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  1. You'll want to give different sized ships a different strategic advantage that promotes good gameplay. Changing values like this barely affect the gameplay. What NQ did was change the weapon tracking speed which is a much better solution because that promotes good gameplay. Balancing that property will have a very similar effect combined with what the player chooses to do. Getting in close should make it hard for big weapons to hit. So another thing that might need some tweeking is the speed and maneuvreability of smaller ships vs bigger ships in order to get a good balance.
  2. It's a bit off topic but I agree. The thing you forget in this gameplay mechanic is that you need the engine with you in order to replace it. How many engines are you willing to risk bringing with you and take up valuable cargo space?
  3. I travel often from place to place and I have containers in different places. Every time I move I have to set my linked container. I wish the game would know the container I always link to when I get to an area. So this is my idea: The ability to set any amount of containers as a favorite container that you link to automatically if you are in range you are not linked to your "main linked container" you are farther away from all other favorite containers. It might be desireable to disable automatic linking when multiple favorite containers are in range and require manual setting of the main linked container.
  4. This looks like a really neet feature. Some thoughts and questions from me. What happens when a player is repulsed from a ship that is docked on another ship they are allowed to board. Will they be outside of the carrier? Does the docking right include the rights to board the target construct? It seems strange to be able to walk out of your ship onto the carrier to then be repulsed. Some time ago there were talks about boarding an enemy vessel in an attempt to locate the core and destroy it. This feature would make that impossible in many situations. What are the thoughts on that? If at some point in the future we can steal ships and you have a team of people doing it they will be repulsed after the pilot activates the ship. What happens to docked ships that lose their rights to be docked? Will the repulsion mechanic work properly in a nesting doll type situation when you have carrier docked to carrier docked to carrier?
  5. I'll keep it short and simple. - Surface rock gathering should not have a delay. You should instantly pick up rocks so it becomes more of a skill to gather them fast or seek out the T2 rocks rather than the waiting game it is now. Just give less resources per rock. - It will be more interactive and less tedious because you are more active and constantly pressing buttons. - The walking or running talent will play a more interesting role because you can get to the next rock faster.
  6. These are some really good idea's. Compacting ships after x time though should not happen. This is exploitable. For instance if I want to transport a fleet of ships I just park them all at a market until they are compacted and you can fly them anywhere in your tiny space speeder. A parking fee is probably a much better solution to the parking problem including the advertisement. This way you pay for the advertisement. But I don't think you should get a message every 15min after parking at a market. Maybe just once and then have the option to not show this anymore. Then you just get notifications every time a market fee is paid as long as your construct is parked at a market. If you have docked constructs they should be ommitted from this fee. I don't think that can be exploited. Another thing to consider is starting players that are just learning to build their speeder might need more leniency when it comes to parking fees at the market. Perhaps they should not pay a parking fee for the first 2 weeks or a much lower fee in a way that is not confusing when that fee switches to normal.
  7. When salvaging first arrived I was expecting something completely different. I envisioned a world scattered with small wrecks. Wrecks you have to find by eye without any UI assistance or directional cues. Something that is balanced with mining but a little less rewarding so it's not the only thing people do. The small reward of the discovery of a wreck would offset the small difference in reward compared to mining. The wrecks The wrecks should be xs cores with a few voxels and elements on them. Not even a complete ship. Depending on how many elements a wreck has and how well you can see them they should be spread out differently. I imagine maybe 3 wrecks per hex depending. You would mostly salvage basic items from them, maybe the occasional freight xs engine or s atmo engine. In order to have wrecks be diverse and surprising enough there needs to be a great variety of them. To create all those wrecks we could announce a wreck creation event for the community with specific guidelines. The reward for this event is simply having the wreck be part of the game. Regeneration To ensure that salvaging remains a constant activity especially for starting players they should regenerate. I imagine something similar to how the spawning and regeneration of surface rocks works. Though wrecks should not spawn in the same place over and over but rather be random so you always have to keep looking for them. Deconstruction Because I think the market doesnt have a high enough demand for xs elements, especially on other planets, I think it might be difficult to make money selling the salvaged elements. So we probably need to have a way to deconstruct the elements into base components or even grind it back to ore.
