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  2. I will most likely sell my DAC's ingame to help minimize the grindy stuff. I will probably incorporate some rewards into a personal construct probably a ship.
  3. If I have 3 accounts registered to my name can I assume my name will only be listed once in the credits?
  4. In the kickstarter rewards it says I get X DAC worth Y euro's. The value of a dac is about half now. Does that mean we get more DAC's or a less valued pack?
  5. Are we allowed to use any existing builds or parts of it to create the contest construct?
  6. I thought about that and constructs are not validated either. People make what they want and maybe only if something is reported to be a violation action is taken. They could use the same approach in that case. Someone says hey this image is questionable and then review it. Not sure how much work it is to review everything but it could turn out to be a lot if we get many players.
  7. Sometimes you want to use screenshots of DU for use on screens in DU. But every image needs to be verified. If we have an ingame snapshot feature you already know it's a valid image that doesn't need a review. The only thing you need to secure is that noone can use a bot to spam snapshots. One level of protection might be that people need a paid account in order to use that feature and not a free account that bots might be able to create in bulk.
  8. Long time contributers are rewarded with the kickstarter backer pack they choose. Anyone participating in a kickstarter or even a Beta also knows that they are contributing to the development of the game. Because that is what you agree with when you sign up. The reward is a fully functioning kick ass game, if you're lucky. Because that is what I signed up for. If they need to spend time comming up with some special reward for me I'd rather have them spend that time on improving the game. Besides they do a great job in rewarding people with their community digest program. Plus we get our names in the credits somewhere, not sure about Beta players though.
  9. This is awesome! Soon we will be completely wipe free. This will save so much paper. By far the best choice you could have made. Especially with the introduction of the pioneer packages. Well done. Obviously not everyone will be happy but for the long term this is gold. Now you can really get handsy with the ... best ... features. Anyway I'm curious where this is going and how the Dual Universe will evolve. Good luck on any future changes and get ready, because after the dirt is wiped clean I'll be making some new poop
  10. Eventhough I don't really do any pvp this seems like a really good and interesting change. A small thing that springs to mind here is material choice for estetics. If I want to make a ship for a specific goal I need to make a choice on the material I want to use. But that material may not have good looking textures or textures that go well together. I may need to use a different material for that but that would change the ships properties. Has this been adressed or are there any plans to detach the textures from the materials?
  11. Are you talking about surface rocks? Because I don't think I've ever seen those respawn at all. Let alone randomly. That's exactly the point. So they go on foot and they still have to deal with it. it's not early game because it won't be in save zones and maybe only on some planets. Then players would just place a core with a respawn node and move it next to the meteorite. Link to a container outside the area and you have an exploit. It's supposed to be dangerous. There is no point in adding easy pve that nobody finds challenging because there is some trick so you don't have to deal with it. You can even still have a pocket rocket. I don't want to have pve so it can be easy. I want it so it can be hard. dynamic spawning of what? surface nodes? The MU could already do that. I suppose there could be something to increase resistance. Like I suggested with the consumable for the nanosuit. Not sure if it's needed for ships. That could make it too easy. I agree. The biggest problem I think is that PVP will be far too damaging and risky to make any statics in the pvp zone. Making this idea complete none sense because noone will be in that game loop.
  12. Meteorites can spawn on the surface, possibly with a minimum range from constructs or players. The rules - These meteorites have electromagnetic properties that will disable any ship if it stays in it's area of influence for too long. - The players suit will also get damaged by it and you lose integrity until the suit fails and you die while you are in the area of influence. - You won't be able to use your jetpack and you are slowed while on the ground. - If your closest respawn point is on your disabled ship you won't be able to respawn there. - Bigger ships/larger cores have a higher tolerance to the electromagnetic radiation. - The only way to recover a disabled ship is to mine the meteorite completely or perhaps just the core of it. - The meteorite contains rare ores t3-t5. - The meteorite is small and is minable with the normal mining tool but mines slower than the equivalent ore tier it's made of but has a higher yeald. - Meteorites don't spawn in the save zones. - Lower tier meteorites are less damaging - Meteorites have different sizes and also a different area of effect that's not clearly visible. - Meteorites despawn over time. Variations - Some meteorites may contain gems. - Meteorites lose their electromagnetic field over time. - On foot the area of effect may need to be replaced by various orbiting hazards you can try to dodge. - Meteorites can spawn near static constructs and damage elements on your base. (good for the market and base maintenance/protection) - Mining bits of the meteorite lowers the damage of the field. - Periodically a long range lightning strike can damage a single element outside the electromagnetic field. - Meteorite events. possibly with a countdown because they were "spotted". Many meteorite strikes occur. - Some consumable increases the suit resistance to the electromagnetic field for a short time. - Meteorites can be shot and destroyed by weapons but won't leave any rewards or minimal. This just leaked out of my brain so I thought I'd share it. Might be interesting to play around with.
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