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  1. No. These things should be options that the Super Legate chooses (or not). There should be a settings panel or something under Organization Management, with a searchable log.
  2. My largest concern is over BOO's Tortuga City Project. Our managers all have orgs of our own. @Kurock do you want Dice or Tortuga? As an additional concern, I have to add... what about alliances? If two Super Legates want to make an in game alliance, how will that be handled?
  3. Naunet, may you have a fair wind in your sails and succeed wherever you take your energy to next. You will be missed.
  4. BOO welcomes the opportunity to give coaching on PvP builds to people who want to learn how to build ships for PvP.
  5. LOL! Pretty sure @blazemonger wants as little to do with BOO as possible, but nice try. We do agree on things occasionally, though, and this is one of those times.
  6. Nah, #2 is closer. More like he told us he did it and we're like... K. We don't really moderate our people, as you may have noticed.
  7. ...EL X... antagonizing ...members?? o__O ... This is the same person we are talking about, right?
  8. Interesting. We don't find EL X toxic at all. He's super helpful, in fact. Helping newbies, organizing events, all kinds of things. Sounds like you didn't really give him a chance to shine.
  9. Yeap. We cancelled the event due to lack of people wanting to go to that event. Shit happens. Also, it was on a Friday during a work day for NA. Can't have everything. LOL. Yeap, you got us. Our people only want to mine enough to PvP once in a while. I honestly can't blame them. We're mostly PvPers and a majority of us don't enjoy the rest of the 'game' enough to 'play' mining simulator 3,000 just to chase haulers that delete their cargo when they come under fire, or warp away. Not really our idea of engaging game play. So we play other games, we play DU when we feel like doing the things that DU has to offer, and PvP every once in a while. "Oh Noes! BOO is DYING!" Sure thing. I already stated that if the AC had brought their A Game, then BOO would have been in trouble. We were just looking for cheap thrills and memes. And here we are. Also, don't worry, we're still here. Seriously. We're just waiting for the game to actually get good. You guys play your way. We'll play ours. That's the point of a sandbox MMO.
  10. Oh yes. I can confirm it. I'll say it again for those in the back: BOO upper management decided to party crash when we heard that ATOM was being paid to field security for the event. The difference in wording you see can be summed up succinctly: Know thy audience. What you see are propaganda as much as anyone else's event listings. Demlock is my second in command. Hate us if you want to - that's your prerogative. We certainly don't expect anything less once there's full PvP available. We'll be waiting. We didn't sign up to be the good guys. You'll have to find those yourselves.
  11. Hello everyone, Sylva, leader of Band Of Outlaws here. This thread, the official DU discord and the Memeserver have all gotten a lot of traffic and I thought I would drop by and leave some of my thoughts here for you all. I acknowledge and understand that the Star Wars fans who created the event feel that we, BOO and some of our allies, when crashing their event yesterday, "ruined it." And yes, Skilo has it right when he says that we did it because we could. Those of you who are arguing against the Star Wars IP being in the game... well, tbh, I love Star Wars, it has inspired more than one generation of space dreamers, and hopefully, many more to come. That having been said, there is more to this story (and hopefully, for the story of Dual Universe). We originally had someone sign up for the Star Wars event who was building a legit PvP meta Star Wars ship. At the time, I was advised that we were also giving info to the Star Wars group on how to build PvP meta ships, and that advice was generally not followed/heeded. As the date loomed closer it became apparent that the ship, according to our standards, was only about 10% complete, and so our member withdrew from the Star Wars event. We then heard that ATOM was being paid to provide security for the event, and that was when we decided to party crash it. The thing is, when you look at what Dual Universe intends to be, a civilization building game - there should, in my opinion, player made safe zones in which events like this could be held in. This is an event that you would hold in the heart of an area that has an enforced edge of space, so pirate incursions would be few and far between (and not be without repercussions). We very much support this. We expect to be hunted down because of our actions. We will be disappointed if we aren't. We already don't hunt the small fries. We already do not pursue freighters and small ships. We have historically only hunted the larger org tagged ships. Our groups already PvP against each other. We haven't done a PvP event since the End of the World event in December. Since then we have only had solos and small groups go out for PvP, which has still been few and far between. Mostly we have been doing the same as everyone else, recovering from the .23 patch, mining, industry, and building more ships. We got bored. We crashed the party and ruined a lot of hard work, and for what? Some laughs... and hoping to fight some ATOM and some hopefully buffed Star Wars capital ships. As to the idea of waiting for DU to grow more... you may very well get what you request. BOO has diversified our gaming interests. We are playing Valheim, Starbase, and Last Oasis in addition to Dual Universe now. Don't worry though, we're still around and will still be active in Dual Universe. We will sporadically come out and throw down. So try to be prepared for us. Build meta ships. Bring your friends. You don't know when we will strike. Prepare for the changes that are coming.
