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  1. No. These things should be options that the Super Legate chooses (or not). There should be a settings panel or something under Organization Management, with a searchable log.
  2. My largest concern is over BOO's Tortuga City Project. Our managers all have orgs of our own. @Kurock do you want Dice or Tortuga? As an additional concern, I have to add... what about alliances? If two Super Legates want to make an in game alliance, how will that be handled?
  3. Naunet, may you have a fair wind in your sails and succeed wherever you take your energy to next. You will be missed.
  4. BOO welcomes the opportunity to give coaching on PvP builds to people who want to learn how to build ships for PvP.
  5. LOL! Pretty sure @blazemonger wants as little to do with BOO as possible, but nice try. We do agree on things occasionally, though, and this is one of those times.
  6. Nah, #2 is closer. More like he told us he did it and we're like... K. We don't really moderate our people, as you may have noticed.
  7. ...EL X... antagonizing ...members?? o__O ... This is the same person we are talking about, right?
  8. Interesting. We don't find EL X toxic at all. He's super helpful, in fact. Helping newbies, organizing events, all kinds of things. Sounds like you didn't really give him a chance to shine.
  9. Yeap. We cancelled the event due to lack of people wanting to go to that event. Shit happens. Also, it was on a Friday during a work day for NA. Can't have everything. LOL. Yeap, you got us. Our people only want to mine enough to PvP once in a while. I honestly can't blame them. We're mostly PvPers and a majority of us don't enjoy the rest of the 'game' enough to 'play' mining simulator 3,000 just to chase haulers that delete their cargo when they come under fire, or warp away. Not really our idea of engaging game play. So we play other games, we play DU when we feel like doing the th
  10. Oh yes. I can confirm it. I'll say it again for those in the back: BOO upper management decided to party crash when we heard that ATOM was being paid to field security for the event. The difference in wording you see can be summed up succinctly: Know thy audience. What you see are propaganda as much as anyone else's event listings. Demlock is my second in command. Hate us if you want to - that's your prerogative. We certainly don't expect anything less once there's full PvP available. We'll be waiting. We didn't sign up to be the good guys. Y
  11. Hello everyone, Sylva, leader of Band Of Outlaws here. This thread, the official DU discord and the Memeserver have all gotten a lot of traffic and I thought I would drop by and leave some of my thoughts here for you all. I acknowledge and understand that the Star Wars fans who created the event feel that we, BOO and some of our allies, when crashing their event yesterday, "ruined it." And yes, Skilo has it right when he says that we did it because we could. Those of you who are arguing against the Star Wars IP being in the game... well, tbh, I love Star Wars, it has inspired more
  12. Eh, y'know what. I'd be game. But only if they release the new biomes and AvA PvP along with it. Alioth would be pure carnage! XD I think that would really only be viable for full release, to be quite honest. Once they've got all of the pillars built and tested. Yeah, mining for everything would be cancer, especially with people hunting for mining ships, and blapping them while you're down there mining on Alioth. Having security details 24/7 when you're not at your home base. To be quite honest, if they just removed the safe zones (while giving us the tools we are supp
  13. Hmm. I believe in the interview that JC said the core size limitations for weapons were temporary until the further mechanics can be developed. I'm far more concerned about core units not being fixable with scrap. That means you can't claim a ship unless you have a replacement core unit. Those L cores are gonna get expensive to repair/claim.
  14. They didn't do anything when someone mined out underneath one of NG's bases either. They eventually patched in that you had to drop a TCU before placing a static core to solve the issue.
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