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  1. Run while you still can!! Welcome to the team, the more the merrier! ?
  2. The latest State of Affairs is out for your reading by our own Kurock It sums up Dual Universe from July 2019 through January 2020, remember to Comment and Share it! https://www.outpostzebra.com/dual-universe-state-of-affairs-alpha-2/
  3. Have you seen the latest Dev Diarys and YouTube videos? They explain a lot about the fundamentals of the game, with the inclusion of industry that requires you to combine different things to makes more items/elements that you can use to build ships and explore or the planets in-game. It's kind of hard to explain more in detail without breaking NDA, but there is a lot of variations with the current raw materials that should take your fancy Bare in mind we are still in Alpha and NQ is still adding all sorts of new materials/elements with every release candidate ?
  4. This is exactly what the RDMS system will be for. You set different levels of access, place a players name into that section either manually or dynamically. You don't need the player to have an ID badge that can possibly be stolen from them, I don't want to have to explain how much of a security risk that is ? Even if they did make a "coin" or "ticket" and added the capability of Lua on it no one would want to use them. You can add code onto it and use it as a tracking device since the Lua code only runs when the player is online and in range of it.
  5. Love the wallpapers.....now, how do I tell the missus I'm taking the kids wallpaper of my phone for this? ?
  6. The issue with allowing players to build "roads" or "paths" without a core will always lead to griefing. There is no investment gain/loss from a player if your just allowed them to edit the world on the fly and in any territory. If you want to build a road from one city to the next then you need to plan it out and pay for it, simple as. XS Cores (the smallest) shouldn't be too difficult to build, but at least you own it and no other play can edit it....but possibly in the future they can destroy it and disrupt supply lines, who knows ?
  7. Kael

    Stun Weapons

    This was discussed in another thread (tried to find it, but I can't see it at the moment) and there is a lot of issues with any sort of "Prison" system. In essence It's just restricting game play to certain people who you deem to be in "the wrong" by your standards, rules, or laws. I can create a law that says no body is allowed to speak/talk within my claimed tiles. It's obviously over the top as an example, but how would to expect to full enforce that and "imprison" players? You can't lock paying players up with no mean of escape/release, this is just trolling on so many levels, especially if one of your enforcers has a vendetta against an individual and refuses to release them. The only "fair" way is to Fine a player for any infractions and not allow them back into your territory until they have payed the Fine. If they refuse to pay then you can put a Kill Order on them and send bounty hunters after them. This then leads to how other orgs will interpret the threat or a Kill Order on one of their members...could lead to war! I can't wait! ?
  8. The ID Badge part can be accomplished via the RDMS system once it's fully implemented. It'll allow you to give access to elements for different people, so a door for example. The player-made items is unknown at the moment, but i'd have thought it will be a no unfortunately. Check the DU Trello for any ideas that might already be in the pipe line - https://trello.com/b/Y6WNMd2S/dual-universe-community-suggestions
  9. This can be done without it being specifically implemented in-game. There are programs out there which you can record commands to execute a marco/key-press in-game and have it run Lua in-game. http://vocola.net/ is a good example of this, although I've never used it myself. Of course, this will only work for the person who has the specific program setup and configured on the PC, it wouldn't be a universal thing.
  10. Don't you worry about the Street Code, we got this covered! Me and Lil Marcos slinging on the block, ain't no body screwing around on our block!
  11. I'm still waiting for a Barry White cover! Great episode as always! Keep the updates coming
  12. Looks like we have some more cannon fodder to shoot down, looking forward to it Welcome to DU! See you in-game o/
  13. Welcome to Pre-Alpha DU! You definitely made the right decision to up your pledge, especially with the new r0.10 update, there is no much to test and give feedback on now. A lot of the DU community are veteran EVE players, so you should fit in well here if you're playing Valkyrie. I dabble in Elite Dangerous from time to time these days, don't get much chance to get my HOTAS out these days though, but hopefully will be able to soon!
  14. Welcome to DU though, if there's anything you need to know then just hola!
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