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  1. A BIG warm welcome to you, @NQ-Naerais!! It looks like your background is a perfect match for the DU community. As a "cat whisperer", you'll be able to herd us Noveans readily! Also, as a fan of Sci-Fi, you're going to be absolutely inspired by the creations players are making. 👍 Sincerely, Geo
  2. I really like the new design! I'll see what I can do!
  3. It should be expensive to activate a gate and more expensive to keep it open for a longer duration.
  4. Here's some fan-art I made recently of an amazing Ship by SoCalExile that I've named "Paradise". Novaquark published it recently on their Social Media. Here is the original in Hi-Res on Gladiators cafe YouTube 🤗: Sincerely, Geo https://www.studio-g.live
  5. You're welcome, my friend Animated version: Regular Version: Regular animated (neon flicker) GIF: Sincerely, Geo https://www.studio-g.live
  6. Every now and then I manage to finish an animation for fun. Here's one I did last night. Let me know what you think Sincerely, Geo
  7. Here's the latest video I worked on for a really cool Community Event by DICE. Novaquark just published it on their YouTube: Sincerely, Geo
  8. Here is a quick effects animation I recently did of the DICE Logo (by @Atlas5). The effects animation is a work in progress and was used in an upcoming video of the DICE "Race to the Moon". I still do these free-of-charge for Dual Universe Community Members & Organizations. I use the latest Adobe Creative Suite for all my graphics work. If you have a logo, either personal or for your org, that you would like to see come to life with animated effects, just leave a copy of the logo on this thread topic. 👍 Sincerely, Geo https://www.studio-g.live
  9. Hey Chief! Here's an MP4 version with audio I posted up on Gladiators Cafe a while back and forgot to post it here I think: Sincerely, Geo
  10. Here's a Neon version with "Military Services" in red Here's the MP4 version with audio 👍 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/501571239710818335/623639786820730880/Venom_Corp_-_Neon_1.mp4 Sincerely, -Geo
  11. Here's a project I just did for @Grimmstone's and crew named: "GrimmStar Terraforming and Mining Corp" Here's the original art: Here's a screenshot from the animation: Here's the animated GIF: with audio 🚀: A pure "neon" sign for the pub is next on the list Fun project Sincerely, -Geo https://www.studio-g.live
  12. I'm back from summertime Mr. Mom duties. I hope to get to this soon!
  13. Here's a new Effects Animation I'm doing for Infinity Corporation's Discord server: Cheers, -Geo Visit my portfolio or Dual Universe Org animations and published videos for more Logo Effects Animation ideas. These were all free for DU Community Members: https://www.studio-g.live
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