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  1. Is that even realistic though? The investor who seems to own NQ, either sold or closed its previous companies, NQ is probably worth something, but would another studio buy it? Or would another metaverse company buy it and strip it for parts?
  2. The "recycler" unit needs to be renamed if it's not going to be expanded to do actual recycling. Not sure what you'd call something that generates both H/O2 and scrap. Should be able to highlight multiple items in inventory and recycle if that's not how it works now. I'd rather recycler be a new tool or existing tool mode (alt+repair?) than right-click menu. I kinda get the random item type return because most of the value of some items is in the frame or complex part, but still weird.
  3. I wouldn't expect major new features before 6 months, but where's the next planet phase? I thought that was supposed to be high priority.
  4. At that scale why not just make anti-gravity ships? Would make sense to have L wings though, or at least increase power on M wings to match closer to M ailerons.
  5. Ideally bot T1 should have artificial supply/demand like many other trading games, instead of being totally fixed at all markets.
  6. I would borrow a container from someone you trust, or put it all on the market. Waiting for NQ is the worst option.
  7. I noticed that too. It would help if it showed how many batches are being pooled.
  8. Not sure if same thing, but it did that for me when I tried to drag and drop item to market container to sell, I had to right click on item and create sell order instead
  9. 180 was for the first month only, it's just on the 2nd stage now. No acceleration will be 90 points/min
  10. Just because NQ uses XL cores for markets doesn't mean it's a good idea to open it up to players where they can stack lots of them in the same area. There's enough performance issues as it is. But if they introduced XL for space cores only and could limit how many you could deploy in the same area, maybe that would work.
  11. With the current server population I think it is okay. Natron is the only T2 that is truly scarce in the safe zone. But in the future all the T2+ tiles in safe zone might be claimed with no opportunity for new players. Rotating ore pools would be the only way around that even though it's not realistic and a bit cheesy.
  12. I wouldn't count on NQ adding that. There are player-made scripts that do that https://github.com/codeinfused/Albatross-HUD-Community https://github.com/Aviator1280/Aviator1280-Dual-Universe-HUD https://github.com/Archaegeo/Archaegeo-Orbital-Hud
  13. All looks good. Surprised there's no word on buyable and in-game tradable DACs yet (do you want income?)
  14. The appearance of buzzing is not important to me in a space game, things are condensed enough as it is. The missing planets only make up about 1/4 of the total territory tiles anyway
  15. Haunty


    So September 26th, 2023
  16. Bognogus (streamer) has an AMD setup, not sure what his specs are but he mentioned he had to keep shadows turned off to keep the FPS reasonable.
  17. Yeah lives need a different indicator, even if it's just a different color, even better have the number of lives left on the icon, and let us use them in blueprints
  18. I think they should go the other way and put an element type limit on cores. At a certain point you have to go AGG or go home, and heavy haulers shouldn't fly like fighter jets. L hover engines are too week though, and since we have L stabilizers already there's no reason not to have L wings and ailerons.
  19. I don't know if the math formulas have been made public. I've seen people do data gathering with Lua to find that stuff out, but I don't remember where that info is now.
  20. A mobile repair element would be nice, in reducing clicks and maybe being faster, then you'd have a new purpose for ship building, repair ships.
  21. It's the new normal I guess. I haven't heard of any possible causes, it's a weird mystery.
  22. Why not? It's tax free and the only place with Natron surface rocks so I hear Anyways, yeah it sucks but whether we get interactions from devs or not doesn't change how long it's going to take so why bother
  23. There's endless possibilities, just pick something and do it 😑 Personally I want more purpose in building, build for shelter and protection from different hazards on different planets and in space: heat, cold, radiation, micro meteors, creatures... Make antennas actually do something, like allow ships and even statics to message other constructs within radar range. Everything's decorative with no purpose other than industry and storage and transport. (besides pvp which I can't speak on much)
  24. Link your account to Steam on your account page, then when you buy it on steam you can redeem the 1 month on your account page. There's no subscription on Steam, just the 1 month, then you subscribe with DACs or time codes or Xsolla
  25. From what I've heard, you have to buy it on Steam, then you can redeem the 1 month on your account
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