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  1. I don't see a good reason to completely remove and replace warp cells when it could just be added on to with efficiency talents or warp drive variants or something.
  2. I don't think they're that ugly, but it doesn't matter, I put them on the outside because that is where they belong due to possible obstruction. It's nice having future proofed constructs that I don't have to redesign much.
  3. I don't think it would help NQ generate much cash in the short term, there won't be much reason to buy DACs and sell them for quanta because of the high volume that are held by backers, the quanta price could be relatively low at first. But that might be good for players who do want to sub using DACs.
  4. Unless NQ is insane they would wipe first before releasing DAC feature (in-game trading). No it's just another option in addition to paid subscription. Backers wouldn't need to use them until after release.
  5. If weapons really do prioritize radars, what if you buried a bunch of small inactive radars in voxels?
  6. Or just make the achievements give a decent amount of talent points instead of a few minutes, they're just one-time things and new players need a better talent jump start. A new player should be able to gain a few weeks of talent points fairly quickly to set their initial specialization.
  7. $500 here, though I don't feel like I am owed anything other than what was listed in the pledge description and only if it made it to release, I knew it was a gamble and basically a donation. My expectations were very conservative because it didn't blow up like Star Citizen, they had meager funding to work with for an mmo. If another developer can do it better down the line I'll happily jump on that, but I'm kinda done with alphas and betas.
  8. If they choose not to decide, they still have made a choice
  9. We should be able to toggle unique ID, ship name, and pilot name by default.
  10. I like the FTUE. I noticed some of the achievements wouldn't trigger or don't work. And the number of talent points the achievements give out are peanuts, they should give out maybe 500 at the very least, or enough to train one basic talent to lvl 1.
  11. I think bots buying T1 ore on starter planets is fine, but can get rid of everything else.
  12. People argued against the old way of mining too and suggested ideas like mining units, so who should NQ listen to? Right now they have both, mining units and asteroids. They don't need to get rid of schematics, they need to make them easier to use. Instead of physical items you buy off market and manually plug into each machine. They could be a researched based schematic bank or something, but not the way Starbase does it either. There should be more things to do in the safe zone. I wish there was energy/power system, and more functional things. I think it will be more of a building sandbox than a game for a while.
  13. I was always in limbo and playing on and off since alpha release. I want to do things in DU, but I won't be doing anything other than testing new features until the decision about a wipe. I think with the Athena update it could actually qualify as a "Beta" finally.
  14. I tried the first part of the FTUE and it is very nice compared to what it was before, has the basic info and gets you started pretty quickly.
  15. I think they're all an improvement. Underwater refraction could be more realistic.
  16. IMO a wipe after release is not acceptable, they have to commit. They don't have to wipe now but the beta tag authorizes it. I'd just like them to revamp planets and manufacturing for release.
  17. Seems like a wipe would be acceptable by most as long as blueprints and talent points are kept. Some may leave, but others announced a return after a wipe. It's a last chance for NQ to get things right, or at least better. No more wipes after that.
  18. Go ahead and wipe everything but blueprints, fix past mistakes and make release as best as can be. Based on the points made that sounds like the best option. As long as blueprints are revamped to make it easer to redeploy static constructs it should be fine. I don't care if skill points are reset to 0, keeping all skill points might be too advantageous, but keeping a percentage of them or capping them might be a good compromise. If a few people leave because they lost their alpha/beta progress then so be it, best to appeal to new players.
  19. That's just normal mmorpg things, I haven't played that many mmorpgs but things like that happen in every one
  20. Yeah I think they mentioned in the past that it will not come before release. I think it will come eventually but I wish it was sooner.
  21. No you need another blueprint. Otherwise you can try and reverse engineer the factory layout from scratch on your own core and blueprint that.
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