  12. Eh, y'know what. I'd be game. But only if they release the new biomes and AvA PvP along with it. Alioth would be pure carnage! XD I think that would really only be viable for full release, to be quite honest. Once they've got all of the pillars built and tested. Yeah, mining for everything would be cancer, especially with people hunting for mining ships, and blapping them while you're down there mining on Alioth. Having security details 24/7 when you're not at your home base. To be quite honest, if they just removed the safe zones (while giving us the tools we are supposed to eventually have), it would be quite interesting, regardless of having the game wiped or not.
  13. Hmm. I believe in the interview that JC said the core size limitations for weapons were temporary until the further mechanics can be developed. I'm far more concerned about core units not being fixable with scrap. That means you can't claim a ship unless you have a replacement core unit. Those L cores are gonna get expensive to repair/claim.
  14. They didn't do anything when someone mined out underneath one of NG's bases either. They eventually patched in that you had to drop a TCU before placing a static core to solve the issue.
  15. I have two words: "Disproportionate response" ...and I like to play Go.
  16. NQ has done nothing regarding Sybily's wall next to Band Of Outlaws' base. We have held off on our retaliation due to the request of NQ. If it's allowed, it's allowed, but we don't want to be banned for doing same once they issue guidance on it. And, indeed, claiming a couple extra tiles around your main base certainly helps ease those issues. If griefers don't have access, they have limited means to annoy you.
  17. Interesting. My fiance and I play PoE on the same network all the time. No problems. o__O Regardless, we also both play DU. Though we haven't had any issues playing on the same network for ages with DU.
  18. Welcome to Dual Universe, Naerais! I'm sure Nyzaltar could use the backup.
  19. I'm quoting members in our discord, rather than flat community site members.
  20. I think he's referring to the part where BOO is #2 in the org list with 500 accounts signed up, with roughly 200 currently paid backers. Are we being accused of hosting alts & spies? Certainly, NQ in the past has targeted orgs for having bad recruitment policies. They've made their feelings on the matter rather clear, I'd say. Plenty of orgs have people waiting for Beta or full release. That's why I said it doesn't matter much what the numbers are. If you post to your org's wall, it shows up just like being in the top 5. It shows up in the same area. If you're worried about your org not being shown, then be active in the community. The forums, Reddit, and the DU official discord all have areas for org recruitment. Regardless of that, we don't know what changes will come with the Alpha 3 RDMS for organizations in game (and what, if any, effect it will have out of game on the community).
  21. To be honest, until the game goes live, it doesn't matter. I can't wait for the organizational implementation in game.
  22. The DU Memeserver is looking for more salt and memes. Want to talk about PvP? Beacons? Talk smack to your rivals? Cry salty tears over your friend who betrayed you? Look no further! If you are 18+ and looking for a group of people to talk shit with and get mired in eyeballs-deep org political shittalking, this is the place! We are 100% unaffiliated with NQ or DU official, just a discord server dedicated to Dual Universe org politics. You do not need to have the game to join, but you will definitely get more out of this server if you have it. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/du-memes/ https://discord.gg/QsrNSDE
  23. I for one just know that we would totally do things like have raffles, maybe casino tokens, maybe lotto tickets, kill tokens, or in house currency for use by our org. This would be awesome!
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