time? It's almost as if an element that is obstructed at 1% only reports that it is obstructed 1% of the time. If an element only reports that it is obstructed 1% of the time, is the penalty only in effect 1% of the time also? I have no idea if this is an intentional design "feature" or a bug. But after spending months designing a ship, meticulously placing the elements and voxels, carefully watching to build helper to make sure they are unobstructed. Only to have an engine suddenly become obstructed once the design is nearly complete. It's not fun.
  5. Ugh i'm so annoyed about this. The last thing NQ told us, as far as i know, was that stacking detection was NOT working and that they were planning to rework it and then let us test it BEFORE elements would actually be deactivated by it. But that was several updates, and an official launch ago. And it seems to have been deployed in the same broken state that it was in at the time of that communication. My speeder has zero flagged elements 90% of the time. But if i compact it and then deploy it on Haven it suddenly has one adjuster and one brake flagged. I had the same issue in Beta with the same speeder design and reported it. The adjuster isn't even visually touching the brakes, and none of the other elements that are in the exact same position are ever flagged. We've been begging NQ for literally ANY information on the current state of this system for months now. Will it ever work correctly? Do they know that it isn't working correctly? As a ship builder it would be nice to know how close i am allowed to place one element to another, when i am placing it. Not two days later.
  6. I think something that NQ could do to help prevent these situations is some kind of a "So you want to start an ORG" tutorial or FAQ or something like that. That you are pointed to, before you start an ORG. Something that explains ahead of time that it is actually NOT a good idea to take all your resources put them under the ownership of one ORG, and then give Legates full permissions to it. You really have to make sub-orgs and divide resources and responsibilities in a way that minimizes the amount of damage that any one member can do. Not everyone needs to learn that lesson the hard way though.
  7. Are we talking about info that was in the livestream the night before? We all had access to that video at the same time. If some people managed to get an idea of where the planet would be located from the livestream, good for them. I didn't even think of that. But again, that saved them a few minutes of Warp time at best. I saw the teaser video they posted earlier in the day with footage of a new planet, and the caption "posted with no context". Since i was able to figure out based on that, that a new planet would be released the next day, does that mean i had advanced knowledge too? Was that teaser video a leak?
  8. Not everyone has a traditional work week. There are people playing DU during the day in the middle of a work week every day, that isn't out of the ordinary. It would be bad if NQ was leaking stuff like this, but there is zero evidence that they did. I think the real issue here is that NQ could have given more advanced notice. And they didn't. And people are frustrated about that. My feeling is that NQ holds back on sharing stuff like this ahead of time, with the intent of NOT giving anyone an advantage. They think if they tell us ahead of time, the more serious players will have a larger advantage. But i think what actually happens, is that serious players predict when stuff is going to happen and are prepared anyway. So all NQ accomplishes by holding back the info, is putting casual players at an even larger disadvantage. And i think by sharing info ahead of time, NQ would actually level the playing field by making sure everyone has the same information.
  9. It only takes a few minutes to warp somewhere with a ship full of equipment. And if you're parked in space, you can warp immediately, as soon as you log in. People were prepared because everyone knew they were going to release new planets eventually. And people got there quickly because of warp. I don't see any reason to think anyone had any kind of advanced knowledge.
  10. I don't really see what kind of advantage you're talking about. I knew that more planets would be released, just like everyone else. So i made sure i had three territory scanners, and a bunch of territory units ready and waiting. So what advantage would i gain from knowing when the next new planet would be released weeks in advance? Assuming i already have the territory scanners, and the TCUs anyway. I could request the day off from work, but other than that i can't think of any advantage it would give me. I found out when they were releasing the new planet at the same time as everyone else. When i saw the teaser clip they released the day before. That was plenty enough time to fuel up a ship, load up the territory scanners and TCUs, and set an alarm for 5am. That's all the advanced notice i needed to give myself the same advantage as everyone else. Knowing weeks in advance wouldn't have gotten someone to Talemai any faster than me.
  11. I've definitely experienced this before, many times. Coming in for a landing, going about 500kph, and decelerating, holding the brakes. And without releasing the brakes, suddenly your speed starts to increase. I've started taping the brakes when this happens, and usually they seem to kick back in a second or two later. But sometimes that few seconds of no brakes is enough to cause a crash, or at least a rough landing.
  12. The Metaverse is a good idea, in the same way that a Public Park is a good idea, or a Beach is a good idea. If public parks and beaches didn't exist yet. People like the sound of it, and they want to go there if you describe it to them. But that doesn't mean every park or beach will be good. And it doesn't even begin to address how you might go about building a business around that idea. And the biggest issue is that like a park or a beach, the freedom and public access are a huge part of what makes them so exciting. When you have an owner, and you restrict access, and sell membership. You don't have the freedom and endless potential that got people interested in the first place.
  13. I think it's important to remember that the people making the game, the people actually working on the game, want to do a great job, and i'm sure they're trying to do a great job, and they're also at work, trying to make a living, and they truly don't deserve any form of abuse. Ever. BUT i think it's also important to make sure that upper management knows, when they make uninformed, poorly thought-out, profit driven decisions, they are in danger of failing to produce the product that we are all here to buy from them. And if they want to produce that product, and they want us to buy it, they need to actually know what it is. And care whether it's as good as it could be.
  14. It's a good idea to write down all the numbers from each field in the configuration window for the scaffolding too. That way if something were to go wrong part way through your build, you would be able to get the wireframe back into the same position and rotation that you have it in now.
  15. I had never used Blender before, or any other 3d modeling software. I installed it, just to fix the .obj file. You don't really have to know how to use the program. You just have to follow the steps in the tutorial video. If you had to adjust the scale of the model, when you loaded it in game on the scaffolding. You can adjust the scale in Blender, by the same percentage, and that should fix the scale. Once you have the .obj file scaled to the correct size, then try following the steps in the tutorial. I also tried using the Blender Plugin that Msoul linked above, but i found the process of installing and using the plugin to be even more confusing than the tutorial video. I will say that fixing the .obj file was well worth the trouble. It made it soooo much easier to see. Before that i was working at night, just so i could see the wireframe better.
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