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  1. Most of the things I would like to say are really indepth and under NDA. However I can say that the "introvert" is going to be a very relavant player in DU. I'm an introvert and my sister would say that's a huge understatement. And yet I'm here going to the gamescom 2019 and the DU meetup. Introverts are not afraid to talk to people. If they are then that's a social anxiety issue. They/me just need more energy, it's more exhausting for people like me to engage with other people and when we do we only tend to discuss more meaningfull things rather than small talk. Only about 10% are introvert so in that contrast you could say they may not have a big impact, but I don't think that will stop or hinder them from playing DU at all.
  2. Hi there, we have an organization where most of the landmarkians are. It's called Infinity Corporation. Our discord is here https://discord.gg/tkMmQ2
  3. Idea 1: Imagine a planet like any other. You start to dig for resources or maybe a base further down. You pass -10km when suddenly you start to fall. It's dark and you can't see much. Your altimeter keeps falling when.. splat.. you hit solid ground, dead and flat like a pancake 15km down. You go back but this time you're prepared. You bring a small ship and land safely this time. It's not a cave. There are no walls. It just goes on forever. Another world beneath the surface. A deathtrap or an opportunity? Idea 2: Imagine a planet like any other. But when you look up you don't see stars. You see mountains forrests and oceans only a few km away. You can almost touch it. Another planet closer than you've ever thought possible. Where would you settle?
  4. Excellent post and good suggestions on the base shapes! I really want to say a lot about this but this would break NDA unfortunately.
  5. So what you're saying is that I could make a voxel minefield around my base that all the attackers would crash and burn in?
  6. I understand your interest in this. Though some of this information is not known by NQ and players are under NDA and are not allowed to disclose some of the information you are asking for. So the things that can be provided will be very limited. If I'm one of the winners im more than happy to show what I used as inspiration for my ship. And that last question I'm also very interested in. They were very vague in their discription of what exactly they wanted from us.
  7. Man its hard to see if this topic is under NDA or not on mobile. A quick reply here. I expect single players to not be an interesting target cant say more because NDA. About the turrets it might be interesting to have them fire at a slow rate and maybe not so accurate when not manned.
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    Took me about 5 seconds.
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    Wait.. You can make vegetables fly?
  10. Hi everyone, I've been in here for a while now but never really introduced myself yet. My real name is Sander. Some of you know me by Sander496 or my usual in-game name Serula. Im currently 36 years old and single and I work as a software developer for a company that makes software for hospitals. I do all this from Amsterdam in the Netherlands but I live in a small city near Amsterdam. I'm an early backer of DU because I really enjoy creative games, games where you can explore and do all that with friends and cooperate with them. I will mostly be trying to create nice looking things both buildings and ships and to a lesser degree ships that are efficient. And I'm mostly trying to get that stuff done before the real artists start to get their hands on DU When it comes to PVP im a defender. I don't like to steal or destroy other peoples stuff so instead I'll focus on designing defensible structures when needed. My ultimate goal is to get as many people to use my designs as possible. This outpost is the first thing I made in DU and definitely not the last. Prior to DU I played games like ARK survival evolved, conan exiles, no man's sky, Dark and Light, Diablo 3, Naval Action, Terra Tech just to name a few. And the most missed game is Landmark, the first and only voxel building game I played. Im currently in 3 orgs The Outfit, Infinity Corporation and Prophet Rocket Foundry with many friends and very good builders I know from Landmark. If you like to know more you can always pm me or follow me on my twitter @Sander496. Have fun and see you guys and gals in DU o/
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    That would also force many people to learn to use 3d design software because everybody that does that will have and advantage over the other designers. So the players that play DU because they like to build stuff now have to revert back to 3d design software that some may already be using. They will then mostly be doing that rather than play and build in DU. It will split the community and take away the fun and challenge of building with voxels. It won't be a level playingground anymore for builders like me. And I really don't want to have to learn a 3d development program to build in DU in order to compete with other designers. I want to play and build in DU and struggle with the voxels. Find smart ways to shape them. It's a different challenge.
  12. Uff yeah I saw that and was like uhhh how do I say this ?
  13. I would love to see a planet with caves big enough to fly through possibly all the way to the core so you can get lost trying to get back to the surface. Basically a planet with like 30%cave and 70%matter. I imagine you could make really nice structures or cave cities in there and have a different challenge in finding and mining resources. It may not be very realistic but hey that's what games are for right.
  14. This topic is solely created for entertainment purposes and is in no way intended to target anyone or any specific community. If you feel offended, it was purely intentional This is my take on some of the thought processes behind replies in forums with a little hint of comedy and exaggeration. I would love to hear any of your own contributions on this. - Hey yeah you are right but I have to disagree with something so I look a little smarter. - Hey yeah you are right about that and im not. Im just going to disagree with you anyway because my pride is important. - excuse me sir! I do not wish to contribute to the topic being discussed here in any way shape or form. I just wish to borrow your words and twist them a little bit so that I can be a little bit right too. - That sounds like a bad idea. I don't really know why but I just have to say the first random thing that comes to mind. - Oh man I don't feel so good. Let's check out this forum and leech some energy from other people by posting some really offensive things. - Hmm yeah that really is a problem that needs to be solved. You clearly put a lot of thought and effort into this but I don't agree with your solution. I'm too lazy to come up with arguments or think of alternatives myself so Im just going to say. that sucks! edit: Might want to move this to the off topic section.
