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  1. At this point after all these years, we are just hanging around to watch this thing come to it's conclusion.
  2. From a player perspective 1.1 changes hardly anything, since it is mostly cosmetics. For example the MU change in the previous patch probably has a bigger impact (not in a good way) on the game for players then what then entire v1.1 will. Simply put what this game needs is MUCH LESS grind and time gating, and something fun and engaging for players to beside being AFK while flying missions.
  3. You obviously can't design a game around extreme outliners (a small minority of players with seemingly unlimited time to play and many alts), since that means the game will become mostly unplayable for the majority of players. And yet it seems like this is exactly what NQ is doing..
  4. There must be some confusion here. I am talking about solo players in the MMO here, and I thought you did also. And I think that was what LeMurphy was talking about also with regard to PVE. But if you mean an actual dedicated single player version of the game, then absolutely that will never happen for many reasons.
  5. And again that is not what the kickstarter said. Bottom line is that the DU we got, is something that is not even close to what we where promised both for PvP and non-PvP players.
  6. Whoever told you this has been rewriting history. The original kickstarter for DU never said the game would be mainly focusing on PvP. The main focus was always on making a open world civilization building game. The official kickstarter title for the game is "Dual Universe :: Civilization Building Sci-Fi MMORPG" And here is a quote of every sentence that mention PvP in the kickstarter campaign. And if you google Dual Universe here is the first information NQ has about the game. So.. Does this sound like a hardcore PvP game to you? Edit: And the thing I keep coming back to that I find fascinating is that while you won't find any builders arguing against there being PvP in the game. Instead what they they are saying that it should be possible to enjoy the game without doing PvP as promised in the kickstarter. Some PvP'ers on the other hand seem utterly incapable of seeing anyone wanting to play a game without PvP, and have no problem arguing for tearing down everything people spend months building and belittling people by calling them "carebears" etc.
  7. So basically the exact same situation with regard to wipe statements as made during the beta soft-release with subscriptions. And we all know how that went..
  8. The wipe solved nothing, just like we said it would not do because of NQ never coming close to solving the actual issues causing problems in the first place. And despite DU now supposedly being a released game wiped clean and all to make a fresh start, NQ is still making game breaking changes left and right with no prior warnings and some times even in direct conflict with prior statements they have made. And so the list of examples where NQ is saying one thing and doing another (aka lying), grows longer by the day. And on top of this there is ZERO effort made from NQ to make a game that is actually fun to play. Every change made since release has been about limiting players ability to enjoy the game, and take away their ability to build and express themselves in the game. So much for "a open world building MMO" and "make your own game" I guess.. So it is a wonder that people are complaining (also known as 'unbalanced feedback' that will be ignored according to NQ) and players leaving the game?
  9. I would bet real money that the 'first draft version' for planetary warfare (NQ speak for permanent), would involve some kind of repetitive mini game with long unskippable animations and annoying sound design.
  10. And why is that? This is a very important question that NQ should ask themselves. Why is it that we now have an established pattern with new players starting out all smiles and positivity, but then as times goes and they gain more experience they start becoming more and more critical towards the game and NQ? Why is it that this pattern of positivity turning into negativity has repeated many times over the years as the game has progressed from pre-test to alpha, beta and release, and in fact become progressively worse as we got closer to release. And why is it that despite this destructive pattern been clear and obvious to everyone for a long, long time, that NQ never ever truly changed or did anything about it?
  11. This game has been dying for a long time. Heck some of us started to see the patterns even before beta. And the simple fact is that as long as NQ continues to behave like well.. NQ, then this game has no chance what so ever. Or to quote Albert Einstein Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results And by now it should be clear that the lights have been turned off at NQ for a long time. And the few people still actually working on DU are just punching in hours to get the next pay check for as long as possible, and nothing more. Or to be more precise, when looking at how NQ operates is seems like they have been doing this for years and not just lately.
  12. They used to.. But after the nerf it may be an idea to revisit using engine torque.
  13. This is to date still the only thing NQ has ever mentioned that would justify a full terrain wipe. But even so based on what NQ has said about that topic previously, it still does not justify some kind of player resource wipe.
  14. No need for NQ to be rocket scientists to know that 0.23 did not go as planned. And after reducing the schematic prices down from insane to high to at least prevent every single player from leaving the game, it was total radio silence about the issue for years. And it was only mentioned again recently when it fit their narrative to suddenly admit subscriptions where bad, and use that as an excuse for yet another server cost reducing patch. And the worst part in all this is that they are now doing EXACTLY the same types of mistakes all over again, ignoring feedback and pushing game breaking changes while pretending everything is fine.
  15. There is actually potential for a great piece of alternative dystopian story/lore here, with Aphelia turning out to be a evil rogue AI hell bent on suppressing the human race and controlling their every movement.
  16. It has been a while, so I don't remember the wording. But there is an option in the engine parameter so that engine thrust will also apply rotation as expected instead of the simplified axis only default.
  17. Meanwhile in an alternative dimension we have Star Citizen refunding players with in game credits for lost playtime when they do a wipe even in Alpha. Because they actually value play time and care about keeping players I guess..
  18. No worry. If NQ is going to shoot themself in the foot, they will first need to have an internal discussion and decide which foot to aim at. So we have plenty of time..
  19. Good post Msoul, but it has to be a two way street to function.
  20. I usually just say NQ and refrain from referring to any specific person. But this time I think it is warranted to say that Decard's statement has been proven very effective, at killing the game. And if the majority of comments are negative, that by itself is VERY much a data point that should NOT be ignored.
  21. Regardless of server load/balancing issues being uses as an excuse for changes, the main problem still remains. There is hardly any fun way to make quanta in this game. Everything is a chore. Mining is a chore, missions is a chore, industry has been turned into a chore.. and so on. So unlike when grinding in other MMO's, there is no sense of achievement or progression. Just mindless tedium repeating the same tasks over and over. And that is just bad game design, no matter how you look at it.
  22. That argument goes both ways. I could just as well argue that it is pathetic (your words) that some players are demanding that veterans should lose all their effort, just so that (edit) new players get to feel special for a short while after release.
  23. And why should a new player be able to catch up to a veteran at all (unless he is maxed out)? I don't understand how you can expect this to happen, since NQ would then have to reset BP for all players every time a new player joins.
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