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  1. Ohh man.. On top of everything else, that is not a good outlook for this game who heavily relies on AVX instructions. And yet another reason to pick AMD, so I don't understand Intel's reasoning for doing this. The time when Intel get away with scumbag nickel and dime moves like this is over.
  2. For sure, and it was not meant negatively towards you what so ever. Some of us are just tad bit frustrated with NQ, and have read threads with that exact request and similar way to many times by now.
  3. I just did a search and the oldest dedicated thread I could find, for players asking for DU to support glass voxels was in January.. .. .. 2017. So what I am saying is, don't hold your breath waiting for this feature.
  4. Nothing new. This is just NQ continuing to behave like NQ always has, and the reason why this game is in the state it is.
  5. Remember way back when we got a lot of flak for talking about NQ building features on top of a shaky foundation and not having a real plan or design for the game, and all the problems that would bring in the future.. And remind me, I seem to remember us talking about all the potential scaling issues in the game like mining tunnels etc. very early also. And for any new players wondering about all the negativity towards NQ in the forums. It is something they sadly have earned by ignoring community feedback and advice for years. And at this point for me at least, all I have left for NQ is a big fat "told you so" and very little respect.
  6. The answer to all the "we need this feature at release" statements is something like: 0.01% chance we will get any substantial feature beside what is already announced at release. 0.001% chance we will get some kind of territory war at release. 0.00001% chance we will get planet based PvP/territory war at release. Because after 2+ years of almost no fundamental changes/improvements to the game at all, NQ is now apparently very, very busy fixing bugs, removing functionality and adding superficial improvements for the release date.
  7. You would think a good directional mic could be considered a business expense when doing public work like this. And a big plus for work collaboration in general since I get the feeling he is working from home, and if not then there really is no excuse.
  8. Sure from a strictly legal viewpoint there is a lot of things NQ can get away with. But that's not how you build a foundation of trust towards your player base, and more a lesson in "how to make sure your MMO will fail" kind of deal. And the problem here is the subscription in combination with how they market the game on the front page.
  9. But ironically it is also very representative of how NQ does things, where stuff usually has a core that is good idea but the execution is.. well.. NQ'ish. Ie. pick someone with a great voice, but then use a crappy microphone and make the recording in the bathroom by the sound of it.
  10. Ohh you sweet summer child. If you managed to come to that conclusions based on what what NQ said in ep6, then you have a long and disappointing journey ahead my friend. And if by some miracle NQ manage to surprises us at launch with some unannounced features upgrades, I will be more then happy to eat some humble pie. But it would also be the first time EVER in the 6 year long history of NQ, that they managed to surprise us by being productive and deliver something ahead of schedule.
  11. Commodities.. whatever functionality that add more grind is NOT what the game needs now. For sure they are mechanics that are needed in a functional MMO, but that is not where DU is at. NQ should be 100% focused on adding fun to the game before they even start considering more gate keeper stuff at this stage.
  12. As mentioned better/proper chat system, VoIP and a mail system are the bare minimum requirements that should have been addressed a long time ago. Especially the chat system we have now is doing more harm then good. There is also some missed opportunities here, if the communications has some LUA functionality so that it could be made a more integral part of actual game play. Like for example running a basic chat-bot that did certain tasks for org members, creating in-game voting, shop "ai" for selling etc.
  13. The du-creators.org site is also one of many examples that the community is more then willing to create great content for the game, provided they have the tools needed to do so. So imagine if we had tools and creative freedom to make and script missions, mini games and interact with the environment inside the game.
  14. Why is episode #4 & #5 unlisted on youtube? Are you so embarrassed by the low view count NQ and negative feedback in the comments, that you don't event want to show them publicly?
  15. I don't want to keep repeating myself like this, but we told them. Ohh.. we told them so many times.. And there is a reason why some (most?) of the veterans don't bother with making bug rapports any more.. like ever. The dev process at NQ was off long before beta. And from the beginning we told NQ that their way of doing stuff using waterfall but without the finished design to follow which makes it doomed to fail, and turning the process upside down with large infrequent patches (upcoming Mercury is patch 30) even when the game was in pre-alpha was going to generate a lot of technical debt. And now that debt is collecting, and NQ is forced to make hard sweeping changes way, way to late in the process for a MMO with active players.
  16. My main reaction to this blog is that for someone who is "so busy that we must prioritize every feature" there is not much happening with the ACTUAL game. And I am not talking about just now, but since forever.
  17. So let's summarize. DU is a building game with PvP. And the PvP part is bad, like really bad and consequentially not many people are doing it. And the solution is to force the builder part of the game to join the PvP regardless of if they want to or not? Sounds like a great idea! For killing a game that is already dying that is. Hint. Those that want to play the PvP part, are already doing so. And one would think the obvious way to increase PvP participation without chasing away players, would be to improve the PvP mechanics? And here is some shocking news. Not all games has to be all about the pewpew. Are builders running around screaming "you must build. Or else!!". No they are not because that would be silly. So why is it that some of PvP players are doing exactly that..?
  18. The founding idea for DU is still solid. NQ makes the tools and the community makes content. But.. The tools where never made, so obviously the community was never given a chance to make content. And the content we do have is a credit to a few very dedicated players managing to work around the limits set by NQ more then anything else.
  19. That is the question we have been asking for a long time now..
  20. No so much into selling and markets, but what I did find interesting was some of the tips in the "rules and guidelines" document on how to maintain frame rate performance. And what they are telling us here, is that the voxel engine does not do proper occlusion culling. Something that is essential for performance in any kind of 3D engine. And this would also explain why the game struggled so much (performance wise) with having leftover mining tunnels everywhere, and why there is so much market lag in general since the game has to render both the outside and the inside of all constructs all the time.
  21. Only NQ can claim to be polishing bugs and getting close to a release, and announce a complete rewrite of the LUA API in the same blog. I guess that is what you get when pretending your alpha is a beta. And for the record, the LUA rewrite is a good thing and is MUCH needed. It's just that is should have been done like 2 years ago when we asked for it during the alpha stage, where breaking things is ok and supposed to happen.
  22. This has to be some kind of record for how fast someone can make their own post worthless..
  23. This bring us back to the something seriously off with NQ part. They seem utterly incapable of deliver a product in a reasonable time frame. And by that I mean that NQ had >150 employees at one time, and still have 73 registered employees. So this is not a small company. Hello Games (No Man Sky) in comparison had 26 employees in 2020...
  24. Because NQ said we should start playing for keeps when they started charging subscription for the beta.. This is all on NQ, they made their bed, and now they get to lie in it.
  25. Absolutely, that is what happens when someone tries to pretend that a game is beta when in reality it is still alpha. And all the underlying problems are still there, waiting to rear their ugly head. Like for example the fact that the game does not even have the fundamental functions/pillars in place to make it a proper beta, and they are talking about a release... So saying we need a wipe to "fix the game", makes little sense when we all know there will be many braking changes after 'release' if the game is ever going to have a chance.
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