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  1. Recently, I've been working on a photography art series called "Art of the Metaverse" 🎨 The images were all filmed in-game during 2020 & 2021 and re-imagined with Adobe Lightroom (mobile edition) to enhance and/or colorize the content within the screenshots. Photoshop was not used. The series does not represent how the game looks (now or then). Rather, all pieces in the series are intended to be an artistic interpretation of Dual Universe. Hope you enjoy these. Sincerely, Geo
  2. Hi SalazarCat! I'll add it to my queue. I might be a little while before I can get to it. Please send me a graphic of the cas only (without the purple clouds on the tails and ears if possible) Thanks!
  3. Here is my latest Community Organization Logo Effects animation project I recently finished for @IceNine's Org named "ANATHEMA" IceNine provided the B&W art and the theme music (https://soundcloud.com/jessicahedrick/exotic-weapon) This was a really fun project. You can see this and many more at YouTube.com/GladiatorsCafe on YouTube and Studio-g.Live (All subs are greatly appreciated) ? Sincerely, Geo studio-g.live
  4. For those that haven't seen the 50th Anniversary Apollo 11 tribute video I edited here in Studio-G, here is it on our Gladiators Cafe YouTube channel. It was built & organized by Helvetian, filmed by a community team of players inside Dual Universe (listed in the video), and co-produced with Helvetian. Enjoy! Sincerely, Geo
  5. I hope everyone is doing well. I think this is day 35 for us since the local schools closed down due to the current pandemic. Needless to say, I've been a bit busy with my kids (as I'm sure those of you with kids have been). Here is something I created before all the chaos started. I made this composite image from a bunch of previously released content. We're using it as our official Discord server banner/header. This was fun to make. I ran it by someone at NQ and got the thumbs up to use it. I recommend that everyone share any "fanart" (made with published DU images) with one of the community managers before using it publicly. It's a nice courtesy. Temporarily, I'm not taking on anymore projects from the community, but you are still free to send me requests. It may be a month or two before I can get to them. Thanks for understanding Sincerely, Geo
  6. A BIG warm welcome to you, @NQ-Naerais!! It looks like your background is a perfect match for the DU community. As a "cat whisperer", you'll be able to herd us Noveans readily! Also, as a fan of Sci-Fi, you're going to be absolutely inspired by the creations players are making. ? Sincerely, Geo
  7. I really like the new design! I'll see what I can do!
  8. It should be expensive to activate a gate and more expensive to keep it open for a longer duration.
  9. Here's some fan-art I made recently of an amazing Ship by SoCalExile that I've named "Paradise". Novaquark published it recently on their Social Media. Here is the original in Hi-Res on Gladiators cafe YouTube ?: Sincerely, Geo https://www.studio-g.live
  10. You're welcome, my friend Animated version: Regular Version: Regular animated (neon flicker) GIF: Sincerely, Geo https://www.studio-g.live
  11. Every now and then I manage to finish an animation for fun. Here's one I did last night. Let me know what you think Sincerely, Geo
  12. Here's the latest video I worked on for a really cool Community Event by DICE. Novaquark just published it on their YouTube: Sincerely, Geo
  13. Here is a quick effects animation I recently did of the DICE Logo (by @Atlas5). The effects animation is a work in progress and was used in an upcoming video of the DICE "Race to the Moon". I still do these free-of-charge for Dual Universe Community Members & Organizations. I use the latest Adobe Creative Suite for all my graphics work. If you have a logo, either personal or for your org, that you would like to see come to life with animated effects, just leave a copy of the logo on this thread topic. ? Sincerely, Geo https://www.studio-g.live
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