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  1. Can you login here: https://community.dualthegame.com/accounts/login
  2. Not here, there's a separate Alpha Feedback forum with the greenish background that is for NDA stuff
  3. Graphics are still being worked on, so there should be some improvements coming. The latest dev diary video hints at some and this devblog: https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2019/12/03/devblog-uber-textures/
  4. I'd like to know what NQ's version will look like and see what problems there are with it.
  5. Whatever you build you can make a blueprint of. You keep the blueprints, so after the final wipe (possibly the wipe before beta) that's all you'll have.
  6. There is another option to buy dual access coupons (DAC) equal to 1 month subscription with in-game money. Or maybe an org would be willing to sponsor you and pay you in DAC if you join them.
  7. Yes there is a test session starting today: ( https://www.dualthegame.com/en/server-status/ ) Can you log into https://community.dualthegame.com/accounts/login ? If not submit a request here telling them your errors https://support.dualthegame.com or email support@novaquark.com
  8. Can you login at: https://community.dualthegame.com/accounts/login/ and then go to Dual ID? If there's no download link there you might need to contact them again
  9. Yeah like just about any other game with inventories, you own nothing in the game, it all belongs to NQ. You're just paying for the service to play the game.
  10. AVX is required, see this notice: https://support.dualthegame.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002472234-AVX-INSTRUCTIONS-REQUIRED-TO-RUN-DUAL-UNIVERSE
  11. It is in Alpha 3, next stage is beta: https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2019/12/04/roadmap-update/ Tests are usually 4 days a week, but varies: https://www.dualthegame.com/en/server-status/ The beta key/s you get with pledge you can give away to someone else when beta starts, you get alpha and beta access. 1 DAC = one month subscription after release, so it is like a pre-order of 3 months for the $60 pledge
  12. Yep the supporter packs are basically a pre-order of the game with access to alpha/beta
  13. In the case of DU it's easy being an online-only game, you have to log in with your Dual Universe account. I assume you can do the same with Steam or whatever.
  14. The assumption that you're going to constantly be seeing unconventional non-sci-fi constructs just because they are possible isn't the reality though.
  15. If you like building things, you could be occupied to no end just sitting in the safe zones and building and gathering materials you need to build with. You could join an org in a non-pvp role and do many things like resource gathering and support and logistics.
  16. You could request that in a support ticket at: https://support.dualthegame.com/
  17. If you can log in here: https://support.dualthegame.com you can try making a ticket or email support@novaquark.com
  18. Uploading meshes in an mmo with thousands of avatars may not be feasible for performance reasons. A lot can still be done with parameter-based avatar creation, I'd expect DU's to be pretty basic at first.
  19. I certainly hope so, maybe even some without a bright nebula and so much ambient night lighting 😏
  20. All of alpha and beta plus 1 month per dac after release if you use them. It is like plex in Eve.
  21. Haunty

    Solo Play Buffs

    Something like that wouldn't work, then orgs would just have their miners not officially join so they get the solo buff. More people can get more work done, that's just how it goes.
  22. They are for gifting only. A supporter always has future test access plus some after release.
  23. No it is PC only, and currently no plans on going to consoles.
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