  8. Adventuring in Dual Universe The forrest.... I love this place. And yet there is no reason for me to be here. I went here today looking for idea's and inspiration. It's a really nice place. Just to stand still, look around and listen. Everyone is in a hurry to gather resources as quickly as possible and amass fast amounts of quanta to become the best industry mogul or richest person in this universe. I've been there already. I've seen the numbers go up in many other games and it can work very well, to get people addicted. It's what many mobile games do. But it's not really what you want to do. You are compelled to do it. Having things is not fun, using things is and discovering and creating things or achieving something to a smaller degree. So why am I standing in this forrest? I know new trees and biomes are comming and I'm exited for it. But I fear it won't change much. We need something new and different. Something that triggers a more primal desire... discovery. When I stand here I feel like this is the place to be. This is where I will find something, and I did... I found a tree and a plant that I don't think I've ever seen. It might be the light though. I also found some T2 ore in seemingly higher concentration than outside the forrest. But that's about it. I want to walk around this place without a scanner and stumbple upon a rock that is really rare and expensive, relatively. I want to find a rare tree, indicating there is a resource nearby that I can't scan for but may have to dig for. I want to find a rare mushroom and sell it for quanta. I want to climb a tree and gather berries, coconuts or catch a squirrel for a pet, it might be a rare color, and sell it or keep it myself. I want to find a rare plant that is used as a component to make a different or better type of ammo. I want to find a strange rock that turns out to be a golem that drops rare resources when I kill it. I want to catch bees or butterflies with a net and have them as a pet. I want to find a bee hive and risk my life trying to get it and sell it for quanta. I want to hear the sound of crackling wood and discover that a tree just fell over nearly missing me as I jump away. I want to get stuck in mud or quicksand and have to use my tool and a tree to get out. I could probably go on for a while but I think you get the gist of it. Caves... one of the most epic and scary things in the game. Yet there is nothing to be scared about.(I know this is not a real cave, use your imagination ) When I discover a cave I expect some danger and reward. I want to see a cave full of shiny crystals to harvest like surface material. I want some of these crystals to be dangerous and look almost unnoticably different and shoot lightning at me. I want to see seaweed in places or more alien plants that obstruct my vision in my attempt to look for things that might be hidden here. I want to discover ancient seamonster skeletons I can gather and sell for quanta. (They don't have to exist and could just be extinct like dinosaurs) I want to have to use a grappling hook or tractor beam to pull me to the ceiling where I see a patch of gems that would get destroyed using the dig tool and requires the use of the gather tool instead. I want to see rocks falling from the ceiling that could crush me or they are a signal of more rocks following that could do that. The rockslide may have a small chance of exposing something but won't change the geometry. Snow... I just want to be able to make snowballs and throw them at players to stun them for a second or make them fall over and have a fridge to store them in.
  9. I think you should be carefull with reseaching schematics. It can cause players with multiple accounts into a more pay to win model by having each account research schematics offline and sell them when they are back in game.
  10. At first glance I read this as though we would be able to reverse engineer elements into schematics. But just to be sure. We are getting back some of the components of the element that got destroyed not the schematic? I think we should also be able to recycle elements with fewer lives. You will be getting back only some of the components so it's a loss anyway and right now there are some people with inventories full of elements with lower lives they can't sell or use in blueprints.
  11. What do you think happens with the sold blueprint?
  12. You would still need to provide the means to play with the original controllers. Unless maybe you require a mouse and keyboard like some other games require additional hardware to be played.
  13. You can read my mind in that post most of the time One thing that probably needs to be considered are the implications on pvp. For instance if there is an all playstation org will those players have the same chance to defend or attack an all pc org? If controls are different then the experience is different and maybe pc players can respond or act faster to name one. I don't think you can ever say the chances are equal but you know food for though
  14. I'd like to attend the Alioth Aerospace Expo

  15. Hello Naerais, awesome to have you on board! With a growing community we can use all the help we can get I hope you like to read because you probably have quite some reading to do Let's DU this!
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