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  1. Welcome to the verse! My organization is military based. Depending on how pvp turns out or works in this game will depend on how much we involve ourselves. We’re still a bit small and are looking to grow a bit more so if you’re interested feel free to message me on here. I've been testing this game since Pre Alpha and its been doing far better than most games I've participated in Alphas.
  2. Definitely made a great decision buying into it. I believe it's worth it, I've been waiting for a game like this for a long time.
  3. Welcome, and it's definitely worth it!!!
  4. We are recruiting people for the Leadership positions mentioned above. Feel free to get in contact with me through PM on the Forums and/or Discord.
  5. Welcome to Dual Universe, I sent you a message and I look forward to seeing your work and flying/playing with you in the future!
  6. Orion Naval Space Command is Recruiting, Message me for more Information!

  7. Looking forward to seeing you in the game!
  8. Hey! Welcome to the community! Its definitely one of my favorites and the one I plan to commit most of my free time to.
  9. Welcome! And I'm glad to hear you're a fellow human XD
  10. It's definitely worth it, the Alpha is great in my opinion. Hope to see you in the game!
  11. DU is really exciting, definitely worth it and looking forward to the release! If you're still looking for an organization feel free to PM me I'm always looking for new members.
  12. Haha welcome aboard! Looking forward to playing with you in the future if I get the chance!
  13. I am not sure if this has been suggested already as I was unable to locate it on the trello board or searching the forums but: Possibly adding Organization owned constructs including dynamic and static cores. And Player owned constructs and can limit constructs for players as well as maybe making organization constructs be limited based on a number of members in the organization or just no limit at all.
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