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  1. Link your account to Steam on your account page, then when you buy it on steam you can redeem the 1 month on your account page. There's no subscription on Steam, just the 1 month, then you subscribe with DACs or time codes or Xsolla
  2. From what I've heard, you have to buy it on Steam, then you can redeem the 1 month on your account
  3. It would probably help with average FPS, but FPS doesn't scale a lot in DU and the minimum FPS can still be relatively low. I don't have any issues with my RTX 3080, but there is a big range of FPS on planets, it jumps around between 30 and 100, avg maybe 60 fps
  4. No, you should have DACs, you have to convert them to game time on your account page
  5. No, you can redeem your DACs from your account page on the website
  6. I'd like to see some update that gives more purpose to building, instead of just more elements to manage in a mini-game loop. Like survival aspects, hazards that force you to build for shelter on planets other than Alioth/Sanc/Haven.
  7. So many things in DU don't make sense I gave up on questioning it
  8. Untested overclock maybe? DU has an AVX workload when you're loading planet terrain especially. Could try reducing the number of cores used in the game settings to see if that is a quick workaround
  9. I suppose if you treat it like a pledge or kickstarter rerun instead of a purchase of a product/service
  10. I don't think it's a great idea to commit too far in the future for a newly released game, but yes if you want to, you can buy a 12-month sub now at a lesser price, or game time code, and save your DACs to use after that.
  11. Is no one planning on buying DACs with quanta instead of subscribing with real money? Just going to leave when your supporter DACs run out even after accumulating a bunch of stuff and quanta? Assuming NQ can get tradeable DACs going not too long after release...
  12. I think that was assuming sub price would stay at $7, but with this increase it is closer to what was originally said in the kickstarter so the value per dac matches up
  13. Regular Silvers get 10 DACs (though your forum title says Sponsor which is 7 DACs), so you should have them on your account page and be able to use them when the game releases, no need to pay anything now
  14. After release I'll afk travel into deep space for 24 hours or so and deploy a small station and see how long it takes for someone to find it
  15. I don't think they can go any larger with landable planets for perf reasons, but larger gas giants that you can't land on would be cool, and they could have landable moons.
  16. That's not the same, they were adding avatars when there were none, DU has always had avatars and is just missing the combat part.
  17. I agree about the skybox but we're in the minority. The current skybox is better than the last one but why is it so grainy? It looks like a 16-bit color jpeg.
  18. In old dev Q&As they did say as much, because AvA would also include AvC and CvA. I think it would just be slower action, with the extra step of getting a lock-on
  19. But if territory warfare ever happens then it would make sense that the ore types never change. I think the ore should deplete over time while mining, and recharge while not mining it, though. It is too static right now.
  20. Yes you'll be able to deploy and exclude any elements you want, and replace honeycomb with a different one. You can try it on the PTS server now.
  21. NQ obviously bit off more than they could chew, but that is all behind us now. I think they have been more realistic lately. AvA was never going to be like an FPS, it would be lock and fire just like CvC. Seems kind of tricky though like how would it handle obstructions...
  22. I think the new schematic system is an improvement, fewer schematics to deal with and players can contribute to manufacturing in another way. I don't like that you still have to put them into each machine, schematics should just be another component of what you are crafting.
  23. I haven't tried it recently, but I've used them and by default they would always automatically throttle opposite acceleration of gravity, and holding spacebar would put them at 100% power.
  24. If you have founder packs you get DACs with them don't you?
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