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NQ-Naeris, new Community Manager, has entered the game!

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Dear Community members, 

As announced in the news available here, we are glad to welcome a new Community Manager in the team!
She will be the Community Manager at Novaquark Montreal, which means we will now be able to cover more time zone.


We are really happy to have her on board!
Give a warm welcome to NQ-Naerais! :) 

Best Regards,

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Hello Noveans! 


As NQ-Nyzaltar said, I just joined the team here in Montreal. I'm very happy to be here, and excited to continue this amazing journey with all of you. I am quite new to the company so I do ask for a little patience while I get sorted here, I may not have all the answers right away but do know I will do my best to help make your experience with us the best it can be. 


A bit about my background, I've worked on quite a few games of all varieties (MMO, Table Top, Card, Collectible, Board and more) for more years than I care to admit. I'm definitely an MMO fanatic and will be spending just as much of my free time along side you (in secret ;) ) as you do. I'm convinced I'm a cat whisperer (though the same can be said for coffee), and a sci-fi fan. 


I can't wait to see, share and celebrate all that you build in this amazing universe together!



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Hello Naerais, awesome to have you on board! With a growing community we can use all the help we can get :) I hope you like to read because you probably have quite some reading to do :) Let's DU this!

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Welcome onboard, NQ-Naerais. Cats and coffee belong on a winning team. Any word on seeing your favourite pet or beverage in Dual Universe soon? 

Glad to have you with us.

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A BIG warm welcome to you, @NQ-Naerais!! It looks like your background is a perfect match for the DU community. As a "cat whisperer", you'll be able to herd us Noveans readily! ;) 


Also, as a fan of Sci-Fi, you're going to be absolutely inspired by the creations players are making. ?




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6 hours ago, Destrin said:

May your ... your bans be many!

I don't...

*complex math appears around head*


I don't think we want a community that's bad like that.


A warm welcome from the resident DAC dragon. ?


My exploits are many and cute.

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