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  1. Welcome to Dual Universe, I sent you a message and I look forward to seeing your work and flying/playing with you in the future!
  2. Orion Naval Space Command is Recruiting, Message me for more Information!

  3. Looking forward to seeing you in the game!
  4. Hey! Welcome to the community! Its definitely one of my favorites and the one I plan to commit most of my free time to.
  5. Welcome! And I'm glad to hear you're a fellow human XD
  6. It's definitely worth it, the Alpha is great in my opinion. Hope to see you in the game!
  7. DU is really exciting, definitely worth it and looking forward to the release! If you're still looking for an organization feel free to PM me I'm always looking for new members.
  8. Haha welcome aboard! Looking forward to playing with you in the future if I get the chance!
  9. I am not sure if this has been suggested already as I was unable to locate it on the trello board or searching the forums but: Possibly adding Organization owned constructs including dynamic and static cores. And Player owned constructs and can limit constructs for players as well as maybe making organization constructs be limited based on a number of members in the organization or just no limit at all.
  10. Welcome to Dual Universe, I hope to see some of your builds in the game, i'll most definitely remember the name and look our for them!
  11. Orion Naval Space Command "Our skill will accomplish what the force of many cannot" ONSC Headquarters Command 1st COMMAND FLEET TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION I. INTRODUCTION SECTION II. MISSION STATEMENT SECTION III. RECRUITMENT REQUIREMENTS SECTION IV. LEADERSHIP POSITION RECRUITMENT SECTION V. PERSONNEL RECRUITMENT SECTION VI. CONTACT INFORMATION SECTION I. INTRODUCTION The ONSC is a military style organization that wishes to apply some real world militaristic views/methods such as basic tactics and/or leadership/ruling across the entire Organization. It is not a strict organization, and will not be required to be confined to what you have been assigned to do when joining. We look to bring together those that are interested in this style of gameplay working together as a military unit/organization and apply it to Dual Universe. You may be required to spend atleast a minimum of 1 hour when you are online performing your general duties/tasks such as patrols and/or security but after that you are welcome and free to enjoy the game how you want to enjoy it. You are however limited through some means in order to keep a certain group of members. You must not be apart of any other military organization, you may be apart of another organization that does not half military ties. SECTION II. MISSION STATEMENT The Mission of the ONSC is to establish a powerful military presence across The Dual Universe in hopes of assisting in maintaining peace and stability throughout areas our fleets may be operating in. Always willing to work with other Organizations and/or Nations and assist anyone that requires assistance we may come across. We are a Anti-Piracy Organization and do not tolerate harassment, threats and/or assaults against any innocent starfarers that wish to travel and/or conduct business across the universe. SECTION III. RECRUITMENT REQUIREMENTS In order to be considered a candidate to join the ONSC you will need to meet the requirements specified below: - Must be 16 years or older - Must have Discord - Must have Teamspeak - Must have a working microphone - Must not be apart of any other military organization - Must be willing to spend a minimum of 1 hour while in the game performing duties assigned to you and/or your fleet. (After that you are free to enjoy the game and do what it is you wish to do as long as it is not in violation of the Code of Conduct and your Area of Operation you are working in) SECTION IV. LEADERSHIP POSITION RECRUITMENT Please be ready to begin working immediately upon being appointed any of the Leadership Positions posted below. You may be required to write and provide some content in regards to that department such as, How will operations be run? What are some standards when operating under certain conditions? Anything that may be useful in shaping the way this Organization will operate as a large force. Naval Ground Operations Command Director (0/1) - Vice Admiral VACANT Asst. Director (0/1) - Rear Admiral VACANT Naval Engineer Command Director (0/1) - Vice Admiral VACANT Asst. Director (0/1) - Rear Admiral VACANT Naval Logistics Command Director (0/1) - Vice Admiral VACANT Asst. Director (0/1) - Rear Admiral VACANT Naval Aviation Command Director (0/1) - Vice Admiral VACANT Asst. Director (0/1) - Rear Admiral VACANT Naval Intelligence Command Director (0/1) - Vice Admiral VACANT Asst. Director (0/1) - Rear Admiral VACANT SECTION V. PERSONNEL RECRUITMENT Ranks will be assigned accordingly based on the needs to be filled and where the person may be appointed. Pilot (0/10) Will be required to operate and maintain either Warships and/or smaller aircraft such as fighter planes and bombers and/or logistics transport craft. - VACANT Engineer (0/5) Will be required to ensure ships are operating and maintained accordingly such as repairs, maintenance and testing of the ships/vehicles systems. - VACANT Infantry/Security Forces (0/25) Will be required and be ready to be deployed anywhere at a moments notice either on a ship, space station, or a ground station for security and/or combat operations. - VACANT Logistics Personnel (0/10) Will be required to operate and maintain a logistics fleet ranging from planetary/orbital transport shuttles, ground based transport craft, and/or launching supplies from a ground station, space station and/or a logistics freighter such as personnel and/or supplies. - VACANT Intelligence Personnel (0/2) Will be required to conduct screenings and/or vettings of potential personnel, provide reports to various commanders upon request ranging from weather reports to intelligence on how an area such as another planet and/or systems current state may be. - VACANT We are also looking for Web Developers, Lua/C++/Java Developers, Graphic Designers, and Video Editors to help us out by providing the best possible experience to the ONSC. SECTION VI. CONTACT INFORMATION If you are interested in any of the positions mentioned above, please make sure you do the following: - Reply to the thread, stating where you contacted a Recruiter and/or Leader (Discord, Forum PM) - Message anyone listed below either in a Forum PM or Discord PM Discord Server Personnel to Contact ONSC Commander John Clark | Discord: John Clark#8361| Forum Profile: User
  12. Hello! My name is Michael, I will probably go by the name John Clark in the Dual Universe. I am 22 years old and enjoy gaming. Currently I am Active Duty military and looking forward to/waiting patiently and testing Pre-Alpha hoping for the release of the game to come soon. I am currently looking to setup and work with multiple organizations. Some organizations I am currently running/starting up: Orion Corporation OrionSystems (Universal Database/Management Platform) Orion Naval Space Command (Terran Union Armed Forces) I look forward to playing the game! Thank you, Michael AKA John Clark
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