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  1. Welcome! Glad to have you here! Coffee fanatic here as well (though apparently I'm not crazy enough to whisper to it... Jokes jokes XD )
  2. Thank you sir! I appreciate the gesture! I am looking forward to playing DU with you all! - Jade
  3. discordauth:Szh2YbReye7E89yaIIlajGgd4JpTaMDnP3KaJux7naQ=

  4. Hello everyone! The name is JadeRode! I have been watching all sorts of videos on this game and I am very excited for its production. I play all sorts of games, yet I am always seeking the best! I played hours of Ark: Survival and am familiar with the risk and reward process of these types of games. Actually, it excites me how every action is weighed in survival games. I love pvp and building structures and vehicles is something I love doing, along with managing and organizing groups of people. Expect a formidible, multi-faceted organization upcoming! Thank you for reading and have a nice day! - Jade
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