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  1. Hello, I am Grimmstone - Head Librarian The Hedronic Library will be returning ASAP - it is currently under construction. The Library's Main Branch will be located in the Twin Lakes Region on Teoma - ::pos{0,8,1.5059,133.7962,99.1187} We will also be adding additional branches as time goes on on the other populated planets. Would like to add a lil info for those looking. Going Forward I intend for the Library doing what it has always done , making what is to some, one of the more difficult aspects of DU (voxelmancy) more accessible to all. I also want to develop the library into a learning institution with "guest lectures" and "how to's" hosted by the same voxelmancers that have made such wonderful and generous donations to the Library, without their hard work and artistry the Library would be a big empty building with no purpose , I feel truly grateful that we have such excellent community members . I would like to call them out : Brimor and Bubsy of BiA - Brothers in Arms - Stan from NRD (and all those that worked on those amazing new boards) , The members of Singularity, Destrin , GOI, The members Of BoO - Teoma Trade Co. and its members for donations of materials ( Itorius you mad miner) and for being great neighbors. I hope that The Library will always be a wanted resource, and I will gladly and gratefully keep bringing it to you ! We want to provide a Player Based, Publicly Accessible resource base for any of the more difficult aspects of the game be it voxel-mancy for building to LUA - once LUA protections are improved I plan to add a "Lua Library" as well - of scripts for players to use and to be able to learn from. Also will be doing a ship builders / engineering showcase for the same purposes.
  2. any type of "prisoner" mechanic in a game you pay for is moronic, no one will pay for a game they cant play.
  3. servers not up right now you can find server status here: https://www.dualthegame.com/en/server-status/
  4. Its not bugged, they removed the functionality from the web based org pages when they brought them into the game client. They will add it back into the web page eventually I hope.
  5. also you need to log in with your email now not your username
  6. they can also limit it by limiting the number of "active" TCU's a single player or org can have - increasing for orgs with membership and players perhaps with a talent/skill
  7. well it has been a lil while, here's to hoping for "the fifth wave"
  8. there will eventually be controller support , if not you can use a 3rd part proggie like reWASD to re-map for it
  9. Good to see more LM builders coming in - I was Grimmstone there too Welcome
  10. Dont know if it has been suggested but i havent seen it brought up so..... An in game clock would be a wonderful thing - Easy to loose track of time in a game like this - building, mining, etc. nothing fancy just like in a lot of other games/mmos - a UI Element - that can usually be set to local or server time - etc.
  11. Just for General Priciples : I stopped reading after the first line - misinformation is not good - there has been no indication of any real delay with A3 - just because the way they are bringing in PVP differs from peoples expectations does not mean its a delay. I would prefer people stop putting out their opinion as if it is NQ info. glad you said "I think" at least most dont. Thank You
  12. you can go to your profile page and there is a download link at the bottom https://community.dualthegame.com/accounts/profile/
  13. i believe such details are still under NDA, and even though you may not think it, it could affect peoples opinions when taken out of context, and also none of the values are final yet due to the game being in Alpha. All of the info you seek is available in game so if you have access, which is the only reason you would need to know them for ship building, you have access to the info. Hope this helps.
  14. Welcome to the Meta-Verse !
  15. discordauth:XyqmYa3uK_xF6-5M-KOb-0aGaPlONwWYfaxdla2XOJg=

  16. I know that creating another Database isn't ever a good thing so i thought we could get our shiny fix by having Gemstones randomly generate with the deposits of ore and minerals, having different types of gemstones corresponding with certain mineral and ore types, like in nature. Would be useful too if incorporated into the crafting recipes maybe added for high end and rare parts/constructs. Just an idea from someone who misses shiny hunting!!
  17. Just joined and wanted to say hello to all the Noveans - Looking for former Landmark-ians !! Would love to hear from you if you out there. Just got done with my first hands on with the game and am loving it so far .
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