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  1. Well since it will be as realistic as possible I doubt they would do that. I mean if its a text you can just use Google translator like now. And if someone speaks to you you could hire a interpreter. Bueno, ya que será lo más realista posible, dudo que lo hagan. Quiero decir, si es un texto, puedes usar el traductor de Google como ahora. Y si alguien te habla, podrías contratar un intérprete.
  2. Thanks very much @Aaron Cain ^^. If I May ask who your friend is? O.o
  3. @Haunty Yeah that needs a explaination. At the time the game went into alpha 2 I had summer holidays from uni where I could have played almost every time. But now since the semester started I can´t play much due to my crappy laptop.
  4. Since I have been around here from the end of 2016 I might as well write a juicy introduction of myself now. Hello! and welcome to my minecraft youtube chan... wait wrong website. Well that was enough cringe don´t you think? Anyway. Funny story, well actually a pretty sad one when I think about it. Remember when Alpha 2 launched? Yeah me neither cause I totally missed it. NOW I read an email from NQ which I kinda ignored at that time where they welcomed me to the glorious launch of alpha 2. Obviously it´s my fault there. At least I have another 2-3 months to test it... if I have time besides my occasional work at weekends and university ofc. But thats another story! Anyway. Where were we? Yeah right I was about to introduce myself so I´ll keep that short and simple. Name: FireSoul (but you can call me Simon ^^) Gender: DID YOU JUST ASSUME...! jk Male Age: 20 What brought me here: The hell of a man @Will_i_craft Org: VMS (Vortrex Mining and Science, I know long name. Just call it VMS) Games: Tactical Shooter such as ARMA, CSGO Strategy games like Stellaris, Age of Empire, Medieval 2 TTW,... and of course Sandbox games like Space Engineers or Minecraft. What I want to do ingame: Surely not mining ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, but transportation trading and marketing. Thats all I have to say ladies and gents! Cya in the Game or in the Forum!
  5. So you basically mean a ship which could be decoupled into 3 seperate parts or one which composes of these 3? Anyways. From what we know so far "AI"-drones are not possbible however remote controlled ships are. But I don´t know the range of them. As for the "sniper" and gun "ball" nobody knows because neither CvC nor PvP is implemented yet. If I had to make an assumption anything but the decoupling is possible (assuming that you meant that). Since I´m not in Alpha and with the NDA thats frankly all of the information you´ll get.
  6. I think like sellable scan results sellable scripts will be a thing at some point. They will probably be considered but I don´t expect to see them until release.
  7. A symmetry mode is already implemented as seen in the trello board under the tab "Done": https://trello.com/b/Y6WNMd2S/dual-universe-community-suggestions
  8. I think thats almost necessary on certain types of ships especially for combat or precise maneuvers since you can´t look around inside the cockpit. Like some sort of parking cameras of todays cars.
  9. You could do that by easy LUA coding where the tokens would become obsolete. Lets say that a miner mines some ore and puts that into the resource container. A Lua script could identify who put it in there what resource and what amount. After that it calculates the income based on the market price (with some adjustments of course) and saves it in the Orgs network. Maybe even on the (possibly created) org website. After the org has enough money they can simply pay the individual miners the calculated amount in Quanta.
  10. Well animal keeping probably won´t be implemented for several reasons. That´s why I thought a synthetizer would eliminate the problem right away. As for the farming machine I thought that soil must be added after some time so that it can function properly. Otherwise the yield would drop drastically. That would prevent automatization. Additionally the machines should be more or less expensive to prevent that everyone can build them right away. They are thought to be some mid to end game stuff so ppl have to get food from animals and wild plants first. Maybe the farming machine could be upgradable so the standard one would be great for the early game and after upgraded provide more yield.
  11. Hello there (General Kenobi)! I was recently thinking about farming and the social and commercial impact of it. Of course farming is complicated to implement especially in a game like DU but I was thinking about a method that could actually work. I thought about a farming tower/machine in which plants grow and produce a fix yield. This machine would require soil, for example forest soil which could affect the yield/growth rate of the plants and thus give them a multiplier depending which crop grows the best on each soil. Of course plants need water which would be given through pipes and light which would require electricity. To cultivate a crop you will need seeds which could be found in the wilderness and thus be classified for example as very rare, rare, common, etc. . If the machine is provided with all the requirements at first it would produce no yield, after some time passed the yield could increase every day which would lead to max yield after a certain time depending on the rareness of the crop. Of course farming is nothing without animal products. Due to the fact that animals would hardly be implemented in DU another machine could come in handy which I would call the "Synthesizer". This machine produces animal products such as eggs, milk or meat artificially. The machine would use water and of course nutrients which get provided by the farming machine to produce the already listed food. Of course this isn´t something most of the people understand about farming but even today farming towers are a real thing as like as the production of meat without an animal involved. I know there are already some suggestions about farming and IF NQ decides to implement that feature I think this Idea would be the best way to do it. What do you think about this Idea?
  12. FireSoul


    Hello there! I was recently thinking about functional Elements in the game and came up with the, I hope not already mentioned idea that the functional elements could be "worn out" after a certain time of use. For example; If you use the same engine for 100+ hours the performance of it decreases. Or If you use the Radar for a certain time the range decreases. etc. etc. What do you think?
  13. Hopefully it does not end up in revive-squads during battle, which are just running to dead avatars to revive them. That would be gamebreaking.
  14. Well I saw a video a while ago where JC flew to the star in gamemode, so I think it will be possible at release. But I doubt that you can come close it alive. ^^
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