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  1. So far it failed to give me rocks 2 times. I haven't seen anything unexpected with the cone tool, it only looks at what's inside the circle
  2. True it was only used to push agendas 99% of the time, not constructive feedback.
  3. I built a ship for this last weekend so I could participate in that. I think asteroids need to spawn more randomly and regularly. After 48 hours or less all of the asteroids in the safe zone are discovered. I don't know if they are mined out completely though, maybe people are cherry-picking the ores.
  4. There are ways even though it might be slow and tedious. The 150k per day and mining and selling the rocks you do have to buy mining units. I'm kinda tempted to use my remaining beta invite to see what it is like as a brand new player.
  5. It's a waste of time and thought worrying about what other people are doing in the game and trying to label what DU is and isn't. Just do you.
  6. I gave 7 because a flat tax is lazy and an energy system would make more sense, but I'm sure NQ didn't have the resources to make a new system at this time. Other than that, I don't miss underground mining, mining unit gameplay isn't bad and doesn't take up too much of my time once set up. More safe zone asteroids is good. I also was not affected much because I didn't claim a ton of tiles or build up a lot of statics. I've been around since pre-alpha was released but I don't go hard in alpha/beta games for this reason.
  7. Normal engines do have a setting to enable torque but I've never played with it, so maybe?
  8. It's also hard to see org tiles in the dark blue color. I think magenta or cyan would work well. Org-owned tiles you're a member of are still red on the mini map too.
  9. An energy system would've been so much better.
  10. At least let players choose which aesthetic to use in settings. There's no gameplay reason to lock everyone to the same thing.
  11. Also reduce the number of rocks, they are way too dense. Then just give them more liters each.
  12. I'm only mining clusters of 3 tiles, because then each tile gets the same bonus. The first tiles I mined all had over 500 lph of Bauxite and I was mining with 4 MU's on each tile. In about one day enough was gathered to pay a week of taxes for all 3 tiles with the old prices, current prices it's more like 2-3 days. That includes gathering all the calibration rock spawns. I still need to work on balance sheets more once I get settled.
  13. It's not really a crash because the prices were briefly inflated, it's more like a correction. But I think we do need more element destruction (when crashing), maybe even durability on some active elements like industry units. They can't and won't bring back the old ore mining underground, they said it was not sustainable. Move to space and mine asteroids if you must.
  14. There probably should be more to do for new players. If I was just starting I'd probably not bother crafting, I'd use the 150k per day and harvest some rocks to sell ore until I can buy a proper ship to do missions or an asteroid scanner.
  15. Maybe they want to make sure the server patch works first so you don't have to download the patch and then download another patch to undo it
  16. Probably just not a priority which makes sense, the current system is plenty large enough for the population.
  17. Are you sure they understood it as surface rocks and not surface ore? They're 2 different things. Just wait until after Demeter is released and then check the final numbers on T2 ore. And from the video they were aware of the chicken/egg thing and plan on fixing that.
  18. I think that is the biggest issue with the economy, nothing ever gets destroyed except for in PVP. Anything on static cores just accumulates. I wouldn't mind if functional elements like industry units had a lifespan, and crashing ships reduces element lives.
  19. Yeah I remember the backend was built using the Actor Model (C++ Actor Framework). They even put the terminology into RDMS.
  20. I think JC was imagining a metaverse, but that's not what DU is. There's not enough funding or demand for that. So maybe it's a mere stepping stone to metaverse. Like VR in the 90's the world and technology probably isn't ready for metaverse.
  21. Couple questions: What about the Sanctuary tiles, is there anything special with them? Or do they also expire and lose ownership when unsubscribed? What happens to dynamic constructs and space station cores when you unsubscribe? And I assume we can still maneuver someone else's dynamic constructs off your territory or submit ticket for removal?
  22. I don't use GFN but since it has been down that long it probably warrants some compensation for those who do use it, from both NQ and Nvidia if a subscription is involved.
  23. Obviously no one should be surprised about any changes. Especially in alpha/beta. Should really only join an alpha/beta if you can handle it, but many can't.
  24. I think they just need more safe zone asteroids. T1 ore is used most to craft everything, and the logistics of mining and transporting the ore from asteroids to market or industry slows it down enough, no need to make it scarce so only a few early birds are able to mine them.
  25. I think it's more likely the tax will influence the ore price, not the other way around.
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