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  1. Welcome to Dual Universe, Naerais! I'm sure Nyzaltar could use the backup.
  2. I'm quoting members in our discord, rather than flat community site members.
  3. I think he's referring to the part where BOO is #2 in the org list with 500 accounts signed up, with roughly 200 currently paid backers. Are we being accused of hosting alts & spies? Certainly, NQ in the past has targeted orgs for having bad recruitment policies. They've made their feelings on the matter rather clear, I'd say. Plenty of orgs have people waiting for Beta or full release. That's why I said it doesn't matter much what the numbers are. If you post to your org's wall, it shows up just like being in the top 5. It shows up in the same area. If you're worried about your org not being shown, then be active in the community. The forums, Reddit, and the DU official discord all have areas for org recruitment. Regardless of that, we don't know what changes will come with the Alpha 3 RDMS for organizations in game (and what, if any, effect it will have out of game on the community).
  4. To be honest, until the game goes live, it doesn't matter. I can't wait for the organizational implementation in game.
  5. The DU Memeserver is looking for more salt and memes. Want to talk about PvP? Beacons? Talk smack to your rivals? Cry salty tears over your friend who betrayed you? Look no further! If you are 18+ and looking for a group of people to talk shit with and get mired in eyeballs-deep org political shittalking, this is the place! We are 100% unaffiliated with NQ or DU official, just a discord server dedicated to Dual Universe org politics. You do not need to have the game to join, but you will definitely get more out of this server if you have it. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/du-memes/ https://discord.gg/QsrNSDE
  6. I for one just know that we would totally do things like have raffles, maybe casino tokens, maybe lotto tickets, kill tokens, or in house currency for use by our org. This would be awesome!
  7. You should receive an email with download instructions before the Jully 11th Alpha 2 launch.
  8. I would desperately love translucent and transparent and frosted 'glass' clear and tinted voxels, because I would love to do voxelmancy stained 'glass' windows and other art structures.
  9. I just want volumetric measurements before making elements. :/ Length x Width x Height. plz. thx.
  10. Very interested in seeing more info. It's been a while since my college astronomy course.
  11. I mean... I've been playing it since launch. I love the game, and am looking forward to future updates. :3
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