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  1. I put some on the market for you guys. If you’d like to negotiate for some more, let me know
  2. There’s some in the marketplace I hear
  3. Since this we have moved up to page two in the organization registry with an active player base ^^
  4. Hi NQ any idea how this Corona Virus will effect the development of game. I understand Safety is #1 priority w everyone, and hope everyone stays safe firstly. I am just curious if we anticipate any major setbacks for DU due to the virus.
  5. Join Ministry! - One of the Fastest Growing Organizations in Dual Universe! - Help us build and prosper & Design with our in game Professional Web Dev teams! - Learn from the ground up at our local Academy from day 1. We will let hold your hand or let you learn the hard way if you prefer. - Get a head start with our Industry for Ore Comprehensive contribution trade plan! - Do Battle and Defend our Organization from threats and Carry Out the will of our High Ministers in one of our Fleet Battle Cruisers! Pew pew pew!
  6. It's not easy but there are fun ways to learn. I came into DU knowing absolutely nothing about coding or programming, not even html. I still have a fair share to learn, but I can happily say I now know enough to be able to make useful programs and customize my own ship. I'm grateful to the friends I've made in DU that have spent the quality time going over questions I had, otherwise it would have been much harder. I would suggest freecodecamp.org to get some of the basic html stuff down, maybe some SVG stuff as they both use the tag system. Make sure to ask your questions in the forums when y
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