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  1. "Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence"
  2. Thanks for listening NQ. The new limit numbers sounds like they will hurt a little for both NQ and for players, which means they are probably a good compromise. But at the same time NQ also REALLY needs to take a serious look in the mirror and investigate how they where able to conclude that the previous limit numbers where sensible in any way shape or form. It is VERY worrying that NQ appear to be this far out of step with the players in this game, and ever worse the lack of understanding what is needed to make this game work.
  3. They are actually planning to do both at the same time. The new "vertex precision tool" is just there to sweeten the deal that they are introducing construct complexity restrictions aka data caps on constructs. And the core slot limit is going to be added on top of this again.
  4. You use both.. For a game like this I would self host the servers needed for the regular players numbers, and then you use cloud to acquire short term compute when needed. But if the game is built around AWS then it is not a trivial thing to move away, since AWS services are carefully designed so that you can't easily switch to something else afterwards.
  5. No.. Careful "landscaping" is an important part of using the ground as a part of the design and architecture of buildings. And when you 'dissolve' a cube in the landscape, the voxels are hidden but not delete since that is how voxels work. So while not visible they still count as voxel modifications and there is very little if any resources to save.
  6. It is irrelevant discussing how to work around this. If the current detection system went fully operational, then nobody would be able to trust the build system. And elements would be triggered all over the place when doing normal building using fully legal element placement methods. So the point is that since it was NQ that created a stack detection that falsely trigger on 100% legal elements that never was an exploit or even an issue, they are the ones at blame and the ones that has to make sure this is fixed before it goes live.
  7. We have been lugging buckets hard since mid 2017, but NQ just keeps making more holes.
  8. Problem solved. NQ is trying their best to kill the game, so wipe or not is now mostly irrelevant.
  9. Ohh well.. At least with NQ the forums continue to be a source of entertainment, much more so then the game ever was.
  10. @NQ-Deckard You really need to clear up the blog post with regards to personal vs org slots. Is personal slots cap the same as today with talent etc, and the 10 + 15 org slots something that is added on top of this without affecting the personal slots?
  11. Oh man.. 15 + 10 cores as the max cap for any player regardless is really not that much and it is going to hurt A LOT of people badly. Just of the top of my head. - The new MU system is eating cores like they are candy - Ship sellers need lots of cores for demonstration models - Ship museums - Creative players often use lots of dynamic cores to work around placement limitations for artistic expressions Right now the only good thing I can think of is that this will limit the usefulness for making those pesky space elevators. But for big projects like race tracks, player driven markets etc.. oh man they are going to struggle. And this limit will be a large hindrance for the stability of large community projects, since they will now be depending on the good will of players sacrificing slots and not taking them back again later.
  12. I don't particularly like some of the answers, like the one regarding ships wrecks which highlight the problem of DU designers focusing on making exclusive content that most players will never bother with or experience, while what the game badly needs is more general content for all players. This is the same issue as with the previous Easter egg hunt NQ did. While cool and clearly inspired by Ready Player One, it was only like 1% of the player base at best that had the time and resources to compete in the hunt. And for the rest it was only something we heard about but did not improve our game experience in any way other that making us feel left out. But.. at least there is something resembling communication here now. Keep this up NQ!
  13. Remember when NQ used to say DU was a open world civ-rebuild game and they wanted us to build as much and as big as possible. And when we said are you sure you can handle that? They said either nothing or "don't worry guys" for 4+ years.. So while what you say is probably true and likely to happen, it will also means the main premise for DU will be null and void and that NQ never managed to deliver on the tech needed for the game they sold us..
  14. I agree about needing time to collect statistics. But that is not really the problem here. You have to remember that DU has been available for players for more then 4 years now, and there has been A LOT of feedback from players during this time. But even so NQ still keeps making the same obvious and totally avoidable mistakes and weird priorities for features to implement. And this has been happening to such a degree that there are certain sentences that NQ often use, that are now considered oxymorons by the community. - We hear you guys - improve communication and listen to community feedback - Early version of feature that will be improved later - roadmap etc. So for DU to change for the better, it is NQ that first has to change.. drastically. And I still don't see any signs of this happening. Even after the latest Panacea promises, it still is business as usual with maybe one or two posts more then usual on the forums and definitively not any kind of two-way communication.