  15. Seems like an overpowered utility that should be done with constructs. You should carefully plan your actions when you venture out. One of the risks would be to lose your ship/plane where you then need to solve the new situation you find yourself in. Like calling for help from friends to maybe pick you up. It also seems like you would have too great of an advantage trying to escape or dodge enemies. Plan ahead weigh the risks of whatever you want to do and have a plan B ready.
  16. Underground navigation is a skill players should train themselves and maybe organize as an organization. You can be very creative in finding a strategy for this. Depending on what method you choose to execute when mining you will be more or less effective as another organization. Taking away the problem of navigating underground with some feature removes this gameplay element which in my opinion is an important part of the game. Especially in the long run your mining efficiency will start to matter.
  17. I don't think this is a good idea because you're going to make available to one person what would normally be done by many. Scanning should be a teamwork effort that needs some organization. Depending on how well this is organized the organization will do better or worse than others which is a highly influential gameplay element in my opinion. I think you should always be aware that making some gamplay elements easier, because maybe you dont like doing those, may not necessarily be a good change for the flow of the game in the long term. Maybe some planets or entire area's of a planet will not be inhabited because everyone can see there is nothing lucrative there. Plus the first one to play will steal away the best spots from day one rather than having to look and getting the thrill of finding that motherload. Obviously starting players will always have an advantage but they might still miss something that a future well organized organization can take advantage of where they might otherwize stay the underdog.
  18. I would prefer to be in a small org that consists of friends. People we trust and have different connections with. Such an organization won't fall apart because the sticky glue that holds us together is not build from the success of the org. And because of that we will learn each others strengths in DU and reorganize to grow and become more stable. For me gaming in general and in this case DU is not about winning but about how to deal with and then overcomming those problems. So my advise would be: start bonding before the flood comes
  19. The holes will definitely be a big annoyance. Some holes maybe be filled by players but I expect many holes to remain. I also think it will take a very long time, years probably, to even strip mine one planet let alone a universe. So this is not even on the table right now. I do think that in a very short time the area around the ark will be mined so heavily that it will be hard to find anything for starting players. I expect them to have trouble figuring out how the scanner works and thinking that maybe they are doing something wrong because they won't see any resources pop up on the scanner. I guess time will tell though.
  20. The solution to this seems to be quite simple. Let's say I build a ship that is totally legit, no trackers or any nasty stuff. I sell it on the market to some other person. Now go back one step and realize that I'm the original designer and creator of this ship. I own the rights to mass produce and distribute this ship and its blueprints. I could enable reselling of this ship by the buyer in it's original state. If the ship has been tampered with the rights of the buyer to resell the ship will be revoked. If I sell a blueprint of the ship to a buyer that can lets say make 5 copies of the ship. The same rules of reselling still apply to the ships produced with this blueprint. Any blueprints made of the ship or the tampered version of the ship will not be sellable on the market unless I allow that. But any profits gained from this will go to my pocket for the percentage of voxels that were originally created by me. But that's another story It's basically a patent system.
  21. So if there are 30.000 players the landscape of Alioth will be covered in rescue capsules with teleporters to the ark ship? That sounds like a highly undesireable situation. Plus I believe NQ wants to refrain from using teleportation devices. I think the simplest solution right now, and not nesessarily the best, would be to use mechanics that are already in place. Regenerate resources around the ark ship. But only in territories that cannot be claimed and thus cannot be build on so regeneration can be done without compromising someones build. The problem here is the size of the area needed to support all new players vs the travel distance needed to claim territory and potential exploits with the resource generation by larger corporations with big transportships.
  22. Hi Huschhusch, This could solve the problem for starting players to have to span large distances to get to resources. But this also introduces new problems. One of the most obvious is the distance to the market to sell the mined resources. Another is that the community will have a difficult time finding them should they choose to help starting players. No I do think new players should start in the same place so they can potentially get better support from the community.
  23. This all builds to the assumption that everyone will want to be in a corporation and will actually receive the needed support from that corporation or the community in order to get started. Two of my solutions were actually build on this assumption if you read the original post. So it's unfair to say that I didn't take the building of communities into account. I just don't think it's wise to hope that some potential problem will fix itself.
  24. Having gamers camp the site doesn't have to be a problem. It seems to me there should be several requirements for such an area. 1. It should be a save area that is directly connected to a save area with a market so the newbies can't be lynched on their way to the market. (Though I believe at some point markets will disappear and only be player run, correct?) 2. Resources should spawn in fast enough for all players to be able to mine. So again, the resources should have a very low value. Just enough to be practical for new players. 3. It should not in any way be lucrative for veteran players in large corporations. So what would probably help with this is if the mined resource cannot be stored in containers but only in your inventory. 4. It should proabably be one specific resource only found at the vulcano for this specific scenario. 5. It should quickly prove to be more lucrative to mine actual resources in the ground. I do feel like this is not a complete solution yet though.
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