  15. And if you add another 2-3 years on top of that for those of use that has been here since the very beginning, this is EXACTLY why we are so frustrated with the NQ dev process and this 'game' that could have been so great but is going nowhere.
  16. I don't care about how many cores or quanta the other players have. All I care about is the ability to build my stuff when and how I want, and be creative and free to experiment. And for this simple reason Demeter fails at all counts, since grind and forced menial tasks is and has always been the antithesis of creativity. That's why I stopped mining (old way), and that's why I am now in the process of burning out the same way I did back then with MU's. And collecting surface ore has never ever even been a consideration (did my share of that type of game play like 15 years ago, and there are countless games that does this MUCH better for those into it). And so with regard to creativity the tax/MU system is even worse (more grind for less resources, and constant pressure to do certain tasks) then the old mining ever was. And so the end effect is that I stop playing DU for long periods, just waiting around looking for any glimmer of hope that here will be a game worth playing in the future. And if the silent majority of players where fine with Demeter, why is it then that we are now getting an unscheduled and immediate emergency update to tax and MU's after NQ looked at logs and player patterns? And looking at the changes we are not talking about minor adjustments here, since those are clear 'ohh shit, let's try and fix this' amounts of change..
  17. If we consider how Demeter is forcing people to regularly sell ore, and then look at player activity around popular markets like DS6 etc. In my opinion, it is not looking good. I mean we are talking about DS6, and I can't remember ever seeing more then maybe 10 players at once there, and walking the pads I see the same ships just standing there stationary for weeks/months at a time (not counting the obvious 'look at me' placements).
  18. And if NQ thinks being able to 'un-deploy ' a construct is not grindy enough. Then at least give us the ability to disregard the warning and remove cores while there still are some ghost voxels/elements left in the construct, destroying the leftovers in the process. I have lost count of how many times I have come across abandoned cores, where people have just given up and left the core behind because they cant find the stray object preventing removal.
  19. Not to mention you now need lots of cores just for MU's, so limiting solo player core counts will hurt even more than before Demeter. And the result is a game that is looking more and more like it was designed to fail, which is actually kinda impressive in it's own way.
  20. Incentivize players by giving then perks and bonuses for being active in the game, but don't punish players when they for whatever reason are not able to play regularly. This is a subscription game, not free-to-play. So holding players assets hostage and saying 'play or else', will only lead to bad associations with the game. And in that regard having to regularly eat food, would be the same as territory tax for the avatars..
  21. NQ recently introduced a "Max displayed constructs" option under the graphics settings, and it has a very low default setting set at 70 constructs. I bumped mine up to 500 which lets you generally see constructs much farther away depending on the congestion, and seem to work fine for my system except for DS6 where you get bad performance regardless. But I think it is interesting to see that NQ set the default value to 70 in that option, which in most cases will result in a draw distance that is less then what was normal before. And it says a lot about how much/little confidence NQ has when it comes to client performance. They have also been experimenting with how they render planet changes. And I now notice that they only display the original unmodified planet landscape at distance, and the terraformed version will suddenly pop up once you get relatively close. Which can be both jarring and problematic in many ways. My guess is that this is yet another cost saving measure where they have the unmodified planets stored locally on the clients to save on server-client transmission cost. And they in true NQ fashion probably never got around to implement a feature that would update the local version with new data.
  22. To be fair the planet reset in Demeter was largely because of the new hexoctree data structure, used to more efficiently render voxel planets. But beside that, I think your points are spot on. Throwing out the baby with the bathwater is a phrase that keeps coming up when discussing NQ actions. And this is made even worse, since players have to watch NQ make large sweeping changes that overall worsen the game play, while actual features that would improve game loops and enjoyment get no love what so ever. And it feels like NQ has gone into some type of maintenance mode that you would normally only see on older well established, and feature complete games.
  23. +10 Tools for large scale and more refined terraforming is a part of this game that just got forgotten. It got slightly better after the smooth tool to flatten large areas was added, but still. But right now I guess large scale terraforming is the last thing NQ wants with regard to keeping the server cost down.
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